Saturday, July 01, 2006

Jackie Part I

By David

All the boys in my class at school were desperate to go out with Jackie.
Jackie went to the local Girls' grammar school and we went to the Boys'.
Jackie was a beautiful girl, slender and blonde, and at sixteen a full year older than us.
We thought that she was incredibly grown-up, and our fantasies were well fuelled by the persistent rumours that she would 'do it' with a boy at the drop of a hat.
None of us had ever actually done it with her, and the best evidence was always presented in the form 'so-and-so said that his friend knew someone who had done it with her three times'.
Jackie occasionally had a 'steady' boyfriend, always several years older than us, but nevertheless we were all convinced that if only we could pluck up the courage to do something about it we would be in with a good chance.

I had met her enough times to be on first name terms but there was always a crowd of people around and under those conditions I was far too shy to take the initiative.
I would spend most of the time just watching her; she was so attractive I'd soon get a raging erection and then be very nervous that someone would notice the bulge in my pants and say something.

Summer holidays arrived and by coincidence most of my friends disappeared off to the far corners of the earth, leaving me more or less on my own.
One Saturday I was very bored and decided to go to the pictures.
I arrived at the Palace cinema and stood in the very sparse queue.
It seemed that virtually the whole town had gone away for the holidays.
I was just about to pay for my ticket when I looked up the street and there was Jackie walking towards me.
She was alone and I looked around me to see who she might be coming to meet.
There were no people under the age of thirty anywhere in sight.
I assumed that she was going to pass on by but she joined the end of the queue.
She saw me turning to look at her and gave me a smile.
For once in my life my wits did not desert me and I called her over.
'Hey, Jackie, I've kept a place for you.'
I expected instant rejection but to my surprise she joined me in the queue, ignoring the dirty looks from the three people who were now behind her.
We didn't really speak until we got into the theatre, and because the place was almost empty we had the pick of the seats.
I asked her where she wanted to sit and she pointed to the back row.
The fact that this was the regular place where couples went to fool around set my pulse racing.
Surely she had no intention of getting 'friendly' with me?
We sat ourselves down with our popcorn and drinks and started chatting.
Jackie told me that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend.
This was exceedingly good news!
Her girlfriends, like my compatriots, had mostly gone away for the summer.
I looked around me half expecting to see a genie in a turban standing there ready to grant me more wishes.
My imagination was now in overdrive and I pictured Jackie and me going out together - my friends would be green with envy.
Then common sense kicked in - Jackie was very experienced and had gone out with lots of boys far more 'cool' than me - I was just kidding myself.

We carried on talking through the adverts and trailers, and then through the 'B' movie.
(Yes; all this happened quite some years back).
We were getting on fantastically and I started to really like her, as opposed to lusting after her.
Jackie seemed to have far more in common with me than I could have imagined and I was just starting to dismiss the stories that we had heard about her when her leg moved slightly and came to rest against mine.
The touch was electrifying and I waited, expecting her to move her leg away, but she didn't.
I was having difficulty thinking straight and for a moment my debonair composure disintegrated.
Eventually I regained control and decided that there was at least an 80% chance that I wasn't actually hallucinating and that I really did stand some sort of a chance with Jackie.

She had finished her popcorn so I offered her some of mine, and as I held it out with my left hand I slipped my right arm round her and rested it on the back of her seat.
She declined the popcorn and to my surprise I found myself saying, 'are you sure?' and giving her a gentle hug! I could not believe that I had had the nerve to put my arm around her shoulders, but it was about the best move I have ever made because I was instantly rewarded when she moved closer to me and I felt her hand come to rest on my thigh.
Things happened very fast then and in a few moments we were kissing each other.
I wasn't very good at it but she was an expert, her lips parted and I felt her pointed tongue probing between my lips; when I opened my mouth our tongues met and the kissing got very passionate.
I felt her hand moving higher up my leg and I decided that there was no more sense in being cautious.
I reached across with my left hand and put it over her right breast.
She didn't object and I fondled her breast, my heart pounding.
I was feeling her through her blouse and bra for sometime before she reached up and moved my hand away.
She hadn't stop kissing me and I couldn't understand why she had stopped me and then I felt her take my hand and guide it through the gap in her blouse which she had just unbuttoned.
I cupped her breast briefly and tried to slip my fingers under her bra.
She pulled away from me, reached behind herself and undid the fastener to her bra.
Our mouths came together again and I slipped my hand in and caressed her breast.
Jackie had perfect breasts; they were quite small but very firm and proud and, as I was finding out, her nipples were large and permanently erect; they felt unbelievable against my palm or when teased between my fingertips.
When I fondled her nipples she moaned into my mouth and arched her back - she obviously got very turned on by it.
The more turned on she got the further her hand moved up my leg until she was rubbing my erection through my pants.
I was in heaven, thinking that things just couldn't get any better when she found the zipper on my fly and pulled it down in one swift motion.
I was sure that the sound it made was loud enough for everyone in the theatre to hear but to my relief no one turned round.

Jackie reached into my fly and squeezed my penis through my underpants very briefly before I felt her hand struggling to find the elastic waistbelt to uncover my erection.
There was real danger that she could do me permanent damage so I decided to help and released my penis from the constriction of my underpants - I sat there with it sticking out of my fly, hoping that she wouldn't think it was too small and deflate my ego by giggling at it.
She looked at it thoughtfully for a few seconds and then reached out and wrapped her hand firmly around it and glued her mouth back onto mine.
I stuck my hand inside her blouse again as I felt her hand start to move up and down on my penis with a very experienced grip and rhythm.
It felt fantastic; I had never been touched like that before and I found myself thrusting my hips in time with her hand movements and realised that I was moaning into her mouth in ecstasy the same way she had done earlier when I had first caressed her nipple.
Just as I began to be concerned that her hand was going to produce a very dramatic eruption, she let go of me and started fumbling under her skirt.
I stopped kissing her and looked down to see her deftly removing her knickers; she stuffed them under the waistbelt of her skirt.

Jackie kissed me again and grabbed hold of my penis.
I didn't need any urging and put my hand under her skirt and moved upwards to her crotch - I could hear my heart pounding in my ears as my fingers first touched wisps of hair and then encountered a pair of wonderfully soft and mysterious lips.
Jackie parted her thighs wide and lifted her hips; my fingertips explored, stroked, pinched, prodded and eventually parted the lips and slipped into a hot, wet crevice.
Fortunately her hand was not moving very much on my penis otherwise the excitement would have been too much for me.
I probed and found a tight little entrance, she squirmed around on the seat as my finger eased slowly deeper and deeper inside her.
I felt the delicious grip of her flesh around my finger and slowly thrust it to and fro, trying to judge from her gasps and moans what she liked the most.
Her hips were jerking rapidly and her moans were starting to get really loud when she reached down and stopped my hand.
'What's wrong?' I asked, worried that maybe I had hurt her.
She pressed my hand between her legs tightly and whispered in my ear, 'Nothing, but you'd better stop, we're making too much noise.'
This was indeed true - I am sure some of the patrons must have heard us but none of them reacted at all.

Jackie pulled my hand from under her skirt.
She must have been able to see the disappointment on my face and whispered, 'I don't have to stop though!' and took hold of my penis again.
We both looked down at my lap as she touched me.
Whereas before she had just gripped the shaft and moved her hand up and down she now stroked gently with her fingertips, up and down the shaft, and then exquisitely softly over the head.
I had been oozing juice in liberal quantities since my penis had first been exposed and she wet her fingertips with the slippery fluid and smeared it slowly all over the head, bringing my erection to unbelievable rigidity, the glans swollen to alarming proportions.
She put her lips close to my ear and whispered, 'You have a lovely cock,' which to this day is the most exciting thing I have ever heard.
I was trying to think of a response when Jackie wrapped her fingers tightly around my penis, just below the glans, and started to masturbate me with such skill that I could not help but wonder how many times and how many penises she had done this to in the past.
The sensation was too overpowering for me to dwell on these thoughts for too long and I felt myself rapidly approaching a climax.
'Jackie, stop!' I gasped and put my hand on her wrist.
She leaned closer to me. 'Don't you want to come?'

There was nothing I wanted more but I was concerned about the mess that would result.
'Well, yes, but... I can't, not here!' S
he seemed to know what was worrying me and produced a small white handkerchief from a pocket in her skirt.
She waved it at me with a big smile on her face and promptly took hold of my penis again with her right hand, holding the hanky in her left.
Her hand adopted the the same purposeful motion.
'Say when,' she said. I couldn't believe it was really happening;
I arched my hips upwards in ecstasy as her hand tugged faster, I could feel the thrill growing and growing.
'Now! now!' I gasped.
Jackie quickly cupped the hanky over the head of my penis, her other hand pumping rapidly; my legs quivered and I clenched my teeth to avoid crying out with the first glorious spurt of semen.
Jackie enveloped the glans with the hanky, her right hand never missing a beat as I emptied spurt after spurt into the little square of white cloth.
I had never come so hard in all my life; the hanky was soon saturated and I knew semen was spilling onto my trousers but I didn't care; the sensation of her hand on me as I squirted wildly was unbelievable.
Gradually the spurts dwindled and she milked me more and more slowly until I had finished coming.
She took the hanky from the end of my penis, tried to wipe her fingers with it but gave up and folded it into a small ball.
'God,' she said, 'its soaking!' and popped the hanky into her empty popcorn container.

I sat gasping for breath for sometime as I tried to take in all that had happened.
In one amazing encounter I had graduated from total inexperience to someone who had not only kissed his fantasy-girl but had fondled her breasts, finger-fucked her and then been expertly jerked off by her - and all of this had occurred in the local cinema!

Jackie got her knickers back on and buttoned up her blouse as I pushed my wilting penis back into my trousers.
We sat silent for a moment before she gave my leg a playful squeeze.
I put my arm around her shoulders again and we kissed for a while.
She took my hand and held it against her breast but there was no frantic urgency and we just cuddled through the rest of the movie.

On the way out of the cinema I remembered the hanky in the popcorn container and took it out with us, dropping it in a litter bin.
I walked Jackie home and asked her if I could see her again.
To my delight she hugged me and said, 'Yes, come round on Friday, my Mom will be going to her sisters then.
We will have the place to ourselves.'

She gave me one last kiss and went inside.

I don't think my feet actually made contact with the ground as I made my way home.

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