Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Sis on Bro" or "The Hole" Part II

by PL ( JUNE 99)

I planted my clinching anus right onto his nose and ground it in, my back still straight, palms on his hips!
That way I knew I'd get maximum pussy contact with his eager mouth.
Jen and I used this tactic on one another.
I spent half the summer walking around smelling butt because of her, and now it was Scotty's turn.
He loved it, (it must run in families.....) and pushed his nose in hard as he began to lick my tender, swollen, eager little box, breathing noisily through his busy mouth like a diver.
I pushed down hard and threw my hair back as his muscular tongue began to grind and probe and slither and dance all over my hot, sweet, flowing pussy.
He was so good.
I just sat there for a while, letting him do me with his face, my head back, eyes closed, nostrils flaring, moaning through a toothy grin.
It was dreamy and relaxed me, allowing me to catch my breath and get back into the groove.
The heightened passion we had made between us while he fingered me was settling down into a new level of excited determination, and I was clear-headed and ready to explore new worlds.

I shook my hair down over his cock and watched from the shadows as it tickled him there.
His legs frogged and squirmed and he kept licking me, his hands now helping to spread me from either side.
I switched my balance to my knees and dug my toes into the carpet, lifting from his face and freeing a hand to grasp his penis.
I didn't have to lean down very far, and I guided it up to my lips, where I began to kiss its head, sweetly and tenderly, taking my time.
I opened up and took a little in, savoring his taste and his largeness.
I paused to brush the hair out of my eyes and just then he shifted our balance and I swallowed him, very nearly throwing up as I gagged and he moaned and pushed and tears welled up in my eyes.
I just relaxed and composed myself and went with it.
After a minute or so I got the hang of it and it wasn't as bad as I had always imagined, in fact it felt really cool!
I began to slide him in and out, back and forth, making a game of it.
I was delighted:
I was actually deep-throating him and was good at it!
I could do it!
I was so happy and surprised!
Scotty was beside himself, he told me later that he had never had that much of his cock inside someone before, it went way way way down into my throat - I literally swallowed the man's penis and it was a looooong penis.
It went way deeper in than it could even into the very deepest pussy.
It burned me down there and the pressure was a bit much at first, but I adjusted, and we began to rock and pump together in a mutual motion that had him sliding down me and back, down and back, then letting him up for a head-tonguing, then swallowing him again, as I breathed through my nose.
It was awesome, and I was being eaten out like mad at the same time, his tongue trying to meet the head of his cock from the other end of me.
He was rimming my asshole and swirling around my lips and then he hit my clit one more time and I lost it - I came very very hard, and began to moan and gulp and convulse with his dick in my throat, unable to breath.
He came too, then, literally pushing that massive thing into me until my mouth hit his pubes.
I came and came from my inner-most depths, skewered on his lance like a sacrificial animal.
My legs went jelly, and that made me press down on him for balance again, keeping that clit right on the money.
I breathed in his funk and sweat and musk as that unbelievable cock of his spasmed and quaked and spurted and throbbed deep within my chest, near my pounding, coming, flying heart!
I steadily withdrew him from me, my lips pressing hard.
He was covered in thick, gooey saliva and I masturbated his shaft with both hands as it emerged, urging cum from his big red pump.
He was softening, and my fingers dug in more as he deflated.
His veins stood out more, and I traced one of them down the shaft and back.
Sperm drizzled from his meatus and down the front of his dick in time with my pumps as I kissed and tongued it off of him, mixing it with my copious spit.

We were done for a while.
We lay there, talking, my hand on his now deflated member, his arm around my shoulders, caressing a breast, sweetly, gently.
I was so blown away and reduced to a little school girl again, asking him little questions and giggling and squirming with glee when he responded to me.
He grunted out his answers and smiled occasionally.
He was a nice kid, and I was glad we had some time to kick back and be together before the main event.
We gained our feet and I removed my bra (which had been moved below my boobs in the passion), and then my thigh-highs, leaving them next to the panties on the floor by my dresser.
Totally naked, I gave him a big hug and we kissed again, smiling and beaming.
He grabbed his robe and went down into the kitchen for some OJ while I primped and combed and collected myself.
I looked in the mirror, and delighted in my long, athletic prettiness.

I was happy to be me.
The little heart I had clipped was great - it looked sexy as hell atop my red, swollen genitals.
I took a last look and went over to prepare my bed, turning down the covers.
I lit some candles and turned out the lights as he loped up the steps and reentered the room, with a glass of juice for each of us.
We sat on the bed together and drank.
I finished mine off and went back to work on the bed preparations while he set down his glass and went back into his room.
He was gone for less than a minute, and returned with a pair of condoms and a tube of Astroglide lubricant in his hand.
The sight of these items sobered us, and we stood for a few seconds, contemplating what we were, as brother and sister, about to do.
Sucking and masturbation were one thing, but having his penis inside of me was the ultimate taboo, and we both new it.
We moved together, our bellies touching, hugging each other for reassurance.
He patted my firm little fanny and I gave his chest a rub and a squeeze, smiling, my eyes burning with tears.
We gazed at one another.
He was to be my first, and I was ready.
I took him to my bed and we lay together, eyes deeply closed, kissing very seriously.
Our breath moved in unison and our blushing skin became as one in the glowing candle light.
We talked a little while longer and made out some more, with the purpose of getting him hard again.
I had been watching his penis while we lay there, and marveled at how large it was even when flaccid.
It was bent in half in a "U" shape, and each side of the "U" was longer than my middle finger!
It was very thick around, and full, like a boa constrictor or a thick garden hose.
I reached over and straightened it and it lay out on his bulging quadriceps muscle, reaching nearly halfway to his knee.
This was limp, folks!
He delighted in my breasts and how large and firm they were - he said he had always admired them when we were dressed for swimming, but he hadn't realized that they were so full and ripe.
He couldn't keep his eyes, his hands or his mouth off of them!
This swelled me with pride, and I lifted them out toward him like prizes as my cunt seeped and wetted itself a little.
Sure enough, he began to get his stick back, a little slower this time.
I watched it grow and traced a finger along the surface, following the veins and arteries that fed and filled it with life.
One of them, which branched and roped down across the side and then under was nearly as thick as my little finger.
I marveled as this monster came back to life.
It got about three inches longer and half again as fat and hard as a rock.
It took almost three minutes by my alarm clock, and when it was finished, I had to move back up near his chest, because the head had switched ends!

I dabbed at it with my tongue and tenderly kissed it all over, tickling his balls with a fingertip.
He reached over and ripped open a condom packet as I shifted position and fingered some slimy mucus onto my labia from deep inside my sopping cunt, where the good stuff is.
He moved his hands down and placed the condom onto his cock while I stared in amazement.
It didn't even cover half of the shaft!
Didn't they make extra-long rubbers for guys like Scott?
I guessed not.
It was also stretched ultra-tight around his cock, looking like it might burst.
I figured that as long as it could catch his cum, we'd be okay.
He applied the second one over it with a smile and a wink and I laughed out loud.
He then reached for the Astroglide and smeared some onto the head, working it down and spreading it around uniformly.

Finished, he gestured for my cunt and I dutifully knelt beside him as he applied the excess to my mound and then deep inside with two fingers, being very thorough.
He left the fingers inside and I threw my head back and massaged my breasts while he opened me up little by little.
I cupped the globes firmly and gave them a good and proper palm-job while he worked two, then three, then four fingers into my stretching, aching, screaming pussy.
I bent my head down and whiffed my arm pit, and let myself linger there, addicted to my own funk, my hands still kneading.
Now taking a hot nipple between each thumb and forefinger, I squeezed and pulled at them as hard as I cold to assuage the pain from below.
I was absolutely certain that I was bleeding by now.
He moved his fingers like an octopus, like opening an umbrella, and then his hand was in me.

He remained very still as I spasmed and winced and sobbed and gasped with the pain from his stretching.
It was unbearable and sweet pain, and we both knew it was necessary, or he'd have never entered me.
I consoled myself with the fact that babies are way way bigger than that, and they come out a thousand times a day!
He rotated his hand and made a fist - more gasping and spasming - and then relaxed it.
Then he slowly withdrew from me, and I looked down, afraid to see the blood.
There was some, but not as much as I had anticipated, and I reached for the trusty T-shirt to wipe him off.

That done, we added some more lube to my peepee and I submissively lay beside him.
"I want you to please be on the top, Scotty, please?", I said meekly and breathlessly, as he turned over on his side to face me.
"Sure thing, sis, any way you want to do it, I'm your man."

I secured my hair behind me with a Scrunchee to keep it out of the way.
Then I piled up a bunch of pillows at the headboard of the bed.
I turned on my back against them and brought my knees up as close to my ears as I could, arching my feet and pointing my toes inward.
This made my cunt fully accessible to my young master's cock and allowed me to watch him reign.
I held my knees to my nipples with my palms and quaked as he positioned his massive cock at my labia, kissing my upper chest and neck.
I was submissive and scared and blushing and breathing in pants and everything was spinning.
My eyes on his cock head, I watched as it slid in, parting my lips and cramming my dripping, willing vagina with steady, rising, pleasureful waves.

It went in slowly and easily and a little at a time.
He would slide in an inch, and I would bite my lip and savor it, and then he would retreat a little and go in some more, pausing again to let me adjust. He was so beautiful and sweet and gentle and masterful and I just started crying over it all.
My mouth quivered and my lips turned down and I began to sob.
They were tears of sweetness and joy and sadness over losing my virginity finally and of pain now that it was really happening.
Tears streamed down my cheeks in rivulets and landed on my chest and then on down, tickling my ribcage.
He stopped and asked if he should quit.
Holding my breath and squeaking through my sobs, I shook my head and gathered him in a sweet, long, crying kiss.
My whole body was shaking and quaking and I let my legs relax, as he gained better purchase.
Still kissing me, he gently slid it in the rest of the way.

I looked down and saw that only about three inches were exposed - far below the bottom of the condoms!
I reached down there and grasped and felt those three inches and then my lips and clit and bush and inner thighs. I placed my chin on his strong shoulder and lifted up my feet.
It was done - I had been dominated.
My cunt was full of penis.

The feeling of pleasure you derive from having a cock inside of your vagina is indescribable, but let me just say that I could clamp down and feel his aliveness within me, as my inner muscles grasped and held him within, and begged him not to move.
And then he began to move in and out, slow, short strokes and it felt as if the very bedrock beneath the house were suddenly moving and sliding, my world went sliding with that cock.
With each withdrawal and advance, the entirety of the length and circumference of his massive, 10.75 inch male organ was making full and total contact with the entire inner surface of the walls of my vagina!
The advances were the best, sending sharp waves of extreme, deep pleasure throughout my cunt and lower body.
Each fraction of an inch made the nerve endings in there sing with pleasure.
Each slight movement brought me closer and closer to oblivion.
I had surrendered my body and spirit totally to this young man, and that huge cock was all I had to hold onto.
I had been reduced to a sobbing, weeping, clutching, shaking mess by the pain and pleasure this new master brought, and it was all I had left.
It was like a mountain climber's rope - I had to trust in its movement and presence like a lifeline.
He picked up speed and I went into a trance of pleasure, crying out with each push.
My head flew from side to side erratically as I moaned and gasped and cried.
My hands each grabbed an ass cheek and dug in like claws.
I began to force him into me by his ass.
"HI-yah, HI-yah, Hi-yah, HI-yah!!" went my mantra, in-out, in-out, in-out, in-out - now picking up speed like a piston in a bore hole boom boom boom!
He was just cramming and fucking the living shit out of my little cunt, and I was delirious with pleasure and pride.
I came, BANG!
And then again and again and again until there were so many stones making ripples in my pond, it was chopped to a froth - I couldn't tell where one wave started and the other ended.
I almost fainted.
I wrapped my legs around his back, clutching my body to him like a monkey on a tree limb.
We fucked for about forty minutes.
He had great stamina and control, and he was sheathed in two thick condoms!
It was a wonder he could feel anything at all! He had already come twice in the past two hours, as well.
What a horse of a man.
Ah, to be young.
Our fuck session was long enough for me to adjust to him, get the hang of it, and finally get into it, eventually riding that thing like a pro.
I was simply delirious with ecstasy.
It was affecting my thoughts.
As I sighed and heaved and moved my body around dreamily, I imagined and felt that this tree-like cock splitting me down my center was the one true constant I could count on and hold onto in my life.

He kept a steady rhythm and I used that beat as a homing beacon, not letting it too far from my conciousness, lest my soul drift away and be lost forever.
That steady pounding between my loins was my salvation, and I deliciously grasped onto him with my sopping pussy, gripping him for all he was worth.
It was like holding onto an adult's hand in a crowd as a child, holding on for dear life, afraid to be left behind or forgotten and lost in the thronging confusion.
I so much wanted to be with him, right there and now, if I could just hang on.
Eventually I relaxed more and just let him pull me along on our journey, and I leaned back to enjoy the ride.
He wasn't going anyplace without me, because it was right up the middle of my body that he was travelling.
I had so many orgasms, I thought I'd gotten stuck that way, and was a little worried.
They wracked my aching, throbbing body until I was so exhausted I didn't think I could endure it.
Was every time going to be like this? I hoped it was!

He paused and untangled me from around his limbs.
I was mush, I couldn't control my body at all.
He told me to get on my hands and knees and I tried to, feeling like I was disconnected.
He threw the pillows on the floor as I hypnotically obeyed, going down on my forearms, my wrists too weak to support me.
My forehead on the mattress helped keep me stable. My nipples brushed my forearms.
The air felt cool and soothing on my exposed ass, making me feel vulnerable and controlled and I noticed I was crying again, this time out of utter confusion.
This was the most difficult thing I'd ever been through, but I could not EVER let it stop happening - even for a minute!
I remember being adamant - never stop! Never stop! Never.

He entered my vagina from behind me and told me to relax.
I didn't know what that meant anymore.
He squirted some Astroglide onto my behind and let a finger slip into my anus.
He felt around and added digits, one at a time, still pumping my steaming cunt.
All the time I was grinding my cunt back into him with all my strength - as if to gather him in completely.
I had a cheek on the cool bedsheets and two handsful of covers.
The smell in the room was glorious!
"Funky-monkey-spunky", I thought and laughed like a hyena.
After a while he withdrew his organ and removed the condoms, which had held!
He hadn't cum yet anyway!
He placed his glans next to my anal opening and told me to touch my own vagina.
I placed a forearm crossways and leaned forward, allowing my head to crane down and back.
This gave me an upside down view of my severely split tail.
I laid a finger into my droozling, smoking slit and then added two more, which felt as thin and insubstantial as soda straws after a ten inch cock had been reaming me for the better part of an hour!
I was seriously stretched out.
I was tingly and numb, and a little sore, but not as bad as you'd think.
I knew that physically, I had been altered forever, and as I knealt there, expecting even more, I silently thanked God for sex.
He told me to masturbate myself as I saw fit, and he then began to slide himself into my asshole.

This was, folks, the final frontier.
All year long I had dreamed of completing the magic triangle - and now there was no stopping it.
As my hand wanked and pinched and slid, he utterly crammed my anus with meat!
Next to this anal reaming, the vaginal session was a picnic.
This hurt so much that I collapsed on the bed and he had to physically hold me down.
We were like two animals fucking as I squirmed and yelped and fingered myself, my thighs pressed helplessly into the mattress, an arm underneath, knees spread wide, my feet gripping either side of the bed with their insteps for purchase.
I could actually feel his cock moving in there with my fingers through my vaginal wall!
I was his complete and submissive prisoner - a new feeling for me as a human being.
It took some getting used to.
I have to admit that I had never felt so dominated, so alone, so utterly helpless.
The kind of sex we had been having was no where near egalitarian - it was a male's prerogative.
He was in the power spot, he was the "doer", and I was being "done to".
I had wanted all of this, and here it all was, and that was all great.
But I made no illusions about this, and I made a point to mention it to him later.
I was still the big sister here, after all, and I wanted to keep that status working for me on the home front.
I was only temporarily giving up my dominance in the family hierarchy.
Physically, though, this drove home what I had suspected all along; we women could entice and control men's emotions with our sex appeal, but once the clothes came off and we were entangled, we were no match for their sheer and utter brute power.
How could you control an animal that size?
Even when I was on top for a few minutes I felt as if I were riding a galloping stallion on the verge of bolting, and I had had the sense to hold on for dear life.
Men were fabulous animals, and we were lucky to have them.
A little humbling never hurt anyone.
This was where I was at as he ass-fucked the living, virtual shit out of me like a savage machine.
I just moved into it and made it happen good for me.
He began to slow and each thrust began to take longer, he was now unsheathed by the condoms and on the verge of his last orgasm of the night if he wasn't careful.
Later he would tell me that he had been Kegeling like mad to keep control.
I hadn't known what he was referring to, and he had to explain it to me.
My fourteen year-old little brother told me about the Kegel technique while three-way screwing me after I fell out of my closet!
Some fucking day, what!?!

He kept at it and we picked up speed again until he was literally pumping my behind into a froth as I wanked my screaming clit and moved my hips in perfect harmony.
We were really going at it - faster than even when he had penetrated my vagina.
He was trying to make himself come, and I was trying to assist, because the man deserved it!
I had been thrilled, filled and fulfilled beyond my wildest-ever dreams by this young man.
I would forever be his sweet and demure slave.
My loins were his forever, or for as long as he would care to savor their taut and supple sweetness.
Just for him, only him.
He had tamed any wild streak I had ever had, and I had given it all up to him, every iota of my very inner self.
We kept up the pace until I felt him pause, and go hard all over and then begin to pull out of me all at once.
The void he left felt cool and hot simultaneously and I wanked myself into another string of maximum orgasms, flipping over onto my back as his semen hit my breasts and chin and mouth.
There wasn't much of it this time, but still enough to play with.
I gripped his orgasming penis and began to masturbate it, sliding my hands up and down in all of the sweaty, bloody, shitty mucus and spume that covered it like some weird sauce.
I brought it to my face and licked it, tasting every part of myself and himself, and mixing it all over my breasts with his sperm.

He was still rigid and spasming this whole time, although semen no longer issued from his rod.
I thought he was stuck there, in a seizure or something, until he suddenly went slack and collapsed onto me like a victim.
We were so sweaty and dirty and tired that we fell asleep like that.
We slept for hours, awakening at about 6 a.m., Saturday.
I felt like I'd been hit by a train.
But true to form, his locomotive was immediately stoked and ready to travel.
Boys do like sex in the morning, do they not?
He woke up with an astounding thumper, and numb?
It would take days to get it to come! Boys! What are you gonna do?
We straightened up a few things and shared the rest of his OJ, then we went into my bathroom and had shower sex.

He soaped me from head to toe and concentrated on my breasts, slipping and sliding his huge palms back and forth over them until I came.
I soaped him up, too, and concentrated on wanking that huge animal between his legs until it came!
For years after that I insisted on us showering together whenever we could.
I masturbated him to hundreds of orgasms, and he breast-stroked me as well.
We finished that morning by me sucking him hard again while I fingered my slit, and then by him entering me from behind in my cunt as I leaned against the wall under the spray, enjoying the ride.
He pulled out and came into my mouth - a well-timed maneuver!
We washed up and went on to start our day.
We were both ready for anything, after all; what else could possibly happen?

Maybe next time I'll tell you about when the three of us rented a condo at the beach one Spring Break when we were all in college.
Sis on Bro on Sis.
It was worth waiting for.
And you'll have to do just that!

Stay tuned; This is the only page you'll find it on.

Love to all!


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Askinstoo said...

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