Monday, January 02, 2006

Jane's Bad Day

Written by a man.
by Mark Badham

Jane was not having a good day. Here she is, mid-thirties, successful, attractive and getting pissed-off over something as trivial as unintentionally flashing her knickers at a smutty newsagent.

Plus it would be another three months before she saw her lover again and shed just lost a major contract for her advertising agency. The last thing she needed was a comment like 'nice panties luv' from a dirty-old-man of a shop keeper.
It hadnt been her fault anyway, this skirt always did blow about in the wind, she just didnt expect the wind to blow that strongly as she turned the corner of the block. Before she new it there she was, skirt round her waist exposing her lilac thong for all to see. Not only that but she knew the newsagent must have seen her blond bush showing through the sheer panel that extended across the front of the flimsy garment.

Normally of course she would have got a cheep thrill from this kind of thing, but not today. David her lover had called from the naval base to confirm his contract had been extended.
Other times hed been away this wouldnt have mattered, she'd have simply booked into a nearby hotel for each weekend where they could spend their time teasing and pleasing each other.
Even now she could imagine his balls in her hands as she lowered her mouth to his rapidly growing erection.
How many times had she used her mouth to bring him from half-mast to fully erect? How many times had her tongue lapped at his shaft, circled the purple smoothness of his glans? How often had she been doing this while David gently parted her sex lips with his fingers and gently lapped at her swollen clitoris, bring her to a delightful orgasm before she mounted him and rode him till he came, bucking and moaning as his seed erupted from him?

This was doing her no good.
Now she could feel she was getting wet and for the second time today she would have to let her desire die away leaving her frustrated and aching.

She had woken this morning with a start and quickly realised she had been on the verge of orgasm from her dreams. She had been dreaming about David as he rammed his thick cock into her while in the elevator in her office block. It wasnt often they made love in the lift but the moment took them over, with the added excitement of having to complete the job in the time it took for the elevator to reach the top floor of her block. If they werent finished then Sharon the receptionist would surely see them as the doors opened. But David was shafting her well, she could feel her back hammering on the lift wall as his weight pressed down on her each time his slippery shaft - slippery with her glistening juices - forced her sex lips apart and filled her cunny. She could feel he was close to coming and she concentrated on the sound of her juices slurping as his cock shafted her deeply. Suddenly he pulled his rigid member from her, grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down to him. She opened her lips to accept his manhood sliding them gently but firmly over the head of his glans. Just as she started to suck, breathing in the smell of her own sex on him, he exploded in her mouth.

At first she thought there would be too much for her to swallow, such was the size of his orgasm, but with great determination she forced her mouth down till his cock hit the back of her throat, gulping his seed down as fast as she could. When the lift doors opened she was just licking the last of his come from the side of her mouth.

So it was that she woke feeling wet and wanting. She had lost the moment of passion as she jerked awake but soon recovered enough to lower her left hand to her snatch to open her sex lips. As she did so her right index finger found the bud of her clitoris, rubbing and teasing gently. It wouldnt be long before she came she knew but before she could give herself that ultimate pleasure she heard the rattle of a ladder on the outside wall and realised the window cleaner was about to see her, legs akimbo and panting with orgasm if she carried on. If it wasnt for the fact that he was such a horrible little man she would have delighted in exposing herself to his gaze but she really couldnt bring herself to it. Quickly she rose from the bed and slipped her dressing gown on, covering her nudity.

Now here she was, horny a second time today and unable to do anything about it. She caught her reflection in a shop window. Thankfully there was no glow of arousal about her but she looked tired and fractious. Her feelings turned to anger as she thought back to the newsagent and how he must have enjoyed the sight of her bush, framed by lilac lace which was in turn framed by the tanned skin of her legs and belly.

She needed to relax and thought about going to the gym but that would mean going home first and collecting her leotard and leggings. That was too much after a day like today so instead she called into Vinos wine bar for a cocktail while she read the paper she had just bought. She was on her second gin and tonic when she noticed the Personal Services column in the back pages. There were about a dozen adverts for masseurs and it occurred to her she could get a massage at home. She had never done this before but it was the sort of local paper that would have vetted its advertisers so they were probably genuine rather than being male prostitutes or perverts or whatever.

Looking down the list she steeled on one advert:

Massage by Paul
Ladies, enjoy a high quality massage to suit your mood Available 24 hours a day, phone now

Paul sounded quite nice on the phone in the wine bar. He was due at Jane's at eight thirty which gave her enough time for another G&T and the taxi ride home. As she settled back to her drink she wondered about her motives for making the call. Was this just sexual frustration or was she genuinely in need of some simple relaxation. The gin made her mind up for her. She was too out of sorts with the day to be thinking about sex with a stranger. To confirm the point she would meet Paul at her door in her work suit, so he'd know from the start she was serious about relaxing and nothing more.

The taxi ride home was uneventful except for the fact that Jane saw the newsagent from earlier fall off his bicycle into a hedge. She was very pleased about seeing him go arse-over-tit after what hed seen of her arse (and fanny for that matter).

Paul arrived at eight-thirty sharp. Before she answered the door she checked her suit, smart and respectable, and her image of the masseur - tall, dark, muscular. Like David enough to be attractive, but not too like him to be too attractive. She shifted on her feet slightly as a familiar feeling passed from her crotch to her stomach but her anxiousness turned to disappointment when she answered the door. Paul arrived in a scruffy Transit van, he was medium height, had jet black hair, was slightly overweight and quite surprisingly ordinary in his looks. He had with him a large holdall and an even larger pile of clean white towels. They sat in the lounge while they discussed her requirements.

'Im not really sure why I phoned' Jane started, 'I might be wasting your time'
'No problem at all, madam, erm Im sorry, I dont know your name.'
'It's Jane' she replied and held out her right hand.

Paul took her hand and shook it firmly. He had confidence in his handshake which conveyed a strangely comforting feeling to Jane.
'What sort of massage would you like Jane' asked Paul
'I dont really know what sorts there are, Ive only had massages at the health club or from my lover.'
'Well thats no problem, how would you like to feel at the end of it relaxed, invigorated, stimulated, sleepy?' 'Well' said Jane 'I think I need to unwind. It was a bad day, what with loosing a contract and then flashing my all to a smutty minded shop keeper.'

The G&Ts had worked a little too well thought Jane when she heard what she was saying. Paul didnt turn a hair however, which put her back at ease.

'I think the best will be something to pick you up a bit in the middle and then wind you down at the end' concluded Paul. 'If you show me to your bedroom, its easier to massage on a bed, well get started.'

The bedroom was light and airy even at this time of night. Paul handed the pile of towels to Jane as he assessed the room. 'Very nice room, I'll need some more things from the van. Get some more pillows and wrap them in some of the towels, then lay another one or two towels on the bed.' As he headed for the door he added 'oh, get undressed when youre ready, I'll just be five minutes.'

Jane decided to put on some of her regular knickers and a bra and wrapped a towel around herself before she sat on the bed to wait for Pauls return. When he can back he emptied a number of bottles containing what looked like oils from his bag along with some orange juice and a bottle of iced water, some of which he poured into a bedside glass, after this he immediately started to undress.

'You wont need the towel, take it off and lie down on your front' he said as he reached for his fly.
'Hang on, whats happening' said Jane. 'Oh, sorry, you need to be naked for the massage, so I undress as well to make us even, helps break the ice I find.'

Jane looked no happier.
'Look, its all up to you. I have one rule. The massage is for your benefit so you call the shots. Anything you dont like, just say and I'll stop, ok.'

Something about his manner settled Janes nerves. She watched Paul undress as she removed her towel, bra and knickers. Paul didnt look at her but set about opening bottles. Jane was a little miffed that not only did he ignore her but he also had no sign of an erection whatsoever, she may not be wanting sex with this guy, but a little appreciation of her body would have been nice, maybe she should have kept her thong on after all.

Jane lay down on the bed facing away from Paul and listened to the chinking of bottles for a few moments. She startled as she felt ice cold water on her back and a strange tingle ran from her spine round to her nipples and her crotch. She could feel her nipples harden a little and then a little more as Paul began to rub her back.

I do an all over massage as a rule, so my hands'll just about get everywhere. If theres anywhere you dont want them going, just say said Paul as he parted Jane's buttocks and poured more iced water between the moons of her arse. The freezing water ran down between her legs, she felt it reach her anus, her outer sex lips, run over the naked flesh of her labia and down over the hood covering her clitoris. The sensation was like nothing else she had ever felt and she realised she was powerless to stop the moistness gathering in her sex.

Paul continued with the water over her arms and legs, his hand bushing her labia as he rubbed the water between her upper thighs. Jane was sure by now that she could smell her own sex and glanced at Pauls crotch for a sign of a reaction. Nothing.

Next oils were rubbed over her skin, their odour covering that of Janes sex, much to her relief. Then a new sensation came over her as a spicy hot oil dripped slowly into the curve of her spine. The heat was intense but not burning. Pauls hands were doing magnificent things with the oil as he rubbed it into her back. Jane was aching for his touch on her sex. Strong hands pulled the cheeks of her backside apart and Jane clenched her sex hard in anticipation of the sensation she was about to receive.
She could feel her juices covering her sex, seeping out under the pressure between her labia and matting her neatly trimmed blond bush which glistened invitingly.

As the oil ran from her buttocks she had to release her sex muscles, her cunny opened like flower, her engorged inner lips pink and wet her clitoris hard, throbbing. The oil ran into her cunny and spilled out onto her clit. She orgasmed immediately. It was unlike anything she had experienced before. She remained nearly motionless, as though she had no control of her limbs. A tiny whimper came from deep in her throat and she could feel her vagina opening and closing, her labia quivering from the spasms deep in her stomach. The feeling seemed to last forever and it was some time before she heard Pauls voice.

'Where do you keep you stockings?'
'In the top drawer on the right over there', Jane pointed with her eyes at a dresser under the bedroom window. She didnt even think to ask why he wanted to know, she didnt think she could think.

Paul returned with some of her finest silk stockings. She felt him lift her waist and her legs draw up beneath her till she was resting on her knees. One stocking was tied around her left wrist and her arm drawn down by her side. Her left ankle was drawn up near her wrist by the previous movement and she felt the stocking being tied joining her wrist to ankle. This separated her knees a little wider and then wider again as her right wrist joined right ankle. She was tied, face down, arse in the air and sex wide open and on show. In the gap between her shoulder and the bed she could see between her legs across the other side of the room. Her sex was dripping its juices down onto the bed, the sight of which was enough to make her squeeze her cunt muscles hard. More juice dripped out and she thought she was going to come again.

Then she saw Paul walk around behind her. His penis was hard now, an erection Jane was pleased to see. She sized up what was about to happen next, tried to beg Paul to fuck her hard there and then, but couldnt speak. She looked at the purple head of his cock, a drip of love juice showing already. He was of normal length she guessed but think like a mans arm, oh joy.

She waited to feel his cock nudge against her cunt, waited for him to spear her. Instead she felt more of the hot oil, saw Paul rub more of the stuff on his fingers, first one, then two then a third. Her cunt was gaping, she felt a finger enter her and immediately a ripple of pre-orgasm ran through her sex. Her nipples were hard, though they had not been touched.
A second finger entered her and a second, stronger spasm ran through her. A third finger quickly followed the delightful feeling of being finger fucked pushed her over the edge and she began to climax again. Paul fucked her hard with his fingers while he wanked his cock with his other hand. Jane was in a state of continual orgasm on Pauls fingers and watched his hand flash to and fro along the length of his cock. She watched Paul's face trying to judge how close he was to his orgasm. Suddenly he withdrew his fingers from her cunt used his now-free hand, glistening with her sex juice, to yank on her thigh rolling her onto her back. Knees in the air and her ankles still tied to her wrists Paul moved swiftly along the bed till he was level with her face instinctively Jane opened her mouth and threw her head back. As she did so Paul drove his cock deep into her throat. Jane had just enough time to prepare herself for his seed when his orgasm hit. She'd never known anything like this. Paul came and came, she couldnt possibly swallow all his jiz as it spilled out of her lips, down her face and onto the bed cover.

The next thing Jane knew the sun was streaming into her bedroom. She was alone on the bed, the only evidence of the night before being the salty taste of jiz on her tongue.

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Fellow traveler. I used to write for a similar site a while back and then just for friends. I started posting my stories at the coaxing of others. I hope you site is sucessful and I look forward to your stories. Savannah was an inspiration on occassion for me.