Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Business (Part 3)

Written by Mally Stewart for Camilla.

Jessica returned to consciousness to find Marshall staring at her.
She saw a kind of awe in his eyes, which vanished quickly when he saw her looking at him.
She took stock of her surroundings. She was still on his bed with her legs hanging off the edge.
Fully dressed. She blushed as she realized that, in their passion, they'd gone straight into action without removing a single article of clothing! Marshall chuckled.
"You're blushing. Why?"

"It's a funny thing to say, but I'm blushing because my clothes are still on! God! I haven't been that hot in..... well, ever!"
She blushed even more and he laughed at her.
She liked the sound of it. His deep voice resonated inside her, inside the feminine part of her, making her feel more alive as a woman, more sexy herself.
She returned his look and felt the chemistry again.
She was surprised at herself. Here, she'd just had the most intense sexual experience of her life with who knows how many orgasms, and rather than feeling satisfied she was wanting more.

"Time for bed," he said, easily picking her up and carrying her out of the bedroom.

"Where are we going?" She was a little mystified, a little apprehensive.

"I want to fuck you in your bed," he said, his voice matter of fact. "If that's OK with you?"

She gave her answer by pulling his head down to hers and kissing him deeply. The business woman in her wondered about what was happening, why she was behaving so irresponsibly, but she waved it off. She was, for the first time in her life, wholly and only woman.

He took his time undressing her, tenderly caressing and kissing each newly exposed part of her, causing her to shiver in ecstacy. She heard his sharp intake of breath when he pulled the dress up over her breasts. She counted herself among the blessed when it came to her breasts.
They were firm and beautifully formed, neither small nor large, with nipples like pencil erasers resting in a sea of burgundy - her large areolae - and pointing perkily upward and outward.
He took one of them between his two hands and reverently touched the nipple with his tongue.
"My God!" he whispered as the nipple hardened and expanded.
He took the nipple into his mouth, sucked on it and rubbed his tongue over the tip.
Jessica, with her half-removed dress covering her face, groaned and fell back onto her bed. He pulled the dress over her head and dropped it on the floor.
"I want to kiss you," he breathed.
"More than I've ever wanted to kiss anybody. You do things to me, Baby, things that nobody's ever done to me before!"
With that his full fleshy lips were on hers, covering hers.

"Get your clothes off!" She mumbled through the kiss.
"No, wait! I'll do it."
Using the techniques he'd used on her, she gradually, slowly, exquisitely, exposed his body, and marveled at each part of it. He was well-muscled without being bulky.
His exposed skin glistened in the dim light of the hotel room.
After a long time, there was nothing left but his briefs. Accidentally, she was also wearing only her panties.
"I'll take yours off if you get mine," she teased him.
He needed no further urging and in a moment her panties were history.
She gently moved a hand under the elastic band of his briefs.
The bulge in there was evidence that he was aroused, and that there was a lot to arouse.
She wanted to feel him before seeing. Her fingers touched the silky skin, felt how hot it was. She found the head and pulled it above the elastic. It was huge, almost as big as her fist! Alarm filled her.
Could she take a monster like that? Would it rip her open?
Certainly, it would have to hurt like hell! Geez! Jason was not even half this size!

Marshall sensed her sudden fear.
He pushed her hand away, finished the job of undressing.
He gently positioned her on the bed, on her side, lay down beside her and held her close.
She could feel him with every inch of skin from her toes to her head.
His naked legs were pressed against her naked legs, his torso against hers, his face next to hers.
The contrast of black on white caught and held her attention, stimulating her. He was so dark, she, so pale.
She could feel his penis throbbing against her stomach.
She reached for it again, cupping it in her hand. It was not only thick, but long too.
The man was built in every way! "What do you call him?"


"Mario? Why Mario?"

"You know, that video game. The guy who's always crawling around inside pipes."

"Oh! I get it!" She laughed. Marshall had a quirky sense of humor that she really liked.

She felt his hand on her vagina. "What do you call her?"

"I don't have a name for her."

"Well! We'll have to take care of that!"
He unlocked her side of the connecting doors and went through into his suite, his door being already unlocked.
She watched appreciatively as he moved, enjoying the alternate bunching up of his butt cheeks as he walked. He came back with a fresh bottle of champagne.

"What are you doing?" She asked, not wanting to start drinking again. Hell, it was almost morning already!

"Don't worry," he grinned.
"I know exactly what to do." He popped the cork. Kneeling next to her on the bed he moved her legs apart then placed a hand under her butt.
He poured champagne into her fluffy hair, caught the overspill with his hand and rubbed it on her lips. "I hereby name thee Lady Mine," he said.
He took a mouthful of champagne and placed his head between her legs and began kissing and licking her again, this time with champagne on his tongue.

"Why Lady Mine?" she got out between gasps.

"Once I make love to you, Baby, your ass will be mine forever."

"Pretty sure of yourself, huh, fella?"

'You betcha!"

"I suppose it's not appropriate to bring this up now, but you do remember that I'm married?"

"Yeah, Baby. I know. So am I. That makes us even."

"Not really. Only if my husband made love to your wife."

That stopped him for a moment. Then he laughed. "I'd like to see that! Wheeeyou!"

"You'd find that amusing?"

"If I could watch, I might."

"Don't you love your wife?"

"Of course I do! Just as much as you love your husband!"


He moved up the bed and kissed her.
She tasted champagne on his lips, and the musty taste of herself.
It was an amazing turn-on! "Be gentle," she told him, taking Mario and placing him at her entrance. He began by rubbing himself inside her outer lips, lubricating himself with her juices, which were really flowing now.
He rolled over onto his back and placed her on top of him.
"You do it, Baby. Take your time." She sat on him and he played with her nipples.
She leaned back and fondled his balls while riding on his log.
She got hotter and hotter, then she could wait no longer.
Holding Mario in her hand, she raised herself so that he was positioned correctly, then lowered herself fractionally.
She could feel herself opening to absorb him.
It didn't hurt. Not yet.
"Help me," she told him. "Open me up with your fingers."

Ever so slowly, in back and forth motions, she got his bulbous head inside her.
She fell down on his chest, tired from the effort. There had been some pain, but it was just another sensation in a riot of sensations.
Relaxing, she concentrated on the feel of that head inside her.
She felt stretched to the limit, every cell burning with a demand for more, but she was scared to move.
She sought his lips, and they kissed passionately for several minutes. All the time she was acutely aware of him inside her.
Unbidden, her stomach muscles began clenching and she felt herself moving around him, felt him moving deeper inside her.

Eventually he was all the way in.
She couldn't believe it, that she had absorbed that huge monster! In slow motions, and gradually increasing in speed and intensity, she began humping him seriously.
In short order she felt the orgasm building, then it washed over her and she lost it, moaning out loud in her passion-drenched state.
Really loud.

Marshall laughed, amused at her. He rolled her over again, let some of his weight rest on her. "Are you ready, Lady Mine?"

"Yes! Yes, I'm ready!"

"Ready for what?"

"Ready to make love!"

"You mean, ready to be fucked?"


"Say it."


"Tell me you're ready to be fucked. Tell me you want to be fucked by me. Tell me you want to be fucked like you've never been fucked in your life. Tell me you want your cunt tore up by my big, black cock. Tell me!"

"Yes, yes! I want it!" She was trying to thrust up against him, but he was preventing her with his weight.

"Say the word. Say you want me to fuck you."

"I want you to fuck me."

"Not very convincing. Try again."

She was becoming very frustrated. 'I want you to fuck me, you jerk!"

"That's better. Now tell me you want my big dick deep up inside your little pink pussy."

"I want your big dick deep inside my little pink pussy," she gasped, trying to relieve the burning urge overwhelming her.

"All right, then!" He laughed and then, first in long, slow thrusts, he complied with her wish and put his strong, athletic body to work on her.
She couldn't believe herself. Her whole body had become a sensing sexual organ, as though her vagina had expanded to encompass all of her being.
Every part of her shivered and tingled, convulsed, pushed and writhed. She heard loud panting, interspersed with whimpering noises, vaguely realized that it was hers, but out of her control.
Their bodies united and parted in great thrusts.
Sweat rolled off them, swamping the bed.
Finally, relief! The most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced rolled over her.
She thrashed around, throwing his body around like a toy, not realizing that she was much too small to be able to do that.

He was still hard inside her. With wonder, she acknowledged that he was a very special lover.
He was tender with her until the fires built up again, and then he began tending to his own need.
She felt his true strength for the first time, and was awed by it.
Then he began to come. She could feel the hot liquid spurting inside her, and it felt good. Another orgasm shook her.

The phone woke her up. Blearily she opened her eyes, squinting.
It was full daylight. Had that all really happened, or was it a crazy dream? No. Marshall still lay beside her, sleeping.
The phone rang again and he grumbled and pulled a pillow over his head.


"Jess?" It was Jason!
In sudden panic she jumped from the bed, as though Jason could see her in bed with Marshall!
Her nakedness, the feel of sex all over her, the smell of their love-making, it all hit her at once. "Jess?" His voice was louder.
"Jess, are you there?"

"Oh, hi Honey. How are you?"
She made her voice sound awake, cheerful. What had she done!
Marshall pulled the pillow off his head, looked to see what was going on.
She put her finger to her lips, cautioning him to be quiet.

"Have you seen Marshall? His office called. They can't find him."

"Oh? He was here last night. I mean - here in the hotel!" Marshall pulled her back onto the bed, put his head next to hers so that he could listen.

"Well, if you see him, tell him to call his office."

"OK. Is there any problem?"

"Not that I know of. Some technical questions about how the deal is to be structured."

"I see." Marshall nibbled her ear-lobe.
She tried pushing him away, but he grinned and, leaning around her shoulder, grabbed a nipple between his lips.

Jason was telling her about some deal he was working on. Marshall was playing with her breasts, her throat.
She wanted to stop him, but couldn't think of a way without alerting Jason that something was going on.
Then, the things he was doing began working on her. She felt her body heating up all over again.
Marshall pushed her down on her back, spread her legs and placed a finger inside her. She shook her head at him, but he just smiled.

In all her life, this was the greatest quandary she'd ever been in. Her husband on the telephone, her lover with her in the bed, working on making her hot.
She became aware that her breathing was becoming louder, moved the phone away from her mouth, hoping that Jason wouldn't notice. Marshall's finger was really working magic on her! She grunted.

"What?" Jason asked.

"Excuse me, Honey. I burped. Ate breakfast too fast, I guess."

Marshall smiled at her, a knowing, leering, approving look.
He turned her on her side, her back to him, and, unbelievably, she felt him entering her! She had to hang up! Now!

"Excuse me Jason, can I call you back? I've GOT to go pee!"

"Oh, all right, Honey. I'll be here."

She slammed the phone down and furiously demanded to know what the hell Marshall thought he was doing.

"Admit it! You're turned on as all hell, aren't you?" He was inside her and began thrusting in and out. "Call him back and talk to him while I make love to you."

"Are you nuts! That's my HUSBAND! One slip and my whole marriage could be over!"

"I know! That's what makes it so exciting! Go on, call him back!"

"No. I think it's wrong."
As she said it, she noticed that she nevertheless was responding to his quiet thrusts.
Her body's demands over-ruled her common sense.
What was it about this guy?
"If I do, will you promise to be quiet?"

"Yes. As long as you let me stay inside you while you talk to him."

"You like being inside me?"

"Oh yes, Baby. I LOVE it. Don't you like me inside you?"

"Hmmm. So so." She grinned to herself.
She couldn't see his face, but suspected an indignant expression.

He gave her a hard, deep thrust.
"If you're really good, I'll let you make love to me while I speak to my wife."

She looked at him. "You're weird!" She pulled away from him.
"I really do have to go pee!"

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