Monday, December 25, 2006

Newlywed Fun - 2

By Casie ( Aug 99)

"I won't be able to step out of this house as long as we live here," Janet said, stretching under the bedcovers.
Her naked leg brushed against Mark's bare body.
"I think I'll die of embarrassment the first time I see that woman."

Mark smiled and playfully cupped his wife's full, rounded tit.
"Stop worrying about it. I'm sure we didn't show her anything she hasn't seen or done before. She looked like a lady who has been around."
"Is that right?" Janet scoffed, giving him a poke in the ribs.
"You sure seemed to have noticed an awful lot for someone in the position you were in at the time."
He rolled onto his side and began fondling her tits with both hands as they snuggled closer together on the bed.
"Honey, I've always told you that I admire a good-looking woman, but, you also know that you are my number one woman. You are the one I love, and the one I married."
"Keep trying to talk your way out of this one, Mark," she said with a grin.
"You aren't getting off the hook that easy."
She smiled lovingly at him, despite the flicker of jealousy that flashed through her mind.

She decided to change the subject.
"Mark, you have to feel a little embarrassed about what happened, too. I mean, that woman will surely tell the other neighbors and, well, every time I see someone from the neighborhood, I'll be sure they are snickering behind my back."
"So? Let them," he told her, gently rolling one of her plump nipples between his fingertips, loving the way the little bud stiffened from his touch.
"At least we've given them plenty to talk about. Think of how popular we'll be."
"Mark, you're impossible!" she cried with a laugh.
"And, speaking of impossible, isn't it hard to believe we have spent the whole day and most of the night in our new house and have only fucked once?"
"You're right," she replied with a grin, reaching beneath the covers to grab his stiff cock.
"And that is something we should change right now.

She felt his lips lock around one of her nipples as she gently squeezed his cock.
She couldn't help but think of the way he was able to make everything seem okay just by turning her on.
She would turn into a real slut if not careful, she thought as new arousal swept over her.

It had been a long, tiring day with the move, unpacking, and the other work that went with any major move, and with the startling intrusion of the neighbor.
Now, as she lay beside Mark, thrilling to his manipulations of her tits, the familiar excitement of his wonderful sexual expertise returned.

She reached down and cupped his balls in her two hands, cradling them with loving care, massaging them delicately as his cock surged into glorious hardness.
She moaned as he sucked on first one nipple and then the other one, and nibbled on them just hard enough to make her cry out.
As he tongued her nipples, Janet began stroking his cock shaft, trying to cover every precious inch of his manhood.
She loved the way his cock seemed to dance against her hand.
Within seconds, her pussy was pulsing and aching with the need to be filled with her man's cock.

"Ahhh, yes," she moaned when his right hand slipped down her thigh, and then she held her breath as his fingers began their search through her downy pussy hair.
Her puffy cunt lips began to tingle with anticipation.
His fingers caressed along the edge of her slit, massaging the slick tissue and making her sigh and groan.
His fingertips teased the entrance of her fuck hole, driving her mad with lust and desire, and pleasure continued to build.
There was no stopping the expanding flow of heat which glowed inside her.
"Fuck me now, Mark!" she pleaded breathlessly.
"Oh, honey, fuck me! I need your great big cock inside of me! Please, fuck me hard and deep!"

His only response was to swirl his tongue faster and faster over her excited nipples, dividing his attention equally between her two tits while continuing to tease her cunt lips with his fingers.
She felt juices wash over her trembling pussy lips and she enjoyed the vibrations that tormented her clit.
Then she trembled all over when Mark gulped one of her big tits almost all the way into his mouth.
She squeezed the base of his cock as her hoarse groans rasped in her throat.
She wanted to force his cockhead against her pussy, then suck his prick into her quaking cunt, all the way to the hilt.
She tried to move herself on top of his prick, but he refused to cooperate.
Instead, he kept toying with her cunt lips.
He sucked her tits vigorously, moving from one to the other, even when he finally tweaked her clit between two fingers.
Janet cried out, her passion obvious in her body's reactions to his touch. Her arousal gradually turned to frustration, and she started jerking on his prick, milking it fast and hard.
Her guttural pleas were no longer understandable, but she kept on babbling.

At last, Mark shoved two fingers up inside her syrupy cunt. Janet shouted out in ecstasy and automatically began humping her hips, impaling her cunt on her husband's fingers as far as she could. He glanced up at her and smiled sheepishly.
Then he lazily licked her stiff nipples while continuing to fuck his fingers in and out of her cunt.
"You're a lot of woman to handle," he told her softly.
"I just love to prove that I'm man enough to do the job -- and do it right."
"Do it, Mark!" she almost screamed.
"Damn you, do it now! Fuck me, honey. Fuck me with your big hard cock! I can't wait any longer!"

He nibbled her dark, erect nipples for a few seconds more while sawing his fingers in and out of her pussy.
Her whole body was now aching with passion.
She whined as she pushed herself up, planting her knees on either side of his hips and frantically positioning her dripping pussy above his bulbous cockhead. All the while, Janet maintained her firm grip on Mark's thick cock, holding his prick straight up.
She quivered feverishly as she lowered her pussy onto the swollen rod.
Her wet lips spread around his mushroom-shaped cockhead as her muscles flexed and gripped his invading cock.
Then she straightened, throwing her head back, allowing her long curly hair to hang down her back and her huge, snow-white tits to jut from her chest.

In one swift motion, she impaled herself completely and shrieked in a mixture of pain-pleasure as his cock forced wide the walls of her cunt and slammed into her.
Her ass came to rest on his cum-filled balls and she felt like she was in heaven.
"Oh, yesssssss, yessssss!" she hissed, squeezing her knees against his hips.
"Ohhh, lover, this is what I've been waiting for."
She smiled down at her husband's handsome face as she began swaying gently back and forth on his lap.
She rocked her hips in large, slow circles as her cunt clung to the entire length of his prick.

Mark reached up to finger her tits and began twitching his hips, knifing his cock up into the depths of his wife's hot, wet cunt.
His breath came in ragged spurts, his own desire soaring as her cunt walls massaged and stroked his cock.
He pinched and pulled her tits and nipples even as Janet began lifting her cunt up the length of his rod, till only the head of it rested inside the velvety, slippery cunt.
Then, without warning, she dropped back down, taking the whole nine inches into her depths.

There was no stopping.
She bounced up and down on his cock, her pussy sliding madly in a faster rhythm, her head rocking from side to side.
She glutted herself on the tremendous feelings going through her.
And Janet rode her husband's cock with glee, pounding up and down, setting the tempo of their fucking.
"I'm cumming!" she cried as tingles swept through her entire body. "Oh, yes, fuck me, Mark! Fuck me, I'm cumming!"
His hands gripped her ass cheeks, squeezing the firm round flesh as she kept riding him.
He made an effort to snag her jiggling tits with his lips, and more than once he almost made it.
When, at last, he managed to suck one of the nipples into his mouth, Janet bellowed another throaty shriek and her lovely body trembled mightily.
Another bone rattling orgasm rocked her.

It was this second climax that drove Mark over the edge and made him lose control.
His cock leaped inside Janet's cunt. His cockhead throbbed and he groaned as the cum exploded from his cock.
Thick gobs of jizz rocketed into her pussy, blasting up into her hot hole.
And, at that very instant, he slipped a finger into her tight vulnerable asshole, causing her to shriek and gyrate all over again as a third orgasm rattled through her.
Janet's pussy milked him dry as she collapsed on top of him.
Finally, she lay on her husband, her head resting on his chest, her pussy clenching his spent prick.
She savored the glorious sensations that slowly pulsed through her.
The fading pleasure of her multiple climaxes left her serene, and she refused to waste the special moment by doing anything other than hugging herself to the man she loved.
Time passed without her awareness, and when she finally stirred, dawn was peeking through the bedroom curtains.
She moved cautiously, so as not to wake Mark, and spent several sweet moments gazing lovingly upon his resting body.

Gently she rested herself beside him and moved down the bed till her face was level with his semi-hard cock.
She studied the thick mat of his pubic hairs, now dried and crusty with her cunt juices.
She touched the loose flesh of his ball sac, tracing his nuts with delicate touches of her fingertips.
Then she leaned over and lightly kissed the crown of his prick.
Mark moaned softly and shifted slightly in his sleep.
Janet smiled and lazily licked her tongue over the tip of his cock.
She tasted the sweetness of her own juice and the strange sensation that followed slightly shocked her.
Such a wanton action almost disturbed her, but she gradually dismissed the troubling idea as his cock stirred into arousal.
She gently sucked his cock between her lips and held it there.
With gentle, coaxing sucks, his cock began to grow, expanding in both length and width inside her mouth. She shivered with excitement.

Soon, Janet couldn't help sucking more and more of his growing organ into her hot mouth.
Feeling his shaft uncoil caused her own lust to grow, and she absently reached down and placed one of her hands on her cunt.
She touched her clit as she increased the tempo of her sucking and, within seconds, she had Mark's cock standing tall, pulsing between her lips as she felt fresh wetness in her pussy.
She inserted a finger into her hole and wiggled it around.
At the same time, she gulped more of his prick into her mouth.
She sucked harder on his cock and continued finger-fucking herself.
Tasting the pussy juice on his fuck meat thrilled her and provided more than enough excitement to make her masturbation reduce her to swooning pleasure.
She squeezed her lips around the middle of his cock and started tickling the underside of his length with her tonguetip.
She felt his cock tremble and a moment later his eyes blinked open.

"Don't you ever get enough?" he asked, chuckling softly as he reached out to touch her tits.
She shook her head without removing her lips from his prick. She met his smile as she gulped more of him down.
She inserted another finger into her cunt and began pumping faster in and out of her juiced up hole.
She was hoping Mark would take the job over for her, but she soon realized he was enjoying the show too much.
Besides, she guessed men just naturally liked that sort of thing, and she was determined to please her man in every way she could.
More than ever, Janet wanted to be the perfect wife. As her self-induced orgasm neared, she started bobbing her head up and down on his prick.
Her lips blazed over his cock, creating a terrific friction which she knew he loved.
Then, her cunt juices washed out over her fingers and Mark's cock jerked inside of her mouth.
She next tasted jets of jism blasting against the back of her mouth and throat.

She sucked fast, swallowing down the thick cum as quick as she could.
When her orgasm had finally faded, and she had drained Mark's balls, she kissed the tip of his cockhead lightly, making Mark laugh as he reached out to warmly embrace her.
As they kissed, Janet sighed.
There's nothing like a nourishing drink of cum to get the day off to a roaring start, she thought.

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