Monday, January 30, 2006

The Alternative Rescue Service

Written by a woman.
Sarah from Surrey

It was one of those beautiful late summer evenings when the sun was just beginning to lose it's intensity, bringing a calming, balmy atmosphere, peaceful and tranquil.

She had rushed out of the house on some desperate purpose, however, her intentions were fated not to be realized that night, as circumstances detoured the course of events rather dramatically. She was, as usual, driving faster than she should, humming some infuriatingly catchy tune that they seemed to play over and over on the local radio station. The route she had selected had taken her along a rural lane; the amazing variation on the color green distracted her for a few seconds.

Then ahead, she noticed upon a Brooklands green MG sports car which registered in her brain as being vaguely familiar. Her memory scanning rapidly, she recognized the figure standing beside the immobile vehicle. Automatically, her foot released the accelerator pedal and depressed decidedly onto the brake. She indicated left and pulled to a halt behind the MG.

As she stepped out, she greeted the man with a shy smile, 'Well ,hello. I thought it was you'. She quickly absorbed the sight before her; he was at least 6 foot tall, with brown curly hair, a tanned attractive face, long athletic legs covered in faded denims and a plaid shirt covering a broad chest. He smiled back, although plainly he was rather perturbed about the state of his vehicle. 'What a stroke of luck, fancy bumping into you in the middle of nowhere', his eyes sparkled as the grin spread over his face. 'Well, now I'm here, what can I do to help?' she volunteered, surveying the broken down car. 'How about a lift to the nearest phone so I can call out the garage?' he suggested. 'Of course, jump in.' She giggled slightly, amused at the situation. The sun was beginning to set and rays flickered from behind the trees. The sky was developing into a beautifully orangey pink hue, warm and relaxing. A gentle breeze whispered through the leaves, caught the flap of her wrap around skirt and flicked it open for a fraction of a second.

Instinctively, she grabbed the flailing fabric to protect her modesty, but it was too late, he had seen the dark triangle of tight curls contrasting against the creamy flesh of her thighs. He tried to disguise his reaction, but the sharp intake of breath and surprised glance must have betrayed him. Compounded with the stirring in his jockeys, he was convinced she knew that he knew!

She smiled, vaguely embarrassed and gestured towards her car. Inside, he tried not to stare too obviously at her silky thighs which were visible now that her skirt had slipped apart as she had changed gear. 'It's really good to see you again' he started earnestly.

She glanced sideways at him, shooting a wicked , inviting grin. 'I've missed you', she said, removing her hand from the gear knob and lightly resting it onto his leg. Immediately, lightening bolts jarred his insides and he felt his penis struggle to expand in the confined space. He reciprocated by tentatively placing his palm on her leg, half on the fabric and half touching the bare flesh.

She smiled encouragingly, 'That's rather nice'. He grew bolder and inched his hand a little higher. She responded by stroking his thigh a little more persistently, creeping closer and closer towards his crotch. All the while, the car (on automatic pilot) was flying along the country lane in the direction of the nearest phone box. 'I can't concentrate!' she cried out, her voice slightly husky, 'I'll crash the car!' 'Turn left, just past that post box', he took command, recklessly devising a scheme. 'I know of a secluded spot we can stop for a while'. She smiled in acknowledgement and followed his directions to a totally obscure hideaway. She pulled up the hand brake and neatly extinguished the engine. Then, neatly, she unclipped her seat belt and leaned over to the passenger seat. Their lips met, their arms entwined, as she shifted her weight towards him. Both were breathing heavily; tiny beads of perspiration were visible on his forehead and she felt vaguely faint with desire.

They kissed long and hard, their tongues probing, exploring. His hands deftly unsnapped the clasp of her bra, releasing her small pert breasts. He cupped each one in turn, massaging firmly, as if comparing one with the other. The nipples, minute and erect, betrayed her arousal. Her hand massaged his inner thigh, brushed lightly over his balls, causing him to gasp. She giggled at his reaction and proceeded to unbutton his fly. She slid her hands inside his jeans, tentatively pressing her palm to ascertain the exact position of his manhood. Locating the mound, she wrapped her fingers around the warm, slightly damp, impatient rod and grasped confidently. Only the cotton pants between her and her goal now, so she wriggled her fingers carefully under the elastic and back down to reunite with his penis.

In the meantime, he directed his hand downwards, anxious to confirm his earlier suspicions. It hadn't been his imagination, she wasn't wearing any underwear! He stroked her curls then crept down between her thighs to feel her lips, heated and swollen and inserted his index finger inside her. She was extremely wet and inviting, her muscles quivering and the juices flowed even more abundantly. She moaned in approval, clenching her hand around him, decidedly stroking him. 'I want you inside me' she muttered with an air of authority and promptly straddled him. He managed to lower his jeans just sufficiently for his penis to spring out from its restraint. Carefully, she shifted her weight, guiding him into her. He gasped with the feeling as her muscles squeezed and released him as she gently rocked over him. Her pelvic control made him moan in ecstasy and towards oblivion. As the sensations built up, he cupped her buttocks to assist with the grinding motion and to pull her hard into him so he could penetrate her to the absolute maximum.

The intensity increased as they each concentrated on the pleasures buzzing around their heads. Suddenly they could bear it no longer and they were simultaneously gripped by orgasm . Her nails dug through the cloth shirt on his back, her screams of ecstasy almost pierced his eardrum. His cries almost resembled that of torture, but the satisfied grin on his face immediately after betrayed his pleasure. 'That was wonderful' she purred, replete. 'You felt so..oo good, deep inside me'. 'I loved it', he conceded, 'You were just delicious. But tell me something hat made just a tiny bit curious, do you make a habit of going out without wearing underwear?'

She broke into an enormous chuckle. 'No', she explained, 'I was just in a hurry and forgot!


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