Monday, December 18, 2006

Day At The Beach

By AMANDA( Aug 99)

"Luscious," I thought, as she walked by.
Her pink nipples looked painfully hard atop her full breasts.
Her g-string bikini bottoms didn't leave much to the imagination.
Her clearly shaven pussy lips strained against the fabric, and the outline of her clit was just barely visible.
"Very nice," you whispered in my ear, as she strolled by us on the beach.
Seated as I was between your legs, I could feel your cock beginning to show serious signs of interest.
She gave us both a saucy wink and a smile as she passed by.
We both admired her tanned figure before she passed out of view behind a group of rocks.
We had been having a fine time at the nude beach by ourselves, but this was plainly an invitation to fun that was irresistable.

"Grab the camera," I said.
You grabbed it and we both followed her trail of footprints in the sand, past the rocks, to a small alcove hidden from the rest of the beach.
We came upon her sitting in the sand, just above the tideline.
She shaded her eyes, and smiled at us.
I kissed you passionately and said, "Time to see if those photography classes were worth it."
She had dug her toes into the wet sand, and I sat down next to her to do the same.
I moved my sandy toes next to hers, and she giggled as a heated bout of footsies ensued.
Then her hand moved over mine.
We moved to kiss each other at the same time.
I heard the shutter begin to click as our lips touched - so soft.
Our hands came up to brush each other's faces, as our kiss deepened.
Through the camera lens you watched as our hands moved to caress each other's bodies - fingers pinching nipples, hands cupping breasts.
You zoomed in for a close-up of our hard nipples brushing together.
Breaking the kiss, she stood up to peel off her bikini bottoms.
As soon as they came off, I dove right in.
You could see my tongue glide between her inner lips, up and down, lapping the wetness from her beautiful pussy.
She moaned as I began to suck on her clit.
Her pussy was flooded with moisture.
I pursed my lips and rubbed my entire mouth over her pussy.
You captured the shining wetness of her sex coating my face.
She pulled me to my feet.
Then she knelt down between my legs, and I felt her hot tongue dart between my soaked inner lips.
Her tongue teased my clit, circling and stroking it until at last, she took it into her mouth and began to suck
. Now it was my turn to moan. My legs began to shake, so I lowered myself to the sand, and we feverishly embraced, our bodies writhing in passion.
Her fingers found my clit, and the wetness between my inner lips.
My fingers quickly found her clit as well.
Moaning into each other's mouths, we fingered each other's dripping pussies.
Our bodies tensed as we climaxed in each other's arms.
Still embracing, we kissed as I heard the camera stop clicking.

As you and I walked back up the beach, hand in hand, we turned back to wave at her one last time.
"Did you enjoy the show?" I asked.
Your smile, and your raging erection were all the answer I needed.
We found our own secluded alcove, and made love until the sun began to set.

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