Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

by Brian

She awoke to feel his hand sliding gently over her stomach and up to cup one breast.
The feeling of his chest pressed into her back and his fingers starting to explore her nipple sent a brief shiver through her body.
She responded by pressing her pert, tight ass back against him, to feel his cock starting to harden against the crack in her cheeks.

"Hmm" she murmured as his fingers tightened on an already swelling nipple.
She felt his breath against her neck as he gently slid his tongue up the side of her neck and around and in her ear.
"Happy Valentine's Day, Darling" he whispered as his tongue withdrew, then slid back inside her ear.

She responded by stirring once more, pushing harder this time back against his cock.
She shifted slightly, to feel the moisture it was making as it slid gently against her bum.
His other arm snaked between her neck and shoulder and reached down to squeezed her other breast.
"Harder" she whispered, knowing the extra pleasure a little pain gave her.
"More" she demanded as he continued to squeeze her breasts and pinch the nipples between his thumb and fingers while sliding his wet tongue around and into her ear.

Twisting around in his arms, she pressed her lips tight to his In a kiss that seemed to last forever.
His agile tongue explored every crevice in her mouth, and she responded with her own deep into his mouth.
As they pulled apart, he trapped her lower lip with his teeth and bit gently.
Her arms tightened around him as she offered her mouth back to him, feeling his tongue penetrate once more, and knowing that soon it would be her turn for her mouth to taste other parts.

Pushing him gently away, she knelt beside him and lowered her head between his legs.
Like an ice cream cone, she first licked the whole length of him, then opened her mouth and sucked his balls in, using her tongue to lick the underside of the heavy sack.
She felt the hard length of him resting against her cheek, and watched as a drop of moisture formed at the end.
As if this was a signal, she placed her mouth over the end of his cock and then slowly slid the whole length into her mouth and down her throat.

He reached over to slide his hand between her legs, feeling instantly the heat and wetness there.
His fingers slid gently over lips that only the night before had been shaven smooth in anticipation of this morning.
First one, then two fingers slid and explored inside her in a rhythm that matched that of her mouth on his cock.
She moved to straddle him, wanting to feel his tongue exploring her cunt, and the exquisite feel of his mouth sucking and nibbling on her clit.
He responded exactly as she knew he would, first sliding his tongue deep inside, then sucking first one of her outer lips into his moth and biting gently with his teeth, then repeating with the other.
At last his tongue and mouth found her clit, and she gasped as he sucked the button hard into his mouth and held it there.
"Aahh! Not fair" she cried as the first waves of pleasure pulsed up from between her legs.
His response was to suck harder and slide two fingers deep inside.
"Tease!' she muttered as she swallowed his cock deep into her mouth once more.

His mouth and fingers continued the exploration of her.
She felt him spread the wetness that was flowing from her cunt around her bum, and a finger slide gently but deep inside as he continued to lick and suck on her clit.
She sat up over his face and gave herself up to the waves of orgasm that flowed like the river of moisture flowing out of her.
His fingers, mouth, and tongue seemed to be everywhere between her legs as she abandoned herself to the pleasure.
Throwing her head back, she heard herself yell, "Fuck me! Oooh yes! More! I love you! I want you! More!" then "Yess, yess ,yes!" as the waves crashed over her once more.

She felt his hands leave between her legs and grip her thighs, lift her off and gently lay her on her back.
Instinctively, she spread her legs and lifted her knees as he knelt between her legs.
She lifted her head and watched as he gripped his cock in one hand and ran the tip up and down the wetness between her legs.
"Tease!" she muttered as she felt the spasms start once more as his cock found her clit.
"Not fair!" as the rubbing intensified and she felt her second orgasm starting to swell inside.
His timing was perfect as he slid deep inside and locked himself hard up inside her.
No movement was necessary as she felt the pressure from his cock filling her completely and her muscles instinctively tightening around him.
She came a second time, holding him tightly, whispering this time how much she loved him, how she wanted him.

She sensed rather than felt the slight movement as her remained deep inside her.
There was first a little more pressure on her clit, then a slight release, and then she felt a slight twitch from the tip of his cock against the muscles of her vagina.
The movement slowly grew until at last he was stroking long and rhythmically within her.
She started to match his thrusts, pushing against him and tightening the muscles deep inside her cunt as her probed inside. "God" she thought, this is a miracle" as she remembered St Valentine, patron saint of lovers.
Still the stroking continued, long and deep as if each wanted to lock deep inside the other.
She had known other men, but this one she wanted to keep forever.
As her senses responded, she knew this was not just any man, this was her friend, her lover, her companion, and her life.

His rhythm started to increase, each thrust coming slightly quicker that the last, but still just as deep and satisfying.
He breathed deeply, inhaling the smell of her, of both, the odor that only two lovers can make.
With out knowing it, his thoughts matched hers.
This was the woman who made him come alive, who made him laugh, who was his friend, his lover, and his life.
He tightened his arms around her, and felt her respond by holding him tighter.
Still thrusting, he marveled at how her response, her insistent thrusting against him only prolonged his final coming.
It was as if they were so perfectly matched each wanting more to give the other pleasure, than to take it.

At last he felt the first tremors starting at the tip of his cock and radiating out to his body.
At the same time he felt her push harder and more insistently against him.
Their eyes met, locked together, and as they looked into each other's souls he felt the release building.
Like an orchestra finale, the crescendo grew greater as they pounded hard against each other until he felt his come jetting deep inside her as they both climaxed together.

For several minutes they remained locked together, gently thrusting to keep the contact deep inside while their mouths once again explored each other and their hands brushed lightly over places that each knew gave the other pleasure.
No words were necessary as they rolled apart, then settled back side by side, continuing to hold each other, and drifted off into the peaceful sleep that follows a perfect love making.

Happy Valentines Day!

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