Friday, January 13, 2006

When in Oslo

Written by a man.
by Brian (in Kent)

I arrived in Oslo for a three day visit, checking on our distributors progress.

I usually go there several times each year, and have several friends in Oslo. Anneus, who is one of our distributors, had suggested to me on previous visits that we go out for a night on the town, and this time I had a free night to accept his invitation to "double date" his girlfriend Magda.

He told me he had spoken to her about me, and that she had asked to meet. I naturally assumed that Magda would arrange a friend for our "double date".

Anneus drove us from the office to his apartment. When we arrived, I was introduced to Magda, who was a classic Norwegian beauty. Long blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and legs which were indecently lengthy. She wore a short skirt, with high heels, which made her taller than my own six feet. Her tight fitting T-shirt did little to conceal the fact that she had very erect nipples on the end of extraordinarily large breasts. She kissed me on both cheeks, leaving the hint of a remarkably familiar scent.

Anneus poured drinks, while we chatted about life in Oslo. All very casual and chatty. After finishing two bottles of wine, my curiosity got the better of me, and I asked Anneus who he had in mind when he had suggested a double date.

"Oh no", he replied, "I meant Magda for both of us. She likes a lot of sex, and I enjoy a helping hand every now and then". Magda smiled affirmatively. "Anneus has told me quite a bit about you", she said, moving closer to me, and running her hand along the inside of my thigh. "He says you like to fuck a lot" she said as her hand brushed against my cock. For a brief moment I was somewhat taken aback, but the combination of the wine and Magda's heady scent filling my nostrils, made me quite powerless to resist.

"She has great breasts" said Anneus, removing Magda's T-shirt, to reveal the truth in his words. "Stand up, and let me show him your pussy" he instructed her. Magda rose from her position on the sofa, and allowed Anneus to remove her skirt, and peel her skimpy black panties down her legs.

Her cunt was virtually hairless, save for a small triangle of closely cropped dark blonde hair which started above the topmost fold of her labia. Her vaginal lips were quite swollen, and her wetness was evident. She sat back on the sofa next to me, while Anneus returned to his seat.

"Would you like to taste my pussy" she asked, easing her labia apart with one hand, while rubbing her clit with the other.

I needed no second invitation, and in a flash was kneeling between her legs, raising her hips with my hands beneath her ass to gain better access with my tongue. She was very wet, and as I traced the length of her quim with my tongue she kept on rubbing her clit.

She began to moan quite loudly. Gradually with the coaxing of my tongue, her nectar started to rise from the depths of her slit, coating my lips with her slippery wetness.

"I want to taste your cock", she whispered hoarsely. I removed my trousers, and straddling her on the couch, pressed my cock against her lips.

Anneus had undressed in the meanwhile, and moved between her legs to continue where I had left off. Magda's hand circled my shaft, and her tongue began tracing light circles around the underside of my helmet, before swallowing inch after inch until I felt my cock rubbing against the back of her throat. Her hand kept up a pressure against the base of my cock as I began slowly fucking her mouth. Sensing the closeness of my orgasm, she moved off my dick.

"I want you both to come at the same time" she said, gently pushing me off her. She moved onto the floor, and bent over into a doggy position. I moved in front, and fed my cock back into her mouth, while Anneus positioned himself behind her, and began fucking. I could hear the slurping sound as his shaft pumped into her. By now she was wanking my cock expertly, while using her lips to pressure my helmet. I felt the come begin to rise in my testicles. Magda began to moan in Swedish, and pumped frantically at my cock as the jets of sperm began to spurt into her mouth. Anneus groaned, "Oh yes, I'm coming", and removing his cock wanked the spurts of come over Magda's back. Barely pausing to catch her breath, Magda rose from her haunches, and turned to lick Anneus's cock. Far from seeming sated by her double fucking, Magda was only getting warmed up.

"I want to feel you both inside me together", she said, looking straight at me while Anneus's cock pressed against her lips. The prospect caused an immediate response with Anneus. His flagging cock rose once more. Noticing that Anneus sported a good eight inch cock, much the same size as my own, caused me to comment to Magda "Do you really think you can take that much inside you?". Anneus replied. "Oh yes, she loves it. When she really gets hot she just cant get enough". "Lie over here", Magda instructed, positioning me on my back. Straddling me, she slowly eased her willing quim over my by now rock hard dick. Anneus moved behind her, and guided his cock above mine at the entrance to Magda's hungry hole. Magda was lying against my chest, her hard nipples pressing against me, with her bum angled upward. She moved her buttocks upward until my cock was barely inside her to enable Anneus to press his cock above mine. With a little thrust, Anneus managed to get a few inches of his dick inside her. Magda was moaning ecstatically by this time, as she pressed herself downward against my cock, gradually easing inch by inch inside her until, both our cocks were buried to the hilt.

I have never felt such at tight squeeze, made all the better by the rippling contractions Magda was performing with her stretched cunt muscles.

Gradually, as her wetness flowed, movement became easier, and Anneus began a slow fucking motion. I reached a hand underneath Magda's body, and felt for her clit. Her wetness was everywhere, soaking the sparse patch of pubic hair. I found her clit and began rubbing it. Magda started moaning in Swedish, which I didn't understand, although the gist was quite clear from the expression on her face. The pressure on my cock was becoming unbearable, and I began to thrust upwards, meeting Magda's downward pressure, just as I felt the come start to rise from my testicles.

This triggered Anneus, and I felt his cock pulsing against mine, as we both spurted our loads inside Magda's soaked, stretched cunt.

Her moans reached a wail, as she felt our jism shooting up inside her. Her vaginal muscles clenched around our cocks, milking the last drops of come, until finally Anneus slid his cock out, and collapsed backward onto the sofa.

Magda rose off me, careful to cover her snatch to prevent the double load of come from dripping out, and moved next to Anneus on the sofa, where she lay back, opening her legs wide apart, and dipping her fingers into her gaping, dripping quim, began to wank herself, sliding three fingers up to the knuckles between her pouting lips, and rubbing furiously at her clit with her other hand.

Her eyes were closed, and she moaned continuously as she enjoyed orgasm after orgasm until finally, with a shriek with must have made the neighbours wonder, her body spasmed, and she withdrew her fingers from her cunt.

Anneus disappeared to the kitchen to open another bottle of wine, and Magda moved next to where I was still lying on the carpet.

"What a big cock you have" she said in her strong Swedish accent, taking my limp member between her fingers, and massaging it gently. While we lay exhausted on the living room floor, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it", shouted Anneus from the kitchen. I started reaching for some clothes, but Magda stopped me. "It's okay, its just Anna, and I'm sure she won't be embarrassed", she said with a knowing wink. Anneus entered the room with a petite blonde girl, "Anna, this is Milton, Milton this is Anna", he said by way of introduction. I rose to greet her, and we kissed on both cheeks.

Anna was around five six, in her mid twenties, with a mane of curly blonde hair which tumbled halfway down her back. She wore a short black skirt, dark stockings, and a smart black jacket over a white cotton shirt. She turned toward Magda who was still lying on the floor, "Magda, looks like you're being greedy again" she said laughing, as she removed her jacket. "Well, its your fault for having bad timing", Magda replied, "Look, Milton doesn't seem to like you very much", she said, smiling as she picked up my limp cock, and allowed it to fall back against my thigh. "Looks like we might have to put on a bit of a show to get these boys going again".

With that Magda, rose, and started to undress Anna. Anneus handed me a glass of wine, and sat down next to me, eyes keenly fixed on the show starting on the living room floor. Slowly, and sensuously Magda undressed Anna, until she stood in just her underwear.

A skimpy black G string and a matching lace bra. Kneeling in front of Anna, Magda began to peel the G string down her legs, exposing her pert pudenda, rimmed by a trim bush of blonde pubes.

Using two fingers, she carefully parted Anna's labial lips, exposing the deep red flesh of her cuntlet. Magda leaned forward, gently running her tongue along the open lips, until she arrived at the little bud of flesh at the apex of the open slit. Expertly Magda tongued Anna's cunt until the smaller girl began to moan encouragingly.

"Oh yes just there. No one gives head like you. Put your fingers inside me, I'm so close, don't stop now."

Both Anneus and I were standing firmly to attention by this time. Magda slipped her fingers out of Anna's by now dripping quim, and turned toward me.

"I think she's ready now, why don't you take over." I needed no second bidding, and rose to my feet to face Anna. Magda grasped my cock, and guided it to the waiting wet slit between Anna's legs. I had to bend my knees slightly, and then I was sliding up Anna's hot hole. She pressed against me, and began to rock back and forth against my cock, impaling herself with increasing intensity. I placed my hands about her buttocks, and lifted her off her feet. With her legs wrapped tightly around my hips, I could feel my cock pressing against the wall of her womb, as I slid her up and down on my cock.

Anneus had Magda on her hands and knees, and was fucking her from behind as both watched my cock sliding in and out of Anna's tight little pussy. Anna meanwhile was moaning in Swedish, as she came, in what appeared to be one continuous orgasm. I felt my legs start to tire from the strain of supporting Anna's writhing body, so I laid her on the carpet next to Magda and Anneus, careful not to dislodge my cock from inside her. Once on the floor, I kept on fucking her, slow strokes, reaching deep inside her. Magda rose from her haunches, and moved over Anna's face, spreading her legs to position her smooth, well oiled cuntlet above Anna's mouth. Magda's breast were just about level with my mouth, and I took one swollen nipple between my lips, and sucked the hard little bud. Anneus, feeling a little left out at this stage, moved behind Magda, and tried to slip his cock up her from the rear, but Anna was having none of it, grasping his cock, as it nestled at the entrance to Magda's cunt, and diverting it into her mouth.

Magda reached a hand forward, surrounding my cock as I was about to begin another stroke into Anna's dripping pussy, and I felt Magda's fingers try to slip inside Anna's cunt alongside my cock.

She succeeded in slipping three fingers between my cock and the stretched wall of Anna's pussy. The tightness was incredible, and once again I felt the gush of sperm start pulsing into Anna's cuntlet. Somehow Magda dislodged my still spurting cock from Anna's cunt, and wanked my come over her gaping pussy. After the last drops had been squeezed out, Magda rubbed my sperm furiously into Anna's quim, pushing two fingers knuckle deep inside, and then rubbing hard against her swollen clit, until Anna could take no more, and her body jerked spasmodically, in the throes of an uncontrollable orgasm. By this time Anneus was coming in Anna's mouth, and with the smell of sex like a mist around us, we all collapsed in a heap on the floor.

I spent the rest of the night at Anneus and Magda's home, and awoke the following morning to find Magda's lips around my cock.

When she realised I was awake, she said "Just my way of saying good-bye."

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