Monday, May 07, 2007

You are Going to Pay

by Mr. Neb (Sept 99)

Are you going to pay!
Here I sit at 11:15 pm waiting for you to log on.
IÕm in just my underwear.
My dick has been hard for an hour just waiting for you.
My shorts are pushed out like a damned tent pole.
The tip is practically clear with all the precum that has seeped through.
I'm about to get the chair wet! I feel my heart beat down between my legs.
My balls are resting on the chair and just the slightest move makes me tingle.

This is what you are going to do.
You are going to strip naked and roll this chair away from the desk.
Then you are going to squat down between my legs.
You are going to apologize and make it up to me.
You are going to run you long fingernails up and down my cock and along my balls, all the time telling me how wonderful I will taste when I am deep in your mouth.
All the time telling me how wonderful I smell.
All the time telling me that you are getting wetter and wetter in anticipation of sucking me in completely.

Then you are going to keep rubbing my balls but you are going to nibble at my cock through my shorts with your teeth.
You are going to hold the crown of my dick between your teeth and lick the wet tip with your tongue.

Then you will finally remove my shorts.
My cock will be very hard and stiff. It will stick straight out at you.
You will once again tell me in erotic and sensual tones about how exciting this all is for you, how drippy your pussy has become.
You will prove it to me by taking your hand and sliding it over your pussy, getting it all wet.
Then you'll slide your pussy juices over my cock, mixing them with my precum which, by this time, is flowing continuously in a clear trickle.
Again you'll wet your hand with pussy juices and just as you reach up and place your slippery fingers into my mouth, you will rub my wet cock along your face, smearing it with wetness.
As I suck your fingers you will tell me how warm and wet it feels against your face and wonderful it smells and then you will lick my cock from my balls, following the stream of precum, right up to the tip.

Then you'll stick out your tongue and slide it through the oozing tip so I can see my juices coat your tongue.
I will be leaking profusely and you will use your fingers to retrieve it and coat your lips in my wetness.

Only then will you open your mouth, pause with a wicked smile and engulf me.
Right to the very base!
My cock will be stuck at the very back of your throat.
You will feel it throb and pulse.
You will feel me clench down and precum will flow into your mouth.
It will be very sweet and thick like syrup.
You will produce lots of saliva and begin to move up and down my shaft.
Your tongue will never stop moving and caressing me completely.
Precum and saliva will dribble from your mouth.
You will ignore it. You will actually just keep producing more.
It will cover my balls that will have drawn up even tighter.
Up and down you will move ever faster until you feel me at the brink.

Then you will stop!
You will let me slid from your mouth and rest wet on your face while you start sucking my balls through my shaved scrotum.
My saliva-coated cock will slide all over your face, smearing your cheeks.
Your tongue will tickle my warm balls.

Then it will be time to take me.
Back into your wet juicy mouth I will go.
Up and down you will move with a ferocious rhythm, twisting your head from side to side as well
Your hands will massage and scratch at my balls, coaxing them, pleading them, begging them to release the inevitable torrent.

And it all will work.
With me deep in your mouth, you will feel a hard knot at the base of my dick.
You will feel it press up my shaft quickly until I will erupt deep inside your mouth.
Hot thick cum will fill the voids in your mouth.
There will only be cock and cum in your mouth. It will be warm and soft on your tongue and the sides and roof of your mouth.

Ah, but that will not be enough.
That will not be enough of a show for me. You know what I like and you like indulging me.
Before the next spurt, you will remove me and will show me the white sticky threads that stretch within your mouth.

A second burst of thick white semen will leave me, this time crossing your open mouth, streaking across your cheek and stretching into your golden hair.
Again I will release.
Your closing lips will capture most but some will cling to your lips and dangles from your chin.
Your mouth will close around my spurting member.
Each of my expulsions will signal you to use that talented tongue of yours to press my ejaculate out from between your lips and from around my cock.
Cum mixed with saliva will streak on your neck and on your breasts.
This will continue right to the very end of my orgasm.
In the last gesture of complete oral eroticism, you will open your cum-filled mouth and press it all back out, coating the same cock that provided it.

Now all that will be left is the quite time to calm down.
You will kiss my throbbing cock, oblivious to the semen that will coat it.
You will rest my cock securely against your sticky cheek, feeling each pulse as I slowly come down from the great height of total orgasm.
You will lean back and slide my still stiff member through wet streaks that dart your luscious breasts.

Leaning back further, we will no longer touch.
I will love the sight of your sperm spattered body.
The deep rich scent of cum will hang thick in the air.
We will both be wet, slippery and sticky.
My taste will still be strong in your mouth.

You will sit.
You will breathe deeply.
Your wet breasts will move up and down in exaggerated fashion.
Your legs will be spread very wide. Your shaved pussy will be open and inviting.
Juices will flow liberally from your pink fleshy opening, coating your thighs and dripping on the floor.

Now, you will need something from me.

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