Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Girls just wanna have fun

Written by a man. by Hans Schmidlapp

I met Jane whilst enjoying a pint at my local pub.

I had noticed her there before, but she had always been with company. That night Melanie, my live in girlfriend, had phoned from work to say she would be back late, so we arranged to meet at the pub.

While waiting, I saw Jane about to leave with a girlfriend. "Buy you a drink?" I asked. She met my eye-contact, and with a smile agreed, saying a quick farewell to her friend before joining me at the bar. She had obviously had a few already, as the slightest hint of a slur was evident in her diction. All the while I was becoming increasingly aware of her sexuality. She wore a skirt, with a loosely fitting cotton top, through which I was able to see the outline of a tremendously firm pair of breasts, quite disproportionately large for her otherwise petite frame.

Before long the conversation turned to sex.

"Is that your wife I've seen you in here with?" she asked. To my confirmation of this she replied "She's very beautiful, does she fuck as good as she looks?".

"Well I think so, but of course I have no way of knowing if a woman would agree", I responded. "You mean she's never been with another woman?" Melanie asked with the mischievous glimmer of a smile, "And I thought you two looked so liberated". "Do you enjoy woman more than men?" I asked. "Well, not really. There's no substitute for cock, but making love to another woman can be good."

Just then, as if on cue, Melanie walked in. I introduced her to Jane, and they seemed to take to each other immediately. "God, I really need a drink" Mel said, "It's most definitely been one of those days."

By the time I had returned with the next round of drinks, the girls were engrossed in giggly conversation. I was slightly surprised by this, as Mel is usually a little reserved with strangers. As I sat down, I heard Jane asking Mel "Have you ever made love to a woman?"

"Not really" she replied, a glimmer of a smile crossing her lips.

"Well would you like to?" asked Jane, looking straight into Mel's eyes. Mel turned toward me. "Would you like me to invite Jane home with us?" she asked, with more than a touch of coy.

"Perhaps you could twist my arm" I replied, heart racing at the prospect.

We finished our drinks, and set off for home.

Mel led Jane indoors by the hand, and the two disappeared into the bathroom. I stood at the door watching as Mel sat on the edge of the bath and removed her shoes. Jane began undressing. Slipping the cotton blouse over her shoulders to reveal her breasts in all their splendour. Mel was transfixed.

"Are those real, or have you had a little help?" she asked. "All real" replied Jane, smiling, "Why don't you feel for yourself", with which she crossed her arms underneath her breasts, raising them to exaggerate her cleavage.

Mel rose on her stockinged feet, and reached a tentative hand toward Jane's right breast, cupping the underside, and rotating her palm against the round milky white flesh until her fingertips reached the small round burgundy coloured bud of nipple at the centre of Jane's aureole, which must have been a full two inches in diameter.

"They feel so smooth" commented Mel, warming to the task, as her other hand had by now begun to massage Mel's left breast.

Without interrupting Mel's ministrations, Jane unzipped her skirt, and allowed it to fall to the floor, to reveal the fact that no only was she was naked, but completely hairless as well. By this time my cock was thumping against my trousers in a way which demanded release.

Within moments I had undressed, and moved behind Mel to help her out of her clothes. Jane began unbuttoning Mel's blouse while I removed her skirt. Mel had lacy black underwear on, with a suspender belt supporting her sheer black stockings. As Mel's hand moved to release her stockings, Jane stopped her. "No, please leave them on. Just let me take your knickers off." with which Jane knelt in front of Mel, sliding her panties over her stockinged legs. Mel stepped out of her knickers, Jane remained on her knees in front of her, at eye level with Mel's now naked pussy.

"So you really are a natural blonde" she remarked on seeing the trim tuft between Mel's legs.

"I always think blondes taste better". Jane leaned forward, her tongue flickering along the inside of Mel's thigh, working her way toward the honey pot which lay in wait.

While this was going on, I stood behind Mel, pressing my cock against her behind while I massaged her breasts through her bra, keeping a keen eye over her shoulder at Jane's progress. I felt Mel's body tense as Jane reached her quim, and watched that flickering tongue trace circles around Mel's clit.

"God, your making me horny" Mel commented as her hands reached down to Jane's head, pressing her closer to the task at hand. Through her bra I could feel Mel's nipples become as hard as small marbles. Her whole body seemed to generate an electric pulse as she responded to Jane's attention. Pausing momentarily, Jane directed the proceedings.

"Why don't you sit here" she asked me, pointing to the side of the bath. I needed no second bidding. "Now you come with me" she directed Mel, her hands on Mel's hips as she guided her backwards toward me until my cock was conveniently positioned between her legs nudging the entrance to her quim.

Jane reached her hand around my cock, and slowly eased it between the lips of Mel's wet cunny, supporting Mel's weight with her other hand as she gently pushed her backward against me, nestling the helmet of my cock inside the entrance to Mel's cuntlet. "Now both of you stay like that" Jane instructed. She was on her knees in front of Mel, and I had a clear view as she leaned forward to lick her way around Mel's clit. While she did this her hands reached between our entwined legs to cup my testicles, and apply pressure in a way that required considerable self control to stop myself from coming right then.

Mel began to moan with pleasure. "Oh god, don't stop now, I'm going to come" she moaned, her cunt contracting spasmodically around my cock, as Jane's tongue wove its spell around her clit.

Unable to stop myself, I thrust my full length deep into Mel's dripping slit. Jane reacted instantly.

"I told you to stay in that position, and now you've blown it, so you'll just have to wait" she instructed playfully.

Moving both hands around Mel's hips, she lifted her off my cock, and led her out of the bathroom into the bedroom.

For a moment I sat dumfounded, looking at the swollen organ between my legs, and noticing how it shone with the wetness from Mel's pussy. By now the girls were lying on the bed. Jane had placed Mel on her back, with her legs held wide apart and was kneeling between them, tracing upward motions with her fingers, from Mel's ankles along her inner thighs, to arrive at her beckoning labia. For some time Jane kept this up, never quite going beyond a light brush against Mel's cunt, before returning to her feet to begin again.

I stayed at the door watching, until Jane looked up. "Do you want to taste how wet I've made her" she asked, moving backward to allow me to lean over in compliance.

Mel had her hands over her eyes, and her body seemed taut as a wired junkie. My lips pressed against the wiry blonde hairs, in search of her clitoris. When eventually I felt the small bud exposed to the pressure of my tongue, I felt Mel's body jerk in direct response. The smell of her sex was all consuming, as I reached lower with my tongue, licking the wetness along the lips of her labia, before pressing my face hard against her, burying my tongue inside her vagina.

The bucking motion of her thighs caused Jane to lean forward and press Mel's hips against the bed to prevent her dislodging me from the pursuit of my oral ministrations. I felt a pressure against my back. It was Jane pressing her body against me. Rubbing her breasts against my back, she spoke in a loud whisper. "Now it's my turn, Mel can wait a while, watching you do that to me".

Jane lay back, opening her legs below my face. Her cunt was a thing of true splendour. Her labia rose in a muscular pout to reveal her obscenely swollen labial lips, from which a visible line of wetness rolled with the dictates of gravity down over the brown circle of her butt. At the apex of the gash of flesh, Jane's clit stood erect. A small bud of white in a sea of deep red flesh. As my tongue touched it, I felt Jane's hands press the back of my head against her. This seemed an adequate cue for more pressure, so I began to vigorously circle her clit with my tongue, pausing occasionally to reach deep inside her to coat my tongue with her wetness, before returning to the circular motions on her clit. Mel by now, had worked herself underneath me, and I felt her hands guide my cock into her mouth. She knew how close I was to coming, and took care not to spend too long making contact. In a surprisingly formal voice, Mel asked "I want you to spunk inside Jane's pussy so that I can lick your come out of her." I positioned myself between Jane's legs without much difficulty, and found her hand waiting to guide my cock between her wet lips. I felt the hot walls of her cunt clutch my cock, and I thrust forward as sharply as I could, pressing my cock hard against the wall of her womb, in a desperate quest to thrust as many times as possible before the imminent orgasm which I knew to be seconds away. Time seemed to blur in slow motion as I felt jet after jet of sperm shoot into the depths of Jane's cunt.

I must have passed out for awhile, because when I next opened my eyes I was on my back against the pillows. In front of me on the bed, Mel was lying on top of Jane, who was facing the other way, her head buried between Jane's legs. Mel was using her hands to spread Jane's cunt lips as wide as possible, to enable her tongue to reach deep inside to retrieve the remnants of come which she hadn't already used to lick around Jane's clit and labia. Moving myself along the bed, I saw Jane was giving in equal measure as she pressed Mel's bottom to bring more pressure to bear between her tongue and Mel's mound. I moved behind Mel's bottom, and bending my knees was able to press my cock against Mel's cunt, directly above Jane's mouth. Soon Jane began to alternate between running her tongue along the full length of my shaft, and pressing against the well oiled nub of Mel's clit.

Her hands guided my cock between Mel's cunt lips. As I began to build up a thrusting motion, Jane was struggling frantically to match our rhythm with her tongue darting about Mel's clit. The intense double pressure of my cock thrusting into her, and Jane's tongue against her clit brought Mel to another shuddering climax. Momentarily I slipped out of her glistening snatch, lowering my aim toward Jane's mouth. She willingly swallowed my length, using her tongue to press the underside of my cock firmly against the roof of her throat. After of few strokes into Jane's mouth, I removed my cock, and re-entered Mel's waiting wetness. Mel's cunt seemed to be wide open. Her pussy lips had parted to almost an oval, and her wetness trickled in a steady stream, smearing Jane's lips and face. The alternation went on for some time. Fucking Mel's dripping quim, and Jane's mouth, until I could stand it no more, and with a gasp of unrestrained pleasure, I felt the forces of orgasm rise up and assume command. As I felt the warm gush of semen gush deep inside Mel's quim, Jane grasped my spurting cock with her hands, and guided me back to her mouth, where the last jets of milky come added to the abundance of sex juices smeared around her lips. My hard on seemed to last for ever, and after Jane had squeezed out the last drops of come, she guided me back inside Mel, who by now was whimpering with unabated pleasure. Taking the initiative once more, Jane extracted herself from beneath Mel. "I want you to lie on your back now" she directed me. Mel protested. "No don't stop, I'm about to come again", but Jane was having none of it, pushing me backward to dislodge my cock.

No sooner was I lying on my back than Jane was astride me, guiding my cock between the hairless lips of her pouting wet labia, and sinking my shaft deep inside her. As she rode me, her fingers kept up a frantic rubbing on her clit, and her moans became deafening. Mel had recovered herself somewhat by now, and had moved to position herself facing Jane, whilst squatting to position her soaked snatch over my face. The electric eroticism as I tasted Mel's sweet come while feeling the exotic ting of Jane's pussy slipping up and down my cock was quite indescribable. Mel was more turned on than I'd ever seen before. The lips of her labia were obscenely swollen, and her entire vagina seemed to have developed a life of its own.

Mel's hands were massaging Jane's enormous tits, and pulling hard at her erect nipples. "I'm going to come" wailed Jane. The contractions of her pussy intensified, gripping my cock in a fist like fashion. Once more I felt the sperm rise out of my testicles, and pulse in spurts deep inside Jane's willing pussy. "Why don't you lie back here", Mel gestured to Jane, who rose off the rubbery remains of my erection, covering her open hole with the palm of one hand to prevent the spunk from dripping out. Jane lay on her back, opening her legs to invite Mel's attention to her dripping quim. Mel was quick to respond, replacing Jane's hand with her own. With a delicate fingertip she traced the line of semen that threatened to trickle out of Jane's open cunny, and tenderly spread it about, using the mix of our come as a lubricating oil to apply increasing pressure to Jane's mound with the palm of her hand.

Jane's moans increased in intensity. "Fuck me with your fingers" she begged Mel. Holding Jane's slit open with one hand, Mel inserted two fingers into the beckoning wetness, and leaning forward, began licking lightly around Jane's clit while her fingers pursued their fucking motion. Jane's hips began to buck and gyrate as she moaned her way through orgasm after orgasm, coating Mel's mouth with the translucent sheen of her wetness. "Don't stop now" cried Jane, as Mel withdrew her fingers.

Jane's disappointment was short lived. Mel moved to position her cunt between Jane's legs, placing a leg on either side of Jane's, pressing her matted pubes against Jane's slit. "Oh yes" said Jane, as Mel's pubes rubbed against her clit, and she began returning the pressure till both girls reached a fucking rhythm.

My cock was rock hard from the sight of this. "Fuck her tits" Mel instructed me, without breaking her rhythm. Rising to straddle Jane's waist, I pressed her tits together to create a sluice of flesh into which I pressed my cock. Jane was teasing her nipples mercilessly as I pounded my length between her breasts. Holding my cock with one hand, I traced small circles with the tip around Jane's nipples, and then moved forward to rub the helmet against her lips. Her tongue rose to meet me, titillating the underside of my helmet with exquisite delicacy. The girls had now found their cunt rubbing exercise to be a little frustrating, and Mel suggested an alternative . "Come behind us and fuck us both in turn" she suggested. As I moved off Jane, Mel placed a pillow under her waist, raising her mound to a convenient angle, and spreading Jane's legs as widely apart as possible.

Mel then stretched herself face down over Jane's back, and opened her own legs equally wide.

Their cunt's were within inches of each other as I knelt between their legs and slipped John Thomas between Mel's cunt lips. A few thrusts later, I slipped out of Mel, and slid the full length of my by now rampant, cock into Jane's quivering wetness. Jane's cunt felt as tight a fist wrapped around my cock, despite the fact that I was covered in both Mel's wetness as well as her own. With the smell of sex hanging like a cloud in the room, it only took a few thrusts before I felt the floodgates open once more. Grasping my cock with my right hand, I withdrew from inside Jane, and spurted my come over the lips of her cunt, before adjusting my aim to do the same for Mel. The sight of my spunk dripping between the two open snatches before me induced an orgasm of such intensity, that I suspect I passed out for awhile.

When I awoke, Jane was gone, Mel was asleep beside me, and my cock ached with exquisite pain.

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