Monday, May 28, 2007

Business (Part 8)

Written by Mally Stewart for Camilla

Jessica was introspective on Wednesday.
Jason watched covertly as she cleaned her desk, quietly imagining what her thoughts were; who she suspected, and if she imagined what the lovers had looked like, fornicating right there on her desk.
He knew he shouldn't, but he had to see Melissa and tell her what was happening.
On the pretext of discussing some work, he quietly told her that Jessica was cleaning her desk.
Melissa tried to suppress a giggle, but she couldn't stop herself from blushing.
Jessica came looking for him, and when she saw him talking to Melissa he saw a moment of speculation in her eyes.
Hoo boy! he thought.
Jessica was really sharp. Jessica told him that she wasn't feeling well, and took off.

When she'd gone Jason, talking quietly, asked Melissa to meet him for lunch.
There was a nearby motel that had a restaurant, and he suggested that she meet him there.
She looked a little doubtful, but nodded in agreement.
He got out of there, not wanting to provoke too much suspicion amongst his staff.

He was waiting for her in the lobby.
When she headed for the restaurant he stopped her.
"I've already ordered lunch," he told her.
"It's being delivered to our room." He grinned at her.

She looked annoyed. "A room? A room in a motel?"

"Yeah! What's wrong with that? I just want to be with you, spend some time with you."
He sensed that she was about to step into one of her roles.

"Oh. I thought you wanted to fuck me, silly me!"
She sounded disgusted.
People were walking through the lobby but she seemed not to notice.

Nervously, he pulled her aside. "Let's go to the room. We can discuss it there."

"Just like that! A room in a motel! What you must think of me!"
A man stopped to stare at them. Jason turned his back, hoping the man didn't know him.

"Come on, Lissa! I've got the key right here. They'll be bringing our lunch soon. Come on, Sweetheart. Please don't make a scene here." He was pleading.

"A slut. That's what you must think I am. A common slut in a motel room!"

"Shhhh! God, anybody can hear you! Somebody might know me!"

"Oh, your reputation is important, but mine isn't! Thanks a lot, Mister! I'm leaving!"
She turned to walk out but he grabbed her arm, holding her back. People were really staring at them now.

"All right. What do you want?"

"I want to be treated with respect. I want to be consulted! Asked. I don't want to be invited to lunch and find out that I'm on the menu! In a motel room, of all things! Belatedly he realized that she was not playing a role, that she really meant what she was saying. He sighed, released her arm.

"I'm sorry. I won't do it again, I promise."

She looked him over, decided he was apologetic enough, and nodded.
"Well, I'll overlook the insult this time."

"Thank you. Now, can we at least go and eat our lunch?"

"In a motel room?"

"Well, that's where it's being delivered."

She gave him a look, sighed. "All right. But only lunch!"

The room had a table against the window.
She opened the drapes, destroying any sense of privacy.
They ate their lunch in silence. She still wasn't feeling friendly.

"I take it you've never been to a motel room before?" He asked as he finished his meal.

"Of course I have! When we go on vacation we usually stay in motels."

"I see. That's not what I meant, though."

"Oh. You're asking about my sexual history?" She looked him squarely in the eye.

He shook his head.
Was there an end to the surprises this girl could pull on him?
"No, I guess not. Not really. I was just wondering if I was the first man - male - to bring you to a motel room?"

"I see. Just because I find you attractive and interesting, and feeling sorry for you I allow you to seduce me, you assume that I'm easy and must have been to many hotel rooms with dozens of men?
Well, if you must know, yes! I've been in at least 2 dozen motel rooms with men - males.
In fact, it was in a motel room just like this one that I serviced our high school football team!" She sat back, her eyes challenging him.

He laughed. "All right, Lissa. I'm sorry. I've behaved badly and I apologize."

"Yes, you have behaved badly, and you must be punished."


"You've studied Newton? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? What goes up must come down? What goes around comes around? What is bad must be punished?"

He grinned. "I didn't know Newton put it quite that way."

"Yes, well, he did. Only the history books forgot to write all down. Hmmm. Let's see."
She looked around the room, sighed.
"There's not too much in here by way of resources. Let me see your belt?"


"Are you getting deaf? Give me your belt!"
He pulled it through the loops of his pants and handed it to her.
What the hell was she doing? She hefted it in her hand.
"It's a little light. Imported. I prefer a thicker, heavier local one myself, but, it will have to do."
Holding it by the buckle, she raised it above her head and smacked it down on the table. It made a whacking sound.
"OK!" She looked at him, a stern look on her face.
"Drop the pants, Buster, and lie down on that bed, with your ass end up."

"What? You're going to spank me? Sorry, I'm not into S&M."

"Right. S&M is for fun. This is for punishment."
She slapped the belt in the palm of her free hand. "Come on, you big sissy! Time to get with the program!"

It hit Jason that she HAD been playing a role all along!
Jesus H. Christ! How many times was she going to bamboozle him!
"Can I at least close the drapes?"

"No! Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done!"

He groaned.
This kid claimed to be 17? Incredible!
He knew some famous person had made that quote, he just couldn't think who.
He finally obeyed her, trusting that she wouldn't hurt him, at least, not too badly.
She lifted his shirt away from his butt and whacked him. It stung, but not too bad. She whacked him again, harder.


"This is hurting me as much as it's hurting you," she told him, and whacked him again.

"Yeah, sure! Every parent says that to their kids!"

"OK. Last one." Whack!
This one was the hardest yet and really stung. He jumped up and wrestled the belt away from her.
She fought back, and they fell on the bed, his weight on her.
Next thing her mouth was on his, kissing him fiercely.
"God," she gasped, "I'm so hot! Take me, Boss! Make me your motel slut!"

He hooked his thumbs on the elastic band of her panties and pulled them down.
He felt her.
She was sopping wet already.
He entered her and she thrust up at him, taking him in all at once.
They thrashed around on the bed, causing it to bang loudly against the wall.
Neither one of them cared, so consumed were they with venting their passions.
Jason couldn't help comparing Melissa with Jessica.
Melissa was much freer in expressing herself, and a lot more vigorous.
Her thrusts were more powerful, and her orgasms quicker, stronger and noisier.
Not that Jessica was a bad lover in any way, just that she was more reserved, and not quite as young and resilient.

When he was about to cum Melissa bit his chest.
"Not yet!"
She was grinding her teeth, and pushing up at him with tremendous force. The pain of the bite chased the incipient orgasm away, and he resumed meeting her thrusts with his own.
This time their build-up was coordinated and they came together.
Melissa threw her head back, every muscle in her body rigid, and wailed out loud.
Jason held her tight, filled with wonder at the way this girl was working her way into his heart.
He caught a movement out the corner of his eye and remembered the drapes.
The drapes! He swung his head around, and several people were there, watching them.
One of them began clapping his hands, and the others joined in.
Jason grabbed a pillow and covered their heads.
Melissa started giggling, and the sound cut through his worries.
Unable to stop it, he began giggling too, and they lay on the bed, hugging each other and laughing their heads off.

After she'd gone Jason cleaned up as best he could before going back to the office.
He had Melissa's juices all over his shirt and his shorts.
Man, that girl was wet!
Back at the office he went through the motions of doing work the rest of the afternoon, but his mind was wrapped up in Melissa.
He couldn't believe that such a person existed at all, and especially one who was only 17!
He found himself rethinking his plan to try to get Jessica to agree to an open marriage.
He wanted to be with Melissa.
He didn't want to share himself with anybody else.
But... If he wanted to stay in business - and he did - he'd have to try to keep the Melissa thing quiet, at least until she was, say, 20?
He groaned. Even 20 seemed so young!

At home, Jessica was preoccupied with some papers.
There was no supper prepared. She said she wasn't hungry.
He ordered a pizza and ate it all himself.
He washed it down with several beers.
Jessica pronounced herself tired by 10 p.m and went up to bed.
He watched TV for a while, then went up too. He showered, washing the remains of Melissa off.
When he approached the bed Jessica was pretending to be asleep.
He pulled the covers off his side and climbed into the bed.
He noticed that she was still wearing her robe.
He lay down, and then the odor hit him.
He sniffed around, located the spot on his pillow.
He knew at once that this was a message from her.
She'd figured out that he was responsible for the stuff on her desk, and she'd done this to let him know that she knew!

This was the moment! Already!
Suddenly he saw the value of the training he'd received from Melissa in role playing.
This was a moment that demanded anger and outrage.
He grabbed the covers and yanked them off the bed.
Jessica's eyes flew open. "What are you doing?"

He grabbed the stained pillow and thrust it at her face.
"What the hell is the meaning of this?" he thundered.

She pretended ignorance.
"What? What's the matter with you?" He could see that his anger was scaring her. Good!

"You've rubbed your cunt on my pillow! What the hell for?"

She jumped out of the bed. "I don't know anything about that," she sniffed.
"Of course, I DO know about the cunt that was rubbed over my desk!" Her voice rose with her own anger.

"And you think I did that?" his voice was suddenly eerily calm.

"Who else could have sex in the office? It HAD to be you!"

"Aha! So, you apparently smelled something on your desk, assumed it had to do with sex, and that of course meant that I was the one. Is that it?
Is that what this is all about?" His voice was raised again. They were face to face, their angry eyes glaring.

"Who was it?" she asked.
"Was it Debbie?" She mentioned one of her friends, the one who had given Jason a long wet kiss at his birthday party.

He felt relieved. She had no idea.
He backed away from her, sat down on the edge of the bed.
"I have to tell you something," he said.

She licked her lips, expecting some kind of confession. "Yes?"

"I know about you and Williams." The words seemed to hang in the air, extending their life as her expression changed.

"What? What do you know about me and Marshall?"

"I know he was screwing your brains out," he said, his voice rising again.

"I deny that! That is not true! Who told you that lie?"

He smiled sadly. "Nobody told me, Jess. I saw you."

She sat down as though her legs had turned to rubber.
"I don't know what you saw, or how, but you must have misunderstood it!"
She looked at him. "How did you see anything, anyway? Were you spying on me?"

He shook his head.
"Listen, Jess. I know bout you and Williams. The whole office is talking about the way you were all over him.
And yes, I was worried about what you were up to. Is that so bad? I flew down to Miami last Saturday. I saw you in the water with him. I saw what you were doing. In saw you when you came out, the bikini you were wearing, the way you danced around him!"
His voice had risen again and he was really shouting now as the emotions he'd suppressed came bubbling up to the surface.
This was not role playing! He was genuinely angry, his face in her face again.

She must have thought he was going to strike her because she covered her face with her hands and curled up on the bed, her knees protecting her chest.
Most of all, she knew that he wasn't bluffing. He remembered his plan, and calmed down.
"So. After seeing that, I came back and picked up a girl at a bar.
I was angry and hurt. I wanted some revenge, and at the time I thought that screwing her on your desk would get me some.
For what it's worth, I was wrong. I should not have done that."

She looked up at him from between her hands, saw that his anger had subsided. "Who was the woman?"

He shrugged.
"That's not important. What is important, and I think I have a right to know this, are you going to see Williams again?"

Emotions flashed across her face as she considered different answers. She sighed, decided to go with the truth. "I suppose so."

"I'll take that as a definite yes," he said. "And what am I supposed to do while you're off fucking Williams?"

It was something she hadn't thought out. "Are you going to divorce me?"

"Perhaps. I'll have to think about it. And you? You want a divorce?"

"No, not really."

"Do you love him?"

She fidgeted nervously. "I.... I'm not sure. In any case, he won't leave his wife."

"Ah, I see! So you're going to sneak around and meet him in motel rooms! Conduct a sleazy affair in the dark of night!"

"I didn't think of it that way."

"No, of course not. And what about STD's? The man gets around."

"He's clean."

"From now on, if we make love, I will wear a condom." As soon as the words were out he knew he'd let her off the hook! Damn!

She looked up at him with hope in her eyes. "You're not going to divorce me?"

He put on his gruff voice.
"Probably not. We've got a good thing going with the business and all. It would be a shame to spoil that."

"I see. You'll keep the marriage together for the sake of the business?"

"Yes. That's right. If we divorced, it would affect everything we've worked for."

She looked at him with a new understanding.
"You're not as upset as I thought you would be. I know the business is important to you, but is that all there is to it?"

Jessica was too sharp by far!
"Well, if you're out having fun, I'm not going to stay home and play jilted husband all by myself. Why should I when you're already deeply involved in your own extra-marital affair?"

She sighed. "I'm tired. Let's sleep on it. We can talk about it some more in the morning."

"No. I want an understanding.
If you're going to go on seeing Williams, I want you to agree that you will be very discreet, that whatever you do with him, you won't do it where people we know might see you.
Preferably, if you must meet him you'll do it out of town."

She looked at him, amazed. "You're proposing an open marriage?"

"Listen, Jess. I saw you two. I could see how you felt about him, and he about you.
I went through hell for a few days there, but I'm out of it now. I know that in life there are some things that you can't control, and if you try, you lose.
I've already lost you in the sense of a faithful wife, but I don't want to lose you as the official wife, if you can understand that?"

"Yeah, sort of like the royals? But for the sake of the business, not the country?"

"That's the idea."

"And you want my permission to sleep around?"

"Not your permission. Agreement. And of course, as I'm asking you to be discreet, you can expect the same from me."

"I don't see how I can refuse!"

"We'll be practical, and maintain friendly relations. We'll attend events as a couple, and continue about our lives as though everything is going forward as usual."

She gave him a wan smile. "OK."

He sighed. It was done. He imagined Melissa smiling on him, and he felt that warm fuzzy glow that the thought of her produced in him.

Jason and Jessica climbed into their bed, turned the lights off and went to sleep, carefully not touching each other.

For all her maturity, Melissa Freeman was still in fact a 17 year old.
Keeping the affair to herself proved impossible, especially when her best friend Arlene Kemp came over to spend the night, a habit they'd developed over years of friendship.
There had never been secrets between them.
Whatever happened in their lives they shared. There was nobody in the world who knew more about her.
In fact, their first early explorations into the world of sex had been with each other.
Arlene had been the curious one, and the initiator.
She was taller than Melissa, and thinner, though not lacking in feminine qualities.
Her hair was dark brown and she wore it in a Cleopatra, with bangs across the front and the back and sides cropped around the top of her neck.
She liked to think she looked like a younger Winona Ryder.

After dinner they went up to Melissa's room.
When the door closed behind them and the cd player wasturned on, Arlene gave her the enquiring look.
"So! What's up with the boss guy? Your mother seemed very impressed with him?"
It was true. Her mother had gone on and on during dinner about what a great boss Mr. Sturgess was, and how he was taking Melissa under his wing and grooming her for stardom in the world of business.

"Stop exaggerating, Mother!" Melissa told her.

"Yeah," her father Harry chimed in. "He wasn't that great. He's just a dirty old guy making a grab for jail-bait over here."

"Harry! You stop that! And don't call her that!" Fran Freeman scolded him.
She turned to Arlene. "He's not like that at all! He's a gentleman, and a very successful businessman.
I've seen his wife, too - remember, Lissa the day she came out when I picked you up? - and she's a beautiful woman herself. What would a man like that want with a girl like Lissa? No, he was just concerned for her safety, and he took care of her."

Now, Arlene was demanding to know the facts.
"He took care of you? Did he?" Melissa giggled and blushed.
"Ah, I see! He took VERY good care of you! Come on, girl! Give it up! Details?"

They lay on the bed, facing each other.
Melissa told her about how everybody at work was outraged at Jessica's behavior with Marshall Williams, and how she'd felt so sorry for Jason.
Then, when he'd called and asked her to come in and work, she'd jumped at the chance.
"He was so nice, and he seemed like a little boy lost. When he asked me to go out with him, I went. He took me to his club and I was bathed by servants, and massaged by a lady with very strong hands. Oh yes! She rubbed me all over, and made like it was nothing!"

Arlene whistled. "You mean, she touched you?"

"More than touched! She grabbed and pressed! But it wasn't sexual, somehow. It was, really, massage."

"How weird! I can't imagine somebody doing that to me and not getting turned on."

"Yeah. You're just a horny bitch!" Melissa laughed.

"Am not!"

"You know you are!"

"Well, I guess. It's hard to believe, though. But, go on with your story. Did you fuck him?"

"Not so fast! After the massage he took me into the sauna.
It was incredibly hot. He took his robe off, and stood stark naked in front of me, and his body is quite nice for an older guy. He keeps in shape."

"And? What did you do?"

"What could I do? I took my robe off, and he was looking at me like that, you know?
And he started getting hard. Next thing I knew he was kissing me, and his body was pressing against me, and I could feel his hard dick on my stomach.
I don't know how it happened, but next thing he was inside me, and we were fucking like cats!"


"Yes! And he went down on me, and made me cum."

"You're lying!"

"No, I swear!"

They were giggling, their bodies writhing on the bed.
Arlene dragged every detail out of her, greeting each new revelation with squeals of laughter.
When Melissa had exhausted all the details, Arlene went back to the massage.
"I still find it hard to believe that you could have somebody massaging you all over and not turn you on! Why do you think you were so hot in the sauna?"

Melissa hadn't thought about that.
"Hmmm. Maybe you're right. It didn't seem to be having that effect on me at the time."

Arlene got an introspective look on her face.
"Maybe you could massage me like that, and see what happens? Huh?"

Melissa was hesitant.
"I don't know if I could do it like she did. She was so strong, and very professional. There was nothing personal in anything she did."

"Come one, let's try it!" Arlene was shedding her clothes already. She lay back on the bed, completely naked. "Is that door locked?"

Melissa went over and turned the key. "You sure you want to do this?"

"I'm curious. Come on, give it a go."

Arlene had been Melissa's first sexual partner, in a sense, but that had been years ago.
They'd been curious and scared, and had played with each others' nipples, and gingerly fingered each others' clits.
They'd french kissed each other, but nothing much had come of it.
They'd been excited and giggly and nervous, more adventurous than amorous.
As they matured they became interested in boys and, while they exchanged information, they'd had no more intimate touching.
Now, Melissa looked at Arlene's naked body lying on her bed.
How she had changed since those early days!
She was fully formed now, with firm conical breasts with large, juicy nipples.
Her flat stomach tapered into the classic bell shape of her hips, and her butt was meaty and firm.
Her pussy was covered by a thick bush of dark pubic hairs with just a hint of the delicate white skin of her labia peeking through.

Melissa sighed and started massaging Arlene.
She tried to remember everything the woman had done.
She told Arlene to turn over onto her stomach and began by gripping her glutes and squeezing, then bringing her hands up her back, pressing as hard as she could.
She repeated this several times, and Arlene grunted her appreciation.
She continued, massaged her back, her shoulders and neck.
"OK. Roll over!" There it was again, that ripened body!
She started at Arlene's feet and worked her way up, picking out the individual muscles and massaging them. "This is hard work!" she said.
"My hands and arms are getting tired!"

"Oh please don't stop," Arlene begged her. "This is fabulous."

Melissa worked her way up Arlene's legs.
She spread them out so as to get at the upper muscles.
When she got near Arlene's pussy, Arlene started small thrusting motions, which seemed to be involuntary.
Melissa left that area and started on Arlene's hands and arms.
"Chicken!" Arlene told her.
Melissa ignored her and continued with what she was doing.
Eventually she had to come back to Arlene's torso, and to her chest.
She worked all around the breasts without touching them.
"I thought you said she not only touched you, but rubbed you hard?" Arlene said.

"Oh, all right!" Melissa did what the woman had done to her, grabbing Arlene's breasts firmly and squeezing them.
Fascinated, she watched Arlene's nipples harden and the areolae fill up and stand up above the plane of her breast.

"I'm getting turned on," Arlene said.
"You must be doing it wrong. Try it again."

Melissa repeated the actions.
Arlene was clearly becoming hotter. "Nope, it's no good," Arlene said. "Come, let me try it on you."

Again Melissa hesitated. "I'm not sure that I won't get turned on," she said.

"Oh, that's OK. I'm already turned on, so why shouldn't you."

She undressed and lay down on the bed.
"You tell me if I'm doing it wrong," Arlene said.
When she came to the area close to Melissa's pussy, Melissa noticed that she too was rolling her groin.
Arlene didn't shy away from it as she had done, and moved in even closer, her knuckles touching her pussy, almost incidentally.
Melissa was getting turned on. Arlene wasn't shying away from it.
In fact, when Melissa thought about it she realized that Arlene wasn't massaging her, she was deliberately trying to turn her on!
The heat in her pussy was rising, and she squeezed her legs together.
"Aha!" Arlene laughed. "You ARE getting turned on, aren't you? Come on! Admit it!"

She took Melissa's breasts in her hands and squeezed them, watched for the swelling nipples, smiled triumphantly.
"What do you think about that, Lis? I'm turning you on!"
She straddled Melissa's stomach, continued playing with her breasts.

"Your boss sucked these?" She asked, and took one of Melissa's nipples into her mouth.
Her eyes were on Melissa, gauging her reactions.
She moved to the other one and sucked it up into her mouth.
"Did he do it like this?" Holding the nipple with her teeth she ran her tongue over the tip.

Melissa's breathing had become audible. "You better stop, Lenie."

"Oh. You want me to stop? Hmmm. Not really. Right?"
She lay down on Melissa, stomach to stomach, breast to breast.
Her eyes were inches from Melissa's, gauging, calculating.
"You don't really want me to stop, do you?"
She whispered it, saw her answer in Melissa's eyes.
She lifted her bottom, straightened her legs out so that they were touching along the whole length of their bodies.
Slowly she moved her lips to Melissa's, barely touched them, held them there while examining Melissa's eyes again.
Satisfied with what she saw there, she increased her contact with Melissa's lips.
She felt Melissa rolling her groin, a very small, subtle motion, but there all the same.
She answered it with a slight motion of her own.
"Ah, yes my beautiful friend. You want me now, don't you?"
She kept her lips on Melissa's, talking into her mouth. "I've wanted to make love to you for a long time, but I never had the guts. But now I know that you want me too. I can see it in your eyes. I can feel it down here." She pushed her groin down on Melissa's.

Melissa remained still, unresponsive except for the faint thrusts of her groin.
Arlene put her tongue on Melissa's lips and gently forced them apart, then pushed it in into her mouth.
Again, she felt the slight rolling response, a little stronger this time.
She could feel Melissa's breathing rate increasing.
Thrilled that she hadn't been rejected and growing more confident, Arlene reached a hand down between their bodies and boldly put it on Melissa's pussy.
At the same moment she pushed her tongue deeper into Melissa's mouth.

Melissa, who had been lying passive throughout, could no longer maintain her lack of involvement.
Her arms went around Arlene's body, her hands to her bottom, and she pulled Arlene's groin down hard against her own.
Arlene sighed, a long, happy sound. Her lips closed down on Melissa's and were warmly received.
They kissed, tenderly at first, and then growing quickly into a frenzied passion.

Arlene broke away for a moment. "God! I've wanted to do this for so long! But ever since you rejected me, I've been too scared."

Melissa frowned. "I don't remember rejecting you."

Arlene traced the edges of Melissa's pussy with her finger, raising goose-bumps.
"Oh yes. Remember that time when we went to Johnny Treloar's birthday party, and after you kissed him, I got jealous and tried to kiss you too, and you pushed me away?"

Melissa remembered, but it had been such an insignificant event! And a long time ago!
Arlene had held it and let it fester for so long?
"Oh, I'm so sorry, Lenie! I had no idea! I wasn't rejecting you - I wanted to get some cake, and you were in the way!"

They looked at each other as the full understanding of each others' point of view hit them.
All of a sudden it seemed very funny, and they cracked up laughing.
Their naked bodies were still pressed tightly together, and Arlene's hand was working on Melissa's pussy.
The laughter dissipated as the heat rose, and very soon they were kissing each other again, their bodies straining against each other.

Through her ragged breathing Arlene whispered the words that every woman wants to hear. "I love you, Lissa, I really, really love you."

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