Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Dream??

by Anon

Driving home on a warm night, I find myself somehow on a lonely stretch of road.
Knowing I will soon be home, I sing along to the radio.
Suddenly the sound of a flat tire makes me pull over to the side of the road.
I know I have a spare, but the darkness makes it hard to see as I try to get the tools I need from the trunk.
Thankfully, I see another car coming down the road towards me, and hoping for help I flag you down.

As you get closer, I see that your headlights will give enough light for the job ahead.
You kindly offer to help, and of course I am glad to accept.
'You get the jack out for me' you tell me.
'I just want to get something from my car to help".
As I bend into the trunk I don't notice you coming up behind me until the cloth is over my face.
The chloroform does its work, and in seconds I am gone.

I awake in a strange room.
My hands are bound over my head as I am tied to a pipe of some sort.
A gag covers my mouth.
I look around, but I am alone. I also notice that all my clothes have been removed.
There are silken strings tied around my nipples that pull every time I try to move.
I seem to be balancing on nothing more than a plank of wood, with my legs tied wide open, the ropes wrapping around my ankles.
My head comes up as the door opens and you enter.
In your hand is a small bag that you place on the chair next to me.
My eyes plead with you, questioning, and a smile comes to your lips.
'I won't hurt you' you tell me.
'Everything I do to you will bring pleasure'.
I shake my head, unable to speak, as you lean down and open the bag, taking out a small vibrator.
You reach for a dangling rope, and as you pull, I am raised into the air until you have me positioned at eye level to you.
Your fingers reach out and I feel you open my pussy lips wide.
Your tongue begins to flicker my clit, and the jolt makes me move, pulling the cords around my nipples.
I hear the vibrator and feel you place it where your tongue was, and I have to moan at the sensation.
Tying it in place, you stand, and take a nipple into your mouth. sucking hard.
The pain makes my head fall back as I realize I am powerless to do anything to stop you, but also that I want you to go on.
Finally you let up and sit back in the chair.
By now, the vibrating on my clit has me moaning and squirming.

I look down and see you removing your clothes, and notice that you are hard.
The size of you frightens me, but I know there is no way I can stop whatever you have planned.
Sitting again in the chair, you once again reach for the dangling rope, this time lowering me onto you.
I feel your hardness enter me as I come down, deeper and deeper, until you are fully inside.
Holding my thighs a bit above you, you begin to pump into me.
Hard and full strokes punish my pussy as the vibrator continues to whir.
Every once in a while your mouth finds a nipple, and the near painful sucking almost makes me lose consiousness.
Over and over you drive into me, until you feel I am near climax.
Finally I feel you raising me again as you stand.
I dangle there for a second, then your hands take my hips and I feel the full length of you drive into my ass.
You lean me against the wall as you hold me to you and drive hard, long, deep thrusts into me, fucking my ass so hard that I scream against the gag.
I hang there, unable to resist, as the vibrator pulls me closer.
Your hardness begins to feel so good, and I feel the beginning of a climax that I know will be the hardest I have ever experienced.

Harder and harder you fuck me, driving so deep I fear it will tear me apart, but wanting more.
Finally it happens. I start to cum.
The hard pumping continues as my body shakes with release that seems to never end.
You pull climax after climax out of me, until finally I feel you pull me tight, going even deeper, and the force of you shooting into my ass makes me shudder.

When you are finished, I feel you pull out of me.
Once again, your mouth finds a nipple and sucks hard, causing me to go limp against the ropes that have me tied so securely.
"I have to leave you for a few minutes' you tell me. And you leave the room.

After a while you return, pushing a table of some sort into the room.
By now, my arms are tired from being suspended.
You pull me over and I am lowered onto this 'table'.
I feel you untying my arms, then tying them down at my waist.
My legs are also untied, and as you place them, I realize this a sort of 'doctors' table, as there are stirrups on it.
The only difference is that once you have my legs tied, they open wide, and soon I am spread out wide, open to you fully.

'I want you to expeience everything' you tell me.

You stand behind me and remove the gag from my mouth.
My head is lying over the edge of the table and I see once again that you are growing hard.
Taking my head in your hands, you guide the tip of you to my mouth.
My lips open as you only allow me the tip to suck.
I take it like a pacifier, sucking gladly.
Your hands once again find my nipples, and both of them are twisted, causing me to gasp, and as soon as the deep breath is in me your full length slides down my throat.
Your hands once again hold my head as you begin to fuck my mouth.
I gasp sips of air between the full deep strokes, unable to believe that I am taking all of you, as you continue to slide every inch down my throat.
After a while you stop, and I gasp for air.
I hear you say 'Now I have a special surprise for you' as the gag goes back on me.
'Even tho I know you'll enjoy this, I can't have you screaming' you tell me.
Fear thrills thru me as I can only wait to see what your next move is. I don't have long to wait.
A larger vibrator is pulled from the bag.
This time the sound is louder and more powerful.
I feel you sliding it into me, stroking in & out to wet the length of it with my juices before reaching down and putting it fully into my ass.

The sensation rips thru me, then I feel your hardness driving into my pussy.
Standing there, you seem to punish me with the force of your thrusts, every once in a while stroking my clit or pinching a nipple.
I try desperately to move, but the ropes hold me for you, allowing you every liberty with my aroused, wanting body.
You touch me everywhere as I take each trust of your rock hard cock and know that I do so willingly.
Once again, I feel the growing sensation.
As it comes closer, I feel you beginning to untie me.
First my legs, as you continue to lean into me.
I wrap them tightly around you to pull you closer.
Then the gag. I can't help the whimpering as my climax grows nearer.
Finally my hands are untied, and you place one of them on my clit and tell me to rub.
My finger finds the wetness, and as I caress it I explode with such force that I feel you beginning to cum too.

Together we find release, our juices mixing as we writhe and grind into each other.
Finally I hear your voice again.
"Its over' you tell me, and before I can wonder what you mean, I feel the cloth against my face again.

I wake up in my car.
Looking around, I see the road I was driving down. I start the car and begin to drive, wondering if it was a dream, because the tire I thought was flat now seems to be fine.
When I reach home I get out of the car, and as I do, I notice a weakness in my legs, and I feel my juices begin to run down my leg.

It was no dream......

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