Friday, May 18, 2007

Business (Part 4)

by Mally Stewart, and written for Camilla

Jason Sturgess sat in his office twisting a lock of hair above his right ear as was his wont when worried.
He felt that something was going on between his wife, Jessica, and the man with her on the business trip, Marshall Williams.
He couldn't state any specific thing that made him feel more worried than he'd been the day before, but one didn't rise to great success in the business world without an acute awareness that extended far beyond the regular 5 senses.
Call it ESP if you like, but nobody goes from a poor childhood to major business success without it.
Factually, he'd seen the chemistry between them before they'd gone off to Florida to look at those strip malls he was so desperate to sell, but married people, responsible married people, were supposed to be able to handle chemistry and maintain their fidelity.
He thought of an affair or two that he had indulged in and amended his thought.
Well, married women, anyway.

The level of alarm he was feeling rose when Williams' office called because they couldn't find him in his hotel room.
Then, when he'd called Jessica, he'd gotten the distinct impression that she had changed in some imperceptible way.
He couldn't put a finger on it.
She'd seemed in an awful hurry to hang up, but then, perhaps she really did have to pee badly, as she'd said.
She had called him back within a few minutes, and again he'd sensed that something was different about her.
Had she been a little breathless?
Perhaps, but that could be explained if she'd hurried to get back to him.
But there were inconsistencies in the speed of her responses.
When in normal conversation, Jessica was very fast to respond.
She knew her mind and was not prone to hesitancy. Except during that phone call!

He had an expectation that, now that the business part of the trip was over, she would come home right away.
Yet, when he'd asked her about it, she'd been vague, saying that she'd have to ask Marshall.
With that, she'd told him that she better go and find Marshall and, again, had seemed in a hurry to hang up.

Then came the next phone call, about an hour later.
Jessica explained that Marshall's office had discovered a discrepancy in the figures of the Coral Gables mall and they'd have to stay in Miami over the weekend and check out the problem on Monday.
Marshall, she said, also wanted to do a personal body count at the mall - that is, count the number of people going to the mall.
Now Jason had alarm bells going off in his head!

Without telling Jessica, he decided to fly down to Miami himself and see what was really going on, if anything.
He called for a limousine ride to the airport, knowing that Delta had so many flights to Miami that there'd be no problem.
The flight from Atlanta to Miami was short, and he found himself there by 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
He checked into the hotel that she was staying at.
He called her room. No answer.
He called Marshall's room. No answer.
Saturday afternoon.
Where would they be? He chanced blowing his cover and asked the Concierge if he'd seen Mr. Williams.
The man nodded and pointed to the beach across the street. Jason thanked him and walked out, crossed Collins and leaned against a railing on the other side.
Scanning the bodies on the beach, he couldn't see them.
He started looking further down the beach when something in the water caught his eye.
It was Williams! There was no mistaking that giant body!
And he had a blonde in his arms, and they were bobbing up and down in the waves, obviously having a lot of fun.
The woman had her back to him, but he knew it was Jessica.
Who else had that elegant line of neck and shoulders, that straight, supple back?
His heart dropped to his stomach.
His suspicions were true!
A lull in the wave action exposed their bodies below the waist and he was shocked to see that Jessica had her legs wrapped around Williams.
Things were far, far worse than he'd suspected!

His immediate response was an urge to run out into the water and rip her away from him.
Being who, and what, he was, he managed to clamp a tight lid on his erupting emotions.
He sank down on the ground, whelmed by what he'd seen.
Jessica! How could she do this to him?
She'd said she loved him.
Only him!
How could she be out there in the ocean with that strange black man making a public spectacle of herself?
His head felt like it would explode!
A cynical inner voice asked, 'Is that what it is? Because he's black?'

'No!' Jason argued with himself.
'That's got nothing to do with it! Jessica with another man - any other man - that's what it's all about!'

Denial reared its head and he poked his head up for another look.
They were there, walking out of the waves, holding hands!
She was laughing and dancing around him, exhibiting a great deal of intimacy.
And where had she gotten that suit!
It was the skimpiest bikini he'd ever seen, serving to conceal nothing of Jessica's charms.
Williams wore a great happy smile, and Jason developed an instant hatred for the man.
Didn't he have his own wife?
Didn't he have enough groupies from his basketball days?
Why did he have to take Jessica? Bastard!

Plans whirred around in his mind and were instantly discarded.
Go back to the hotel and meet them later, pretending that he knew nothing?
Could he pull that off? Not likely! Confront them?
That was his favorite option, but he discarded it.
Trained to think in terms of the deal, he knew that he would wait until the deal was finalized, the papers signed and the money in the bank.
Then he'd make his move! Bucked up by the thought of taking Williams' money and then getting his revenge, he decided to go home. Clearly, Jessica had already betrayed him, so he was too late to do anything about that.
And then, he remembered with relish, there was that red-headed girl in the data-entry pool.
Yes, he would find some overtime for her!

Jessica had no idea that her husband had seen her with Marshall.
In fact, she was so absorbed with Marshall that she hadn't noticed anyone else at all.
The man was a sex machine!
He brought her sensations she'd never imagined, and in fact had awakened a whole new person in her. This new Jessica felt open and free, willing and able to experience pleasure without remorse.
Earlier that day, when he'd suggested that he make love to her while she talked to her husband on the phone, she'd been outraged at first, but that had been the old Jessica.
The new Jessica began taking over while she sat on the toilet.
She had to admit that the thought of making love to Marshall while talking to Jason was highly stimulating.
She felt confident that Marshall would be quiet because if he gave her away, he'd be giving himself away too.

Marshall took the opportunity to join her in the bathroom and relieved himself without shyness in front of her.
They took a quick shower, and he carried her back to the bed.
"Call him, Baby! Call him now!" he urged her as he set her down on the bed.
Seeing her hesitation he held her face and kissed her.
His tongue in her mouth was delicious, and she found herself weakening to him again.

"Promise me you'll be quiet," she said. His excitement grew in acknowledgment that she was going to do it.

He suckled her nipples as she dialed the number, then turned her on her side with her back to him as she began talking to her husband.
He put his head next to hers so he could hear the conversation and, with gentle fingers, began caressing her bottom and running them into the warm area between her legs.
She was very wet already, so he began entering her.
She made a brave effort to continue the conversation with her husband, and he rewarded her by sliding deeper inside her.
She lay back against him, almost in a stupor.
He could hear Jason talking about some deal he was working on, and he pulled her face to him and kissed her deeply, their lips a mere inch from the mouthpiece.
When Jason paused, expecting a response, he released her lips so that she could utter an "oh yeah?" or "that's good."
Her eyes were growing more desperate the longer Jason spoke.
Her control was on a thin wire, and she could easily fall at any moment!
He could see the muscles in her neck tensing as she fought to control her breathing.
Her body was heating up as the need to react to him was suppressed.
Finally Jason gave her a way out by asking when she'd be home, and she told him she had to go find Marshall to find out.
Without waiting for his answer she told him so long and slammed the phone down.
She was hot!
She turned to face Marshall and quickly sucked Mario back up inside her, and then let her body go crazy.
It was amazing.
She'd been so scared of the size of him, and had thought that she would be really sore after making love to him last night, but no.
After she'd humped herself to a shattering orgasm, she mentioned the thought to him.

"A cunt is a wonderful thing," he told her matter of factly.
"Of all the human organs, male or female, it is the most resilient and the most able to take a beating and keep coming and coming and coming."

They laughed together.
She realized that she had never enjoyed anybody as much as she was enjoying Marshall Williams. He was calm and reassuring, witty and entertaining, really big and strong, and a magnificcent lover.
She understood that he was right when he'd told her that her ass would be his. It was.

"I suppose I'll have to go home sometime," she said.
"He thinks I'm coming home today."

Marshall nodded. "Yeah, I heard. Are you ready to go home?"

"You mean, have I had enough of you?"

He shrugged. "Yeah, if you like."

She eyed him speculatively. Had he had enough of her? "I guess I'd better go. I wouldn't want him to miss me too badly."

"What do you mean?"

"He's not unattractive, you know, and there are some pretty girls in the office....."

"Who'd eat spam when they could have caviar?" he asked.

"A hungry man who can't get his hands on his caviar, that's who!"
If he was getting tired of her, he now had the perfect opening to end this affair.

"Let me call my office," he said.
He went through the connecting doors into his own room, and she heard him talking. He came back after a while, a frown on his face.
"I'm afraid there's a problem," he said. She felt her heart drop. "What?" With her? With the deal?

My staff have found a discrepancy in the numbers reported by this mall here in Coral Gables.
The reported gross income is in doubt. I'm afraid that we'll have to stay and sort it out."

"But it's Saturday! We won't be able to do anything until Mon......" she realized what he'd done.
She slapped him playfully. "You set me up, you sneaky bum!"

He grabbed her slapping hand and pulled her to him.
"I'll never get enough of you! Never! You're the greatest, Baby!"

"In what way?" She was fishing, but playfully.

"Oh wow! The way you look, the way you walk, the way you make me feel when we're close, the way you........"

"Fuck?" She put in for him.

"Yeah! That's what it is. The way you fuck!" Unbelievably, they were on fire again. A bit later, when they'd slaked their passion, and he still deep inside her, he said, "I know another major turn-on that I bet you've never tried."

"What's that?"

"Fucking in public."

"Fucking in public? Are you crazy? What do you think I am?"

"Yes, I am crazy, and I think you're the hottest, sweetest, best cunt I've ever fucked."

She slapped him, quite hard. "You think I'm a cunt?"

"In the nicest way! Honestly! You know by now that I LOVE cunt.
I live for cunt.
It is what motivates me, what inspires me. I go to sleep at night thinking about cunt.
I wake up in the morning with cunt on my mind. Believe me, when I say you're a major cunt, that's a compliment, Baby."

She slapped him again, not as hard. "You've been reading Lady Chatterley's Lover, haven't you?"

"No, I swear! I just love cunt. I especially love your cunt. It seems to be made for my Mario, a perfect fit."

"How many women have you made love to?"
She didn't want to know, but it was out before she could think about it.

He sighed. "Jealousy is not one of the things I like in a cunt."

Stung by his words and tone, she rose up off him. "With this cunt, Mister, you get it all. If that's not good enough for you, too bad!"

He was instantly conciliatory. "Slow down, Mama! Whoah! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you."

At this small victory she felt a rush of relief. Unexamined, she'd become so subordinated to him and his sexual prowess, and their relationship thus so unbalanced, that it was good to feel that she had some power over him, too.
"I'm hungry," she said. "Let's go get some breakfast!"

"OK, but first, call your husband and tell him you'll be staying over a few more days."

"With you inside me?"

He grinned. "No, not this time. This is business."

After a late breakfast they strolled along Collins Avenue, taking in the sights and sounds of South Beach.
The colors made her feel more alive. The mobs of excited people, people of all shades and sizes and varieties, energized her.
The art deco buildings created an aura of a fantasy world, liberating her.
They came to a shop selling swimwear and Marshall led her inside.

"What are we doing here?" she asked.

He picked out a bikini, held it up, eyeing her, measuring her in his mind. He shook his head, put it back, picked out another one.
Eventually he found one he liked and asked her if she'd like to try it on. The bottoms were just a triangle of cloth and strings. Her butt cheeks would be completely uncovered!
The tops were even smaller triangles and strings! "I'm not wearing that!" she said.
"Eve had more clothing in the Garden of Eden!"

He leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Public sex, Baby. Remember?"

She looked at him in horror. "Here? In this shop?"

He considered that for a moment, shook his head. "No. On the beach! In the water!"

"Well then, we'll need one for you, too," she said, picking through the men's suits.
She didn't really believe him, but proceeded as though to call his bluff.
She found a black Speedo, large, that looked like it might fit.
At least, it was made of some kind of stretchy spandex-like material.
He picked out some sun-tanning oil. "I'm going to rub this all over you," he told her.
The saleslady heard and grinned at them. They paid for their purchases and, smiling conspiratorially at each other, left.

Marshall took her to a Cuban restaurant where they sat and watched the crowds go by and drank black, sweet coffee.
He put his hand on her leg under the table, moved it upward. She squirmed a little, gave him a dirty look.
"Someone might see you!" she hissed.

He grinned. "That's the point, Baby."

His hand reached her apex, stopped. "Did I mention, when you're out with me, no panties?"

"You're too much!" She was slapping him a lot lately, but she couldn't help but smile. The new Jessica was happy, and that was the Jessica she was living now.

After a much-needed siesta she put on her new swim suit.
She giggled happily as she gave him a fashion parade and he started stuffing bills into her bottoms. Marshall was a sight in the trunks.
For all their large size and expandable material they were very, very tight.
Every line and bulge stood out in clear relief.
"God! You'll be mobbed out on the beach in that!"

"Yeah, I know." He grinned. We'll wear these hotel towel-robes. Until we get near the water."

She looked at him.
Was he serious? Was he really planning on making love to her in the water, in sight of hundreds of people? The old Jessica refused to believe it, refused to believe that she could get herself into such a situation. Impossible!

In deference to his celebrity status, he wore a hat low down over his face. He hadn't minded being seen and recognized out on the streets, but on the beach, in those trunks, and doing what he was planning, it was better not to be recognized.

They found a fairly open spot and spread their towels out on the sand. Jessica lay down and Marshall rubbed oil on her body.
He didn't miss any part of her.
She objected when he placed his oily hand inside the puny triangle of cloth that covered her.
"People can see us!" She protested.

"Too bad, Baby! I've got to get Lady Mine oiled up so she'll be ready for me."

She gave him a look. "You're really going to do this, aren't you?"

He nodded. "Absolutely, Baby. Absolutely!"

"Then I'd better oil you up, too."
She pulled his robe over him and started rubbing his huge cock, oiling it, reveling in the feel of it springing to life in her hand.
"Think you can walk around with that thing sticking out like that?" She laughed at him, and ran away, into the water.

Not bothering to hide his aroused state, he jumped up and followed her in, his running stride helping to hide his state.
He caught up with her and grabbed her, and together they fell into the shallow water.
She came up spluttering and cursing.
People around them gaped, and smiled.
He picked her up and carried her deeper into the water, beyond where the vacationers felt comfortable.
They were deep enough so that the rising waves lifted him off the sandy bottom, and he could float.
He went under the water and bit her stomach.
She tried wrestling him, but he was far too strong.
He was going to do whatever he wanted and there was no way she could stop him.
He came up and took a deep breath, then pulled her under with him and they kissed.
There is something about kissing under water that makes it different from kissing in air.
Wet lips slide more easily, and then there's the need to hold your breath for as long as humanly possible.
Whatever the mechanics, the kiss turned her on.
She forced the leg of his trunks aside and pulled Mario out.
She ducked under the water and, for the first time, took him into her mouth.
He expanded rapidly and she had to let go, but she kept a grip on him with her hand.
He kissed her deeply and she felt his hand moving the bikini aside.
She put her legs around him, and helped him to make his entry.

The waves pushed them toward the shore, and he swam on his back with Jessica clinging to him.
Deep enough again, he floated easily, mashing her body to his as they made love.
A young man on a surf-board sailed by, gawking at them. "Way to go, man!" he yelled.

Jessica was so turned on by the audacity of fornicating in public that she came quite quickly.
She kissed Marshall lovingly, thanking him for the experience.
"Come," she said. "Let's go back to the hotel and I'll finish you off."
They started walking out of the water.

"You mean, with what you started just now?" He was referring to her taking him in her mouth.

"You'll just have to wait," she told him, dancing around him, teasing him.
"But if you're a very good boy, I might give it a try."

He hugged her tight, unaware that they were being watched.

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