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China Maid (Part 1)

by Bob

I finally saved up enough money to put a substantial down payment on a house.
I was ready to make the move and seriously search for that special home, but the more I thought about it the less enthused I became.
I really didn't have the time to care for a complete house never mind the yard that went with it.
As I was looking through the real estate ads I came across a very interesting ad.
'Buy Your Own Sweet Spot in Heaven'.
It was an ad for a new development of smaller homes just outside of town, with an outside maintenance program where the association took care of the property.
I wouldn't have to mow the lawn, shovel snow or do any painting, yet own my own home and property.
Usually that was only available when you bought a condominium.
At the age of 30 I didn't want to live in a condo.
I decided to take a ride out that evening and see what they looked like.

When I got there, I drove around the small quiet neighborhood and saw that the homes were very nice.
They looked more expensive than they were asking for them.
Several were brand new with signs in front showing some interior pictures of them.
Small fireplaces, totally electric kitchens and two sizable bedrooms a hot tub attached to the master bedroom.
I was sold and had to call and see if someone could show me around one or two.
As I was rounding the backside of the development, I noticed a guy pounding a sign in the lawn.
Maybe he was with the association and I could ask him some questions.
I stopped and introduced myself.
I asked him if he was one of the sales people from 'The Gardens'? He said he was not.
He was an owner who was being relocated in his job and was selling his house privately.
I asked him what he was asking for it and he told me that he had to sell it quickly and his company was picking up the loss that he incurred.
He was asking $25,000 less than the going rate and it included all furnishings.
It even included a non-refundable maintenance fee for the next entire year. I asked him if I could take a look inside.
He said if I was looking to buy now it would be all right.
I said I was in the market now, but it depended on whether or not I liked it.
He took me inside and showed me around. It was immaculate.
The furniture looked brand new. I asked him how long he had lived in it and he said he was only in it for 9 months when his office gave him a sizable raise if he relocated to Chicago.
He even had a special stereo system built in so that the music was piped into every room of the house.
I didn't want to look to eager, but I realized it was a good deal.
I told him I would give him a bank check for the house tomorrow if he dropped the price another $10,000.
I thought for sure he would say I was crazy and ask me to leave, but he said he hadn't even listed it in the paper and didn't want to go through the hassle of dealing with appointments to see the house.
He said, you bring me the check by noon tomorrow and the keys are yours.
I will get my money back from my company anyway and I'm flying to Chicago on a 5 PM shuttle.
He said he really didn't want to get involved with a realtor.
We shook hands; he went out and pulled up the sign. I told him I would be back in the morning.
I drove home elated in the fact that I was going to have my own home, fully furnished, in a very secluded neighborhood and was not going to have to do any outside maintenance.
Best of all I was able to purchase it with what money I already had set aside.
I wouldn't even have a mortgage on it.
On my way back to my apartment I went to the bank and drew out the money and looked forward to meeting him in the morning.
He had given me his name and phone number just in case I couldn't make it.
As I was sitting in my awful apartment I decided to give him a call and see if we could meet that evening and finalize the deal.
Why wait until morning?
I already had the check made out to him.
I called and he said that around 9 PM would be fine with him.

I arrived at 9 PM sharp and rang the front doorbell.
Jeff came to the door and greeted me with a smile and said come on in. I'm glad you called, because my boss wants me in Chicago by 2 in the afternoon, so I had to reschedule my flight to 10 in the morning.
He asked me if I had any other questions about the house and I told him I really didn't.
Well come on in and let's sign the papers.
As we walked into the living room, I saw a dejected, petite, oriental girl sitting on one of the lounge chairs.
Jeff introduced her to me as Won Lee.
I asked him if she was his wife.
He said no, that she was his live in maid and he had just finished telling her that the house is sold and she would have to find somewhere else to live.
I don't know what she is going to do.
She has no family in the states.
She came over to the United States 3 years ago and was working for a friend of mine, but his girlfriend resented the fact that she was a live in and had to let her go.
He asked me if I needed a maid and I agreed to allow her to live in the extra bedroom and she keeps my house cleaned for me.
She doesn't ask for much pay, due to the fact that she gets free room and board.
I couldn't stand the sad look she had on her face. She was such a cute little thing. She was about 5 feet tall and slender, but quite shapely for a person of oriental descent. As a matter of conversation, I made that comment to Jeff. He said she had some American blood in her, as her father was an American.
Now that he told me that, I did notice that she did not have a true oriental look.
The blood mix gave her the benefit of rounder eyes and a cute figure.
I told Jeff I didn't have the heart to see her so sad and if she wanted to stay for awhile, I could figure out something later That would give her more time to decide what she wanted to do.
Jeff went over to Won Lee and explained my offer to her and her eyes immediately lit up and her face took on a smile.
She jumped up and ran over and hugged me.
She said, 'I clean good for you, you see'.
Jeff and I finished the sale of his house and he said that he would give me a key now and his other set would be on the kitchen table after he left tomorrow.
He said he had some last minute packing to do, so if I didn't mind he was going to excuse himself and get to it.

He said thanks again and I think you will be as happy with the house as I was. Even if it was for such a short period of time.
We shuck hands again and I let myself out. I waved goodbye to Won Lee who was still smiling on the other side of the room.
I needed to get home (to the junk-hole) and do some packing myself.
If I could get everything of mine moved before the 1st of the month I could save myself a months rent.
Some of my things were going to go to the dump. They were old used items anyway and I now have brand new furniture.

I drove over to the house after work and dropped off some of my things.
Won Lee came out of her room and greeted me.
She said 'You want me make dinner for you'.
Although she had American blood, she still had an oriental accent.
I said no I would not be staying, but that we should sit and talk.
I told her that she could stay and be my live in maid for a while.
Whatever was in the house was as much hers to use as it was for me.
I told her that she could feel at home as long as she never stole things from me.
She said no 'I honest person and not take from you'.
I said then I think we have a deal for a while.
She said 'how long a while?'
I said let me get moved in and we can talk about that later. I'll have a moving truck bring my things here in a couple of days, but in the mean time, make sure that no one gets in the house.
Keep the door locked for protection.
She smiled and said 'you con-sid-erit person' You mean, considerate.
Yes thank you for help with words.
I am learning to speak better every time.
I told her I would help her as much as I could, but I thought it was cute.
She shyly smiled and said thank you.

Saturday was moving day and I had a full carload of junk, so I went to the dump along the way.
When I got to the house, Won Lee would not let the movers in. T
he foreman said she would not let anyone in the house without you being here. I laughed and told him how I had asked her not to let anyone in.
I didn't think she would take it so literally.
She opened the door for us and said 'good you here'. 'I no let them in as you said'.
Again I laughed to myself, put my hand on her shoulder and said that's very good.
She said, 'let me help you get car cleaned out'. You mean, let me unpack your car with you.
She said, Yeah, O.K. This was going to be a chore having her comprehend the English language better, but I'm sure I would be lost in her country. I realized I didn't even know what nationality she was.
I asked her, where are you from?
She answered China.
She was Taiwanese.
I said you speak very well for only being in the States for 3 years.
She said, 'we study in school some'.

We unpacked the car together and the movers brought the remainder of my possessions in.
I was home. Won Lee said, 'you want coffee'.
I said no I bought a bottle of wine so that we can celebrate.
'Um, I put on ice'.
Oh, you like wine?
She said yes but it makes me so silly.
I agreed, me too, especially if I drink too much of it. Won Lee had already put all of the things away that I had left off earlier.
She was so efficient.
It only took us a couple of hours to unpack everything and arrange them, as I liked them.
Won Lee seemed to scurry around the house in such a rush. I told her she could slow down.
We had a lot of time to fix things the way I wanted them.
She said she only wanted to make sure that she was doing a good job.
'I make you happy with me'.
I assured her that I was very satisfied with what she had done already.
She didn't respond, as she kept on working. I said, sit down and relax.
I'll get the wine out for us.
She said, 'no, I get'.
'You sit down'.
I felt so pampered and yet dictated to that I did sit down and looked around the room to soak in the view of my home. Won Lee brought the wine, 2 glasses and a small plate with thin slices of cheese neatly arranged on it.
I complimented her and said she was quite the hostess.
She put the tray down on the coffee table and knelt down in front of me.
'I take your shoes off for you'? I agreed, but was somewhat amazed. I told her she didn't have to wait on me so much.
She was my maid, not my slave girl. She said, I like to take care of you. I asked, did Jeff expect you to do all these things for him?
She said, 'no expect I just do'.
As she took my shoes off, she softly massaged each foot and that did feel so good. I said, I appreciate you caring, but I want you to feel as much at home here as I do.
Just keeping everything cleaned is enough work for you to do.
She said, 'I not mind, I want you to be comfortable'.
I couldn't argue with her. I guess things will settle down once she gets used to me being with me. I poured the wine in the 2 glasses and handed her one.
I said, lets make a toast. She said, 'I get'. I said, what?
She replied, 'you want some toast'?
I laughed and said no.
I mean I want to say something to celebrate.
She said, I get so confused.
Don't worry about it, I said.
I told you we would work on your use and understanding of the English language as we went along.
I raised my glass and said, 'here is to my new home and to our acquaintance'.
I said, now you raise your glass and say 'cheers'. She did and laughed. See, now you are beginning to relax.
I got up and went over to her and said, 'what's good for the gander is good for the goose'.
She said, 'their no ducks here'.
I just laughed and started to take her shoes off for her.
She said, you want me to take my shoes off too.
I said, no I want to take them off for you. You helped me, now I help you.
She said, 'you not have to do that'. I said, no I know that, but I want you to realize that I can help you just like you help me. I took her first shoe off and massaged her foot like she did mine.
She giggled and said she was ticklish. I took her other shoe off and made sure that I tickled it a little more.
She squirmed all around and laughed so hard.
Her feet were so soft and as she squirmed around on the chair, I finally realized that she was not just cute, she was in fact very cute and had a unique sexy look about her.
As I kneeled in front of her, I kept my hand on her foot and rubbed my other hand up the calf of her leg.
Her skin was like silk.
I said, I am glad that you did not have to move out.
In fact I said, don't worry about having to find yourself another job or place to live.
I think I would like to have you stay with me and be my full time maid.
She sat up quickly and slid down on the floor in front of me.
She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.
She said, I am glad. I will always take good care of you, you see.
I reached back for my glass and raised it up to make another toast. I said, to my new maid and friend.
She took hers and said cheers.
See you are learning quickly.
She smiled as we sat together on the floor drinking our wine.

We talked for almost an hour.
I found out more about her and we worked on her speaking technique.
It was going to take some time for her to improve, but it really didn't bother me however she spoke.
Often her use of English was humorous. It got us both laughing once she knew I was not upset if she made a mistake.
She even got frustrated with herself sometimes and said 'shit' or 'damn'.
She had learned how to use that part of the English language quickly. I was starting to feel hungry and said that we should see what we could make for dinner.
She quickly started to get up and said, 'I get', when I said, settle down.
We will do some of these things together. She said, Jeff could not cook and she always had meals ready for him.
I said, well I can cook and want to do it together.
I said, there are many things that might be different now that we were living together. Jeff did things his way and we will do things our way.
She giggled and said 'O.K.' Is that funny, I asked?
She said, no I told you wine make me silly and giggled again.
I wrapped my arms around her, as the wine was starting to mellow me out too and said you are a lot of fun. We are going to be just fine together. She nestled in my arms and felt so warm and contented. She had some perfume on that smelled so nice.
As I held her in my arms, I thought how could anything get much better.
I had my new home, a maid to care for the inside of my house and a sexy, cute one to boot. I was living on easy street. I said, let's see what we can find in the kitchen to eat. We got up and I checked the refrigerator.
There wasn't very much to have. I suggested that we go out to get something to eat and I would get some things to stock up the kitchen tomorrow. She asked, you want me to go out with you? I said, yes of course. We are a team now. You care for me and I'll care for you. Just let me put something else on and we will go out for dinner. She said, 'what you want me to wear'? I said, that is up to you. I went in the bathroom, shaved my face and washed up a little. I changed my slacks and put on a different shirt. When I came out to the living room, Won Lee was waiting.
She had a short red skirt and a white cashmere sweater on.
She looked so foxy; I just stared and said, 'holy shit'.
She said, is something wrong? I said no, not at all.
I just think you look so terrific.
She said, thank you.
You look spiffy yourself. I said well, let's go out and knock them dead.
She said, 'we fight'? I laughed and said no that is just a figure of speech. It means we're going to go out and make everybody jealous.
I took her hand and we took off. I did feel like I had something or someone to show off.
At the restaurant many male eyes did check her out.
I was proud she was with me as my guest.
When we were seated I told her she could have anything she wanted and we were going to have some more wine to drink.
When the concierge brought the wine and poured it for us, she said she wanted to make a toast. She said 'to my new boss and a nice person'.
I raised my glass and said cheers, but please do not consider me your boss.
We are now housemates and friends.
She sipped her wine and stared at me over the rim of the glass. We ordered our meals and had a nice dinner together.
The more wine she had the more she became silly.
The wine really did affect her, but in a positive way.
She became more herself and that is what I was happy about. I wanted her to feel as though she could do anything that she wanted to, without having to get my approval.

As we were driving home she asked me about my job and what I did for a living.
I told her that I was an executive salesman for one of the companies in the city. I made sales calls on special accounts that required management decisions to keep them happy. I said I had to suck up to them and make sure they didn't leave to other competition.
She giggled, and in a naive misunderstanding of the language, she asked, 'you have to suck them'?
I laughed and said no not that and placed my hand on her bare knee.
Her skirt was so short that as she sat in the car it hardly covered her legs.
As the streetlights shown in the car, I looked across at her and she looked so sexy that my cock started to get hard.
The way her bare legs looked in the lights and her small tits that looked so firm and soft in her sweater, she was turning me on.
She smiled at me and placed her hand on top of mine and caressed it.
I squeezed her leg softly and said she really looked nice and that I enjoyed having dinner with her.
I was proud to have everyone think she was my date.
We drove up in the driveway and I parked the car.
She reached over and placed her hand on my thigh and said thank you for a lovely evening.
Her hand sent electric spasms through my body.
I said you are more than welcomed.
We will do it again, I'm sure.


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