Monday, January 23, 2006

Adventures of Elf girl

Written by a man.


Gwena was a young elf girl, of average height and shapely, as was the way of elvish females. She had long blonde hair tied in an intricate knot, and delicate, pointed ears. Her eyes sparkled with blue fire, and she had moist red lips. Today she wore a long white dress with a leather vest tied snugly over her round, pert breasts. She walked gracefully down an old forest trail as the day wandered into noon, and she reveled in the sights and sounds of the wood. After walking down the trail for about an hour, Gwena left the trail and moved east until she emerged from the trees and entered a cool, forest glade.

The clearing was large, with a clear stream running down its length. A small waterfall poured down a small, rocky hill to her right, sending droplets into the air to form a light mist. Beautiful flowers gathered along the shores of the stream, with large blossoms of rose and daisy.

Gwena breathed deeply of the scented air, smelling water and the flower's sweet nectar. The elf girl walked to the edge of the stream near the waterfall and took off her vest and dress. Mist caressed her smooth, naked flesh, and her nipples hardened to the water's coolness.

She slipped slowly into the water and moved to stand under the gentle waterfall. The water washed over her slim body as she unbound her long, blonde hair and cupped her round breasts to receive more of the cool liquid. She opened her mouth and drank deeply of the cool waters, then moved her small hands over the contours of her shapely body. Her hands moved across her slim stomach, then down to her blonde mound of pussy hair. The girl's slim fingers caressed her pussy lips, then moved deeper into her hot love hole. Gwena gasped with pleasure and rubbed her clit, moaning lightly with each stroke. She raised her fingers to her lips and licked her honey with her wet tongue.

The perfume of the flowers grew stronger, and Gwena inhaled deeply. The sweet scent of the flowers aroused the elf girl more, so she left the water and moved towards one of the large, rose plants. Leafy tendrils emerged from the plant and moved towards the young woman as she knelt before the plant and inhaled deeply again. The strands moved around her slim stomach and encircled her round breasts. Gwena moaned lightly as the tendrils squeezed her tits, and other limbs pulled her thighs apart. A tendril stroked her wet pussy lightly, then entered into her cunt, making the girl gasp for breath. The plant pulled the naked girl towards it, her arms bound above her head, with limbs around her slim waist and legs.

Gwena moaned as the plant fucked her pussy harder, and little blossoms closed around her nipples and began to suck on them. The naked girl writhed with pleasure as the plant squeezed her soft tits and plunged deeply into her cunt. A phallic-looking tendril caressed her soft cheeks, and moved slowly into her open mouth. Gwena sucked on the limb greedily as it moved deeper into her throat. Sweat began to coat the girl's skin as she sucked on the limb and fucked the tendril in her pussy. After several minutes of ecstasy, Gwena orgasmed, and the plant shot sweet nectar down her mouth. She drank the liquid deeply, then sat up as the plant unwound its limbs from her sweat-covered body and retracted them into its trunk. Gwena exhaled loudly with satisfaction, then she bent down to kiss the rose on one of its blossoms. The plant shook softly as the naked girl plunged back into the water to wash off the remains of her session, then she quickly dressed and returned to the forest trail.


Gwena frowned as she heard shouting in the distance, from the direction of her village. She hastened her steps until she reached the edge of the wood and could see the outskirts of her home. Smoke billowed high into the air as the wooden houses of her village burned. Screams came from the village as Men in black armor rode into the town and threw torches dipped in oil on the defenseless houses and shops. Gwena looked on in horror as she watched an elf woman fall to the ground as a Man pursued her on foot. The Man laughed as he slapped her across the face, then pinned her to the ground with his knees.

The elf woman screamed as the Man ripped open her white blouse and fondled her round breasts. The woman tried to crawl away as the Man sucked on her tits and ripped her dress apart. The Man punched the elf woman in the face, knocking her unconscious, then he opened his pants and thrust his cock into her pussy. The woman's body rocked as the Man thrust deeply into her, squeezing her breasts with his gloved hands. As he orgasmed, he shot his load across her naked tits, then he got up, reached down to grab her naked body, and carried her under his arm back into the village.

Scared witless, Gwena ran from the shelter of the forest and hid next to a burning building. She moved deeper into town, where she saw a group of Men on horseback, directing other soldiers as they loaded metal cages on wheels with the women of the village. A lone Man in black armor had a scarlet cape around his massive shoulders, a larger sword held easily in his right hand. A pentagram pendant clasped his cloak at the neck. A horned helmet hid his features, but he had a strong voice, and a long, black beard.

"Get these elf bitches loaded! And be quick! The Elven Council will send warriors to investigate the smoke in a few hours," said the Man leader.

Gwena started to leave, thinking to hide back in the forest, when she saw her father run into the town square, a bloody sword in his left hand. Three Mannish soldiers chased after the Elf, who turned to face their assault. The Men attacked fiercely, chopping with their blades at their smaller foe. Gwena's father parried the Men's clumsy attacks and sliced his blade across the throat of one Man. As the soldier gurgled on his own blood and died, the Elf stabbed another Man in the heart, and pulled out his blade and sliced open the belly of his third attacker.

The Man leader smiled fiercely and pointed his right forefinger at the Elf. As Gwena screamed a warning to her father, a stream of glowing darts flew from the Man's finger and slammed into the Elf's back, flesh sizzled as the Elf flew forward and fell on his face, then he was still. The Men laughed, as did their leader as Gwena ran to her father's body and cradled it in her slim arms. Hot tears ran down her cheeks as she turned to glare at the Mannish leader and scream, "You killed my father, you son-of-a-bitch!"

"That's not the way a young lady should talk. But all of you Elf bitches are sluts and whores anyway," proclaimed the Man as he dismounted from his horse and approached the young woman. Before she could get up to flee, the Man grabbed her by the arms and pulled her to her feet.

"I'm your father now," said the Man with a grin, "and Daddy wants a kiss. "

The Man leader kissed Gwena hard on the lips, forcing his tongue deeply into her limp mouth. He ripped off her vest and dress, then forced her to the hard ground with the help of two of his Men. As the soldiers held her wrists to the ground, the leader spread open her creamy thighs and moved between them. He leaned down and began to suck greedily at her right breast, while his hand squeezed the other. She screamed in terror and frustration as the Man moved to suck her other tit, then moved down to lick her pussy lips. Gwena squirmed as the Man sank his tongue deeply into her love hole, while his hands squeezed her breasts roughly. The elf girl moaned as her body responded to the Man's attentions and love honey began to flow from her cunt.

The Man drank her cum like fine wine, sucking harder into her pussy. Gwena's body went limp and one of the soldiers undid his pants and forced his erect cock into her slack mouth. The elf girl moaned as the Man thrust deeply into her throat, his hand pinching her erect nipples. The other Men hooted and shouted encouragement, while the other Elf maidens looked on in shock. The leader rose from her warm pussy and opened his codpiece, pulling out his erect penis and stroking her inner thighs with it. The naked elf girl moaned as he put his rod into her tight cunt and thrust deeply into her.

She moaned loudly as the Man fucked her deeper and deeper, and the other soldier fucked moist mouth. Gwena's firm ass rose into the air as the leader grabbed her slim waist and forced her pussy harder onto his tool. Minutes later, the leader orgasmed into her warm love hole, then the man fucking her mouth pulled his tool out and shot his load across her face and neck. The elf girl gasped for breath as the Man leader rose to his feet and adjusted his armor.

Smiling at his helpless prisoner, the leader said, "Take the bitch to the well and wash her off, then put her with the others. "

Gwena stumbled weakly after the soldier who pulled her to the well at the center of the square and poured water from a bucket over her naked body. After two more splashes, the guard pulled her to the nearest wheeled cage and threw her inside, after he kissed her roughly on the lips and pinched one of her tits. Gwena lay weakly on a bed of straw as the Men finished burning the Elf village and began to ride to the south, to the Mannish Empire.


Gwena awoke to the tilting gait of the wagon as the slave convoy made its way down the forest trail. Many of the other Elven girls still lay sleeping as she rubbed her sore eyes and watched the guards patrol the trail on their mounts. One grizzled Man smiled laviciously at her as he passed the cage, but she ignored him. The leader of the band of Mannish slavers, who had raped her when he raided her village, rode proudly at the head of the column, surveying the environment with an arrogant gaze.

Morning passed into noon, and the slaves were tossed scraps of travel bread and a few flasks of water. The girls quickly devoured their meals, then stared with empty eyes at their captors and the forest home that would soon be only a memory.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and at dusk the convoy stopped to make camp. The slavers fed and watered the Elf girls again, and after the Men had eaten their own meals and passed a wine flask around, one of the Men opened the cage and pulled a struggling raven-haired girl to the waiting group of leering soldiers. The girl screamed as the Men ripped off the shreds of her clothing and gang-raped her several times, until hours later, when most of them fell into contented sleep, and the girl lay sobbing quietly near the fire. One of the remaining sober guards grabbed her roughly and threw her back into the cage. She lay crying in the dry straw until an older Elf woman drew forward and hugged her close. Gwena watched the girl cry, then curled into a fetal ball and fell asleep.

Two days passed as the convoy moved south through the forest. The Men shot game for meat, and at night, they would take an Elf girl, sometimes several, and rape them mercilessly. Strangely enough, Gwena was never taken into the orgies, she was left alone except for the occasional lustful gaze. The other Elf girls noticed Gwena's new stature, and began to avoid her. Soon, the girl sat by herself near the edge of the cage, while the other girls watched her with suspicion and spoke in hushed whispers.

On the four day, the convoy broke free of the forest and traveled into open grassland. To the northeast, mountains protected the forest home of the Elves. The slavers had traveled south along the edge of the mountain range, then crossed its tip to enter the prairies of the west. To the south, the Sea of Vaduz crashed against the beach, bringing cool, salty air to the mainland. Gwena inhaled the rich, sea air and marveled at the large expanse of water before her. She had never traveled out of the forest, and everything around her was new.

The convoy traveled northwest, along the coast until night fell and they made camp. As Gwena sat in her cage and munched on some stale travel bread, she watched as the Men cooked fish over an open fire and feasted on them. A rough soldier wiping grease from his chin walked over to Gwena's cage and opened it. v "You, elf bitch! Get over here!" commanded the guard as he pointed at Gwena. The slim Elf girl walked unsteadily to the door, then jumped lightly to the ground. She relished the soft earth with her toes as the Man grabbed her left arm and pulled her roughly after him. He traveled to the center of the Mannish encampment, where the Man leader's large, round tent was perched. The guard pulled her through the entrance and pushed her roughly to the rug-covered ground. The leader sat in a leather field chair, sipping a cup of mulled wine, as the guard saluted and stood at attention.

"Leave us. I am not to be disturbed," said the leader. "Yessir!" replied the guard as he saluted, then quickly left the tent. The Man sat and regarded the Elf girl, his eyes pools of darkness that seemed to pull at Gwena's soul and devour it.

"Care for some wine?" asked the Man as he stood up and went to a small pot hanging from a brazier. He poured a cup for Gwena, then refilled his own. He returned to his chair, then held out a cup for her. The Elf girl tentatively took the cup and took a small sip of the wine. The warm liquid traveled through her body and relaxed her stiff back. The Man watched her drink, then took another swallow from his own cup.

"You know, it's really getting difficult to find elf females like you anymore. Ever since the Darklords destroyed the Kai two hundred years ago, all the creatures of Fey seem to be disappearing. It's a pity, since Elf women provide several important ingredients in Nadziranim magic. Did you know that I am a mage of the Right Hand?"

"I guessed that you were some kind of wizard," replied Gwena quietly. "Yes, your people are steeped in magical lore. You're brought up around it. I can sense the sweet scent of magic in your blood right now," said the mage as he gazed hungrily at her. Gwena swallowed the rest of her wine with a gulp, then nervously fingeredher cup. "Yes, it's a pity that there are so few left," whispered the mage as he flew from his chair and grabbed Gwena by the arms. She whimpered softly as he pulled her to a pile of pillows and furs that served as his bed and threw her onto them. She cowered before the Man as he reached for a knife from a nearby table and sliced open her right arm. The girl screamed as he grabbed her arm and collected her blood with a copper bowl.

"Elvish blood is very useful in spells of clairvoyance and seeking," said the mage calmly as he collected more of her blood in the bowl and poured it into a glass jar. After filling two jars with her blood, he whispered words of magic and stroked her wound. The slashed skin sealed back together and the wound disappeared without a scar to mark it. The mage pushed Gwena onto the pillows and ripped her shreds of clothing away. He gazed at her naked body with lust, then leaned down to spread her legs apart. The Elf girl lay back limply as the Man began to rub her pussy with his right hand. She moaned lightly as her body grew warm and her cunt became wet from his caresses. Smiling coldly, the mage began to lick her pussy with his tongue, sending shivers across the girl's body as his tongue probed deeply into her vagina. His strong hands reached up to squeeze her round breasts and pinch her nipples as he probed deeply into her. She moaned loudly as she orgasmed, and a flow of love honey poured from her cunt. The mage quickly grabbed another bowl and collected the girl's cum with it.

"You may be interested to know that a Elf female's cum is also a very powerful ingredient in Nadziranim magic. Any dark mage who drinks it finds that his spells are twice as powerful for a limited period of time. Sex magic is a relatively new discipline, first discovered around 5150 by a Nadziranim wizard. It was quite an accident really, when the mage drank from a human princess's cunt as he raped her, then cast a fireball spell at a group of soldiers in one of the Northern Kingdoms, I forget which one.

The mage's name was Mordred, I think. He's quite a powerful Nadziranim arch-mage these days, serving one of the Northern Darklords I believe. Human women are satisfactory, but Elven women are even better, it's probably all the magic in your kind's blood," said the mage as he tied her wrists together and connected them to one of the tent poles. The mage leaned forward to kiss Gwena roughly on the mouth, exploring her warm throat with his tongue.

The Man pulled away, then began to suck eagerly on her right breast as his hands stroked her inner thighs and probed her wet pussy. The girl moaned softly as the mage moved to suck her other tit, then lick her warm, sweet flesh between her breasts. He undid his pants and pulled out his erect cock, then pulled her head up by the hair and forced his rod into her slack mouth. Gwena moaned in protest as the Man thrust his tool deeper into her throat. The Man smiled in ecstasy as he forced the naked girl to suck on his cock for several minutes, pushing her harder and harder against his crotch. He pulled away from Gwena, allowing her to gasp for breath, then he forced her legs open again and thrust his cock into her pussy.

Gwena gasped as the mage pushed his rod deeply into her love hole. Her sweat-soaked body rocked as he thrust deeper into her. Waves of orgasmic pleasure assaulted her mind as the mage fucked her without restraint. She came again, pouring a stream of love honey from her cunt. The mage collected her fluid, then penetrated her again, pushing deeply into her warm, tight pussy. She moaned louder as he licked her upraised legs and leaned forward to squeeze her heaving breasts. When the mage finally orgasmed, he spewed cumacross her slim stomach and breasts, then moved forward to run his cock across her sweaty face.

"Lick it, Elf bitch!" ordered the mage as he yanked hard on her long, blonde hair. She reluctantly licked the cum from his rod, then sucked lightly on the tip of his tool. The Man grunted with approval as the girl licked across his shaft, then sucked daintily on his balls until he pulled her away and pushed her down into the pillows.

The mage stood up, pulled on a nearby robe of red silk, and took the bottles with her fluids to a nearby strongbox, where he carefully placed them inside. He refilled his cup with wine, then walked to the entrance of the tent to summon a guard. While the guard was being sent for, the mage retrieved another silk robe, with the flaming eye symbol of the dark god Naar, one of many such symbols. He pulled the limp Elf girl to her feet and draped the robe lovingly across her creamy, smooth shoulders. He cinched the silk belt tight against her slim waist, then traced her cheek with his hand as the summoned guard entered the room.

"Take the Elf slut back to her cage. Make sure no one touches her but me. Is that understood?" asked the mage. "Yessir! None of the men has harmed or bedded the wench, as you forbade us to earlier," replied the soldier. "Good. She's my fucktoy until we reach the slave markets," said the mage.

"Very good, sir," acknowledged the guard as he took Gwena's arm and led her from the tent. "Just so you know, you're the property of Vonotar the Second, mage of the Nadziranim," stated the Man with a wicked smile as Gwena left the tent.

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