Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday Afternoon


"I love vaginas with large labial lips.", I exclaim for the umpteenth time since we met and I first gazed upon your splendour, "Most of all I like to take them each, one at a time, into my mouth, and starting down near the vortex, suck my way outward,"
(I kneel down before the bedroom chair, to demonstrate, kissing your wide-open and smooth inner thighs between syllables.)
"running them through my tightened lips. I (kiss) love (kiss) the (kiss) spongy (kiss)(kiss), rubbery, slippery,(kiss)(kiss)(kiss)meaty feel of them as they are stretched(kiss) and slowly released, the(kiss)pink insides all smooth and slithery with gump(kiss)and(kiss)(kiss)saliva."
I stop talking and concentrate more intently upon my demonstration.
I switch back and forth between the butterfly wings of your vagina, pulling them as far outward as they will go between my lips, then releasing them with a spongy snap, watching as they reform and retake their places of sentry.
"Big, sweet, purple lips are like a soft present to open every time," I continue as you smile, a little bit startled at my enthusiasm, and showing my delighted surprise at your deep, hot, succulent secret, I lose all control and my tongue rushes to that oozing hole like a divining rod, swirling in ever-narrowing circles until it reaches your nexus, where I gently and insistently dab and lick up as much of the flowing nectar as I can.

I use my tongue and lips to distribute it all about, making the whole region of your crotch a sweet, spunky delight - all a-glisten in the light.
Your thighs gleam like rain-slick stones!
Working my way from the bottom near your anus, back and forth, I visit each and every swollen, excited, rushing millimeter of your vagina as I ascend, steadily for the hidden jewel of your now-tumescent clitoris.
I tease my way around it at first, slither-slathering my snaky tongue all over and around the sensitive meeting place of your labia where they converge near your hood.
I pause while you spread your knees as far apart as they will go, nearly flat.
You place your feet on my upper arms for support, afraid of what is sure to happen next, as I reach in and, using my left hand, spread your pussy wide, exposing the hood and making you vulnerable to my advances.
With my face mere centimeters from your now begging clitoris, I begin to blow a steady, sharp stream of air on it with my pursed lips.
The air is cool and sharp and you giggle and writhe, lasciviously grinning down at me, a look of love in your eyes.
My own eyes glisten with the understanding gleam of love and closeness and togetherness between women who are friends and lovers and so much more.
I plant a long, loving, gentle kiss on your clitoris through its hood.
You fall back, gently gasping in air, your eyes closed tightly, and a long, soft moan escapes your sweetly opened mouth.
As my love kiss lingers and becomes more heartfelt and intense, a tear streams down your cheek into your ear.
"Oh baby," you breath, "You are the most wonderful thing in my young life."
I grin and dab you smartly with my tongue tip and you jump - like I arced electricity onto your bud, and your feet push into me as your loins tighten and contract, involuntarily, your first orgasm starting to explode like distant fireworks over the horizon.
I pull back and watch as a massive gush of spunk escapes your canal, and I drink every drop before getting back to work on you.
I place my right thumb into your vagina's opening and grab your hot ass with the four fingers, lifting you off the chair and making your balance now my decision.
I keep you aloft, swaying, and move my mouth back to your bud, this time surrounding it fully, and denuding it, my tongue stripping away your hood with a swirl, making raspy contact with the pearly soft firmness of your large clitoris itself.
I keep the hood retracted with my two fingers as I draw back for a longing look at your jewel.

As your prodigious lips and full hood would suggest, your clitoris is simply magnificent, shining like a pinkish, massive pearl within your glistening, succulent, pungent oyster!
Amazingly, it is nearly three centimeters across, and the glans-like head is stoutly supported by a sturdy base, like a little moist, hidden pink mushroom in a secluded forest glen.
Such a treat is rare and tasty indeed, and I pause to drink you in with my admiring eyes.
I get my lips close to you and quickly and sharply suck air from around it in strong little rushing bursts- whiiiip whiiiip whiiiip, dabbing and licking in between.
This sends you farther toward the edge, as it is a new and totally unexpected trick from your adoring lover!
I then begin to insistently lick from the base of your love shroom up to the top, over and over and over and over and over again with the quick, small tip of my tongue until you are veritably screaming.

Meanwhile, you are writhing the best that you can, trapped on my thumb and off balance.
My right thumb begins to frig and swirl within your soft, moist, seeping tunnel as I continue my relentless dance on your love nubbin.
The sound is creamy and slick and delightful - "like ten-thousand milking virgins" we later laugh, pretending to be exotic and foreign!
I assault your tenderness with all of my love and all of my effort as your sweating palms grip my head, pull my hair and lovingly caress my beautiful face.
You want to help in the effort but are helpless, you want it to stop, but you know that I am the one in full and total control of your sweet, supple body. You willingly and obeyingly and fully have given your body up to me in a sacrifice for our feelings, and I am taking firm and full advantage, simply ravishing you like a meal of cherries and cream.
Your eyes are closed and mouth open, breath running in and out between clenched teeth in looooong, deep rhythm.
Your skin is blushing and your rosy cheeks glisten with the slightest hint of surface sweat.
Your hips spasm once, then twice then begin to grind your fiery crotch into my eager, pleasuring mouth.
We move rhythmically, like a horse and bareback rider.
You cease and become rigid and still, like a startled deer at dawn's threshold.
You had been thrashing your head from side to side in agonizing pleasure, but it is still now, tilted back, trance-like, lips drawing away from your teeth, the breath coming quicker and less and less deeply until you finally begin to do it!
You come, in a hard, quick, long succession of massive waves, a sharp, rhythmic, spastic moan issuing forth, building in volume and pitch.

Everything going tense, your hands going from hard nipples to my eager head to your rippling tummy to your pulsating globes and back in spasming confusion, first with fingers spread, then into fists, then grasping and squeezing, you writhe and buck and clutch, fighting your way through the most intense orgasm you have ever felt.
Your legs scissoring and pumping from the hips like wild birds, they finally clench tightly against my ears with your beautiful, strong, orgasmic thighs.
You buck and buck and grunt like a woman on fire, head way back now, hands cramming my head into you, my thumb as far as it will go.
I slip my middle finger into your wildly clinching anus and run my thumb and finger quickly back and forth, causing the pleasure to heighten far far beyond the pale of your control.
It has been nearly thirty seconds of intensity and I intend to go for the record!
You are now at least a foot off of your computer chair where I cornered you in an arch, muscles taught, breasts heaving and lolling and swaying, head tilted over the chair back, crying and gasping for breath.
I continue to press my strong tongue into your clit and I will not stop until I am satisfied that you are completely mine - melted inside like a foolish young virgin kissed for the first time.
My tongue grinds and swirls and presses and licks and dabs and laps and wets your thundering clit without let-up.
I suck on your bud hard, drawing a gasping, animal moan from deep in your throat.
This new tactic has done it and you dangle far out over the edge of the abyss now, shaking like a jellyfish, my conquering mouth your only link to this physical world.
Not stopping for even an instant, I suck and lick and suck and lick and tease and nibble and kiss and then, suddenly, to my surprise, in a gush of spunk, you go completely slack, your entire body heaving in tremor, your hands up near your throat and clutched in whitening fists like a newborn babe.
I have eaten you into a shattering five-minute orgasm!
I have reduced you to a heartbeat and gasping lungs.
I remove my right finger and thumb, allowing you to regain control of your lower body, which collapses on the chair away from my drooling, smiling mouth as I watch your face, eager for some sign of life.
Your head still gone over the top of the chair back, you speak, dryly to me, "I love you so very much", you croon, "So very very completely much....Oh!", almost sobbing the last words.
I move my strong hands behind your shoulder blades and pull your sweaty body to me, my face sweet with love for you in your vulnerability.
We both weep softly as our breasts touch and I engage your sweet mouth in the softest, longest, most passionate and loving kiss we have ever shared.
I tenderly receive your desperate kiss back to me and feel proud that you are my lover and my woman, and that I have satisfied you fully.
Right here, right now, you are completely, gently and only mine to hold and to have forever.
I release your mouth and hug you to me.
I gain my feet and pull you upright, embracing you again, my strength steadying you as you recover from your shattering climax.
Your knees are too weak to support you and you lean wholly on my foundation.
You swimmingly mention that it's not fair - that I haven't had my turn, but I dismiss you, laughing sweetly, and lead you to our bed where I help you lie down.

Sweetest Jennifer, my English maiden.
You sleep almost immediately, and I venture outside in the secluded garden, still nude to pick flowers; a welcome spray for you when you awaken back into my life.
Placing them in a crystal vase on your night stand, I extinguish the candles, draw the curtains and tiptoe back out to the living room.
I sip wine and draw my knees up on the divan overlooking the long lawn and the lake, so still now in evening.
The insects sing their goodnights to the trees as a thick fog forms on the water's surface, obscuring the far away northern shore where we made love the day before on your blanket by the water's gentle edge.
I sigh, satisfied completely, just from your gentle and trusting love for me.
The smell of you covers me like a warm quilt, and I sink into its comforting embrace.
We've come so far in such a short time, it boggles my mind.
My heart swelling with tears of joy, I glow like the setting sun and await your return.



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