Monday, June 05, 2006

China Maid (Part 2)

by Bob

She said she was willing, but it will only make me sillier though.
I said who cares. She said sometimes I can't stop giggling and I get all dizzy.
In fact, I feel a little dizzy now. I wrapped my arms around her and said I won't let you fall.
She rested her head against my chest as I felt her lift her knee and rub it against the inside of my leg.
Her tits were pressing into my stomach.
She raised her knee even higher and softly pressed it in my crotch.
My cock responded by the effects of her touch.
She knew it as she carefully rubbed it with her knee.
I broke the embrace, as I was afraid of what I might do.
I didn't want to seem overly aggressive, but she seemed to be doing all of the instigating.
I poured the last of the wine in our glasses and handed hers' to her. She said, do you want me to get undressed now?
I said, what do you mean?
She said, Jeff always liked her to walk around the house naked at night.
I said, remember what Jeff did in the past is history.
I don't expect you to do things the way he wanted you to do them.
She said, I just want you to be so happy with me.
I said, I am and if any clothes were to come off, I would do the undressing.
She said, um O.K.

I think I will make a small fire.
It wasn't that difficult as the fireplace was gas fed.
All I needed to do was turn the switch and a self-igniter lit the fire.
As I lit the fire Won Lee turned on the stereo and tuned in some soft pillow talk music.
I sat down on the floor by the fire and Won Lee joined me.
This time I'll go first as I took one of her feet in my hand.
I took off one shoe and then the other.
As I massaged her feet, her legs relaxed and opened slightly.
As I molded one foot in my hand I could see the white nylon material of her panties framed between her legs.
I caressed her calf and knee as she lifted her leg up for me.
As her knee bent her legs widened and was afforded more of a view.
Her cunt glistened in the flames of the fire.
She said ooh that feels so good.
It makes my head spin.

I ventured my hand further up her leg and softly trickled my fingers down the inside of her thigh.
She giggled and twisted on the floor.
She said, I told you I am ticklish.
I continued to torment her as she kicked her legs in the air.
She fell over on her back and this tickling and kicking caused her skirt to bunch up around her waist.
My cock was now pushing at the limits of my slacks.
The fire, wine and sight of her on the floor were driving me insane.
If Jeff had her walking around the house naked, then I certainly shouldn't feel guilty about playing with her on the floor.
After all I think she knew very well what was going on.
I stopped my torment, took my wine and laid down on the floor beside her.
I propped my head on my elbow and sipped some of my wine.
Won Lee sat up and then kneeled by my side.
She did not adjust her skirt.
I was still hiked up around her waist.
She even pulled it up a little higher so that she could maneuver around on her knees.
She took my shoes and sox off and bent down and sucked my big toe in her mouth.
In her position her ass was facing me.
I could see the fire between her legs and her flimsy nylon covered pussy.
A camera shot of that would have been a 'keeper'.

She stopped sucking on my toe and ran her hand up the cuff of my trousers.
She rubbed my leg and her eyes went to the bulge in front of my pants.
She said you have a 'boner' and before I could reflect on her comment, she took her hands, undid my belt and unzipped my pants.
She said it must be very uncomfortable with these on.
She worked my pants down my legs and took them off.
She looked back at my crotch and asked me if I wanted her to take off my shorts too.
I said not right now.
She moved her hand to my crotch and pressed it on my cock and said O.K but it looks like it wants to come out. She squeezed it between her fingers.
It's so big.
I said lay back down here and finish your wine.
She did as I asked, but before she did she pulled her sweater out from the waistline of her skirt.
I knew I had to fuck her, but I wanted to make every moment count.
I didn't care if it took all night.
I asked her if she thought we should open another bottle of wine and she said she would have some if I was going to.

I got up and went to the wine rack and picked out another bottle. I opened it and returned to the fireside.
Won Lee was still lying on the rug by the fire but had pulled her skirt down some.
That only meant I would have to work it back up again.
I poured some of the wine in both of our glasses and put the bottle off to the side.
I got down on the rug beside her and took a sip of the wine.
My head was starting to spin a little. I had to make sure I didn't drink too much.
I wanted to make sure I was in control of myself.
I had drunk twice as much as she had, but her low tolerance for alcohol had us feeling rather equal.
I asked her how she felt and she said she felt just wonderful, but maybe I should feel her to make sure.
Now she was playing with words.
I said you are teasing me and got on mt knees so I could tickle her ribs.
Her bodily reaction to being tickled would cause her skirt to move back up again.
I could just pull it up, but I'd rather prolong the attempt.
As I tickled her sides she did squirm all over the floor.
She took one hand and was squeezing my arm in agony.
She was strong for such a person of her stature.
I slid my hands up under her sweater as I tickled her.
Her sweater was pushed up her waist and now her skirt was also back up around her waist.
There was one thing different though.
While I was getting the wine she had removed her panties.
That is why she had repositioned her skirt.
My tickling now became more of a caress as I ran my hands up beneath her sweater.
I ran them slowly along the sides of her tits and rather from being tickled but from enjoyment she repositioned her body so that her splayed legs were now in front of me.
I was kneeling between her legs and her naked cunt was right in front of me on the floor.
I tickled her one more time on her ribs and she arched her back and lifted her ass off the floor.
She was gyrating her cunt right in front of my face.
I couldn't resist. I moved my hands down to support her hips and lowered my head to her.
I slowly kissed her abdomen and down the inner-side of one leg. She was moving her hips slowly now in response to my attention.
I looked down at her face as she lay there.
Her eyes were closed and her hands were at her tits.
She was caressing her tits while I was kissing her.
I took my tongue and drew it up her leg and into her pussy.
She moaned with ecstasy.
I stuck my tongue in and found her clit with little problem.
It was very rigid.
I licked it from side to side, up and down as her hip movements began to increase.
She was moving her hips up and down as if she was fucking my face.
I continued to work on her sweet spot until she shook all over and her legs became tense.
Her cunt began to flow from the juices buried deep within.
I lowered her hips to the floor and drew my tongue up her stomach as I pushed her sweater forward.
She assisted me by pulling her sweater up over her tits.
I reached up and undid the clasp that was on the front of her bra.
Quite convenient if I say so myself, rather than one with the clasp in back.
I laid the cups of her bra open and there were two perfectly formed tits shining in the firelight.
They were not very large, but much larger than normal for most oriental women.
They were probably a 'C' cup.
Definitely more than I could fit in one hand.
I caressed them as she took her hips and was now rubbing her cunt against the front of me.
She was grinding her cunt as best she could against my cock, holding my arms, with here hands rubbing up and down them.
She opened her eyes, lowered her body and said now me.

She started to get up and I said wait.
She paused as I lifted her sweater over her head.
Her bra fell to the floor.
She moved her legs and pushed me to the floor. She said, now these come off whether you like it or not.
She drew my shorts down my legs and threw them aside.
I said I like a woman who takes control of things.
She said my goodness as she took my cock in her hand; this is one big cock. I like it. I said I'm glad you approve.
She moved up along my side and unbuttoned my shirt.
'I take this off too'.
She slipped it under me and tossed it over with my shorts.
As she kneeled there she reached around her back and unzipped her skirt and took it off over her head.
We were both completely naked.
She directed her attention back to my cock.
She stroked it up and down very slowly as if she was measuring it in her mind. I could see her eyes staring at it in awe as she rubbed its' head between her fingers.
She said, you much bigger.
I said, if you are referring to Jeff, I don't want to her anymore about him.
She said I'm sorry and bent forward and kissed it.
She kissed up and down all 8 inches of it and kissed my balls too.
Then she took it in her mouth.
She ran her tongue around the head with such precision I was flabbergasted.
Her head moved up and down as she tried to engulf all of it in her mouth but she couldn't.
She held it in her hand and again kissed it as if it were some long lost treasure she had found and was so happy to see it.
She stroked it up and down some more.
Her lips were pursed as she stroked, with such dedicated duty.
I took my right hand and caressed her ass and worked my fingers between her legs to toy with her pussy again.
I stuck one finger in her hole and rubbed my thumb along her asshole.
She pushed her hips back at my hand as she reinserted my cock back in her mouth and continued to suck away.
I could feel my balls fill and it wouldn't be long before I came.
She increased the action, as she must have realized it too.
Then it all let go.
I came in her mouth and she took all in without losing a single droplet.
I removed my hand from her cunt and took her arm and pulled her down by my side.
I kissed her and said that was wonderful.
She said I'm glad you liked it. I really enjoyed what you did for me too.
We lay there in each other's arms for some time and had some more wine together.

I ran my fingers up and own her body thinking back to my old apartment.
I had never had such a wonderful evening.
She was so special and seemed to care for my every need.
She was diddling her hand down around my cock and had revived it. She was now stroking it up and down again.
She said now that I have this back up again, would you like to fuck me. I said it would be my pleasure.
She said I think it will be a pleasure for both of us then.
She asked, 'what position do you want me in'?
I said surprise me, you choose.
With that she got up and sat on my stomach.
She slid her ass back and forth on my cock while I held my hands on her waist.
She took my hands and brought them up to her tits.
She then took one hand down between her legs and guided my cock to her pussy.
Slowly she lowered herself down on it.
Um, um, oh yeah, as she began to ride it up and down.
She had now worked the entire length of it inside her.
I don't know how she was able to take it all, but they say women are able to take a lot more than we think and she proved it.
Up and down just like a horse on a merry-go-round.
She braced herself with her hands on my chest and slid the full length of my cock in and out of her.
I arched my back in attempt to meet her every drive.
As she lowered herself down on me I drove in harder each time.
She leaned forward as I now took control of the movement.
I grabbed her by the cheeks of her ass and drove my cock in her repeatedly until I finally started to cum.
I drew out of her and let it fly on her backside.
She sat back up again and reached around her back and spread my cum all over her body.
She licked her fingers and said I like the taste of you. I drew her down and kissed her.
I looked her straight in her eyes and said you are one hell of a girl.
I hope you never have to leave.

As time went on we became more and more familiar with each other's likes and dislikes.
She seemed to take care of any of my wishes.
She was an excellent cook, an excellent house cleaner, and an excellent wife.
Yes I realized that I would never find another woman in my life that I enjoyed being with or could care for me as much as we now care for each other. I
asked her to marry me and never leave my side.
We now have an extra room in the house and are trying to fill that.
Not with another maid though, I don't need a maid, I have Won Lee my wife.


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