Monday, October 22, 2007

The Pleasure in Pain

Making love to beautiful women has been a constant purpose in my life.
My first recollection was when I was about five, a girl called Gillian gave me every encouragement to satisfy my curiosity.
I discovered something wonderful; girls seemed so much more interesting than boys. The naughty excitement as I slid my hand under her small skirt and along the soft skin on the inside of her thigh. I remember few details about this incident except that to make it easier for me she removed her panties. I met her again, quite by chance some twelve years later when I was teaching sailing at a summer camp on the East Coast.
We spent some time together on the beach. After the barbecue, each evening we continued to party alone behind the dunes, she was just as enthusiastic. She professed love since she was five, I thought of lust. Again I felt guilty of taking advantage of her and as ever it added to the dizzy excitement. I never saw her again.

I am now old enough to recognize that lovemaking has changed from the thrill of pursuit and seduction to the discovery of more exquisitely enjoyable techniques.
I was in a video store in Long Beach last week and was looking through the porn section.
A man of about 20 approached me and said he had never seen so much pornography, I said it was disappointing that so little of it had a good story line or reasonable production values.
He didnÕt mind about the story he just liked watching lots of fucking. I would probably have agreed with him once but I am now less interested in quantity than quality.

One of the fascinations of erotic experiences is that we are confronted with our own dark-sides.
Submission, domination, coercion, deceit, aggression and pain are exciting elements of erotic fantasy. Introducing a virgin to the adult world, or taking someone anally for the first time is always exciting. Once you have introduced a girl to the sensuous delights of her own sexuality the thrill of feeling her stir and push back on you as you slide inside her, never fails to be exciting.
The tears and the resistance turn to warmth and passion.

I like to pursue and seduce it is also exciting to be pursued and seduced.
Domination and control are not necessarily best; to be bound-up, blindfolded and to surrender to humiliation is thrillingly dangerous. When I lived in London I had a torrid affair with a girl who could only really enjoy herself when she was tied-down and blindfolded.
Her husband was much older; She was English and beautiful, he was Greek and wealthy. I thought it strange that he saw so little of his beautiful wife.
I thought at first, he was not able to satisfy her formidable appetites but she told me that his real interest lay with young men.

It was an arrangement that worked well for us all. I met him several times and he seemed quite happy that I was 'taking care' of his wife, we were always very discrete. Everything was fine except that however much his beautiful wife might have enjoyed being bound and restrained, I found it frustrating.
Once she was tied up and blindfolded, selfishly I felt her restricted movement caused her to become unresponsive, to me.
She was locked in her own world, her passion was frighteningly intense but it was not possible to share. She liked me to take her quite physically and she encouraged me to slap her and be almost violent. I did this to please her and to give her what she wanted, my reward was watching her enjoy the most physically shaking orgasms, I have ever experienced.
In spite of my reluctance and concern about hurting her she would beg me with the most extravagant promises to indulge her strange pleasures. I did not analyze too deeply why she found it so rewarding; until one Sunday morning.

We were reading the newspapers in bed and trying to cope with bad cases of cocktail flu; we had been to a party the night before.
She leaned over towards me and gave me a deep languorous kiss; simultaneously she moved one leg over me so that she could sit over me.
Her beautiful breasts were in my face and her hands were on my shoulders.
She smiled a familiar smile and asked me to surrender to her complete control. She wanted me to do as I was told, trust her and she would look after me.

I agreed, could I do anything else? I was told to close my eyes and lie down on my back.
Perceptibly her character changed as she took control; she became authoritative and commanding. She stripped away the covering sheets and removed the pillows.
I was completely naked and uncovered. She was obviously prepared, in a moment she returned with soft rope with which she tied my hands and feet and stretched me out on the bed. I was not tied to the bed just my ankles were tied together and above my head my wrists were tied.
She then tied her black silk scarf around my head completely covering my eyes.
I was now concerned because I had no idea what she wanted to do.

I felt she would not do anything, if I asked her to stop but I worried about her enjoying the pain, which I had inflicted.
She left me alone for a few minutes whilst I adjusted to my new restricted world. I was conscious of my body and the restraints on my arms and legs but all that I really had was a feeling of isolation from visual sensation.
And an accentuated feeling of nervous anticipation.
Lying there completely at her mercy was exciting and before she even touched me I could feel the familiar stirring of my penis, I was beginning to understand. I was conscious of her standing by the bed and I felt her hair fall on to my chest.
She was leaning towards me, I could feel her breath on my skin. She didnÕt move, I could feel her close presence, the tension was intense.

Suddenly she bit on my left nipple, gently to begin with but increasingly hard, simultaneously she was drawing cold air through her clenched teeth.
There was no other touch than her teeth on one nipple and then the other, the cold air numbed and heightened the shiver of exquisite pain.
My nipples became erect and stiff I could have exploded in seconds. I was aroused but as soon as she started she stopped.
She was teasing me.
She told me to roll over face down. I could hear her opening a bottle and the noise and smell as she warmed some oil in her hands. She then sat over the back of my legs and gave me a delicious slow massage starting at my neck and moving down my spine to my buttocks.

She slid her oily fingers between the cheeks and over my anus. The nails on her fingers scratched a gentle line, which became the whole focus of my attention.
My anus became so sensitive, I tensed because I realized the inevitable.
I had never been fucked. I could feel the warm oil sliding down over my anus and drip onto my scrotum.
I could almost hear the pounding of my heart, the adrenaline and endorphins were jumping through my body.
Her fingernail circled the clenched muscle, teasing me until almost without my noticing she was inside and all I could do was relax and move back on her hand.
I wanted more. She was sliding her finger deeper and deeper into me.
I was pushing up and back on her hand, I wanted more of her in me.
I was now nearly kneeling resting on my elbows with my hands still tied together.

She untied my ankles and moved between my legs facing my back, I was in a daze my penis was as hard as a rock but all I could feel was a deep warmth from my anus as by now, she had at least two fingers deep inside me.
My legs were wide apart and kneeling face down, my arse in the air. She slowly withdrew her fingers and immediately I was conscious of something much more substantial moving into me, subsequently I found out that throughout the massage she had clenched a huge dildo inside her so that it was warm and well lubricated and now I had it thrust into me.
The vibrator and me were turned on, the vibrant sensation went right through my spine and exploded in my head. The experience made me dizzy and completely disorientated.
I was conscious of nothing except my distended anus and this deep-seated vibration.
She was leaning over me with her breasts gently stroking my back and she was holding the vibrator in my anus by pushing it in to against her stomach.
Slowly she brought her arms around me and started to caress her hands down my chest not touching my penis but slowly she massaged my oil-covered scrotum.

She then moved from me and stood away. I worried about what was going to happen next? I was kneeling with my hands tied together and a vibrator up my bum.
My penis felt enormous and I realized I was aware of a new sensation because she had moved around and taken me into her mouth so softly I was hardly aware of it happening.
She took more of me into her mouth and my attention was for the first time diverted from my vibrating rectum. I knew I was now deep inside her mouth because I could feel her face pushing up against my balls and I could feel her tongue and the constriction of her throat.

With her left hand she was holding the vibrator deep in my rectum. I was being taken from both sides at once and it was glorious and too much.
I tried to hold back but I could no longer control myself. My hips were beginning to pitch and thrust into her mouth.
Her right hand was also now holding on to me. She knew what was happening and she was in control, her lips formed a tight ring around the saliva-covered shaft of my penis as I thrust into her mouth. I could not get away even if I had wanted to. I held back for as long as I could.

My hard penis was churning into her mouth. I exploded into her with an orgasm that I thought would spurt my balls and spine down her throat.
I collapsed, I could have passed-out, mothers little helper was removed from me and I was unbound.
She cleaned me up and very gently applied soft cold cream to my anus.
I collapsed completely spent and drained. She held me to her, softly embracing me and kissed me, I could taste myself in her mouth.
Her face, hair and breasts were covered in my semen.

She smiled and I realized I had just been given a lesson. I slept exhausted and well fucked.

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