Monday, October 08, 2007

My Home Video

Sinking back in the chair, her eyes where glued to the flickering fluorescent image before her.
The VCR quietly played away in the darkened room, lit only from the TV screen, against one wall.
Against the opposite wall sat a young woman on a settee. She sat with her legs splayed below her, fresh from the shower with just a towel around her body.

The screen carried an image of her boyfriend, Steve.
It carried an image of them together.
They had made their own films together and now that he was away at sea, this was her best way of being with him.
He was a thousand miles away right now, but for what she wanted him for at that moment, the VCR would have to suffice.

On the screen in front of her, she was kissing him. Her hands were exploring his muscly chest.
His hands on her ass. His big hands were kneading the plump flesh under her silk panties.
In reality, her hand was wondering towards her freshly showered pussy.
Her lover stooped to engulf one of her heavy bare tits in his mouth, lapping at the pert nipple.
The towel rode up to her waist as she opened her thighs to afford her hand, a better access. His dick was free now.
It hung against her stocking thigh. A quick tug liberated her breasts from the damp towel.
They hung over the top of the towel and rolled slightly as her fingers explored further.
His dick was hard now. Big and hard. It was wavering between her thighs and meeting no resistance.
She could almost feel his dick inside her right now. It was almost as if, in her own head, he was there.
Pounding away, the lovers on the screen were banging each other furiously, sprawled on the carpet.
Lost in the sensations overtaking her body, she could not hear the front door open and close

Struggling to get the towel wrapped back around her, she sat up just in time as her friend Angie walked through the door.

"Do you never think of knocking?" she exclaimed, her face still flush with the excitement.

"I've just brought your camera back. Thanks for letting us borrow It." she explained.

Angie made her excuses and left leaving Linda alone in front of the telly again.
She hooked the video camera up to watch the tape her friend had left in but it was just a blank.

Hitting stop, the picture on the screen was of her, sitting staring at the screen.

Linda realised how nice her breasts looked on the TV, bulging out over the top of her bath towel.
She parted her thighs and looked at her pubes. They looked really messy.
She went into the bathroom, shaved them off, and returned for another look.

"That looks amazing"she whispered to herself.

Before she could think, she was playing with it.
It got wet and she watched in the TV as she started to frig herself harder, riding her hand.
It was awkward trying to stay in the frame in front of the camera.
She came off and lay down while replaying the tape to see what it was like.
It was great and she couldn't help thinking what Steve would think of it when he returned.
It was one of the horniest things she had ever seen. She played the five minute tape back repeatedly. And played with herself again.

Days after she was still so impressed with her efforts that she decided to send it to a moviemaker to see if they wanted to buy it.

"I didn't know where to start. I went down to my local newsagent and bought a men's magazine hoping that maybe they would have an address or something.
I found it and sent the tape off. A couple of weeks later they phoned up and said that they had liked the short tape and wondered if I would like an audition.
I agreed and they came to my house. They weren't anything like they sounded on the phone.
They just looked like normal guys carrying some bags. I let them in and they came in and set their gear up.
We chatted over a cup of coffee about what they wanted to do with me.

Not wanting to seem too eager, I agreed to strip off to be going on with.
They filmed me from every angle while I took my clothes off. Up my skirt, down my cleavage, between my legs, down my knickers, with all my clothes on and off.
Putting things against myself and allsorts. They even asked me to play with myself in front of them! I did.
It wasn't that good though. I couldn't concentrate on it with them watching me.
They asked me why I couldnt relax and enjoy it. I told them that it was difficult to concentrate with them staring at my fanny.
Out of the blue, one of the guys took down his pants and started playing with his willy.

He looked a bit daft standing there with his limp thing in his hand.
I started laughing and so did they. I think he was a horny as well because it didn't take long for his willy to turn into a very angry looking cock.
I had never seen one that big before and I couldn't take my eyes off it. I became like a girl possessed.
I just strolled on over and climbed up onto him.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and clung onto him with my arms around his shoulders. He hardly even moved the whole time I had scaled him like a climbing frame.
I sank down onto his cock. It was lovely at first but then as I kept on sinking onto it, I wondered when it was going to stop.
I felt stretched to the hilt. This man was huge.
I must have taken his whole length because he grabbed my arse to support my weight against him and began to move his hips.
Bucking against me, he was managing to get even more of his monster into me.
My mouth was wide open with ecstasy as I could feel more and more meat being shoved into my belly.
It was amazing. He took a couple of more strokes and I was coming on him. I was clinging and writhing so hard that I nearly ripped his shirt at the back.
He walked across to my sofa, lifted me off himself, and playfully threw me onto it.

I lay back because I was exhausted from riding him. I looked up to see him wanking his big thing over me.
He was grunting and grimacing at it. He started swearing in a low gruff voice and the next thing I knew it was spitting its' stuff at me.
It all landed on my tits and I was trying to get out of the way of it but he held my arm as more and more of it landed on me.

When he let go of my arm, he fell towards me propping himself up on the wall over me with one arm and using the other one to hold my head while he pushed it at my mouth.
It tasted really salty and slippery on my tongue and I had to swallow it because he had begun to carry on thrusting against my face.
Was this me here? A common tart, having her face fucked by some complete stranger. I felt like a right whore.

He finished what he had been doing to me and dressed. Only then did I realise that his friend had taped the whole lot.

"Too good for the sales team this one mate."

"Yeah, keep it for the private collection, eh!"

They gave me £100 for my part in it and even had the audacity to wink at me on the way out the door.

Needless to say, I was straight upstairs after they had left and was frigging myself senseless, thinking about what I had just been through.
I wonder what Steve will think

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