Friday, December 15, 2006

The Pastor's Daughter II-- Return of the Pastor's Daughter

By Laralee( JULY 99)

The truth is, I learned how to fuck from my Mom.

Before she taught me, I only knew what my inexperienced, before-me-a-virgin boyfriend had taught me: that I laid down, he stuck it in pumped me a few times, jizzed into his condom, and fell asleep.
I knew that the first time it hurt, and after that it almost felt good, as long as he wore a lubricated condom.

But Mom saw that, and she wanted me to know better.

I had just finished getting off on my Mom's vibrator (which did more to me than Patrick's member ever had) while watching her fuck my boyfriend, when I decided that I wanted Patrick to fuck me, too.
I laid down on my bed and spread my legs in anticipation while he got on his knees between my legs, stroking his semi-erect cock to get it rock-hard again.
I used my hands to stroke and pinch my nipples while I waited for him to shove his dick into my pussy.
He was just beginning to rub the head over the glistening lips to my pussy when my Mom suddenly said, "Wait, stop."

Patrick almost instantaneously lost his erection and I felt an urgent desire to cover my naked body.
I couldn't fuck my boyfriend while Mom watched!

But Mom kept looking at me. "Lara, are you even wet?"

"No, Mom, I stopped wetting the bed years ago!"

My Mom laughed at my innocence.
"No, sweetie, not that kind of wet. Doesn't Patrick ever lick your pussy?"

I thought about it.
Not really.
In fact, when I touched myself and used the vibrator, I made myself wetter than I'd ever been with Patrick.
One time he sort of started to eat me out, but he complained that it smelled kind of funny, so I immediately made him stop.
I was very self- conscious of the new smells my body had been producing since puberty.
So I had never truly had oral sex from Patrick, even though I had sucked him off a couple of times, even let him come in my mouth.
The first time I did that, we were in his truck in the parking lot of the high school one night.
I knew that I wouldn't have anywhere to spit or wipe my mouth off with, so I swallowed every drop.
He looked so satisfied after that night that I had to do it a few more times, just for the satisfaction of seeing Patrick's stupid permanent grin afterwards and knowing that I caused it.

But suddenly my Mom was kneeling next to me on the bed, grabbing Patrick's head and guiding it towards my pussy.
"Now do it to her, lick my daughter's pussy," she instructed, and he nodded nervously in agreement.
"Do what you did to me to my beautiful Laralee," she quipped.
And boy, did he ever obey!
He started licking liberally at my labial lips, and flicking the tip of his tongue to my clit.

"So, the . . . smell . . . doesn't b- . . . bother you?" I gasped between deep, loud breaths.
I felt the beginnings of a tremor deep in my belly.

"Oh no!" My Mom answered for him.
"Patty loves the taste of pussy, don't you Pattyboy!
The hotter and wetter it is, the more he yearns to have you just sit on his face so that he can drink your come, right Patrick?"

I was still shocked by the sound of my Mom (the Youth Pastor, no less!) talking dirty to my boyfriend.
As Pat just buried his face in my muff, his nose rubbing over my clit as his mouth and tongue fucked my cunt, I felt that tremor explode on my insides and My whole body shuddered.
I started grinding my hips and I grabbed his head, pulling him into me and fucking his face.
My Mom watched on in approval. "Now suck on her clit, Patty."

Again Pat responded immediately, and I was suddenly coming just as I had with the vibrator, only now I had my boyfriend lapping it up frantically.
I now urgently needed to have him inside me, so I took my hands from his head and grabbed his shoulders as I leaned back so I was laying down completely and he was on top of me.
He grabbed his now very erect penis and started to guide it into my completely slippery slit.

"Hold it," My Mom said, and Patrick and I both froze in our places.
We had forgotten that she was still watching.
"No daughter of mine is going to live thinking the missionary position is the only way to have sex.
Frankly, I don't think that Patty's big enough to satisfy you that way.
Patty, get off of Lara. Lara, roll over and get on your hands and knees."

Patty obeyed, I think, out of fear.
I was obeying purely because I knew that my Mom wanted me to learn every possible pleasure my body was capable of producing.
She was making it possible for me to explore myself in ways I was ordinarily too shy to investigate.
She was helping me to let go of all my inhibitions so I could achieve ultimate satisfaction from my boyfriend.

"Now, Patty, I want you to take Lara from behind.
I want you to wrap your arms around her waist and rub her clit while you penetrate her, and fuck her slowly with deep strokes.
I don't want you to come before I get back," she said, stepping out of my room.
I wasn't sure where she was going, and though I was curious for a moment, I forgot all about her as soon as I felt Patrick's fingertip stroking my clit softly as he entered me from behind.

As his cock slid in, it felt deeper than I'd ever felt it, and it felt great.
He pushed the shaft in so slowly until he was pressed right up against my bottom.
Then he began to draw back again, slowly, until just the head was still inside of me.
Then he started to drive it back in, still slowly, but not as slowly as the first time.
Then he pulled back out and pushed back in, picking up the pace ever so slightly with each stroke.
His finger correspondingly stroked my clit with increasing frequency.
I felt my eyes starting to roll back in my head as I moaned loudly enough to rouse the neighbors, I thought.
Then Patrick suddenly stopped mid-stroke and took a long, deep breath.

"You stopped," I moaned, "Don't stop, Patty, PLEASE don't stop," I begged.
I needed that cock, just a few more strokes!

"Your Mom said not to come before she came back," he said, worriedly.

I twisted around to see him as best as I could, and I growled, "Fuck what my mother said.
I need that cock and I need it NOW and you're going to give it to me."

Patrick had a confused look in his eyes which made me think he didn't know who to fear more, my mother or me.
I think the pain of thinking about it made his brain shut down and his dick take over, because he finally shook all the thoughts out of his head as he pumped his shaft deep back into my pussy, making me moan again as he pressed his body against my ass cheeks.

My Mom returned a few strokes later, and asked me if I came yet.
I nodded.
"I think I'm working on another one, though," I moaned in between deep breaths.

"Make her come one more time before you do, Patty," She commanded my boyfriend.

Patrick nodded but started pumping his hips faster, and he was fondling the nipple of my right breast as he quickly stroked my clit in time with his thrusts.
I came with a high-pitched moan and Patrick started his trademark growl as his body shook and he shot his hot semen into me.

I fairly collapsed on the bed, with my arms and legs spread wide. I felt so warm and satisfied.
My eyes locked with my Mom's, and I smiled.
I can truly say that she's the best teacher I've ever had.

But the episode with Patrick was certainly not the last lesson . . .


Warrior said...

difficult to imagine any of my girlfriends when I was younger being happy to have their mothers around. Much easier now that my girlfriends have daughters in their late teens and early twenties to imagine this scence and wow it's hot. Nice post Camilla.

The English Courtesan said...

Now THAT is an opening line Camilla! :-)

Livvy xxx

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