Friday, June 30, 2006

Barbara Goes To Jail

Barbara Harris looked over her shoulder as the steel barred door clanked shut behind her. For the next three years this would be her home, a maximum security correctional facility for women. How could she have been so damn stupid' Holding drugs for Harry had been just about the dumbest thing she had ever done! When the police broke into her apartment, they found two ounces of cocaine and an ounce of heroin. Harry of course was nowhere to be found, leaving her high and dry. Luckily this was only her first offense, or it could have been ten years!
A gaurd led her to the admitting area where she was strip searched, made to shower with lice killing soap, and issued prison wear. The same guard then took her to the administration office where she was to have a meeting with Warden Dunn. After waiting fifteen minutes, she was ushered into meet the warden. Right from the first, Barbara had a feeling about Warden Dunn, a tall overweight woman. Short dark hair framed a round face that seemed to hold a permanent scowl. An enormous chest was stuffed into a dark brown uniform that did nothing to enhance her figure. She looked like a movie version of a bull dike lesbian. 'Take a seat, Harris,' Warden Dunn said, motioning with her hand. Picking up a folder, she scanned it for a second and said, 'We really don't much care for drug dealer's in here, keep your nose clean, and your stay will pass uneventfully, cause trouble, and you will wish you were dead.' 'Just do as you're told, when you're told, and we'll get along just fine.' 'Sgt. Perkins here, will take you to your cell and go over all the rules.' 'If you have any problems, you go to him!' 'Now if there's nothing else, that will be all,' intoned Warden Dunn.
'Walking through the facility, Perkins went over a myriad of rules that bombarded Barbara's senses, as the stunned young woman followed the Sergeant to her cell. When they reached her cell, Sgt. Perkins said, 'This is your cell, number 310 in block D, you got that, Harris?' She nodded and said, 'Yes.' 'That's yes sir,' he said! ?'Uh, yes sir,' she stammered back. He smiled and continued. 'Your cell mate is named Flo Engle, she's working in the laundry, and that's where you will be working starting tomorrow.' Barbara entered the cell and sat down on bed and began to cry. If things could get any worse, she couldn't see how! Being that it was only 3:00PM, it would be two more hours until Flo Engle got off work and returned to the cell. Lying down on the lower bunk, she fell into a restless sleep. If she had dreamed, she never could have imagined the events that would change her life.
A hard shake brought Barbara out of her slumber. 'That's may bunk you're in bitch,' barked a sharp voice! 'I'm sorry, I didn't know,' apologized Barbara. 'Well don't let it happen again,' said Flo! Jumping to her feet, Barb extended her hand and introduced herself. Giving her a cool once over, Flo took her hand and slowly shook it. 'What are you in for, honey,' ask Flo' 'Drug charge,' answered Barbara. 'And you,' Barb asked Flo' 'Attempted murder,' she answered, 'I stabbed my boyfriend after he used me for a punching bag.' Both women then sat down and exchanged life stories. Flo then gave Barb a run down on the do's and don't's of prison life. Barb listened quietly as Flo told her about the abuse the inmates had to put up with, from the guards, from other inmates, all the way to the warden. Flo told her that the only way you can make it on the inside is to join up with one of the gangs. If you stayed 'single', you were as good as dead, and there would be no one to protect you. Barb was feeling fear take control of her. It was bad being in a gang, but impossible outside of one. Flo told her that she was a member of the Fem Underground, a gang whos leader is a big dyke named Gloria. Once you were a member, nobody from another gang would touch you for fear of retaliation. The only problem was that being a member, Gloria and her partners could make you do anything they asked. They will make you fuck a guard for drugs, or do things for the warden for extra phone privileges. The gangs really were the ones running the inside of the prison, and there was nothing anybody could do about it! You can even get some of the best drugs in here. Flo told Barb that she would introduce her to Gloria before she was taken by someone else. With tears in her eyes barb slept till the evening meal.
Later in the shower, Flo and Barb stood in the back of the shower stalls with the hot water steaming up the air. A large muscular woman of about 28 years or so walked up and said,'who is this little one' ' Flo said, 'This is the new girl I was telling you about, she wants in.' Gloria looked Barb over, obviously liking what she saw! 'So you want to be one of my bitches, huh,' asked the big dyke' 'I guess I have no choice,' replied Barb. Gloria grabbed Barb by the arm and pushed her to the shower room floor and said, 'Eat me you little slut!' Roughly pulling Barb by the hair, she forced her mouth to her pussy. The grip on her hair was powerful. Barb pulled back but could not get free.' I said eat my fucking pussy bitch' Gloria yells. Tears are flowing down Barb's cheeks and she starts firmly licking the womans vagina and clit. All this is taking place in front of twenty five other inmates! Most of them didn't even give it a second look, afraid that they might be next. 'Thats it! Lick my clit you little bitch,' spat Gloria! Barb moved her tongue up and down with a steady rhythm and firm pressure until the dyke shook with an orgasm. Pushing Barb's face away she said, 'Okay, your in!' 'When we get back to my crib I'll put my brand on your ass! Barb looked at Flo and for the first time noticed a one inch diameter circle with an 'x' inside that had been burned into Flo's butt cheek! Barb almost became ill thinking of what was to happen when they went to Gloria's cell.
Later that night, three of Gloria's other bitches held Barb down while she branded her ass while she screamed in pain. 'After it was over, Gloria kissed her hard on the mouth and said, 'Now you're mine and everyone knows it!' Barb sat on the bunk, waiting for Gloria to allow her to return to her cell, but what happened instead, was she was told to follow Sgt. Perkins and do exactly what he told her to do. When they reached a secluded part of the cell block, the guard unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. 'Gloria tells me you have a talented mouth,' he said! 'You better be good, because tomorrow you get to do the warden!' Barb, now in a state of total despair, dropped to her knees and took the rapidly hardening member into her mouth. Luckily for her the stupid guard shot his load quickly, and allowed her to return to her cell. Flo was waiting outside the cell door when she arrived. 'How did it go,' asked Flo. Crying, Barb told Flo all the gory details and how tomorrow she was due in the warden's office! Helping her to her bunk, Flo put her arm around Barb and comforted her. Once in bed, the two women lay arm in arm, trying not to think of the warden, Gloria, the guard, or the whole stupid prison! Kissing softly, Flo let her tongue slide into Barb's mouth, gently probing and sucking on Barb's own tongue. After awhile, Flo leaned down and took Barb's erect nipple into her mouth and sucked it hard. Barb arched her back and moaned, she was giving in to the pleasure, and Flo was an expert! Before she knew what hit her, Flo was lapping at wet pussy. What Barb was finding out, was that Flo was very adept at using her mouth for pleasure! With her ass still burning from the earlier branding, Barb let go an orgasm that almost made her forget where she was! She locked her legs around Flo's neck as she came with a violent rush! After it was over they caressed each other and nibbled each other's ear. In the back of her mind, Barb was thinking about the warden's office as she drifted off to sleep.
Working in the laundry room was not exactly fun, but it was a way to occupy your time, and Barb definitely had a lot of time on her hands! Folding the sheets after they came out of a giant mangle, Barb was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. Sgt. Perkins told her that the warden wanted to see her at once. Dropping the sheet, she followed Perkins through a maze of corridors, until they reached the warden's office. Both Perkins and Barb sat in the outer office waiting to be admitted. A buzzer rang on Warden Dunn's secretary's desk and she was told to go right on in, while Perkins remained in the outer office. Warden Dunn had Barb stand in the middle of the office while walked around her, checking out her body. 'You have a lovely body my dear,' said Warden Dunn, 'take off your clothes so I can get a better look!' Without a word, Barb removed her dress and underclothes, and was now stark naked in front of the warden. Dunn began touching Barb all over her body pay special attention to her tits and pussy. After awhile she said, 'Let me show you my pussy!' Stripping off her own things, the warden's obese body jiggled as she walked back over to Barb, her massive chest swaying back and forth with each step. Putting her arms around her, the warden gave Barb a deep kiss and ground her chest against Barb's. Finally pulling away, the warden sat down in her chair with her legs splayed wide apart. 'You know what to do,' she said! Barb slowly sank down and tongue fucked the big cunt. Soon the warden was bucking up and down trying to push her pussy harder against the hot little mouth! Putting her own large nipple into her own mouth, she sucked on the big tit until she was cumming right into Barb's mouth. Her whole face was now covered with pussy juice! Not moving, she waited for further instructions. Warden Dunn pushed the intercom button and asked for Perkins to come in. When he got inside, Warden Dunn pushed Barb away and motioned for Sgt. Perkins over to her. It was plain to see that this was not the first time that he had done this, because as he walked over to her, he was shedding his clothing! His now hard pecker stood at attention just above the warden's sloppy cunt. Before he stuck it inside her, however, she leaned forward and took him into her mouth. Greedily sucking it, she deep throated the big dick making the guard moan with pleasure! Before he could cum though, she released him from her mouth and directed it into her slit. With one big thrust, he buried it deep into the pussy of the warden! She screamed as he pounded away at her defenseless quim! In a matter of minutes, the two of them were having an orgasm at the same time. Sgt. Perkins pounded his meat in and out of the wet cunt until both of them collapsed in a heap, him on top of her!
On her way back to work in the laundry, Barb realized that by being young and pretty, she would spend the next three years of her life satisfying the sexual desires of anyone Gloria told her to. She truly is Gloria's little fuck doll and will never be the same!

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