Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Newlywed Fun - 3

By Casie ( Aug 99)

For the next few days Janet had plenty to keep her busy.
Arranging the furnishings and getting settled in their new home filled her time.
But the evenings were the best.
Every night she greeted Mark with a special meal, served by candlelight in their new dining room.
Afterwards, the young couple would fuck till near dawn.

Then, on a Friday morning, the moment she had been dreading happened.
She answered a knock on her back door and saw the pretty, blonde neighbor standing on the patio, a pleasant and slightly self-conscious smile on her face.
Janet blushed. "Hi," she said weakly.
The blonde nodded as her smile broadened.
Then abruptly, she laughed.
"Are you going to invite me inside, or keep me standing out here all day?"
Janet laughed too, and reluctantly opened the door so the woman would come in.
"Sorry. I was... well, to tell you the truth, I'm still embarrassed about the other day."

The blonde entered the kitchen and looked around.
"Listen, honey, don't mention it."
She faced Janet and snickered.
"Let me tell you, I've been thinking of almost nothing else since I saw the two of you the other day. And, honey, let me tell you something else. That husband of yours is something special!"
Janet's blush deepened.
The blonde's rash, lewd comments were startling.
Yet, she could not help but feel a flicker of womanly pride.
That this older woman could appreciate Mark's obvious manly qualities pleased her.
But, she was vaguely disturbed that this stranger, who had seen both her and Mark locked in a sixty-nine, was broaching the subject in this positively open manner.

"I think we've broken the ice enough to be on a first name basis, don't you?" the blonde asked.
"I'm Laura Spring. I'm your next door neighbor to the east."
Janet nodded and introduced herself.
"I should apologize for the other day," she added, finding it a bit difficult to meet Laura's eyes.
"Oh, forget it," Laura said with a casual wave of her hand.
"Obviously, the two of you were not expecting a nosy neighbor to just barge in, but the front door was unlocked, and I just assumed the two of you would be busy unpacking, I was going to volunteer my help."
Laura flashed a look at Janet and added, "You were busy, all right, to put it mildly. Hell, girl, I forgot just how busy a couple of young newlyweds could be!"
In spite of herself, Janet laughed.
It was hard not to like the brash Laura, and Janet quickly found herself at ease with the older woman.
She offered the blonde a cup of coffee and the two women sat at the dinette, telling one another about themselves and generally getting to know one another.

During their conversation, Janet learned that Laura was twenty-nine, and that her husband, Bob, was a cop.
They had been married for almost ten years, but had put off having children until just recently.
Laura admitted that she and Bob were now having a great time trying to have those children.
After more than an hour of sitting around drinking coffee and talking, Janet felt as if she had known Laura for years.

"Bob and I are having a little get acquainted with the neighbors party tonight. We would love to introduce you and Mark to the rest of the neighbors," Laura told her as she stood up to leave.
"Would seven-thirty be okay?"
"Well, sure, I think it would be," she replied.
"Mark and I would both appreciate it."
"Nothing fancy. Just some snacks and some good booze. Real casual."
"Sounds like fun, Laura. Thanks."

For the rest of the afternoon Janet busied herself around the house and fixed a light supper for herself and Mark.
When he came home, she told him about the party as they were taking a shower together, having fun soaping one another up.
"Sounds like a good idea," he told her as he easily picked her up in his arms.
She wrapped her legs around his waist and he let her weight drop back down, spearing his cock into her cunt.
"Oh, yesss!" she hissed, her eyes rolling back in her head, "I think so too."
She put her arms and legs tightly around his body as he fucked up into her cunt in quick, hard strokes, and before long both of them reached climax.
She held his cock in her for a moment, squeezing the muscles around it as she kissed him.
"You know," she said with a grin, "we could excuse ourselves from the party and fuck ourselves silly for the rest of the night."

"Little slut!" he teased as he picked her off his cock and stood her up in the shower.
They hurried and dressed, going next door just as things were starting to get going.
The party was turning out to be a great success.
Janet was having a great time meeting her new neighbors.
Everyone seemed very friendly and charming. The atmosphere was casual, and she quickly felt at home and at ease. She and Laura had even exchanged girlish giggles when she and Mark first arrived, because Mark blushed when he was introduced formally to Laura.

"He looks almost as good dressed as he does naked," Laura whispered to Janet when Bob had escorted Mark to the bar in the Springs' den.
"Of course, he looked especially dashing with his face buried in your pussy."
Janet laughed.
Already Laura's outrageous remarks were less shocking to the young newlywed.

Bob Spring proved to be a considerate host, keeping her well supplied with drinks.
The attentive policeman impressed Janet. At thirty, Bob had a mature grace and ease, which merely enhanced his good looks.
Curly, dark hair, alert grey eyes, and a strong, square jaw were some of his more appealing features. Janet didn't mind the slight tingle in her pussy when he took her arm and escorted her around his crowded home, introducing her to the other neighbors.

By midnight the get-together had progressed into a dance party.
The stereo was getting a workout, and several people were dancing nonstop.
Others were clustered together, laughing, talking and making frequent trips to the bar.
Mark had just finished dancing with the stocky woman from across the street and then began a discussion with her husband on the merits of his company re-carpeting their home, while Bob took Janet's arm and led her from den.

"We're running low on scotch," Bob said, leaning close to her ear to make himself heard above the music.
"Let's get the private stock from the wine cellar."
The wine cellar turned out to be nothing more than the basement, and the private stock a case of beer icing down on a battered workbench.
Still, Janet didn't think too much was amiss until she noticed Bob locking the door to the basement.

"Isn't this better?" he said, stepping up to her and gently slipping his arms around her waist.
"We can have our own private party."
Janet laughed nervously and tried to back away.
"Hey, now, don't get shy on me," he said, pulling her closer against his chest.
"Just relax, this is supposed to be a get acquainted party, remember?"
"Hummmm, maybe I should call a cop?" she said, feeling both panic and excitement passing through her body.
He smiled and brushed himself against her.
"You already called and, ta-da, here I am."
He kissed her quickly on the lips, then made a little series of kisses along her neck.
When she squirmed he pulled back a little.
"Are you going to make me arrest you for being a cocktease?"
She flashed a feeble smile.
"I'm not sure I would like that," she whispered.

Things were beginning to happen so quickly.
Her head was practically spinning, and she didn't think it had much to do with the booze she'd had.
Bob Spring was affecting her in a way that no man other than Mark ever had before.
Bob, like Mark, had the broad shoulders and the hard body that she liked in a man.
And Bob, again like Mark, was obviously an aggressive guy.

The spinning continued as she went through a whole assortment of mixed feelings and conflicting signals.
What was obvious was that she was horny and getting more so by the second!
"You're fighting it, Janet, for some reason," he said, pulling her tighter.
"You're fighting me and yourself. Why don't you stop pretending. You know you want this as much as I do, we both know it."

She felt his lips on the soft, sensitive flesh of her neck and upper chest.
His hands were securely gripping the firmness of her ass cheeks, squeezing the flesh through her tight-fitting skirt.
Then his lips were again on hers and his tongue was darting into her mouth.

Janet trembled and felt herself melt against him. Instinctively, she sucked on his invading tongue, taking it all the way inside her mouth.
She moaned as he rubbed against her.
"Not much time now, baby," he whispered, and kissed the side of her face and tongued her ears behind the silky curls of her long locks.
She felt the pressure of his hands pushing her down by the shoulders.
She swooned, her control vanished completely. It was crazy, but she was sinking down to the floor on her knees in front of a stranger, her fingers awkwardly fumbling with his zipper and belt.
It was as if she were outside of herself looking in, her body about to perform this incredible act.
I love my husband!
I love only him, I really do, she told herself.

Yet, her fingers continued to work on Bob's fly until she reached inside and actually touched his hot prick.
A startled yelp escaped her lips when she actually touched his cock.
She hadn't touched another man's cock since before her marriage to Mark.
She could not believe what was happening and what she was doing.

She pulled out Bob's prick and looked at it, studying it as it twitched against her fingers.
She felt it stiffen and a surge of excitement swept over her.
She realized the lewd joy of turning on a man other than her husband.
His cock leaped and trembled, growing rapidly as she stroked it.
She eyed the ballooning cockhead pointing right at her.
"Damn, Janet, see what you do to me?" he hissed, his voice breaking into her wanton thoughts.
"Go ahead and kiss it, honey. I know you give great head.
I could tell that the first time I saw you. Show me I'm right, baby. Prove it to me.
I know you want to do it."

"No, Bob, I can't!" she protested weakly as she continued to grip his prick, gazing in lewd fascination at his swollen cock knob.
"It's too dangerous."
"Stop worrying," he scolded her mildly.
"Everyone up there is too drunk to even know we're missing."
He smiled down at her. "Come on, honey, do it. You're not getting back upstairs until you do," he said as he reached down to fondle her big tits through her blouse.

She gasped when he touched her breasts.
Deep inside her creaming cunt a fire blazed, igniting her passion even more.
In that strange instant Janet knew there was no turning back.
She knew what she would do, and she knew how she wanted to suck Bob's cock.
She wanted to taste his cum and drink it down.

"Oh, I hate myself, but I can't help it," she whispered.
"Come on, sweetheart," he urged, fondling her tits through the sheer material of her silk blouse.
"Why save it all for your old man? Spread the fun around a little, you'll be happier for it."

Janet's blood raced at the mention of Mark's name, and a flood of guilt coursed through her.
She closed her eyes for a second, but, when she blinked them back open, she was still staring at Bob's hard cock, her hand still securely holding it by the base.

"What if we get caught?" she whispered.
"Forget it," he snapped confidently.
"No one will come snooping around down here. Besides, the door is locked.
We're safe and you don't have a choice."

Her mind went blank and Janet had only to listen to the urgent whispers of her lust-filled body.
Almost absently she continued to squeeze his cock, concentrating on the head area.
She was amazed that Bob's cock was almost the same size as her husband's, although not quite as thick in the shaft.
As she studied his prick, she felt some wondrous contractions begin and as she shifted her position, she could feel her juice-slickened pussy lips rub together deliciously.
Her clit began erecting quickly in proportion to her horniness and growing lust.
The way Bob continued to play with her sensitive tits was gradually driving up the heat of her cunt even more.

She closed her eyes again and imagined how wonderful it would be if Bob would begin to suck her nipples.
She always loved it when Mark played with her tits, licking and sucking on the nipples.
Suck action never failed to make her cunt extremely wet and hot.
She sighed, realizing the fantasy of Bob sucking her tits wouldn't happen tonight.
There just wasn't time.
She was afraid someone would surely soon miss them.

She began moving Bob's cock flesh up and down, sliding her hand over his hard, stiff shaft.
It felt both strange and exciting to be touching another man's cock.
She couldn't contain her curiosity as she used her free hand to cup his balls.

She shivered as she held his prick with one hand and his nuts with another.
His big, hairy balls were hot and sweaty on her palm, and she crooned a raspy sigh just imagining the huge cum load stored in them.
As if she were in a trance, she leaned her face forward, bringing her lips an inch from his swollen cockhead.
She could now smell the intoxicating aroma of his maleness and the scent nearly overpowered her and she was forced into action.

She touched the tip of his cockhead with her lips.
She ached to have his prick in her mouth, to feel the pleasure of it stretching her lips, clogging her throat, stuffing her full.
She longed to feast on him, to give him the wild pleasure that no man can resist and that every man craved.
She longed to please him and, in turn, know that he appreciated her for that.
With a cautious flip of her tongue she licked at the head of his shaft, tasting the pre-cum.
The taste thrilled her, being different from the taste of her husband's.
She went to work on the tiny slit with her tongue.
"Oh, shit, you sure know how to tease a guy," Bob groaned, now tangling his fingers through her long silky hair.
"I knew I was right about you, Janet. You were born with a natural talent for sucking cock."

The horny woman held his throbbing organ in her fist as she opened her jaws wide and sucked the swollen knob into her mouth.
She closed her lips around the bulbous head and continued to suck.
At the same time, she swirled her tongue around and began covering the shaft with her spit.
Janet moaned as she sucked him.
She savored the taste of him and soon was no longer content to just taste his cockhead.
She sucked vigorously and drew in several more inches of his prick between her lips.
Her mouth slid down over the veined flesh, creating a tight ring as she gobbled up inch after inch of his hot cock.
Then she flattened her tongue and arranged her mouth to allow herself to take in more cock until, at last, her lips nudged the bristly clump of his dark pubic hairs.
Bob groaned with delight.
His reaction thrilled her almost as much as the satisfying sensation of his rubbery cockhead pressing into her throat.
She prided herself on being able to mouth all of Mark's prick, and now the satisfying feeling was just as strong as she performed the same action with Bob's cock.
Slowly, she pulled her head back.
Then she brought her tongue back into action, flicking it along the ridged underside of Bob's cock shaft.
Then, with only his cockhead between her lips, she once again swirled her tongue over it.
Bob grunted huskily as she gulped his prick deep into her mouth, taking it all with one swift suction force.
This time she didn't linger. Instead, she pulled back swiftly and released his prick entirely from her mouth.

Before he could object, Janet attacked his cock with her wet tongue.
She licked and nibbled, covering every inch of his fuck stick with spit while massaging his balls with both hands.
"Damn, honey, you sure are doing some fine action on me," Bob gasped, twisting her hair in his fingers and trying to pull her mouth back onto his cock.
Finally, she did suck his cock back into her mouth.
She moaned as she tasted him again and she was especially happy with the active responses his cock made with every sensual touch.
Then Bob grabbed the back of her head and roughly fucked his rigid cock straight into her face.
The sudden motion caught her off guard for a moment, but she recovered before gagging.
Her own moans grew louder and more urgent as he began driving his cock in and out of her mouth with deep strokes.
Now, without a doubt, Janet knew she enjoyed the rough treatment.
She loved a forceful man, especially when it came to fucking and sucking. Her pussy heated up as Bob fucked her mouth.
His big, hard prick hit against her windpipe as he gyrated his hips and shoved into her mouth repeatedly.
He built up the rhythm and the pace until his balls literally bounced against her chin each time he fucked his cock to the hilt into her mouth.
Her lips burned from the friction of his prick, but she didn't care.
The hot fire in her pussy suddenly blazed out of control and a great climax shuddered through her.

A second later, she felt the surge of his cock just before the first blast of his cum juice splashed against the back of her throat.
She jumped involuntarily, but the desperate hold he had on the back of her head kept her locked firmly in place, forcing her to receive every drop of his salty cum.
The spewing fluid shot from his prick in thick ropes.
Janet gulped and swallowed, barely having the ability to catch her breath.
For a panicky moment she feared she might actually miss some of his milky load, but she managed to drink it all down.
She squeezed his balls, then his cock root.
She wanted to make sure she had completely drained him before freeing his prick from her mouth.
Then she let his softening prick slide from her lips and stood up slowly.

She smiled shyly as he beamed a lewd, broad smile back at her.
"I think I'm going to love having you right next door," Bob said with a throaty snicker as he pulled up his pants.
Janet didn't answer, but the smile on her face suggested that she shared his feelings completely.
He took her hand and led her back up the stairs, unlocked the basement door and took a quick peek around before leading her into the kitchen.

They rejoined the party and she found Mark sitting next to a petite redhead she recognized as the one who lived about four houses down from theirs.
She grinned to herself as she saw the lust in the woman's eyes and caught the position of her hand as it rested on Mark's thighs.
It lay dangerously close to his cock, which was about half-hard.

As she crossed the living room to sit down on the other side of her husband, she was filled with conflicting emotions.
On one hand, she felt extremely guilty about what she had just done with Bob and hoped that Mark would never find out.
Yet, she knew in her heart that she would do it again if the opportunity presented itself.
On the other hand, she wanted Mark all to herself, not wanting to share him with anyone.
But, she realized that if she were going to suck and maybe even fuck Bob, then why shouldn't Mark have the same freedom.

She could tell by the way he was reacting to the redhead that he would love to fuck her.

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