Friday, May 04, 2007

My Neighbor

By DICK THROB (Sept 99)

The feeling of her long Blond hair draped across my thighs was one of pure delight.
Her soft wet lips enclosed my cock head in warm splendor as her head moved up and down my thickened shaft.
The warm glowing feeling of a great orgasm was building in my balls as the hot load churned and boiled deep within.
My toes curled and my legs straightened when my balls erupted with the pent up supply of hot steamy cum.
I felt it blast from my cock as it pulsed and pumped out.
Suddenly I was wide awake as the hot sticky fluid splattered on my stomach.
Damn, I had another wet dream.

Oh man now I've got to clean up again. Shit, this the third night this week I've had a wet dream about my neighbor.
She is so beautiful with her long hair and perfect body.
I get so horny when I think about her. I wonder if this is going to happen all my life.
Hell I'm only 18 years old. Good looking and athletic, but I've never really seen a pussy, only the pictures the guys at school pass around.
I've heard their stories of how good a pussy smells and tastes. So many guys say the same thing, so it must be true. Here I am graduating next week and I've never even seen a real pussy.
Well I better get cleaned up before my Mom comes to wake for school.
In the shower I thought about our neighbor Patty again but resisted the urge to jerk off. I already blew one load all over myself, I don't want to ware it out.

School that day was the same old thing.
All the girls saying Hi and how's everything, if only I could tell them the truth.
God sometimes I walk around with half a hardon all day thinking about these girls. It's really embarrassing to get a hardon in class then have the teacher call on me to answer a question.
I don't think I'm a pervert or anything, it's just these feelings I have.
Sometimes they're just so strong. I hope something happened soon or I'll go nuts.

Once the school day was over I'm back in my room doing homework.
At least I'm getting all A's and that makes the family happy.
I think the concentration on school work is the only thing that keeps me from going insane.

The next day I woke up with yet another very hard cock, at least I didn't have a wet dream again.
Today is Saturday, so it's lawn cutting and yard work. That should keep my mind occupied for the whole day.
After breakfast I got the lawn mower all gassed up and began cutting the front yard, that took almost a full hour.

Just as I was finishing up Patty got home from the grocery store.
When she got out of the car I noticed she had a lot of bags, so I turned of the mower and walked over asking her if she wanted help.
'Hi Bill, sure I could use some help. Thanks'
She had on a white blouse and shorts.
Her tanned body shown through like a goddess. her beautiful Blond hair was down past her shoulders, while her large breasts bounced inside her blouse.
I was knocked out of my trance when she handed me a bag full of groceries.
I grabbed a couple of bags and carried them into the house.

It only took a couple of trips and all the groceries were in the kitchen.
Patty said, 'Thanks for the help Bill. Help yourself to some lemonade it's in the refrigerator. I'll be right back, I want to change clothes'
Patty walked out and I got something to drink. Just being in the same house with her made my cock stir a little.
I was almost finished with my lemonade when Patty came back into the kitchen.
Oh God. She had on a halter top and very short shorts.
Her breasts filled the top and then some. With the air-conditioning running, her nipples stood out like two large diamonds.
'How's the lemonade, any good?'
I almost choked in my attempt to answer her.
'Yea it's fine, thanks'
'Well I think it's going to be another hot one today. I know your working at home but when your through, you know your welcome to take a dip in the pool'
'Ahh yea that would be nice, thanks.'
Patty then started putting the groceries away.
Each time she bent over to reach into a bag her ass cheeks exposed themselves beneath her shorts.
Oh God this is worse then in school. That was only my imagination but here, I was seeing real skin.
My cock suddenly grew in my shorts pushing for escape.
Oh Lord make me think of something else.

About that time Patty turned around and said, 'Bill would you please put these on that top shelf ?'
Without so much as a thought I jumped up and walked towards her.
My cock was now bulging like a 5 pound sausage.
When I stood up I felt the tremendous pressure against my shorts.
Patty glanced down. I knew she could see my hardon through the shorts, but what could I do now?
She only smiled and handed me the boxes.
I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to do, I just grabbed the boxes and turned away to place them in the cupboard.
I fooled around moving things long enough for some of the pressure to ease up a little.
Turning slowly I said, 'Well, I'd better get back to work. I want to finish the lawn before Mom and Dad get home'
'OK, thanks a lot for the help Bill. Like I said, feel free to use the pool anytime you like'
'Yea thanks Patty, I think I will later today, bye now'
I turned away and walked out the door feeling like a real nut.
As I walked back to out house I felt my cock slowly shrink back to normal.
Jesus I hope she doesn't think I'm some kind of pervert getting a hardon like that.
I finished the lawn in record time. Everything was cleaned up and put away by the time my parents got home.
'Bill you did a real nice job on the lawn'
'Thanks Dad'
'I was talking to Patty just now and she told me you have an invite to use her pool. Why don't you go over for a while and I'll get things ready for a cook out.'
'Yea, I might do that, it's pretty hot right now'

I went to my room and took a shower.
Man I had to cool off in more ways then one.
Thinking of Patty standing in front of me with her large firm breasts made me hard again.
This time I had to get some relief so I jerked off in the shower.
God it sure felt good to get that out of my system.
Now maybe I can walk around without thinking of Patty's body all the time.
I grabbed my towel and sandals and walked over to Patty's house.
She wasn't outside so I punched in the code on the locked gate and let myself in and sat down on one of the chaise lounges. I put some oil on my arms, legs and chest.
I was having trouble getting some on my back when Patty came out of the house.
'Well I see you took me up on the invitation'
I turned to see her walking towards me.

Now she had on a two piece bathing suit.
She looked like a angle walking toward me.
He hair flowed around her shoulders and her breasts bounced in the suit top.
Oh man she had a figure that would make a dead man get a rise.
The Yellow suit contrasted with her dark tan making her look like a golden Goddess as she moved.
'Yea you were right Patty. It is hot and a cool dip will make me feel better'
As she walked up to me she held out her hands.
'Let me help you with that lotion. After all you carried my groceries for me today'
'Oh no...........I don't need your help. Please don't touch me. '

Patty took the lotion and squirted some in her hand.
'Roll over I'll do your back'
She rubbed her hands together and placed them on my shoulders, slowly she spread the oil on my back.
Her gentle touch burned my skin as her fingers left a trail of oil and pleasure down to my waist.
I was trying to think of anything except the raging expansion in my bathing suit.
'Tell me Bill, do you have a steady girl friend?'
'No, I go out a few times but no steady'
'I would think you'd have a string of girls following you'
This conversation didn't help the large bulge in my suit.
'I see you've been using the weight set your Dad bought. Your muscles have really developed. Bill relax, your so tense. It's just suntan oil'
I tried to relax and think of anything else.
School, math, science, history.
Oh God it's not working. My cock just grew and grew in spite of my concentration.
This low cut bathing suit was the style for my age, but I sure wish I hadn't worn it. My cock was actually exposed.
It was fully hard now and about 3'of it was outside the waist band, hot and burning against my stomach. The touch of Patty's hands sent electricity through my body.
'What are your plans after graduation next week?''Ohhh......'
'Pardon me, what did you say?'
'Oh, I was saying I'm not sure. I'll go to collage in the Fall, but just hang around here the summer'
'I'll bet your excited about any graduation gifts you might get'

All the while Patty talked she continued to spread oil on my back and legs.
Her hands rubbed the back of my legs and went between my thighs.
Every so often her fingers would brush against my balls. 'You know the back of a persons legs get burned easily, it's tender and sensitive there'
Her other hand rubbed my feet and toes. Oh shit I can't take much more of this.

Patty rubbed me and massaged my legs for a few more minutes and suddenly said, 'OK, now you do my back'
She spun around and sat on the edge of the chaise lounge.
Thank God she had her back to me.
I moved over and found it very difficult and awkward to reach her from the position I was in.
I had to position myself so I was sitting on the edge and Patty was sitting between my legs.
My hard exposed penis was close enough to feel her body heat radiating off her back.
My mind was reeling and dizzy as visions and feelings of my wet dreams floated through my head.
I had watched and dreamed about Patty for the last 6 years, but never thinking I would be this close to her, and actually touching her.

I began rubbing oil on her back. Ohhhh... she felt so good!!!
Her skin felt like silk under my touch.
My heart was pounding as my fingers traced along her back.
Very soon I discovered her strap was interfering with the application of oil.
She noticed too as she said, 'Wait, I'll take this off'
Before I knew it she unhooked the top and let the straps fall to the side. Now her whole back was exposed to me.
God she is so beautiful. Then I noticed there was no tan line on her back.
This told me something about her sunbathing habits.

'Just use a little Bill, I already have a good tan'
'OK I won't use too much'
'Your hands are very sensitive, firm and strong yet soft. I'll bet you could give a very good massage. MMmmmm..... that feels so good Bill'.
Hearing her voice like that made my cock jump in my suit.
'You can go lower, cover all of my back'
With that said, Patty leaned forward allowing me to reach her lower back.

As I rubbed her back some more she moan slightly.
I thought it was because the oil felt good.
Soon after I started she let her top drop to the ground.
She continued to moan and move around on the lounge.
Thank goodness for the high hedges around her yard and the locked gate. No one could see or walk in.

Patty started to push back against my hands as they floated over her back.
Each time I pushed up to her shoulders, she pushed back.
Her long Blond hair had fallen to the sides of her face and looked like strands of gold flowing from her head. She kept on moaning and moving as I rubbed her.
I was getting harder and harder as the rhythm of this movement continued. My cock was pulsating with each beat of my heart, and right now I didn't care.

Suddenly Patty pushed against me so hard that my exposed cock was forced against her back. 'Ohhh Bill,,, that feels sooo good'She moved her body back and forth moaning and groaning.
I heard her moan, 'MMMmmmm.............Aaaaaahhhhh'
Patty then stopped and was still for several minutes while my hands were resting on her back.
All of a sudden Patty stood up and faced me.
My cock was sticking out of my suit and the end was covered with precum.
How embarrassing.
Smiling brightly, Patty reached for my hand and said, 'Come with me Bill. I have a graduation present for you'
I was in a daze and mesmerized by the sight of her breasts standing before me.
I was almost comatose as I felt her hand touch mine and pull me up from the lounge.
I followed her like a lost puppy dog as she lead me to the changing room next to the pool. I'd been in this building several times but only to use the bathroom.
I never paid much attention to the furnishings.
As we entered it was like I'd never been in there before.
For the first time I noticed the carpet on the floor, the couch against one wall, the tables and lamps.

Patty stopped in the middle of the room and turned to face me.
She began kissing my cheek and lips. Her wet tongue entered my mouth with the fury of wanting and need. I kissed her back as hard as I could.
She took one of my hands and placed it against her breast, holding it there and squeezing my hand. I started to squeeze it on my own and she released my hand. Her breast felt so warm and soft.
I didn't know a breast could feel so good. Patty continued kissing me and moaning out loud, moving her head around while her tongue dug into my mouth.
We kissed for a long time. Releasing me, she slowly pushed me back until I was standing at the edge of the couch. Patty backed away a few feet and looked at me smiling.
'Now Bill I'll give you a graduation present you won't ever forget'
With that she reached over and pulled my suit down to my knees.
My hardon popped out like a coil of spring steel.
'Oh Bill, that's beautiful, sit down on the couch.'
Still in a daze, I obeyed her every word.
As I sat down on the couch, Patty pulled my suit completely off and through it on the floor.
She stood in front of me and slowly removed hers.

The sight in front of me was more then I could ever dream about.
Her golden body was like a supernatural being. My eyes drifted to the patch of hair between her legs. It was as golden as the hair on her head, curly golden strands of silk. Her dark tan made the hair almost invisible. I couldn't believe my eyes as her beauty encompassed my mind.
Patty then lowered herself onto the carpeted floor and kissed the head of my penis.
She pulled her head back and the precum dripped off the end of her tongue.
Without a word she opened her mouth and closed it around my cock head.
Her tongue started a dance on the head as she stroked the glands. Her hands went to my balls and gently rubbed them.
I was in heaven. All my dreams have come true in a moments time.
I was in a dream state and wanted to close my eyes, but this was real and I had to watch her.
Patty moved her head down onto my cock as more of it disappeared into her hot wet mouth.
She held my balls and pumped her head as I felt the tingling start in my feet and toes.
Oh God this was so good. Soon she began moving her head faster sucking hard as she took more of my hard meat deep in her mouth.
Her moaning and groaning brought a deep moan from me as I felt my cock harden even more.
It got thicker and harder while my head began to spin with pleasure and joy.
My balls felt like they were going to explode when all of a sudden I came with a great blast of cum.

I kept shooting and squirting as my cock pulsed and throbbed.
Patty opened her mouth to take as much of my cock as she could and when I blasted into her mouth, she swallowed all of my cum.
Her head bobbed up and down as my cum filled her mouth and she kept on swallowing.

After what seemed like several minutes I stopped cumming and squirming.
Patty released my flaccid cock and smiled at me. 'That was wonderful Bill, I knew you'd have a big load.
That was your first wasn't it?'
All I could do was nod my head and groan in response. I couldn't even talk yet.
My voice was gone, she'd sucked it right out of me.
'Well, that's part one of your graduation gift'
With that, Patty got up and stepped onto the couch.
She leaned against the wall and pushed her pussy into my face.
The hair around her pussy was wet and smelled of roses.
I wasn't sure what to do but I'd heard the other guys talking, so I touched her pussy with my tongue.
When I tasted her juice I thought I was in heaven again. It was soooo goood.

I licked the edges and all around the top.
Patty moaned out loud and pushed harder into my face. She told me to lick the top and fine the hard button.
I reached up and spread the lips and licked some more.
I closed my mouth around the opening and sucked her juice.
I felt her warm fluid running into my mouth while I searched for the button.
When I found it she screamed and yelled.
'Ohhh........ BILL...... THAT's IT....... THAT's IT KEEP IT UP KEEP LICKING'
I licked and sucked for all I was worth.
She ground her pussy into my face and pumped her hips.
She started a rhythm that felt wonderful.
All of a sudden she grabbed my head and pushed it deeper into her pussy and screamed very loud.
I felt a hot sweet gush of fluid fill my mouth.
It must be just like me cumming. I tried to swallowed it all. It was so good, hot and sweet.
The taste was strange, yet mysterious and awesome, I drank and drank the sweet juice.
After what seemed like several minutes Patty let go of my head and sank down to the couch.
'Oh Bill, that was wonderful.
You did a great job'

I didn't know it until Patty grabbed my cock, but it was as hard as a brick.
She lowered herself so I could suck her breasts and she stroked my hardon a little.
While my mouth was full of her breast, she lowered her pussy down onto my cock. It slid right in all the way to the base.
Jesus that felt good. Her pussy was so hot it almost burned me.
I never dreamed a pussy would feel like this. Patty began a slow up and down, side to side movement. I squeezed her back so I could keep her breast in my mouth while she pumped and ground my cock deep inside her warm wet pussy.

This pumping, grinding, sucking and fucking continued for some time.
Soon Patty began to moan again. She started low and soft and increased her tempo on my cock. Now she was slamming hard onto it.
Each down stroke shoved my cock deep into her causing a squishing sound as we slammed together. She screamed and yelled as she slammed down one last time, holding my cock tightly locked deep inside while her hot juices exploded all over my legs.
The sound of her voice and hot juice all over me was all I could take. I held her tight and squeezed her as my balls exploded. I felt my cock gush with a hot fresh load of cum. It pumped and pumped all on it's own, filling her pussy deep inside.
My head was spinning in a cloud of wondrous pleasure as my body emptied itself of all my dreams and fantasies.
Soon my cock stopped pumping out cum and my breathing returned to normal.
My head started to clear up with the thought of what had just happened.
I felt Patty's hot juice and my own cum dripping onto my legs. She looked at me and said, 'Happy Graduation Bill.
I hope you liked your gift''Oh Patty that was the most wonderful thing that ever to me, it was pure heaven.ä Patty lifted herself off my softening cock. It squished as it fell out onto my leg. 'Bill that was the best ever.
I know it was your first time, a woman can tell those things, but you were marvelous' She then kissed me deep and hard for a long time.
'We'd better get cleaned up now.
You still have to take a swim before dinner'
Patty and I took a shower in the changing room. I washed her and explored every inch of her marvelous body. God how could I be so lucky? Patty washed me too making me cum one more time in the shower.
We got cleaned up and jumped in the pool and splashed around for some time.
We talked about school and my plans for the summer.
She asked me if I'd consider doing some work around her house, of course I said yes.
After a while I got my things and went home.
I showered again, thinking of Patty's hands on my body.
When I was dressed I went outside where my Dad was cooking dinner.
He looked at me and said, 'We have company for dinner tonight.
I've invited Patty over'About that time she walked around the corner. She had a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.
'Hi Bill, your looking very handsome tonight'
' Thanks Patty, you look nice too.'
'Bill, Patty told me that you're going to do some work for her this summer, that's great. I know you'll do a good job'
Patty looked at my Dad and smiled saying, 'I'm sure he will, he gave a taste of his talents this afternoon'
My Mother came out and said, 'OK, everything's ready, sit down and enjoy'

We all sat down and had a good old fashion family cook out with my neighbor.


Warrior said...

I love a lot of your stories. I come back from time to time. I wonder about you yourself. Do you read them later? Do you write them? Do you get off on them? Could you present us with a story of you?

Camilla said...

warrior: all of these stories are written by others. I have written some stories but they are on another site. The site is 99% non-erotic, so I don't really advertise it here.