Friday, June 16, 2006


by Joe P

I watched as you carefully placed all of your sexiest lingerie on the bed.
Looking over everything, you chose the black garter, matching lace bra, and hose.
You let your robe fall from your shoulders, standing in front of the mirror examining the naked figure that stood before it.
You were looking at yourself the way I would be.
Your eyes glazed and longingly traced every inch of your body, every curve the way that I would have.

I watched your reflection in the mirror as your nipples began to harden, longing to be be kissed?
to be suckled.
You raised your hands to your breasts gently caressing your aroused nipples with your finger tips, then cupping your firm breasts in your hands as if I were there caressing and massaging them.
They were my hands you felt, my fingers, not yours.
The pleasure it gave you was wet the tips of your fingers with your tongue and traced your swollen nipples, rolling and squeezing them was my fingers you felt , not yours. Your hands sensually fell to your stomach, feeling the smooth curves of your body?the same silky skin I feel when I touch you.
I watched your hands in the mirror as they lingered ...curling in the tuft of hair just above your clit with your long sensuous fingers.
I could feel the heat welling up between your legs as I imagined my hands in your place.

I felt you brush your clit softly, tracing down and over your nether lips.
You were wet for me now.
You inserted your fingers into the wetness? it was my fingers you felt, not yours.
Gasping slightly, you closed your eyes, savoring the sensations of your hands caressing your body.
Your hips began swaying to the movements of your fingers.
Your clit was burning with desire now, urging your fingers to be more deliberate, more intense with each stroke.
You obliged by holding your lips open with both hands and slowly circled your clit.
As you watched in the mirror, it was my hands that you saw; your legs parting for me.
I love the way you touch yourself.
I watched as the figure in the mirror became more aroused.
Your face flush, your movements to the rhythm of your fingers more deliberate, your breathing more labored.
Your fingers began to glide feverishly over your clit, dipping into the wetness of your pussy.
Legs parted wider for me as you continued to hold yourself open to my view.
Your lips engorged, clit too was hard and swollen, the tip peering from the sheath that covers it.
I could almost see it throbbing, so sensitive to your touch. I could feel your body tense as you neared the edge of your orgasm.
Fingers teasing, caressing, massaging, trying to get every last pleasurable sensation from your wet sex?it was my fingers you felt, not yours.
Your breathing more audible now, lustful moans emanating from deep within, rapid circular movements on your clit, fingers dipping in and out of your pussy sent you over the edge.
The blood rushing to the head of your swollen clit, fingers wildly bringing yourself to an explosive orgasm.

God !! I love the way you touch me babe!!!!!

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