Thursday, November 09, 2006


by Susan

Hi, this is my first attempt at an internet story. I hope its good enough to be published!

I am a student nurse in a large hospital, and last week something happened that I cannot keep to myself any longer - I just have to tell someone.
A young man called Simon was admitted to my ward.
He had been in an accident, (fallen off a ladder), and had broken both his arms.
He had also damaged bones in his shoulders and the plaster cast immobilised his arms completely.
This rendered him effectively helpless and we had to do nearly everything for him.
I attended to him for most of the day, and chatted to him about all sorts of things and got to really like him.
Simon was quite good looking and I suppose that I did let the conversation between us get a little flirtatious.
Nurses are supposed to be like that, right?
Later in the afternoon he rang the bell and called for the urine bottle.
I brought one to him and closed the screens around his bed.
"You will have to help me," he said, looking rather embarrassed.
"It's alright" I joked, "I've done it before!"
I pulled the bedclothes down and undid the cord of his pajamas to take his penis out and I think I gasped aloud at what I saw.
I had seen many penises in my life, even before nursing, but I was quite unprepared for this.
A huge shaft extended down his right thigh, as thick as my forearm; I had to pull his pyjamas almost down to his knees to reveal the head.
He was circumcised and the knob was enormous, it looked almost as big as a tennis ball!

I was fascinated by the size of it, and could feel a hot blush spreading rapidly over my face.
Far from being professionally competent I was reduced to the same fumbling idiot that I had been when I first started nursing.
I tried to regain my composure but as I reached out to touch him I could see that my hand was shaking.
I took hold of the shaft and positioned the head in the mouth of the bottle.
It only just had room to fit inside! I couldn't look at his face as I held his penis; I felt certain he would see that I was getting very turned on by his amazing organ.
I held him and waited for him to pee but nothing came - instead his cock began to get harder and lift upwards from between his legs.
I made a futile attempt to keep the head in the bottle but soon he was pointing up into the air at about 45 degrees and it was clear that he couldn't pee at that angle.
I put the bottle to one side and let go of him - his cock kept on rising and I stared at it, mesmerised as it bobbed and jerked.
Finally I had to look at him; he was watching me, a sheepish grin on his face.
"Sorry, Nurse," he said, "I can't help it."
His cock passed the vertical and fell onto his stomach with an audible thud.
I couldn't believe how big it was; it was easily as long as a 12 inch school ruler, and extended several inches past his navel, almost to his breastbone.
I picked up the bottle again and pulled his cock over to his side and placed the head in the opening.
The touch of my hand on him only made him harder.

"I don't think I can pee when its like that," he said.
"Should I come back later?" I asked.
Simon nodded and I put the bottle on the cupboard by the bed, covered him up and left him alone.
I tried my best to get on with some work but all the time I was fantasising about his huge cock, trying to imagine it inside me, wondering if that was even possible.

My crotch was soaking and I had to go to the toilet and put some tissues in my pants.
I touched my clitoris - it was deliciously swollen and I stroked it briefly, almost giving in to the temptation to bring myself off.
About twenty minutes later I went back to his bed.
I pulled the screens around us again and drew the bedclothes down.
I expected to see a limp penis and was amazed to see that his cock was now hugely erect; thick curling veins bulged on the surface of the shaft and the head was swollen incredibly, the shining purple dome was oozing a steady stream of precum onto his chest.
If I didn't know it was impossible I would swear that he must have been masturbating to get into that state.

I sat on the chair by his side and asked, "Do you think its ever going to go down?"
"It doesn't look like it," he said, "its getting quite painful, Nurse - I really do need to pee badly."
I looked at him and he seemed to be in real discomfort.
The pressure of his bladder was preventing his erection from subsiding, and I suspected that he was also allowing himself to have wicked thoughts; he had certainly stiffened very rapidly when I had first held his penis.
It was clear that something had to be done. I checked that the screens were secure and with my heart rate quickening I took hold of his cock, wrapping my fingers round the thick shaft as I lifted it up from his belly.
He might have thought I was going to try and get him to pee again but I dispelled those ideas instantly when I started to move my hand purposefully up and down on his shaft.
"Ooh, Nurse!" he groaned.
I put the fingers of my free hand over his lips, "Sssh, keep quiet!"
He nodded in understanding.
His cock was so big I reckoned I needed to use both hands and while my right hand worked at steadily milking his shaft I wrapped my left hand round his glans, marvelling at how the initially spongy helmet stiffened and swelled to amazing hardness.
I coated my fingers with his precum and smeared it gently over his glans, he shivered and moaned and I knew he was loving it.
By now his cock was incredibly swollen; I couldn't believe that my fingers and thumb wrapped around it wouldn't touch! I felt dizzy with lust and excitement and started to move my hand faster, gripping the shaft tightly just below the head.
He moaned softly and I looked at his face.
He was breathing heavily as he watched my hand moving on him; he started to move his hips, thrusting upwards in time with my movements.
"Nurse, nurse!" he gasped and it was clear that he was getting very close.
I looked at his glans, it was alarmingly swollen, dark purple in colour like an enormous ripe plum.
He groaned again and arched his hips upwards and I tightened my grip and pumped my fist on him with rapid strokes.

I watched his face grimace in ecstasy and then his cock bucked in my hand and a huge stream of semen shot from him, right over his head, splashing against the wall.
Thick drops spattered down on his face and chest.
I quickly put my free hand in front of his cock to catch the spurts; semen hit my palm with such force that it ricocheted off in all directions.
I wrapped my hand over his spurting knob, trying to contain the deluge, feeling spurt after spurt of creamy sperm gushing hotly against my palm.
I felt the beginnings of orgasm between my legs;
I was so turned on that I am sure the slightest touch would have made me come.
Slowly his spurts reduced to a trickle and I surveyed the scene.

His come was everywhere - the front of my uniform was dotted with white globs and I could feel something wet on my cheek.
My hand was coated with semen;
I tried to cup my palm to stop it dripping onto him but it was hopeless.

I let go of his shaft and reached for the box of tissues beside the bed.
Neither of us said a word as I wiped up the evidence;
I must have used about twenty tissues before we were respectable again.
His penis had softened considerably and I asked, "Do you think you can pee now?"
Simon nodded and I took the bottle and inserted his penis.
Even soft it was about nine inches long, and I felt guilty that I was still so turned on by it.
We waited for some time while he tried to pee - eventually a feeble dribble started which grew stronger and stronger until his piss was gushing noisily into the bottle.
Oh my God, I now found I was getting turned on by his pissing!
I had a quick image of lying naked while he stood above me, pissing hotly all over me, splashing against my breasts and between my legs.

I tried to push the thoughts out of my mind and when he had finished I did my best not to act as if anything out of the ordinary had occurred.
I tidied up and turned to leave.
"Thank you, Nurse," he said.
"All part of the service," I replied and walked away, trying not to show that I was weak at the knees.

I went to the staff rest room and checked that the spots on my uniform were drying.
I was sick with lust and could not stop myself;
I locked myself in the toilet, pulled my knickers down and touched myself.
I could not remember being in such a state before.
I was sopping and my fingers slipped smoothly into my pussy.
I tried to imagine his cock entering me;
I put my fingers and thumb together and pushed my hand hard into my pussy, trying to gauge whether I was big enough to accommodate him.
I couldn't get my hand in beyond my knuckles and I knew he was bigger than that.
I reached down with my other hand and touched my clit, just a few light strokes and I came in a wrenching orgasm, my pussy clamped on my hand so hard that my fingers were pushed out and I tried desperately not to cry out aloud.

I carried on with my nursing duties for the rest of my shift but my mind constantly went back to thoughts of Simon's huge cock and his amazingly copious ejaculation.
That night when I went to bed I masturbated shamelessly; my fantasies were incredible visions of being penetrated in every orifice by his cock, with floods of semen and piss gushing over me.
I came four times before I could stop masturbating and eventually managed to get to sleep.

I had to attend a course at a different hospital the next day and the day after that I had the night shift so nearly 48 hours elapsed before I was on the ward again.
I chatted to Simon several times during the early part of the shift and neither of us referred to our previous encounter.
My duty passed uneventfully and as the night wore on all the patients were quietly asleep and I could catch a few quick winks in the duty room.
Then at about one o'clock in the morning Simon's bell rang.
When I went to him he said that he needed the bottle again so I fetched one and closed the screens.
I pulled the sheets back and even in the dim light saw that he had another tremendous hardon.
"I've been thinking about you!" he whispered.
I was taken aback by his cheekiness;
I was fairly sure that this time he didn't really have to pee.
I considered telling him off and leaving him alone with his erection but the thought of touching him again was too exciting.
I undid his pyjamas and stroked his cock for a while, fully intending to jerk him off again.

This time I had the urine bottle ready, and when he came I was going to catch the sperm in the bottle to avoid the mess that we had made before.
As I pulled on his stiff cock I could feel the wetness flooding between my legs.
I could not believe how turned on he made me.
I put the urine bottle on the bed and as I worked on him with one hand I reached down with my other hand and pressed against my crotch.
The touch was electric;
I couldn't resist reaching under my skirt and slipping a finger inside my panties, fingering my protruding clit.
I looked at Simon;
it was dark but he could see what I was doing, he was watching my hand moving between my legs.

Suddenly I lost all reason - I quickly pulled my knickers off, hiked my skirt up over my hips and climbed up on the bed, kneeling astride him. Simon's mouth opened wide with surprise - I had a flash of panic - would he yell and wake everyone up - I was going to lose my job for sure!

I sat down on him, pressing against his thick shaft with my pussy. From his moan of pleasure and the way he pushed back against me I knew that he wasn't going to object.
I reached down and lifted his cock up vertically, rubbing the glans between my dripping lips. It felt impossibly big but I rocked my hips to and fro, wetting him with my juice and then I sat down on him, trying desperately to squeeze the tip into my opening.
For a moment I thought that he was just too big;
I would never get him inside and then I gasped with delight as I felt the very tip of his glans slip inside me.
I pushed harder and bit by bit my pussy relaxed and opened and I sank down on him;
I ran my fingers up his shaft to see how much was in, I could still touch the ridge of his glans.
Oh God, I was feeling dizzy with the ecstasy of it and I didn't even have the head fully in me.
I paused a moment and rested my hands on the pillow by his head, I maintained a steady downward pressure on him and he responded by jerking his hips, thrusting up to me.
I felt faint as he sank deeper and deeper, feeling his enormous girth stretching me, almost to the point where pleasure became pain - inch by inch I became firmly impaled.

I was now quite delirious with lust, and had to bite my lip to prevent any cries escaping.
More and more of his cock entered me; I could feel my lips stretched tightly around his pole, my cunt was crammed with cock, and after a few more thrusts I knew I could take no more; when I pushed harder it hurt.
I reached down to feel how far I had taken him, there was nearly a whole fistful of cock still outside me!
I tried to move on him but at first it was difficult, I had to go slowly until I relaxed and we were wet enough for me to move up and down his shaft.
After a few minutes of tentative thrusting I found I could move on him more easily and the ecstasy welled up in me as I started to ride him in earnest, long strokes up to the tip and down again, luxuriating in the feeling of being so completely stuffed to the limit.
I was so tight around him that my clitoris was tugged hard with every thrust and very soon I could feel my orgasm starting, I bucked frantically, praying that he wouldn't come too soon but he lasted and lasted and then I was coming in an exquisite frenzy;
my cunt throbbed in delicious spasms and the unbelievable stretching added enormously to the thrill.

Somehow I didn't scream with pleasure and wake up the whole ward;
I collapsed on top of him, completely exhausted.
I lay still, panting like a bitch in heat while I felt my pussy still twitching convulsively on him.
When eventually I regained my composure I started to lift off him but his cock was still hard and I knew he hadn't come.
"You're fantastic!." I whispered, "How did you last so long?"
He merely smiled, and gave a few jerks of his hips, sending fresh waves of delight through my loins.
I reached behind me and caressed his balls and the base of his cock, and slowly slid up and down on him.
He closed his eyes and sighed in pleasure.
I had had a glorious orgasm and I now tried to make sure that I repayed him.
I lifted myself up, almost slipping off his cock, squeezed my muscles on his glans, then slid down as far as I could go;
I did this over and over and then bent over him and whispered in his ear, "You have the most wonderful cock in the world, I could fuck you forever!"
That did the trick, he groaned and his hips jerked as he tried to thrust deeper into me, he arched his back and let out a strangled cry as he started to come.
I could feel his cock pulsating as he spurted;
I tried to imagine the flood of sperm gushing inside me, wondering if there would be as much as when I had jerked him off.
I hovered on the brink of another orgasm but it didn't quite come, instead I revelled in the wonderful sensation of his thick cock throbbing as it spewed inside me.

Slowly his movements grew less; I waited until he began to soften before I lifted off him.
I tried to put a hand over my pussy but couldn't stop a flood of semen pouring from me onto his stomach.
I was stretched so wide it felt as if my pussy would gape open for hours!

I got my knickers back on and cleaned him up.
"Do you want to pee now?" I asked.
I wasn't really surprised when he grinned at me and shook his head.
I was amazed that we hadn't woken anyone up; heaven knows what would have happened if I had been caught screwing the daylights out of a patient.
My dilemma now is this - Simon is likely to be in the ward for another four weeks at least.
Will I have the willpower to leave him and his wonderful cock alone?

Please tell me what I should do?


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