Thursday, November 16, 2006


by BiBabe

Sitting alone in my table at the back of the darkened club, I see a tall, broad shouldered stranger walk in.
Having worked at the club for over a year now, I know all the regulars on sight, but I knew that I had never seen this man before.
I would have remembered'he had something about him that drew people to him.

All female eyes, including mine, were on him as he walked to the bar and ordered his drink.
He glanced over in my direction and our eyes caught.
His gaze lingered on me for a few seconds before moving on.
As I finished the last of my drink I felt someone standing behind me.
I turned around to see the handsome stranger.
His eyes seemed to caress my body, making me feel naked.
'Is this seat taken?' he asked, gesturing to the seat next to me.
Finding my voice I replied, 'No, its not. Would u like to join me?'
In response he pulled out the chair and sat down, his movement graceful and smooth.
We sat in silence for a few moments, the sexual tension between us was almost tangible.
Slowly his eyes drifted down my body, past my full breasts and hard nipples, down over my flat stomach, then past my slim hips and down my long, smooth legs to my delicate ankles and then back up again.

My breathing had deepened slightly and I could feel my pussy getting wet and my clit starting to throb.
I could see the desire in his eyes.
'Would you like to dance?' he asked, standing up and holding his hand out to me.
'I`d love to' I answered, a small smile playing on my lips. Walking slowly down to the dance floor all eyes were on us. His tight black pants showed off a firm, toned ass and the dark silk shirt accentuated his broad shoulders.
My arms slipped around his neck and his hands rested on my waist and we started to move with the music.
As our bodies moved closer to each other, his hands slipped down to my ass and squeezed gently.

Slowly I started to kiss and nibble his neck as I pressed myself against his hardening manhood.
My hardened nipples rubbed against his chest causing them to become more sensitive than they already were. I heard a soft moan escape his lips as I rubbed my pussy against his hard member.
Taking me hand and roughly pulling me of the dance floor, he asked 'Feel like going for a walk?'
A sly look in my eyes I replied, 'I cant think of anything I`d rather do'.
We quickly walked down the road to a dark, deserted alleyway. Pushing me against the wall his hands slid up under my short black skirt to find my bare pussy, hot and wet, aching for his touch.
Urgently I unbuttoned his shirt, ripping it in my haste.
As his fingers found my love bud and gently and slowly started to massage it I moaned against his shoulder, gently nipping him. As my passion grew I brushed his hand away and pushed him up against the wall.
Quickly I unbuckled his belt then unzipped his jeans, sliding them off, followed by his boxers, leaving him naked in the cold night.
I slowly started to make my way down his body with my mouth.
Slowly kissing down his neck, over his chest, pausing to take his nipples in my mouth, sucking and biting gently before blowing on them lightly, then moving down over his hard, flat stomach, my tongue dipping into his belly button.
Lightly I dropped kisses over his strong thighs before lightly flicking my tongue over his balls, teasing him.
Looking up into his eyes I took them into my mouth, sucking gently as I caressed them with my mouth.
My fingers slowly trailed up and down along the sensitive underside of his cock, occasionally brushing my thumb over the head.
Hearing him moan softly I took my mouth away from his balls and replaced it with my hand.
As I lightly caressed his balls and the sensitive spot behind them with my hand, I slowly ran my tongue up along the underside of his cock, before quickly flicking my tongue over the head, teasing him.
Slowly I took the head into my mouth, sucking lightly while still caressing him with my tongue.
My other hand moved up to his cock and I quickly wrapped my fingers around it, squeezing gently as moved my hand up and down slowly.
As a loud moan escaped his lips I took my hand away and took the entire length of his cock into my mouth, sucking hard as I quickly moved my lips up and down it.
Tasting the pre cum in my mouth I stood up and kissed his lips lightly as he turned me around and pressed me against the wall.

Ripping off my flimsy dress he slipped his hands under my ass and lifted me up slightly.
A loud moan passed my lips as he thrust into me, hard and fast, filling my tight, wet pussy.
I wrapped my legs around his waist, my nails digging into his shoulders as he fucked me hard. 'Oh god..yes'' I moaned against his shoulder.
I could feel his finger circling my ass hole.
As he slipped his finger into my ass, I bit down hard on his shoulder. Pulling his cock out, he looked into my eyes 'Do u want it?' he asked, his voice husky with arousal.
'Yes, yes'please, I want to feel you inside me, I want to feel your cum filling my pussy'
This caused him to smile softly before slamming his cock into me again.

I could feel myself about to cum as he kissed me hard, biting my lip softly.
A load, guttural moan passed his lips as his body went rigid, his cum filling my pussy as my own orgasm hit me, causing my body to tremble.
As our breathing returned to normal he looked at me and smiled softly, gently brushing his fingers over my cheek, 'Thanks for the walk'.
I watched as he slipped his clothes back on and walked out of the dark alleyway.
Smiling to myself I realised I had finally fulfilled my fantasy.

I had fucked a total stranger.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing like sex with a total's so hot, and I think a person does stuff with a stranger in these types of situations that they might not normally do.

Warrior said...

I agree, it's very very hot ;-)