Friday, January 27, 2006

Night Flight

Written by a man.

Sam and Linda boarded Thai Airlines flight 305 bound for Nepal at noon Sunday in Los Angeles. They had been married the day before in Phoenix, got half drunk at the small reception, and then caught the early evening Southwest to Los Angeles; Their first married night together was almost anticlimactic. Often, the realization never quite meets the expectation for some long anticipated but elaborately staged events. And weddings can certainly fall into that category.

Linda gave it a good try, but after a very crowded day of running the wedding, reception, and the rush to fly to LAX she was tired and was just looking forward to a little rest. Not that she didn't want to make love with her love - they had been having sex for the six months they'd known each other, but right now there just wasn't the romantic edge that she had planned on, but she performed as well as she could muster. "Really", she thought once that first episode was over, "once we get to Katmandu we can relax a little and I'll fuck his brains out"! As they drifted off to sleep the recent events of the wedding assaulted her mind in a dreamlike confusion. She only knew that she loved Sam dearly and that little voice in the back off her mind reminded her that she was doing the right thing by marrying him.

The economy class section of the 747-400 was two thirds full. Most were Koreans and Thai's with a few American businessmen and trekkers thrown in.; Sam loved to fly and he had booked a window seat so he could watch the sky go by. They hoped they would be able to spread out a little if extra seats were available. On the 747 each window section had three seats abreast and the center section was five across. This was going to be a long flight and they could use any spare room they could get. Thirteen hours to Seoul, then another six to Katmandu.

A pretty young Asian woman was struggling with a huge bag, trying to shove it into the overhead bin. Sam helped and she smiled, bowed her head, and pressed her hands together in the traditional Thai thank you gesture.; Obviously, she didn't speak any English. Sam got all the bags in place, and sat in the window seat with Linda and Boonlua sat in the aisle seat. After take off and the climb to cruise, the young Thai woman got up and moved across the aisle, to take advantage of empty seats in the center section. She occupied herself by looking at the in-flight magazine and organizing her carry on bag. Soon, a surprisingly good dinner was served along with plenty of wine. The flight attendants efficiently moved up the aisle, smiling that peculiarly insincere smile that you know is a little phony, but they were very nice. The first movie was a Robin William's flick, which was pretty good. Fifteen minutes into the second, Sam pulled down one of the thin blankets provided by the airline and pulled it over him and Linda.; He had raised the armrest; that separated the two of them and they were able to snuggle as two lovers desperate for ultimate closeness; Linda laid her head on Sam's shoulder and was able to feign sleep for only about 10 seconds. She kissed him sweetly on the lips and he held her closely. Her hands moved slowly across his chest and down across his lap. "I love you too," he said, responding to the unspoken message. They both took a deep breath and tried to relax. As soon as they got to their next hotel they would be able to let go and fuck each other silly, but that would just have to wait. Meanwhile, a little petting here in the back of the plane wouldn't hurt and there wasn't anyone in their line of sight except for that girl from Thailand, who appeared to be asleep.

Linda's hands pressed hard against Sam's jean covered cock. He shifted a bit to rearrange his erection and she moved her hands across the bulging crotch. As she rubbed he became rigid faster than he thought possible, causing him to squirm with impatience.

His arm that was wrapped around her shoulder found its way to her breasts through the neck opening of her sweater. They kept the blanket up to their necks and unsuccessfully tried to stifle their movement. He did not want anyone to see them, and hoped the rest of the passengers would be either engrossed in the movie, or asleep. He soon had her bra pulled up over her breasts. He lightly pulled and twisted her hard nipples and lifted the right breast as she pushed herself into his hand. Both of their pelvises ground against their clothes with great frustration and Linda rubbed his crotch all the harder.

"Well, I'm not about to wait till we get off this fucking airplane" Linda whispered. She tugged at his belt and zipper then pulled the fly aside. Losing all patience, she pulled his under shorts down till they lodged under his balls. Immediately Sam pulled the zipper down Linda's jeans and stuck in his hand. All of their movements were awkward, like teenagers in the back of their parent?s car, but their urgency wiped out the need for any finesse. His middle finger dove into the opening in her jeans and she raised herself to him, allowing the finger to enter. They both giggled, and took a furtive glance around. The flight attendants had returned the drink cart and the cabin lights were set to dim. "What if somebody sees us"? She whispered with a big smile. "Who's going to? The girls are finished with the drinks. Come on, nobody'll see!" The only other passenger in direct line of sight was the Thai girl across the aisle, and she was now asleep.

Linda started to stroke Sam's member as he moved two fingers along her slit, and with his other hand he continued to enjoy her breasts. "My friend is lonely," he said. That was their pet code phrase for Linda to go down on him. They had both agreed that it sounded better than "suck my cock" and was the personal little silly lover's joke that they enjoyed. "No way!" she whispered. "Don't you like it when I do this?" and she tugged on him a little faster and with a stronger grip. "Yes! Keep doing it, but my friend is REALLY lonely." It always sounded silly, but it always got the message across.

With that, Linda pulled the blanket over her head and leaned over. Sam lifted up his bottom and slid his pants and shorts halfway down to his knees. He couldn't keep is hand in her cunt anymore but was able to reach around and cup her breast as she consoled his lonely friend. She started sucking quickly right away, which made the Blanket bobble up and with so much enthusiasm that he whispered, "Linda, easy." She slowed down a little.

Across the aisle Boonlua wasn't really sleep. She too, had a blanket around her, her short skirt was pulled up, and was massaging herself as she watched the horny couple through half opened eyes. She had seen them squirm under the blanket and decided that she wasn't going to be lonely either. In contrast to the couple across the aisle, her masturbation was almost painfully slow. Her finger moved, ever so slowly around her sparsely furred opening. To an observer she would appear asleep, but she was just quietly crazed. Linda cupped Sam's balls and continued to make his friend feel not quite so lonely. She had this thing she did that drove Sam nuts. It was some kind of swirling motion she made with her tongue while she sort of rolled her head around. Then she went deeper and sucked harder than ever before.

Boonlua felt ashamed watching them but she was also fraught with desire. It wasn't right watching these two shameless Americans and she knew she shouldn't. But, she also couldn't stop.

Part of the blanket fell off of Linda's head so Boonlua could see the back of the brunette's head as she continued on. Her eyes widened and she tightened her thighs over her busy hand as Sam pulled the blanket back up.

After several unbelievable minutes of this, Sam started to stiffen and tried to stretch his legs out straight. Linda stroked him faster, and sucked harder, just slightly dragging her teeth over the head. She usually did not care for swallowing cum, but had a few times in the past. He put one hand gently on the back of her head in wordless encouragement for her to stay there.

"What the hell", she thought. "There's nothing to clean it up with anyway" as she bobbed up and down harder and harder, tightly grasping his root and balls. "Oh, Linda" he breathed in a loud whisper. "Now, beautiful" he whispered as the hot jet of his cock jammed into her mouth. "I'm cumming NOW!" "Ommghhm" she gurgled. She pulled back a little to be able to swallow, then went down for more, sucking up the rest. Sam was going into absolute spasms. "Oh, my god" he whispered. She suddenly started stroking him faster with her hand and sliding her lips up and down over the head with furious movements. "Oh, fuck!" he cried. That always created a unique sensation, especially in the few moments after he had cum. "Ohhh" he tried to stifle the sound. She took another couple of deep sucks, while stroking him rapidly just for good measure and Sam collapsed back into his seat. "Now what am I supposed to do?" she was frustrated. "You got off, and all I get is breath freshener!" she laughed.

"Lie back against the window" Sam said. He was certainly satisfied, but he loved her and wanted to make her as happy as she had made him. Besides, he was confident that he would revive quickly.

All of the big plane's window shades were pulled down and Linda scrunched up against the side of the fuselage. It was difficult making good use of the skimpy blanket, but did the best with what they had. Sam grasped her slacks at the waistband as she lifted herself up.

She leaned back and pushed her pelvis out, to make it easier for Sam's entrance. Kneeling in the small space allowed for economy seating he searched for her treasure. Sweet kisses were planted on her upper thighs. Oh the scent. I think it was musk by alysha ashley, the subtle aroma of the perfume mixed with the powerful smell produced by her inner body produced an olfactory sex pheromone strong enough to propel rockets!

He dove at her with an intensity that startled and pleased her. "Careful!" she whispered loudly. He barely heard her. Now recovered from the previous orgasm, Sam went after Linda like a desert survivor after a water hole. He first licked up and down, in long sweeping slurps. She alternately opened her legs wider, then clamped his head like a vice. "Oh, migod that feels good" in a voice now a little louder than a whisper.

She spread her legs wider and to steady herself, placed her foot up on the adjoining seat. He slowed down a little and started planting sweet little kisses all over her femininity. He gently pulled the lips back and started long, sweeping licks that caused her to draw her breath in little gasps. First bottom to top, then top to bottom. His kisses under the blanket grew in frequency and intensity. He loved going down on her, and she loved being on the receiving end.

"Please Sam! I've got to cum, please!" she cried in a loud whisper. While still licking, he took her right hand from the back of his head and placed it onto her pubic mound. She started rubbing her clit furiously.

Now she had him deeply eating her while she was doing herself. She kept rubbing herself while Sam moved up a little and started sucking on her now moist fingers, licking the wetness off her fingers. His mouth now captured her middle finger and sucked it all the way in, just the way she had sucked his cock.

"Ohhhh", she moaned. The mixed pleasures of him licking her pussy and sucking her masturbating fingers was just too much. "I've going to cum now! I'm got to cum NOW!"

She was only a little louder, but in the quiet aircraft, it sounded to Sam almost like a shout.

Her thighs clenched around him so tightly he could scarcely breathe. Not caring, he pressed his face harder and shook his head from side to side in tiny, rapid movements. He rose slightly and with his tongue drove her finger away from her swollen clitoris. He surrounded the nub with his lips and exhaled over it while humming a deep sound that set up an unbelievable vibration in her. She grabbed fistfuls of his hair as if she was holding on for dear life itself.

"Gaaaaahhhhhhhh!" she gasped, "STOP!!!!" But he wouldn't, he just kept it up until she stopped shuddering and was able to tug his head back. Sam breathed deeply, finally getting oxygen.

Boonlua was finishing her orgasm too. The shame and guilt that previously encompassed her being was swept away by viewing the unbelievable scene before her. As Sam was diving between Linda's legs, Boonlua's fingers were furiously going at her own love bead.

When Linda started to gasp, Boonlua's body also stiffened, her legs straightened, and her toes curled as the wave swept over her. Unlike her counterpart across the aisle, she did not cry out rather, she let out an almost inaudible squeak. As the couple collapsed, Boonlua curled into her seat as a few tears filled her eyes.

Sam and Linda straightened themselves up and got their clothes back in order and rang for the flight attendant to bring some more wine. There was another 9 hours left in the flight.

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