Saturday, November 11, 2006


by One Who Writes.....

As I came home from work that evening I knew that all I wanted was a good stiff drink and a quiet night, no phones, no children.
I had planned all afternoon how I would spend this glorious welcomed time all too myself.
Since the divorce I had not had a weekend that was mine to call mine alone.
There was always one of the children around to run here or there.

This Friday night was different, my son was away on a camping trip with a friend and his father and my daughter had asked earlier in the week if she could spend the night at a friends house on Friday.
As calmly as I could I told her I thought that would be nice for her, inside I was jumping for joy, knowing that this would be the first night in 18 months that I had been alone.

All week I thought about the best way to spend my free time.
I came up with a fantastic agenda of a hot bath, strong drink, soft music, warm quilt and a good sexy novel.

As I arrived home on Friday the house was dark, I stepped out of the car with a twinge of sadness thinking that I would be spending this evening alone.
The sadness latest about 2 seconds and then I realized that I was lucky to have an evening to do what I wanted.
An evening for me!!!!

I did not even put my coat and work bag away, I dropped them on the landing as I entered the front door and went upstairs to the bath off my bedroom and started a hot bath.
I then went into the den and fixed a drink and took it back to the bath with me.

As I undressed and stepped into the tub the room was full of hot steam and I was beginning to relax already.
The stereo was playing a low soft piano piece.
I was feeling very good, better than I had in days. I was thrilled at my good fortune of having a night for me.

I dressed in a long silk gown after my bath.
I love the feel of silk against my skin.
I feel sexy in silk.
As I slipped it on I laughed to myself, Hey you, what is with the silk tonight, this is your night, why not wear flannel jammies or that old ratty T-shirt.
However, I did not want to feel like flannel tonight nor did I feel like an old T-shirt.
I wanted to feel pretty, sexy and sensuous, even if it was only for me.

The Fuzzy Navel was beginning to work itⳠmagic too as I found a blanket and pillow and headed back down to the den where I would start a fire and eat a shrimp salad for dinner.
I started the fire and fixed another drink and headed into the kitchen to fix the salad.
I took the salad back to the den and sat in an over stuffed chair in front of the roaring fire and settled in for a night of warmth, sexy reading and a few more drinks.
The book I was currently reading had a hero that was passionate and tender as he loved the heroine.
My body ached to be touched each time I read that he would caress her breast, or kiss her mouth, or touch her face.

I laughed to myself about these silly desires, knowing that I had to be brave enough to venture out into the world of men for that to ever happen and I was too damn frightened for that.
I had been hurt and did not want to risk getting hurt again.
So I read sexy novels and on occasion would touch myself to relieve the tension created by the stories of lusty men and women.

Men were okay to have as friends, but I was not about to allow one into my heart.
I had friends, men friends, that I would fantasize about but I would never do anything that would take it beyond fantasy.
To tell you the truth, there were two men at work that I really fantasized about, I even went so far as to flirt with them on occasion, but let either one of them ask me out and I would turn tail and run.

II They had gone to Good Times, the local bar on the way home from work.
They did not know each other well, but knew that they worked at the same company so when there was only one table left they decided to share a table.
Todd and Jim just happened to be the two men at work that I had fantasized about and little did I know that I was the topic of their conversation this Friday evening as they sat nursing their drinks.

As I sat drinking my fuzzy navel and reading about love they were talking about paying me a visit that night.
They had both sensed that I was attracted to them but knew by the way I always backed off that I was afraid to put my money where my mouth was so to speak.

III The bell rang about 930, and I was a bit hesitant to answer because I was in my silky nightgown and nothing else.
I slowly walked to the door silently thanking myself that I had locked the door upon entered hours ago.
I felt secure in the knowledge that I was in control of who entered my house.
I glanced out the peep hole and saw Todd, I was a bit stunned by his being on my porch but felt no concern about letting him in.
I hollered through the door that I was going to unlock it and run upstairs and put on something more appropriate and that I would meet him in the den in a few minutes.

I unlocked the door and ran upstairs to find a robe to put on over the long green silk.
The only robe I could find was my old ratty terry cloth robe that tied in the front.
Slipping on the worst garment I owned over the green sexy silk made me laugh.

I found Todd sitting in the big chair close to the fireplace when I entered the den.
I offered him a drink and then asked why on earth he was at my house this late at night on a Friday night.

He graciously accepted the drink and gave me that smile of his that melts my heart and makes my knees weak.
Damn him. I was nervous, giddy.
I kept thinking I must look a sight to him, no make up, long dark green silk showing out under an awful yellow robe.

He continued to look at me and finally said, ' Diane, I know that you are attracted to me and I want to know why you never act upon those feelings. I, have wanted you for many weeks to tell me you desired me and that you want me to desire you. Why can't you say these things to me?'

My mouth was hanging open, I was speechless.
I could only say, 'I am afraid of getting hurt.'
Not a really good answer, but it was the one I had at the moment.

Todd, got up off the chair and walked slowly towards me, smiling that sexy smile and I could feel my knees melting.
He stopped in front of me and took the belt of the old yellow robe and untied it and dropped it to the floor.
The front of the robe came open slightly and he slipped his hands in and across my breasts and slipped it off my shoulders and it joined the belt on the floor.

Dear God, was this really happening to me or was I in a dream from which I never wanted to wake.
My bare shoulders were being kissed by a man I had desire for months, he was stroking my breasts through the green silk.
My nipples betrayed me very quickly, he knew that I was wanting and needing his touch.

His fingers slipped under the thin straps and slid them off my shoulders and my green silk soon joined the yellow terry cloth on the floor.
His mouth dipped and kissed, licked, sucked and bit my breasts.
I was totally helpless to stop him, and I knew in my heart I did not want to stop him.

I was wanting to be taken to places I had never been by this man, my body was arching and pushing towards his.
I could feel his rough levi shirt against my naked breasts and I was oblivious to anything else.
Just at that moment I felt a second pair of hands stroking me from behind, hands going around my ass, my hips, between my legs.

Shit, what is happening here, how can Todd be in two places at the same time, is there someone else here?
Slowly Todd, turned me around and I saw Jim standing in front of me, with the silly grin that melts my insides.
He slowly reaches out and touches my face softly and asks me a question similar to the one that Todd had asked and I still only had the same answer for him.

Jim takes over on my breasts where Todd left off and Todd starts loving my ass and hips with his mouth.
Jim stops and asks if I would like them to leave or would I like to be loved by two men who desired me.
God, I had not been loved by one man for such a long time the thought of being pleasured by two was unbelievable.
I begged them to please stay with me.

Jim reached down between my legs and found my wetness, he told Todd to feel how ready and willing I was to be pleasured.
The overwhelming feelings of desire came quickly as Jim rubbed me from the front and Todd from the back.
Occasionally their fingers would touch and work their magic close together.

Jim took my hand and placed it over his zipper, I could feel his hardness.
Did I want to touch and see?
Oh yes, Oh yes.
I was instructed to unzip his pants slowly and go to my knees as I slid them down his legs. I discovered that his had no underwear on, there it was, his hard, thick, pulsing cock, right in my face.
While I was taking Jim's pants off Todd was kissing my back and stroking my shoulders and arms.

Todd was becoming impatient to be free of his pants and as soon as Jim's were around his ankles he spun me around and demanded that I touch him through his pants and unzip him and free his throbbing dick.
I slid his trousers down his legs and once again found myself faced with a large erect cock.

For the second time in five minutes I was face to face so to speak with a mans penis.
The feelings and thoughts that came over me were very much a shock to me.
I had never really had the desire to taste a man. My ex had been a very bland, 'Let's have sex in the dark' kind of lover.
He never offered nor did I ever ask to love each other with our mouths, except for kissing.
Now, here I was overcome with the desire to taste, touch, lick and suck these two dicks and let me tell you I was desperate to do that.

I moved in closer to Jim, reaching out to his erection with my tongue.
Jim put his hand between himself and my mouth and told me no that there would be time for that later but there were other things that were going to happen now and I should just be content to let the two of them set the flow of the night.

Jim offered me his hand and helped me to stand in front of him, with Todd at my back.
Todd took my other hand and the two of them together lead me to the couch.
All three of us sat down on the couch, with me in the middle.
They seemed so cool and collected, and my heart was beating wildly.
In an effort to calm myself I let out a nervous laugh and slid down a bit on the couch, so I was not sitting upright.

Jim leaned over and took my left nipple in his mouth.
His tongue played softly with my erect nipple.
He changed from licking to sucking and back again.
Todd was watching Jim and I could hear his breath quickening.
Suddenly Todd came to my right breast and began his own exploration of my nipple.
One was soft and gentle and the other was rough and taking, then they would switch tactics.
How can I explain to you what it feels like to have both breasts and nipples loved and sucked and licked at the same time.

Jim reached down and started stroking between my legs first while he and Todd were both at my breast.
He rubbed gently, around and around my clit.
The moment I moaned or twitched with pleasure Jim left and Todd's fingers replaced his.
They continued this way for what seemed like hours, but then all to soon they stopped and had other plans for the three of us.

I did not want them to stop.
I was enjoying the feelings that these two were giving to me.

This time Todd took my hand and helped me to stand.
He led me around the side of the couch, then around to the back.
We stopped in the middle of the back of the couch.
He faced me towards the couch and slowly yet firmly pushed my top half down to the back of the couch.
My mind was reeling. I could not possibly imagine what they had in mine next.

Jim asked if I had any baby oil in the house and I said that I did and I offered to go get it.
They both just laughed and asked where it was.

Jim left the room to go to the upstairs bath and brought back the oil.
Todd spent the time he was gone kissing and tenderly touching my back..
When Jim returned they traded places, Jim opened the bottle of oil and squirted some into his hand and then rubbed his hands together to take the chill off the oil.
He then rubbed oil into my legs, my back, my ass, tenderly stroking and bringing feelings that I did not know I was capable of with each touch.

As he stroked me, Todd was in front of me kneeling on the couch, tenderly rubbing oil into my shoulders, breasts and neck as he kissed me long and deep.
The fulfillment and joy I was experiencing was overwhelming to me.

Jim came close up behind me and whispered in my ears, 'Diane, we want to take you to places you have never been.
We want to love every inch of your body. Will you let us do that?'
Oh my God, Yes, Yes I will let you love every inch of me was the thought that ran through my mind and all that came out of my mouth was a muffled 'Yes'.

With that okay given Jim slowly began to separate my ass cheeks with oiled hands and fingers.
My mind nearly blew, I started to protest and Jim backed off slightly and whispered softly that neither he or Todd wanted to hurt me and that I had said that I wanted them to love every inch of me and my ass was part of me, a part of me that they wanted to love and take and own.

I whimpered that I would try to let them do this for me.
I was not sure I could do it.
All my sexual experience was very bland, very missionary position, no play, not really much pleasure.

Jim went back to stroking and spreading my ass.
He added more oil as he worked his fingers slowly and gently into my opening.
His fingers hurt a bit as he first went in, then he started to massage gently as he kissed my back and I began to relax.
As I relaxed he pushed me further into the couch and I found myself nearly folded in half over that back of that couch.
He took my hips in his hands and slowly entered my ass with his hard cock.
God what a sensation.
I closed my eyes just to better 'feel' the feeling.

When my eyes opened there was Todd laying on the couch with his cock standing straight up at me.
'Now is the time for you to get to taste my dick Diane'.
I started to tell him that I had never done that and did not really know what to do.
He silenced my confession by filling my mouth with him.

My mind was screaming, 'Now what do I do?, how do I do this and not look like a total idiot?'
I so wanted to please this man, but was not sure how or what to do to make that desire a reality.

My tongue and mouth seemed to just take over. almost as though they had waited my entire life to do this.
I licked, sucked, lightly bit and moved up and down on his thick erect shaft.

I was moaning deeply from the feeling of having Jim up my ass and Todd was moaning with pleasure from my worship of his member.
Jim was pinching and rolling my nipples from behind and Todd was stroking my clit from the front.
Moaning deeply does not really come close to the sounds that were coming from my throat and words are inadequate to describe the wonderful sensations that I was experiencing.

Just when I thought I was about explode from the feelings Jim slowly withdrew and Todd stepped back and removed himself from my mouth.
Jim took me by the hand and walked me slowly from around the back of the couch.
Todd met us as we passed the arm of the couch and slipped his arm around my waist as Jim still held my hand.
They guided me from the den towards the stairs.
The three of us walked slowly up the stairs.

Jim left us at the bath door and Todd led me the rest of the way into my room.
I could hear Jim running water in the tub.
When he joined Todd and I he asked me to come with him to the bath. I followed him through the door that led to the bath and say that he had prepared a lovely bubble bath, with a glass of wine sitting on the edge of the tub.
'Diane, this warm, soothing bath is for you.
Enjoy the warmth of the water and wine.', Jim whispered in my ear as he closed the door behind him and left me alone.

I slipped my body into the warm bubbles and drank the cool wine and soon I was feeling very content, sleepy, happy.
I have no idea how long my solitary bath lasted, but I was brought back to the present when Todd knocked lightly on the door and asked if he and Jim could join me.
I did not have to answer before they both walked in the room.

Todd reached into the tub and began to let the water out. Jim offered me his hand and helped me stand up, but stopped me as I went to step out of the tub.
'No, no Diane, we are not finished in here yet.'
With that Todd turned on the water and sent the flow to the shower head as both he and Jim stepped into the shower with me.

Todd and Jim took turns washing my breasts, my shoulders, my back, my legs, my pussy.
While one washed my back and my legs the other was washing my breasts and shoulders and then they would trade places.
The feeling of their hands, soapy and slick on my skin was wonderful.

Jim took my face in his hands and washed it, tenderly touching my cheeks, my eyes, my neck.
He stepped back and Todd took my head in his hands and massaged in shampoo.
By the time they were finished there was not a place on my body that they had not washed.

There I stood, naked, wet, no make up.
Totally open and nothing hidden from these two men that I had fantasized about.
I felt surprisingly comfortable with them, having no clothes or make up did not seem to be of any importance.

Jim wrapped me in an oversized towel as I stepped out of the shower.
Todd took a smaller towel and wiped my hair.
We, three walked back into my room and I discovered that my bed hand been turned down, ready and waiting.
Each of them kissed me in the cheek as I slipped into bed.
Jim spoke for the two of them, 'Diane, we have enjoyed pleasuring you tonight.
You are the one in control now, you were always in control.
We would not have come to you without knowing that you wanted us as much as we wanted you.
We will be together again, you and I, you and Todd, and the three of us. This is a beginning.'

'Good night, Diane.' they both whispered as they closed my door behind them.

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