Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lunch Time

by Bob

I hardly ever stop and eat lunch, but on this particular day I'm glad I did. It was well worth the time.

As I pulled into the restaurant parking lot a big black Lincoln pulled in ahead of me and parked. I parked next to it.
I waited for the passenger of the car to get out first before I opened my door.
Out stepped a well-dressed blonde and I couldn't help but notice her ass in my side mirror as she walked along side my truck.
Nice is not the proper description.
Real fine would be more appropriate.
Her husband, I assume, took her arm and they walked into the restaurant. I followed and saw them sit down at a table in the last isle.
I went down the same isle and sat in a cubical on the opposite side facing the blonde.
She was facing the outside wall of the room.

It was a hot, humid day outside and the air-conditioning felt good. I had a T-shirt, a pair of shorts and no underwear on.
I hate wearing them anyway.
I'd rather be free and loose.
I ordered a half a grinder and a large coke.
While I was waiting for my lunch to be prepared, out of the corner of my eyes I noticed the blonde was fanning her dress to cool her legs.
Each time she raised the hem of her dress, I was given full view of her crotch.

She caught me looking but didn't stop.
In fact she only spread her legs further apart and smiled.
This meant trouble.
I could not stop the natural effect she had on my cock.
It grew down the leg of my shorts and raised it like a tent.
This time I caught her looking as I tried to push it down and she smiled.
Both of our meals were delivered to us at about the same time and I started to eat my grinder.
She continued to move her legs in and out as if to be massaging her twat with her thighs. Nothing was changing in my territory either.
I had adjusted my shorts a little to make it more comfortable, but this only afforded her a better view of things.
She licked her lips as she stared and then winked her eyes at me.
I nearly gagged on the sandwich.
She was playing with me and doing a good job of it.
Just then she got up from her seat and walked to the ladies room.
Was her kneading thighs that effective?
Did she have a problem or just a call from Mother Nature?
When she returned, my questions were answered.
She sat back down, immediately swung her legs toward me and spread them wide.
She had gone in the bathroom and removed her panties.
I couldn't believe it.
I was now given a view that I thought was going to stop my heart.
I gulped as my mouth hung open and I noticed her laugh to herself.
They finished eating before I did.
I guess I was too pre-occupied with looking at certain things.
Her husband got up first and headed to the register to pay the bill.
She soon followed, but first stopped by my table and said, how was the dessert.
I said, it 'looked' awfully good, and only wished I wasn't on such a 'forced diet'.

She laughed, patted me on the shoulder and said thanks, maybe another time.
She left - never be seen again.
The waitress asked me if I needed anything else.
I thought a blowjob would be great, but I told her I'd like a cup of coffee.
I needed to sit there awhile and let things get back to normal before I tried to stand.

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