Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Riding through the outback

Written by a man.
Gus Schmidlap from Amsterdam

I first met Sherry at a trade show in Chicago, where she represented her Australian company.

She had left me with the clear impression that if ever I found myself in Perth, my time would be well spent in visiting her home. Thus, hers was the first number I called when I arrived for a week of business in Australia.

She seemed pleased to hear from me, and we arranged to meet on the weekend. She promised to arrange a day of outdoor fun, and asked if I enjoyed horse riding, which as it happens, I do. And so, bright and early on Saturday morning, as arranged, I arrived at her apartment in a pleasant suburb of Perth.

She answered the door dressed in a night-gown, looking even better than I remembered. Sherry stands around six feet tall, and is firmly built, a legacy of her years of competitive swimming, which left her with broad shoulders, and a muscular frame which she has not allowed to slip. She kissed me warmly on the lips, and apologised for not being ready.

She offered me coffee, which I took sitting in the lounge while she went to her bedroom to get dressed. When she came out, I was surprised by her outfit, which seemed a little impractical for horse-riding. While she had knee length leather riding boots, instead of jodhpurs, she wore a knee length skirt. "What happened to your jodhpurs?" I asked. Sherry flashed her naughty smile, and said "You'll have to wait and see."

We set off in her car, and after an hours drive arrived at a remote farm, where she stabled her horse. Before long we had saddled up, and were cantering along the Australian outback in glorious sunshine. After about an hour of hard riding, we pulled up at a watering hole, and dismounted, tying the horses to a rail while they could have a drink. Sherry produced a hip flask, and we both had a shot of cognac. Before long we were kissing. "You didn't have to bring me all the way out here to seduce me" I said. She smiled. "I thought I'd give you a fuck to remember" she said, "Have you ever had sex on a horse?". Naturally the prospect intrigued me. 'Right, lets see what we have here' she said, untying my belt, and pulling down my zipper, to release a half hearted John Thomas. At the touch of her hand, he soon stood to attention, and stepping back, Sherry raised her skirt and removed her knickers, giving me a flash of golden haired pussy, before her skirt dropped.

'Right, mount up' she said, untying one of the horses. As soon as I was seated, she grasped my arm. 'Now pull me up" she said. With a little effort she was soon positioned, facing me on the saddle. She raised her skirt, and using my shoulder to balance herself, straddled my lap, slipping my cock into her pussy in the process.

The anticipation must have worked for her, because her snatch was wet by the time John Thomas made his entry. Holding me in a firm embrace she said, 'Right, now lets go riding.'

I spurred the horse into a trot, revelling in the feeling of her cunt clutching my cock as she rose and fell with each stride. 'Now lets canter' she said, her breathing starting to quicken.

We soon fell in time with the motion of the horse, and with the feeling of sunshine, and the clean country air, I felt incredibly turned on. My cock was hard as a diamond cutter as it slammed into her, and the effect was obvious. 'God, I'm going to come' she shouted, above the clutter of the horses hooves pounding into the hard sandy track. Her cunt seemed to clench around my cock, and the next thing I knew, I was shooting my spunk inside her. I nearly lost my balance, and had to reign the horse in, which was achieved with some difficulty.

Once we had stopped, she dismounted, and beckoned me to join her on the ground. "I always come like crazy when I fuck like that" she said, "Now, lets try it the other way around."

Placing one foot in a stirrup, she swung herself onto the saddle, and then helped to pull me up, so I was positioned facing her. This time it was a little more difficult, as my cock was still soft when she tried to straddle me once more. Using her fingers, she pressed my limp member into her wet hole, still slippery with semen, and before long I was hard enough to stay inside her. She then spurred the horse into a canter, and the thrilling sensations started once more. The rhythm of the horses stride seemed to force my cock right into her womb. This time it took much longer for me to come, and she took full advantage, shouting ecstatically, as orgasm after orgasm overcame her, while my cock pounded into her. The danger aspect of thundering along the track, backwards, with her full weight pressing down on me added an element of spice which soon caused the most intense orgasm I can remember. Sherry managed to stop the horse, and carefully dismounted me, using one hand to cover her snatch as she slipped of my softening cock. "We cant have come stains on the saddle" she explained as she swung her leg over me to dismount, still holding her cunt with one hand. "Tie the horse up" she instructed, pointing to a nearby tree. While I did this, she lay back against the tree, parted her legs, and using both hands, began stroking the slippery wetness along the lips of her cunny, pausing occasionally to slip two fingers in and finger fuck herself, seemingly oblivious to my presence. I went to stand right in front of her, my cock standing fully to attention as I watched her making herself come.

The hot sun and clean air combined with the smell of her sex was overpowering. I knelt between her legs and started kissing my way up her tanned thighs toward her honey pot. I licked along the edge of her swollen bulge, careful not to rush arrival at her clit. She became impatient, parting her labia to invite my tongue deeper inside her. "Lick me there, harder" she moaned as yet again her body quivered with the force of another orgasm.

Her hand had by now found its way to my cock, and with a little delicate manoeuvring she twisted into a position where she could reach John Thomas with her mouth without interrupting my contact with her pussy. Inspired by her own pleasure, Sherry proceeded to give one of the best blow jobs I've ever known, alternating her pace to ensure I stopped just short of coming. Eventually I could take no more, and started thrusting into her mouth, desperate to come. Sherry slipped away before the crucial moment, and with a laugh, pulled away. As she stood up, her skirt fell back into its normal position, covering her steaming pussy. Coyly crossing her legs, she turned to face the tree, and with some sense of theatre bent over whilst raising her skirt at the same time, revealing her slick wet slit, peach like below her little puckered anus. "Fuck me now" she moaned, her head practically between her knees.

I grasped her hips from behind, and guided my cock between her beckoning labia. She was so wet I slipped right in with no effort at all. We were both so aroused that things didn't last long. The combination of her silky smooth wetness and the tight fist like clutch of her vagina soon started my cock spunking. Sherry's hand had found its way to her clit while I fucked her, and her frantic rubbing ensured she came at the same time. After using the most excellent muscle contractions with her fanny to milk the last drop of come from my well used testicles, Sherry dismounted, and turned to kneel in front of me. My cock was glistening with her wetness as she started licking the slowly deflating tip. "I love to taste myself" she said, looking at me out of the corner of her eye while my cock nuzzled against her lips.

We stayed out for another hour, resting, before heading back to the City. Horse Riding has never been the same for me since.

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I Love your stories and you are such an excellent writer. If you wouldn't mind I would love to put you on my favorites list. Thank you for the warm wishes and keep up the great work.