Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Business (Part 9)

Written by Mally Stewart on 10.16.99 for Camilla.

Jessica Falcone-Sturgess could scarcely believe how kind fate had been to her!
To think that Jason had proposed an open marriage!
A week ago the idea would have been preposterous!
She understood that she had misunderstood him on 2 critical points.
First, he was more deeply hooked on the business than she'd thought, (as evidenced by his reluctance to divorce her for the sake of the business) and second - and this one wasn't so pleasant to think about - he obviously hadn't been as deeply in love with her as she'd imagined, for why else would he agree that she could continue seeing Marshall? .
Sure, he'd said he'd gone through some torment after seeing her and Marshall, but his torment hadn't prevented him from picking up some bar slut and fucking her on her - Jessica's - desk!
Still, she couldn't be too disappointed about it because in one swoop her biggest problem had been taken care of:
How to see Marshall again without jeopardizing her marriage!

She couldn't wait to talk to him.
She had his personal cell number and the first chance she got on Thursday she called him.
Her little raw spots had pretty much healed and her body let her know that it was ready for action. Just thinking of Marshall made her hot.

When he answered her call, his deep voice resonated inside her. He seemed very pleased to hear her news, told her he would be in New York for most of the following week, and would she be able to join him there?

"I'll have to have some sort of work-related pretext," she told him.
"Not so much for Jason, but for the staff."

"I'm going to be looking into the that shipyard deal," he told her.
"You've heard that it's back on the market? The movie studio thing fell through. Perhaps your company would be interested in looking into that, too?"

She grinned happily.
The shipyard deal! Sure, everybody knew about that! Nobody would find that story fishy and in fact she would look into it and prepare a real report! Great!
She told her secretary to make the travel arrangements.
Jason raised his eyebrows when she told him.
"The shipyards?
Yeah, that could be an interesting property to handle. Sure, you go for it, Jess."
If he thought that she would be meeting Marshall he didn't let on.

She flew into Kennedy on Tuesday, arriving at 11 a.m.
Marshall had a stretch limo waiting for her and she was chauffeured to the Trump Tower, where Marshall was staying.
She wondered if he owned an apartment there? They were fabulously expensive.
No. Probably he knew somebody who let him use it occasionally. That was how things operated in Marshall's world.
Wealthy people enjoyed the social cache of being seen with celebrities, and celebrities accepted such trades as one of the perks of fame.

Marshall was not there, but there was a huge bouquet of flowers with her name on it, and a note saying that he would see her for dinner at 8 at Peter Luger's Steak House. Jerry, the chauffeur, would bring her to the restaurant.
She loved the bouquet, hated his absence.
She'd imagined all kinds of scenarios for their reunion, all of them including his pleasure at finding she'd remembered not to wear panties.
She sighed.
Ah well, he did have his work, after all, and they would be together for 5 nights.

The area Jerry brought her to wasn't that impressive.
It was across the river in Brooklyn, near the bottom of the bridge, in a seedy industrial-looking area. The restaurant itself wasn't any better looking.
Inside, it was small and stuffy and very crowded.
When the maitre d' found out who she was, he led her up 2 flights of stairs, fighting his way through the crowd, and getting out of the way of hurrying waiters.
He took her to a private room on the 3rd floor, where a group of people - about 10 men and 2 women - were sitting around a large table.
Marshall spotted her and rose to meet her.
Conversations stopped as everybody turned to look at her.
He introduced her to them, one by one, and calling her Ms. Jessica Falcone-Sturgess.
They were all involved either in commercial real estate or banking; knew of her company and expressed their interest in doing business with her.
All except one.

Amongst all those money professionals, one stood apart. Jessica should have expected that Marshall would have personal staff but the thought had eluded her.
Now Marshall introduced her to his personal assistant, Melody McKnight.
She was a beauty! Black, but the color of cafŽ con leche, she had bright green eyes that were looking at Jessica with badly disguised hostility.
Oh oh, thought Jessica. Here's a jealous one.
Wonder if she was his lover? Looking at her, Jessica couldn't see how a man like Marshall could leave a woman like Melody McKnight unmolested.
She was quite tall, almost as tall as Jessica, and put together, as the vulgar vernacular has it, like a brick shit-house.

Despite how busy and rushed the restaurant was, 3 waiters had been assigned only to them.
The moment a glass was emptied a fresh drink took its place.
One of the waiters took her steak order, questioning her closely as to just exactly how she liked her steak. The salad was brought out, and it consisted of whole tomatoes and onions cut into thick slices on a wooden cutting board right there on the table.
Fresh baked bread was brought out, still steaming and filling the room with its heavenly aroma.
Jessica began to understand that this was a special place, not at all what she'd expected from its location and appearance.

Marshall took time out from his discussions to bring her up to date on what was happening with the subject property.
Now that the Hollywood thing had fallen through there were dozens of speculators converging on the property, trying to put deals together.
Marshall had brought the people at the table together to see if they could come up with a profitable use of the shipyard, and if so, propose a package to New York City, who was the owner.
His attitude towards her was business-like. There was no touching, no stolen glances. She understood that business was business and sex had its own time and place.

The steaks arrived and then she knew why they were there.
After chewing up one bite she looked at Marshall and grinned. "This is the best steak I've ever tasted!" she enthused.
How in the world do they do it?

Melody McKnight slipped her a dirty look.
Marshall grinned. "Well, first of all, you never find a steak of this quality in a supermarket. Restaurants like this get first shot at the best cuts direct from the suppliers.
Then, they know exactly how to prepare the steak, they know to the second how long to cook it to satisfy your request and, last but not least, they cook it at a temperature that you could never achieve at home - something like 1200 degrees fahrenheit."

Jessica snickered. "Well, I guess that explains it!"
She took another mouthful and shook her head. "Hmmmm mmmm!"
The money professionals laughed, enjoyed her enthusiasm.

They wrapped up at about 10.30p.m.
One of the men asked Marshall if he'd like to go to a club, but he declined, saying he needed to get to bed early. Jessica liked the sound of that.
Jerry the chauffeur drove them back to the Trump Tower.
Jessica was surprised when Melody McKnight came all the way with them.
Couldn't Marshall have dropped her off somewhere?
To her relief, though, once they were inside the suite Melody told Marshall "see ya later" and went into a bedroom on the opposite side of hers.
Alone at last, she melted into Marshall's arms in a fiery kiss.
Amazing how much frustration can build up in such a short time when the lovers are hot for each other!

Marshall picked her up and carried her into his room.
Now he found out that she'd remembered not to wear panties, and he grinned hugely as an exploratory finger found her naked pussy.
"Ah Baby, you know how to please a man!" he said as he intensified the passion of his kiss.
In seconds they stripped their clothes and threw their naked bodies at each other.
How she'd missed him! His kissing, his easy sexuality, his size and strength.
They were too hot for each other to spend time on foreplay and soon he was inching the head of Mario The Monster into Lady Mine.
Now that she was a little used to the size of him she found it easier, and more pleasurable.
He still took his time, making sure that she was ready for each phase of his entry, gently pushing in, holding it, pulling back and inch, holding it, pushing in again, a little deeper.
She played with his nipples, stroked his balls.

"I missed you," she whispered, her breath already ragged.

"I missed you too, Baby. I couldn't get you out of my mind."

She wanted to ask him if he'd made love to his wife, but knew that would be a mistake. Melody?
Also, no. Her wandering mind was soon brought back to the action by a rapid build-up of sensations coursing through her body.
Marshall said he'd missed her and his actions were proving it.
His huge weight was pushing her deep into the mattress and he was concentrating on his pile-driving activities, not sparing her his fantastic strength.
She was like a little doll, her strength completely overwhelmed by his.
But she was all too happy to give herself over to him and let her body go with the flow.
The feelings rose to a crescendo and she almost fainted as a series of rolling orgasms seized control of her body. She hoped that her wail was loud enough for Melody to hear.

Let the bitch know who was first in line.

Marshall rolled over, putting her on top. He was still deep inside, still hard.
She kissed him deeply. God! What a man! "Do you know what's a real turn-on?" He asked.

"Don't tell me we're going to do it in public again? You know, that's how I got caught.
Jason had flown down to Miami to see what was going on, and he saw us in the water, and saw what we were doing. I had no defense! He had me."

"Well, just as well he loves his business - and his top salesperson - to do anything about it."

"Yeah, that was a surprise. So, what's on the turn-on menu this time?"

"Ever made love to a woman?"

"A woman?" She was outraged. "Absolutely not!"

"You've never done a three-some?"

"A three-some? Good God no! What a disgusting thought!"

"Hey! Don't knock it if you haven't tried it."

"A three-some? I would never even think of it."

"OK. Suit yourself, Baby. Right now I have to satisfy another woman. If you want to join us, fine. If not, suit yourself."

She was stunned. He was going to see another woman? Now? How could he?
"Wait!" she said as he started withdrawing.
"What are you talking about? I thought we were going to be together! Just the two of us!"

"Well, we are together, Baby, but I have this problem. Melody is a spy for my wife, and if I don't keep her happy......" he made a throat-cutting motion.

"Melody! Oh no! Why her?"

"Why? What's wrong with Melody?"

"She doesn't like me."

"That's not surprising, seeing as how you're cutting into her Mario time."

Jessica looked at him with new eyes. This was a Marshall she didn't know. She was confused. "But, I thought..."

"I know, Baby, but what can I do? If I don't satisfy her she'll tell my wife and I'll be busted."

"I was busted! That didn't seem to bother you."

He gave her a disgusted look, completed his withdrawal and climbed out of the bed.
"I told you from the start that I don't want no fooling with my marriage. My wife is the mother of my children, and I will protect her."

"Even if you have to screw Melody McKnight." It wasn't really a question, more like an acceptance statement.

"Right." He went into the bathroom and she heard him washing himself and cleaning his teeth.
She couldn't bear to part with him now. Then another thought hit her.
What better way to show up Melody McKnight than to visit her with Marshall.
He was going there no matter what she did or said, so she might as well get some points out of it.

"All right," she told him when he came out of the bathroom, "I'm coming with you."

He beamed mightily. "That's my girl!" He hugged her, patted her bottom and started toward the door.

"Aren't you - we - going to put on some clothes? A robe?"

He shook his head. "No need. Melody will be naked by now."

The room was dark, but Marshall knew his way and Jessica followed him to the bed.
Suddenly the bedside light flicked on and Melody's angry face was glaring at her.
"Don't tell me you brought that bitch with you," Melody said, her voice full of venom.
Melody was naked, as Marshall had predicted, but the face drew Jessica's attention.

"It's OK, Doll. She's scared to stay by herself in a strange place, so I told her she could come.
Besides, she's never been introduced to the joys of feminine love, and where could she find a better teacher?"

"I ain't touching that pasty-assed bitch!" She was clearly indignant.

"Nobody wants you to touch me," Jessica responded. "I'm not here for you, I'm here for him."

"Good! You can have what's left after I get done with him."

"Oh Baby," Marshall said, "I love it when you talk tough."

"Well come on down and show me just how much you love it."
She lay back on the bed, her arms outstretched and her legs spread.
Jessica noticed that the skin that was covered by a bikini was much paler than the rest of her.
She's almost white, she told herself, then scolded herself for a having a racial thought.

Marshall lay down on top of her and began kissing her lips.
He motioned for Jessica to lie next to him, which she did.
He got up on his knees and traced his tongue down Melody's throat and on to her breast, taking a hard nipple into his mouth and sucking with noisy relish. He looked at Jessica with big eyes.
"You should try this, Baby. It's delicious!"
He continued tracing his tongue downward.
"Come look at this, Baby. I bet you've never really looked at another woman's pussy, right?"
He parted Melody's lips with thumb and finger.
"See how pink it is inside? Looks like a fresh mushroom, right?"
He put his nose up close to it.
"Smells much better though. If you want to identify one smell as the smell of sex, this is the one. Come on, come down here with me and take a sniff; see what I'm talking about."

"I'm not a show horse!" Melody protested.

Marshall ignored her, dipped a finger into her opening. Melody's hips rose up to meet him.
"See how wonderful it is. Touch it like this, and there's the response."
He pushed his finger a little deeper, then withdrew it and held it up for Jessica.
"Smell that. Tell me that's not what sex is all about."

Jessica could smell it from a foot away. "Smells like cunt to me," she said.

"Hey!" Melody shouted at her. "You calling me a cunt?"

"Easy, girl, easy!" Marshall tried soothing her, but she was having none of it.
She sat up against Marshall's effort and grabbed Jessica by the hair.

"You calling me a cunt, Bitch?" She pulled Jessica's face down to hers so they were an inch apart.

Jessica found herself not at all intimidated.
"If the shoe fits, wear it!" She wished she could have thought of something more original.

Marshall intervened by placing his face against both of theirs. The left side of his lips was touching Melody's lips, and the right side Jessica's.
He held both their heads and kissed them both at the same time.
His tongue moved from mouth to mouth and Jessica found herself aflame.
She tried to take over the kiss, pushing Melody's face aside. Melody responded by pushing her away, and a sort of wrestling match ensued.
Marshall laughed and pulled Jessica's body down so that the three of them formed a triangle with each girl lying half on him and their shoulders and hips touching each other.
He pulled their heads to his again and kissed them both.
Jessica felt his tongue on her lips, and then Melody's tongue too.
It was like a lightning bolt hitting her pussy.
Her hips ground down involuntarily.
She felt Marshall's finger feeling her pussy, parting her lips, rubbing her clitoris.
She groaned. Marshall pulled his head back a little and she found herself kissing Melody full on.
Melody's eyes were on her, still hostile, but challenging.
She made no effort to withdraw her face from Jessica's, daring her to continue.

Marshall's finger was still working on her and her thirst for sensation was much stronger than her logical sense.
All right! She thought.
The bitch wants to see kissing, I'll show her!
She clamped her lips down harder on Melody's and ran her tongue into her mouth.
Melody grunted and thrust her hips.
Jessica felt a hand on her breast and knew it was Melody's because Marshall had one hand busy with her pussy and, she realized, the other one was busy with Melody's.

"I want you to suck my tits, you miserable little whore," Jessica told her, moving her body up so that her breasts were now level with Melody's face.

Melody took one of her nipples into her mouth, sucked it gently for a second and then bit it.

"Ow!" She shouted, pulling her nipple out of Melody's mouth and hurting it worse.
She dropped down melody's body quickly and grabbed one of her breasts between her teeth and chomped down hard.

Melody screeched in agony.
"All right, Marshall," she said, "That's it! Let me fuck this bitch! Get out of my way!"
She got hold of Jessica and threw her down on the mattress and climbed on top of her.
"I'm going to fuck you, now, Bitch! You say you never had a woman?
Now you gonna get one!"
Her body was all over Jessica's, moving and sliding over her breasts, her leg pushing Jessica's legs apart and forcing it up to rub against her mound.
Jessica fought back, and it was the weirdest thing she could ever have imagined.
They were fighting like cats, genuinely hating each other, yet working each other into a sexual frenzy.
The push and pull of love and hate was in full play, and the hurts they caused each other were more than compensated for with unimagined sensations.

Marshall loved the whole thing. He egged them on, caressing them, putting his fingers in unoccupied spaces.
Jessica felt Melody's fingers driving into her pussy - not one, but all four.
Her thumb was pressed against her clitoris and she was biting Jessica's neck.
Jessica was gasping for air, making noises like a person choking.
Melody was on top of her, and Marshall lay down on top of Melody and entered her from behind.
It was her turn to gasp and grunt, and Jessica managed to get out from under her.
She lay down on top of Marshall and got her hands under Melody's chest and found her nipples and squeezed them as hard as she could.
Melody's breath caught in her throat, then she began whimpering, but from the approach of her orgasm, not from pain.
The whole thing was a wonderful experience for Jessica, feeling Marshall's hard body under her, with all his powerful in-and-outs, and also feeling Melody's body thrusting back against him - and her.
Then her orgasm exploded and the bed went haywire.
Jessica found herself on the bottom of the pile, under Melody, and Marshall on top of her.
Marshall's knob reached down to her pussy and entered her.
Melody kissed her viciously with grasping lips and nibbling teeth and returned the favor of squeezing her nipples.
She came in moments, and in buckets.

Marshall kept riding her until she felt him building up for his orgasm.
At the last moment Melody grabbed his penis and pulled it out of her.
She pushed Marshall onto his back and took his bulbous glans into her mouth, making appreciative noises as Marshall came in her mouth.
Jessica lay watching the performance, her curiosity getting the better of her feeling cheated.
She could see the great tube on the underside of his penis pulsing and throbbing in orgasm, saw his balls bobbing up and down, and saw Melody trying to handle the volume of cum spurting into her mouth.

When he was done, Melody looked triumphantly at Jessica. "Bet you don't love him enough to do that," she said.

"Think so?" Jessica answered. "Why wouldn't I?"

"Have you done it yet? Have you tasted his cum? I don't think so."

She still had strings of cum hanging off her lips.
Jessica closed her lips over Melody's, sucking the cum off of them.

"No need to fight over it, ladies," Marshall chuckled. "There's plenty more where that came from."

But the girls ignored him, caught up as they were in the extreme pleasure of their kiss of hate.

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