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Conference Delegate

by Jan

About two years ago, when I was in my early twenties, I was working for a company in London's docklands.
I was the hapless recipient of an order to attend a management course taking place in a Brighton Hotel.
I say hapless, as these events are interminably boring.
I remember the weather was humid and pressingly warm. I arrived in the evening at the hotel, checked in, showered and went downstairs to the restaurant.

It was impossible to tell how many of the other diners were delegates or guests for another reason.
Those sitting alone were probably most likely to be delegates for the course, I reasoned.
I agonised over whether or not I would approach one of the other delegates and face rejection, or whether I would act with typical English stoicism and sit alone.
I sat alone.

The following day I met the other delegates during the morning break.
As usual the majority were young men and most were superficial power-hungry little shits which dominate middle management structure - all mobile phones, filofaxes and Armani suits.
Grant was the only one among them who was different.
He has was dressed casually, spoke softly and easily. He has no phone, flash suit or cheap suntan.
He walked over to me as he was obviously being shunned by other zoot-suit kids.
"I'm Grant and I'm bored."
"I'm Jan and I'm bored too."
He laughed easily with a wide generous mouth.
He was older than the others - possibly forty, but age had lent him a casual confidence and secure manner.
We were soon back into the conference where Grant managed to rearrange the seating to sit next to next to me.

During the interminable rambling of some corporate fat-cat about dynamic management policies and middle management down-sizing, I became aware of a hand on my thigh beneath the table.
My first instinct was to jump and brush the hand away.
Then I noticed Grant grinning.
His boyish smile made him look ten years younger.

His hand worked it's way up my thigh.
My breath came in short sharp intakes.
Some of the other delegates looked up from their note-taking and I coughed to cover my confusion.
Grant's hand slid inexorably up my thigh until I felt his fingers on my crotch.
Through the flimsy material of my knickers I felt his fingers probe gently into my pussy.
I obligingly opened my leg and his hand repositioned itself to gain access to my panties.
His finger slid easily into my now moist hole.
Grant's face was impassive, staring at the speaker.
No one in the room could've guessed what was happening beneath the table.
I felt Grant's finger move to my swollen clit.
I moaned again, coughed and excused myself from the table.
Grant's hand slid away from my moist mound and I stood, leaving the hall.

I went to the bar and ordered a glass of iced-water.
My hand was shaking as I took the glass.
"Make that two, bartender."
I looked around and Grant was there with his boyish grin.
I tried looking at him steadily but I knew I must be simpering like a schoolgirl.
"I have a room." I pointed out lamely.
"I didn't think they made you sleep in the car park." He answered.

The single bed was generous.
As we entered the room, Grant lifted me up, closing the door behind us.
He laid me down on the bed, covering my mouth with his.
His tongue probed my mouth.
His kisses were hot and demanding. I wrapped my arms around his neck and whispered urgently.
"Are you going to fuck me?"
"Then you don't want to watch Richard and Judy first."
I laughed and stood up.
Grant lay back on the bed, content to watch me undress.
"Don't you want to help?" I asked.
He shook his head languorously.
"No, I want to watch."
I removed my clothing slowly, leaving my knickers till last.
"No," he commanded. "stop, face the other way, bend over and take them off."
I complied, knowing that as I bent over, he could see my hairy mound, now wet with anticipation, between my legs.
Finally Grant stood up.
"Now, I do need help."
I undressed him hastily, pulling his jockey shorts over his straining erection.
What popped out was neither long, nor thick, just beautifully proportioned.
It was, however, the hardest penis I have ever felt.
Engorged with blood, it stood erect and proud.
I took it in my hands and rubbed it gently, easing the fluid from it tip around the helmet on the end.
Instinctively, my free hand went down to my own flesh, to my throbbing clitoris. I worked it in a circular motion.
I am not a noisy person when making love, but I couldn't stop a moan escaping me lips.
"On the bed." Grant commanded.

Lying on the bed, Grant kissed my neck, my ears and my shoulders.
He worked his way down to my breasts where he kneaded them gently with his hands.
Then taking them into his mouth, he sucked at the nipples vigorously.
They became stiff and erect in his mouth. Again I moaned softly.
As he sucked so expertly, I felt his hand caress my stomach, course down to my pubic hair and to my Venus mound.
At first he didn't explore the flesh but keeping my pussy closed, he worked the palm of his hand around on the flesh.
I could feel my labia working my clitoris round in a sensuous circle, feel the heat of Grant's hand, the tenderness and the yet the urgency.
I wanted him in me.

I reached down between us as once again, felt his powerful cock in my hand.
As he continued to suck at my breasts, and work my pussy, I pulled his penis in long even strokes.
Amid the sucking noises I heard him moan and I shivered at the sound.
Grant lowered his head between my legs and rested his mouth on my pussy.
His fingers parted the lips and his tongue began its exploration over my vagina.
His tongue probed deep into my hole and swept over my clitoris in a single stroke.
The effect was electric.
He continued to do this several times until I started to tremble with a rising orgasm.
My breathing shook in my throat and the long strokes of his tongue continued.

Then without warning he stopped.
"Don't stop." I whispered urgently. Grant laughed wickedly.
"You'll enjoy it all the more."
I sat up and took his cock in my hands.
He lay back and I placed my lips against the tip of his shaft.
I felt him shudder with anticipation.
A took the engorged tip of his hard manhood in my mouth, playing my tongue along the underside it.
I eased my mouth over his entire cock, feeling it touch the back of my throat with its sensual warmth.
Grant moaned again, closed his eyes and sighed deeply.
I worked his penis slowly and gently and his breathing became harder.
I knew his was only several strokes from coming so I redoubled my efforts.
Without warning Grant lifted my head clear of his manhood and lay me back on the bed.

Lifting my buttocks clear of the bed, he knelt between my legs.
He parted my swollen labia with his fingers and eased the tip of cock into my pussy hole.
He slid it in gently and slowly, savouring every millimetre of its journey. When it was home and snug, deep inside me, he began to move rhythmically while his thumb made circular motions around my clitoris.
Leaning forward, and without losing the motion, he sucked hard on my breasts.
I became filled with a frenzy of passion and desire.
I wrapped my arms around his neck while biting his shoulder.

Once again, just before I came, he stopped and rolled my gently onto my stomach.
I lifted my rear clear of the bed and felt his cock slide into my pussy hole.
Again, no furious pumping but firm, decisive strokes as he plunged in and out of me.
Taking his shaft from out my hole, he let it run up and down my pussy, over me labia, brushing against my throbbing clitoris.

The ecstasy was indescribable.
Again, his cock entered me and his soft fingers rubbed over the bud of my clitoris in circular motions.
While Grant did this, his hand came round and kneaded the firm flesh of my breasts.

Once again, I felt my orgasm rise.
"I coming." I panted.
Grant said nothing.
I repeated it over and over again.
"I coming."
My stomach knotted with furious passion.
There was nothing I wouldn't do for this man.
I wanted him to do it all to me.
He was making me come.
He was sliding in and out of me, his fingers cleverly bringing me to orgasm.
I felt my breath rasp, almost unable to support myself, keeping my pussy off the bed.
He pumped hard and long, his fingers worked their magic circles.
My chest filled with sobs of desire and lust. I was only a moment way from climax.
Then it happened.
My body shook with delirium and ecstasy.
My pussy pounded and spasmed.
I cried and jerked and at the same time felt Grant come inside me.
The long hard strokes slowed as he filled me with his warm semen.

I felt his throbbing cock inside me and my orgasm became more intense.
"Yes. I've come." I moaned as my pussy pulsated around his still thrusting penis.

Even after coming my pussy tightened and contracted and I shuddered at the effect then collapsed onto my stomach.

We lay for several moments, panting and sweating. His hand still around my breasts and pussy.
Gently he eased himself out of me and rolled over.
Several minutes had past and to my amazement, his member was still hard and firm.
"What's that?"
"A penis. You must have seen pictures." He quipped.
"No. I mean, why's it still hard?"
"I won't go down for a while yet."
I marvelled at it and stroked it sily firmness.
"That's amazing." I confessed.
"Sometimes. Only sometimes. It'll go down after an hour.
That can be a curse.
Especially if you're going out. People notice you've got a hard on you know. Especially if you go out naked."
"So you're going to stay stiff for a bit then?"
I opened the entrance to my pussy with my fingers and lowered myself on his throbbing cock.
"Then let's not waste it." I said and slowly moved my hips, grinding his cock deep inside me.

Grant left that evening after the conference.
I had made a note of his e-mail address and we keep in touch this way.
I'm unlikely to see him again, but I think about him often, use him as the focus of my fantasy when I'm making love to a man.
If nothing else I'm grateful the experience he gave me.


(Names changed to protect the guilty!)

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