Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Halloween Story

By 'kimwell' ( Aug 99)

In the early evening of Halloween night of 199X I went out to dinner with some friends at a popular vegetarian restaraunt in A.A.
The town where I go to college.
It was warm for that time of year so I was wearing a black cocktail dress and stockings.
Two of my housemates, Tim and Cara were there too.

I should explain.
I live in a co-op with Tim, Cara, two other guys and one other women.
We share a house not far from downtown. Tim is 6'3 and extremely handsome.
With bright blue eyes and wavy brown hair, Tim is thin but athletic.
Cara is taller than I am. She is about 5'8 or so, but we are both thin, so we often share clothes (that night she was wearing my Capri pants).
Anyway, she's a blonde and I am a brunette.
Since this is an erotic story I can tell you that Cara wears a B cup and I wear a C cup.
Ah, details, details.

I was 22, Cara 19, and Tim 26.

After dinner, it was already 9 o'clock when we got up to go to a party.
It was going to be the first stop in a long night of parties.
Tim and Cara more or less disappeared when we got to the first place.
Someone gave me a lemonade that was spiked with everclear.
Some men saw me hanging around the tv, where some students were playing a drunken game of Monopoly.
I was already on my second drink and already wasted when I met Larry, a law student.
He was a bit husky but very cute and friendly.
We got to talking.
He seemed a bit too conservative for me but he was so funny I didn't mind when he navigated me toward one of the back rooms.

There was a bed in the room and we got really close and I whispered in his ear: 'not on a first date.'
He smiled and said, no problem, and leaned over and turned on the CD player.
It was something really old, like Jim Croce, and we danced to it.
He held me close.
We swung around the room with fresh drinks in our hands. I pressed my breasts into his chest.
His penis was hard, pressing relentlessly against my belly.
He kissed me on the lips.
His dick was incredibly hot and I let my hand slip into his pants to stroke it.
He ran his leg up my stockings, and under my skirt, and he fingered my clit.

He led me to the bed and lay me down on my back. He helped me take off the stockings and I lay there, my heart racing, as he pulled my panties to the side and started to suck and tongue my clit.
I was going to give in to him.
Even though both Cara and I use the rhythm method of birth control (the natural way) I didn't want him to penetrate me without a condom.
I never found out if he had one because just as he stood up to take off his pants, Cara and Tim came into the room.

"Kim!" Cara called out.
"We have to be back at the house for midnight!"
"What time is it?" I asked.
"It's a quarter till," Larry jumped in.

I couldn't see my stockings in the dark, they were probably on the floor, so I got up slowly.
Larry helped me to stand.
We supported each other for a few minutes.
I kissed him on the mouth, letting my tongue touch his and said "see ya, around."
He took his right hand and squeezed my bottom.
Then he took his hand and, slanting it sideways, drove in between my labia, forcing the cotton of my panties between them.
I was sopping wet and he licked the moisture off his fingers.
We exchanged phone numbers and we ran off.

The house was dark when we arrived.
The living room, where we supposed to meet was pitch black except for a single bright lamp lying on the floor.
We went in.I stood in front of the lamp, trying to make out the faces dimly visible outside of the ring of illlumination.
Tim, who was right behind me, grabbed me and pulled my skirt up.
The light brilliantly illustrated the way that the cotton squished into my pussy, I felt so naked, so exposed and so excited I thought I was going to come right there.
I had never been into public exposure before, but there in front of my friends I felt so beautiful.

Then I noticed that the people in the room were wearing masks.
Most of my housemates were in theater so they were wearing costumes.
Long Athenian robes and some had face paint.
Tim gave me a small mask that covered my eyes.
He donned a green one of the same shape and Cara took one, it looked blue in the dim light but it was hard to tell.

A man, I think it was Terry, another housemate, stepped forward and took off his gown.
I had never seen him naked before and I was struck dumb at how beautiful his body was.
He took me by the hand and laid me down on one of the four mattreses that were in the living room.
Everybody gathered around to watch. His dick started to straighten out and grow.
He ordered me to put it in my mouth. I was eager to do that (I love sucking cock!) and I put its silky hot flesh into my mouth and ran my tongue down the length of its shaft.
I played with his balls while I let myself get lost in the passion of giving head.
Call me sick, but even as much as I call myself a feminist, I find submitting to a man while making love an immensely powerful and beautiful moment.

Everybody got closer as he pushed my shoulders down and I lay down.
He took my dress off and undid my bra.
I couldn't get my eyes off of his gorgeous cock, bobbing around in the half-light. He stripped off my panties and tossed them aside.
He pulled my legs ajar and took his dick and placed it at the mouth of my vagina.
He teased me with the head of his cock for a bit, dipping in a little and then pulling out.
The sweet smell of dope hung in the air.
Briefly self-conscious I put my hands on my breasts to cover my erect nipples.
Terry pushed my hands away and my tits wobbled in the light as he slowly poked his away further into my body.
When Terry finally slammed fully into me I let out a cat's meow to break the tension in the room.
A ripple of laughter quickly returned to the tense air of quiet and deepening breaths between me and Terry, his grunting rocking back and forth took on a very relaxing rocking of my body.
Pinned down by his organ on one end and his hands on my shoulders at the other, my breasts jiggled and lolled around, stopping only when he leaned in and started to suck my nipples.
We kissed deeply and he sucked the lobes of my ears.
Suddenly his grunting grew louder and the slapping soppy noises coming from my cunt grew more urgent.
I knew he was getting ready to come.
His body began to tremble and his eyes went back into his head.
I grabbed him by the ass to let him know it would be ok to flood my womb with his sperm and I arched my back so he could pierce me in his moment of ecstasy as far as he could go, and in his convulsions I opened my eyes to watch him and watch our friends watch us in their starstruck amazement.
Unlike a lot of people our age would have reacted, our friends didn't have a nasty look on their faces.
They were clearly moved by our sublime union.
As Terry slumped onto me I could feel his come slowly sneaking past his deflated cock and creeping onto my ass.

Even though he was half unconcious I was still really turned on and I started rock back and forth, pushing my engorged clit against his rock hard abs until I came.
Little did I know that was just the beginning of a very special night!

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