Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Being There

by PL

Here's how I make it happen.
You gotta get it into your soul, girly girl! Know what I mean? You will.
We got to all get there eventually.
Here's one road. It's my road. There's room enough for two, join me and I'll take you there.
Just slide off your panties and reach down your hand.
I like to get into a warm bath and languish there, soaking in the moist heat, relaxing myself before any serious self session.
I have a sunken tub with jets, and I close my eyes and mix bath oil into the water, letting the jets work their magic on my tingling skin.
My skin softens and blushes as the capillaries respond to the warmth of the water and fill up.
My nerve endings become more aware and this makes every skin touch electric and exciting.
I run my palms down my sides and over my hips, just brushing my anticipating sex as they travel, silkily down across my slick loins and onto my muscular calves.
The tickle of palm on instep makes me react, and I bring my heels back and in, bending my knees and sinking my bottom lower into the tub seat.
I run my hands back up the length of my legs and up over my sex this time on their way to my tummy and then midriff and then around my heavy, bouyantly-floating breasts, avoiding the nipples, barely cupping them from the sides as they pass, up to my throat and around my neck where I massage, relaxing my traps and neck muscles.
My eyes closed, I allow my hands to touch my breasts, and they fill my palms with their eager, soft heft.

Spreading my fingers to encircle them fully, I arch my back and press down, watching as little pillows form between my fingers like quilt-work.
Slick with the oils, my hands deliciously glide over my nipples and back, from top to bottom to top, each pert nipple popping up between each caressing finger as it slides over.
The feeling of oily palm and finger prints on my nipples is driving me to distraction as I move my hands over and over my sweet, supple mounds, pressing, caressing, tickling, squeezing, rasping, feeling, loving them and their majestic beauty.
My left hand rakes french nails across its nipple and down the globe, onto and down across my shivering body, raking over the ribs and sensitive oblique muscles toward my soapy navel.
A gentle fingertip dabs the little man inside there as I look down and smile, my right hand still full of tender, meaty breast.
I watch the nipple pop up again and then take them both into my hands once more, cupping and pushing them from the bottom, helping the nipples up to my open, eager lips, softly begging to accept them for sucking.
I take first the left then the right nipple into my warm, soothing, watering mouth, kissing and licking and gently sucking until they are each red and rubber hard.
I squirm way way down in my sex as I force my muscular tongue over and over them, swirling and rasping my sensitive, rubbery buds, and feeling the softness of my aerioli and the heaving, milky-white flesh supporting them.
I let my exploring tongue do its magic and maintain the squeeze, allowing each thumb to help now, pressing together and playing with my rushing nipples.
A little bit of nail hits one and I come, my body shaking and pleasure welling up inside of me in sweet, warm, concentric waves, making my back arch in slight spasm as they emanate from deep within my womanhood.

I sustain this for a few moments and resist the urge to satisfy my vagina, letting this little earthquake play itself out over the rolling hills of my rippling abs, but moving a heel up against myself to apply gentle pressure there.
The tremors subsiding but still just under the surface, I now move my right hand down across my belly and let its palm press firmly on my lower tummy.
I quiver in anticipation and squirm against my heel, the fingers beginning to near, my left hand tickling nails all over both floating breasts as I watch from above, my breath coming in shortened, slightly -heaving puffs from my flaring nostrils.
I wince and bite my lip as my right hand moves lower into position and its dexterous fingers begin to lick and play and explore the folded mounds of my hot, wet, heaving eager pubis.

I use a bent finger and nail to lightly trace the pouty, soft, full lips and the skin surrounding them.
The very slightest touch makes their blood-filled nerve-crazed surface jump and twitch with agonizing want and need.
I begin to spasm inside again as my mind confirms to my ready vagina what it has in store.
I lean my head back and a soft moan escapes as I exhale and slide deeper down into the roiling waters.
I close my eyes and breath in the scented steam as my middle finger finds and enters the very opening of my vagina, its finger pad probes and gropes and plays there, just inside the opening, where I am so very sensitive, while my ring and fore fingers press firmly into my labia majora and spreading, move them back out of the way.
My left nails pinch a nipple as my finger reams my tight, sensitive opening.
My back is arched, and I press down into my finger with my cunt as it works inside, now a little deeper.
The heel of my palm is up above my mound, resting on the ridge of bone there, and my long middle finger is in a delightful arch, deliberately missing my now aching clitoris.

Oh, no - you!
You need to stand at attention, there and wait for yours!
A little deeper and I let my left hand circle down and caress my side, feeling my straining ribs and tickling the skin.
It ends up underwater and I lift my behind up off the seat, allowing it to gently grasp a firm, soft yet taut and muscular cheek.
I firmly squeeze as my right hand continues to finger and stroke and delve, masturbating more furiously now, hanging on a razor's edge.

I come, hard, feeling my vagina grip and grip and squeeze my probing digit as the spasms run through me like waves and my left hand straddles my buns, the middle finger pressing onto my anus.
I'm on my heels now, bucking and heaving and splashing and trying to relax my muscles as much as possible to allow the orgasm to intensify fully.
It does, and I grow light-headed and a little weak from the exertion, the back of my neck is getting sore so I stop and change positions, moving myself up to the shallower part of the tub, resting my back flat on the slope, my spasming hole directly in front of an aerator.
I spread my legs and move two hands down.
My left lies over my vagina, palm down, protecting it, as my right moves to adjust the angle and intensity of the air flow through the jet.
I let is spurt onto the back of my hand until it feels right and then spread myself apart again, causing my now insane clitoris to the steady force of the air jet.
The reaction is immediate and so intense that I scream through hissing teeth as the forced air gives me a thundering clitoral orgasm!
My head rolling uncontrollably from side to side, I press down with my heels near the drain as every muscle in my lower body tightens and looens and tightens and loosens and bucks and heaves and then goes rigid and remains that way as I deliriously rock and moan and come and bite my lip, watching through open eyes as I jerk and arch and jerk and jerk.
My hips automatically pick up speed and soon are like running animals, hophophophophophophophophophop, and the whole time I keep that clit right there under the spray until I can stand it no more and I collapse, my butt to my heels, my legs laying open against the tub sides, my finger buried deep in my heaving cunt as I let my little clitoris be rubbed and soothed by the soft, firm underside of my probing digit.
Still coming steadily, I enter a wonderful, dreamy trance, remaining there for what seems like forever as I again and again firmly tease my clit and slithering hole into wave after wave of good, strong orgasms.
I am amused as my consciousness lies just below the surface of my inner awareness, seeing all, feeling all, but detached and unable to intervene on its own behalf .
I like it to be there, where it is, secondary to my animal needs and instincts and physical awareness.
I forget everything and finger myself off into dreamy reverie.
Feeling that the time is right, I cease my explorations and shakily gain my feet.
Knees together for support, palms gripping slick porcelain, I emerge, heavily from the water's pressure and then spring free, soaking and quaking on the marble surface of the bathroom floor.
I reach under the sink cabinet and get out "Scotty", my aptly named and super-realistic twelve inch pink dildo and a smaller vibrator, blind, eager, yet nameless.
Not yet having the strength to stand, I lie back flat and switch on the hummer, slowly but steadily inserting it into my now-come-goofy cunt, slowly turning a spiral, pressing hard and stretching all inside its slathering, slavering, dripping, gripping walls.
The vibrations send me into further paroxysms and I try not to writhe and buck too much as I purposely make myself ready for him. Reaching down, I turn the bottom knob and switch off the power, using it as a dildo, reaming, swirling, stretching, digging, withdrawing, then entering again.
My clit is numb and my vagina sore from all of the attention and blood that has been trapped there.
But I'm not spent yet and greatly anticipate the main event!
Getting up, revitalized and sane, I lick off the vibrator and put it down to my right, next to the wall.
I sit down and strap on my four-inch platform sandals, tightening a thin leather strap firmly about each ankle.
Squatting and reaching for the cock, I PLOP! it down onto the mirror-smooth floor and it sticks there, standing at angry attention, ready for anything.
I lean over and reach for the Astroglide, squirting it onto the cock's massive helmet, slicking it down with both hands, feeling the veiny realness of the firm pink rubber.
I finish readying it and use the excess glide to oil up and palm my breasts in a gentle frenzy, my eyes closing and my breath erupting from my mouth in a loose-lipped puff.
Then, standing, I lick the Astroglide from my palms.
It is slightly sweet.
I stand over the cock, my heels apart, my heart racing.
Positioning my open, eager hole over the head, I begin to do a knee bend until he is at the opening.
Keeping my leg muscles rigid and controlling every millimeter of height, I sway, slightly and then begin to deep-breathe as he enters me and I glide down down, slowly slowly down over his hugeness until he is completely inside of me!
I am utterly crammed to over-filling with pink, rigid hardness, and my lips are stretched and aching.
I pause as long as I can, allowing my vagina to grip and grab and adjust and spasm and buck and heave, closing my eyes and savoring the wonderful fulfilling feeling that only a woman who has been on a monster cock can know.
It hurts a little, but it feels so so good to be filled to the utter brim with something so hard and strong, my knees shake and I come a little, falling off the edge very easily by now, and putting my hands on my knees for support.
Placing my left hand on the side of the tub step, I begin to fuck my cock, pushing him out of me as I rise, then gasping as I squat and grip him back into my clutching, squirming cunt.
Over and over I perform this ballet on spike heels, picking up speed, gripping the tub, head back, hair tickling my lower back, legs straining and pumping, screaming with the exertion, my breath coming in hot, heavy heaving pants.
A little drool hangs from my sweetly slackened and rubbery lips.
My teeth are clinched in there and I hiss as I rise and fall, my reddening cheeks puffing out and in, froth now forming and dripping.
My left hand caresses an ankle and aimlessly wanders about, seeking a purpose, finally gaining purchase on my firm and heaving breasts, where it runs its magic circles, slowly, frenzied, erratic from the effort being expended down below.
My beautiful cunt is exploded out into maximum dimension as I lose leg strength and let my firm behind rest on my heels, making the cock go in me all the way until I'm just bursting.
Gaining balance, I leave go the tub rim and move my right hand down to assist, balancing on my haunches, knees spread wide as open as they can be.
My hand still caressing my swaying breasts, I feel the girth of him below me, letting my fingers swirl and separate around him then slide back up, coming together in a reverse-grip fist, encircling his massive, hard base.
I squeeze there for support and get down on my knees, bending him to, the suction holding him tight to the marble.
My breast hang free and swing, heavily too and fro as I rock on him, right hand down flat on the floor, arm outstretched, my toes digging in as best they can.
My right hand swirls and wanks my swollen, distended and unguarded clitoris as I rock and pump my lover, juices making him so so slick and sleazy.
My fingertips find my secret spot and pick up speed as I heave and push this monster to life between my long, strong thighs.
I hang my head down and watch as my hand becomes a blur down there, just masturbating my clit for everything in the world.
I continue to pump and wank until I come like a wild animal, straightening and clinching and screaming like a banshee, swaying and sobbing and gripping and rubbing and panting, my utterly panicked fervor loosening him from his mount.
I fall over and grab the demon, cramming my sopping, heaving cunt with his hardness as I buck and grind and empty my energy into him, almost unable to get a bearing on his size, still!

One hand finds his little buzzing partner and, switching him on, I introduce him to my clasping, orgasming anus, where he digs in and buzzes me off like a long lost friend.
I keep this up for as long as I can, double-fucking myself into putty, until I collapse in a sobbing, jelly-like heap, my legs akimbo. my ankles and shoes wet and slimy with my own juices.
I take the monster into my mouth and lick and kiss him sweetly, surrenderingly, a woman conquered.
I deep-throat him a few times to show him who cares.
I remove the vibrator and run it up my body, over my breasts, stopping at each nipple and pressing there, and then to my throat, where I let it buzz while I swallow its monstrous partner.
Removing the dildo from my mouth and slavering it with kisses and sweetness, I gently place it down and run the vibrator up to my nose, sniffing my own, funky anal juices.
I lick them off, savoring them, letting the little guy chatter against my teeth until he is clean.
I switch him off, place him beside "Jumbo" and then ready another bath, cooler this time, to cleanse the sweat and sex from my strong, magnificent, womanly body.

It may be days before I need again.
I gave up on counting them long ago.
That night I have deep, deep dreams, but don't remember them upon waking.
This is how the summers are.

I want you to please read this story where Camilla posts it and remember always that it's a story for you because I think you're special.
This is how I come, and I want you to feel the power in my words.
I need you to smell my sharp sweat and spunk and hot asshole, and my feet where it all ran down.
I want you to kiss my essence from my thighs and lips like wine and drink me dry.
I imagine your darting tongue as it reaches my quaking belly, then my soft tits and then my neck's tender nape, where I shiver and quake as you kiss and nuzzle.
I then taste myself from your soft mouth as we give to each other fully, and start this whole crazy thing all over again.
I want you to share the passion and wanton abandon in my pumping heart, which flies out to you across warm oceans to find you ready, naked and waiting obediently for its rush into you where it will meet your own and culminate in a deeply-flashing, bucking, screaming, sweating woman's orgasm; strong and true and proud.
There is nothing more beautiful in the entire world than the sweet, sweaty blush on the cheeks of a mature woman experiencing an orgasm from masturbation.

Take my words and be that woman for me.

That's my story for you, Jennifer from England.



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