Friday, October 26, 2007

The School Trip

"Come on get on the coach" Mr Taylor called to the last stragglers, three girls ran from the ladies loo and boarded the coach.

Miss Ward did a final headcount and confirmed to the driver they could go. The girls voices rang with excitement as they waved goodbye to their parents, a week in Scotland skiing, they were on their way.

Miss ward sat in the front of the coach while Mr Taylor sat at the back, three girls joined him asking questions about their holiday as the coach hit the motorway.

As the day grew to an end and night set in the girls had started to fall asleep, Mr Taylor has the back seat to himself now and relaxed as the girls settled in for the night.

One girl was restless, looking up he saw it was Julie, she was fourteen and from a single parent family, her dad had died when she was two. Mr Taylor asked her what was wrong quietly, she was uncomfortable in the seat she replied.

Mr Taylor called her to the back seat and she laid her handbag as a pillow and rested her head on it and lay quietly.

As the night went on Mr Taylor noticed Julie had fallen asleep. Her hair fell across her eyes and she looked very pretty, her T shirt was tight on her young body and Mr Taylor could easily see her breasts outlined they looked quite big as they rose and fell as she breathed.
Her skirt was knee length but with her legs askew her had a good view to the top of her thighs, he felt his prick rise as her tried to see her panties but in the dim light it was all in shadow.

Suddenly the coach hit a pothole and the coach bounced Julie onto the floor unceremoniously, Mr Taylor jumped up to help her, she was trapped her body had wedged itself under the low seat.
As Mr Taylor bent down he saw her skirt had risen above her waist showing him her panties, the bulge between her thighs told him she had a big hairy bush that covered her pussy.

He pulled her skirt down and helped her to her feet, she was crying as she sat down, Miss Ward had come to see if they needed any help but Mr Taylor shooed her away.

Julie was still sobbing as the coach settled down again, Mr Taylor put his arm around Julie's shoulders and pulled her to his chest. "I was so scared when I couldn't see anything she sobbed, and when I realised my skirt was up to my waist I was so embarrassed".

"Don't worry no-one else saw anything", I tried to console her, "but you did sir" she sobbed.
"What I saw was the legs of a very pretty girl" I replied.
Julie smiled and calmed down, I still held her as she dropped off to sleep again her head resting on my shoulder.
As the night wore on Julie had moved down the seat and used my lap as her pillow, her cheek rested on my prick and I prayed that I would not get a hard-on.
She put a hand under her cheek and right on my prick, she squirmed a bit and then settled down, I looked at the rest of her body as she lay asleep, her waist was so slim and her hips had taken the shape of a woman's.
I could see her breast's closer now, her nipples making small indentations on her T shirt, I placed my hand on her waist, she did not move, I slowly moved my hand around her belly feeling the softness of her flesh under her top.

My hand moved closer, my heart was beating so hard, here I was ,a teacher trying to touch a fourteen year old girl in my charge, I must be mad.
I felt the swelling of her breast with the tip of my fingers, she still had not moved, my prick was solid under her hand as I moved my hand closer.
Gently rubbing her nipple with my open hand I felt it respond, soon it was hard and quite pronounced.
Laying my whole hand on her breast I gently cupped it, it felt so nice, suddenly she stirred, I moved my hand and feigned sleep.

Her head raised and she looked around seeing everyone asleep she laid her head back down, slowly she realised where her hand was , she looked up at me and saw I was still asleep, her hand still covered my hard prick.

Slowly she felt the outline with her fingers, I felt my prick lurch as she reached the tip and I gasped, with the exquisite spasm that ran the length of my prick.

She lay her head back down still with her hand on my prick she obviously like the feel of it in her hand.

Daybreak saw us arriving at the outskirts of the ski resort, I gently woke Julie and as she sat up she looked at my prick still hard and showing.

"I'm sorry sir" she stuttered.
"Lets keep it our secret shall we" I whispered.
She beamed a smile at me and said thank you.
The rest of the day was spent unpacking and sightseeing, Julie made sure she was in my group and stuck by me all day.
She wore her ski pants and a colourful sweater, her pants were skin tight and showed her beautiful ass fully, her mons pushed the front out and she caught me looking, she blushed and smiled at me.
Most of the girls went to bed early, Miss Ward made sure that they went quietly and said she was going also.

This left two girls and myself watching TV. One was Julie.
After ten minutes the other girl left, I was alone with Julie.
She kept looking at me and once I caught her.
"Sir are you married"?
"No Julie not yet, nobody wants me"
"Oh I don't know" she mused, "you are quite good looking" she quipped with a smile.
"Have you got a boyfriend"?
"No, no-one wants me either"
"Oh I don't know" I said, " you have a pretty face and a fantastic body, I sure that someone would love to be your boyfriend"

Julie blushed.
"Well it's time for bed", I said rising, her eyes looked at my crotch, I had a hard on.
Julie came towards me and reached up and kissed my cheek, I could feel her breast's press onto my chest.
I reached out and pulled her closer, holding her head in my hands I kissed her gently on her lips, her hips pushed against my prick as her hands pulled my ass closer to her body. Her mouth opened under my probing tongue, I explored her mouth and she responded with her own tongue.

I knew we could get caught but didn't stop, my hands made their way to her breasts, gently squeezing them, she moaned and ground her pussy against my prick.
I knew I had to have this girl, telling her to wait I checked the corridor, it was clear.
I signalled her to come and she followed me to my room two doors away.

As we entered the room I went and pulled the curtains, turning the bedside light on I saw her standing by the bed.

I moved towards her, her arms lifted to encompass my neck as we kissed again, slow sexy kisses.
I placed my hands on her waist and slowly pushed her sweater up, she broke the kiss and pulled it off.
Standing there in her bra I moved forward and bent my head, kissing the valley between her breasts.
My hands moved around the back and undid the clips, her bra fell away slowly.
Her nipples were pronounced, they had grown bigger and harder, gently I laid her on the bed, my mouth covered one nipple and I sucked it , she held my head tightly against her tit as my tongue swirled around the hard nipple.

My hand made it's way down her belly until I felt her thighs open and my hand was on her mound.
I cupped it, it felt so good, her hips moved up to meet my hand as I stroked her pussy.

Kneeling on the bed I pulled her ski pants down, her panties followed.
She lay there silently as I got undressed, when I pulled my shorts off she gasped as my prick was exposed.
"It's so big" she said moving closer, I took her hand and placed it on my prick, her hand formed itself around it and moved it gently back and forth.

I laid on the bed facing her as she still held my prick, my hand went to her pussy, she had a mass of hair that covered her mons.
I moved down to look at her pussy, I could smell her fragrance emanating from her love channel, I moved closer and parted the hair, her lips glistened in the soft glow from the bedside light.

My tongue rasped the length of her slit, her juices were so sweet, she gasped and rolled around the bed as I delved deeper and deeper into her love canal.
Suddenly she shook as her first orgasm swept her young body, she whimpered quietly as her orgasm coursed throughout her body, I felt my prick lurch as I came over her belly her hand still moving as she drained the last shot of sperm from my throbbing penis.


We lay side by side , my sperm dribbled down her belly and mixed with her hairs, her fingers played with the sticky mess.

I lent over her body and kissed her lips, her nipples still hard , my fingers teased them as we kissed.

"I must wash this off" she said.

Going to the washbasin she ran the water and started to wash, it took a long time to remove it all from her hairy pussy.

"I wish I hadn't grown any hairs now"

"We could always shave them off "I said quietly.

"What a good idea, would you, please, please, please"?

I laid a towel on the bed and she flung her self on it, getting the shaving foam and my razor I approached the bed.

Julie flung her legs wide open and I knelt between them, shaving foam in hand I aimed it at her pussy, as the foam spurted out I rubbed it well into her bush.

She squirmed as I ran my fingers close to her lips, they were swollen with sexual excitement. As I massaged her clit with the foam she gasped and flung her legs wider, my finger entered her gapping lips and I felt her vaginal muscles grip me.

"Time for a shave madam" as I pulled my finger out, she lay still as I slowly shaved her mound, soon I had shaved the outer lips as well, pulling her lips open I carefully shaved the last bit.
Washing the foam off I padded her puffy mound dry with a soft towel, sitting back I look at her nude pussy, her lips gapped and I knew it would soon be nice and smooth.

Getting a tin of Vaseline from my bag I gently applied a dab, working it around her groin and between her lips.

"Let me shave you now", grabbing the foam she covered my groin with lather, soon she had removed all the hair on my balls and around my ass. Dabbing a bit of Vaseline into her palm she slowly massaged it onto my ball sac, it felt so good. I felt her tongue lick the length of my shaft, working her way to the tip she pushed her mouth over the head.

If only she knew what she was doing, my spunk made its way up as she went deeper and deeper, suddenly I shot a wad deep into her mouth, she gagged and swallowed, repeating this action until I was empty. We lay together holding each other in our arms, words were not needed, we kissed slowly, caressing each other's bodies.

"Can I call you Rob when we are alone"? I answered yes as I moved above her body, I eased her legs apart and knelt between them.

"This might hurt a bit " I said as I lined my prick up to her puffy lips, slowly I entered her, I had just pushed one inch in and then I felt her hymen, moving slowly I stretched it each time I pushed forwards.

Julie started to pant as the nerves in her pussy responded to the stimulation, suddenly I pushed harder, I was through, I felt her vaginal walls grip my prick as I buried it deep into her body.

"That's it darling move slowly, let it build up " I whispered into her ear, she pulled my ass, forcing me in deeper as her hips rose to meet mine,

Her vagina started to lubricate as we moved faster and faster, her muscles vibrated as her orgasm started to build, her legs wrapped around my waist as I lifted her legs and placed her ankles on my shoulders. This movement caused me to go in deeper, I could feel the neck of her cervix butt the tip of my prick, this was enough to make me cum, as the first shot hit her cervix she screamed out as her orgasm jolted her body.

Shot after shot filled her tight pussy, soon there was no room for more, it started to dribble down my shaft and onto her puckered ass hole.

I placed my finger on her ass and massaged the sperm onto the entrance. "Oh Rob" she gasped "that feels so good",

I pressed gently onto the centre, feeling it give way with my sperm acting as a lubricant, my prick was still in her pussy still hard, I made slow lazy strokes that kept her on the boil.

My finger inched in deeper her hips still moved with me, soon I had all my finger deep into her ass, I could feel my prick through the thin wall of her rectum, and I was in heaven.

Her colon spasmed as another orgasm coursed through her body, she screamed loudly, "OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING SO HARD" her hips thrashed on the bed as I joined her with another cum, weaker than hers but oh so good.

We lay sated and drifted on clouds of contentment.

Suddenly the door opened and Miss Ward stood in the doorway, she flicked the light on and screamed when she saw us still coupled and very naked.

"Get back to your room miss, I will deal with you later"!

Julie stood up and slowly got dressed, Miss Ward watched her every move, MY GOD she thought, she's shaved her pubic hair off, looking at Rob laying on the bed she noticed he was shaved too.

"Hurry up, hurry up", she said moving towards Julie, picking up her sweater she pushed Julie towards her room slamming the door on Rob and his rampant prick.

Claire Ward made Julie take a shower, she supervised Julie as she soaped her breasts slowly, Claire was fascinated by the young girls body, so perfectly formed, her breasts stood firm and her pussy was so smooth,.

Claire was a virgin, at twenty eight she had no contact with boys or men, her mother domineered her and her free time was spent studying, when she went to college she had to return home straight from class. She had seen other women undressed when they did sports and always had a funny feeling in her stomach when she saw them naked.

She had that feeling now, she noticed sperm dripping from Julie's ravaged pussy, OH MY GOD HE'S COME IN HER", her heart beat faster as she watched the sperm dribble down Julie's thigh.

Seeing a plastic cup on the side she gave it to Julie saying,

"I want you to take his cum out of your pussy and put it in this cup, it will be evidence" Julie took the cup sobbing, pushing her fingers deep into her pussy she scooped Rob's cum into the cup, handing it to Miss Ward she begged her not to say anything.

"Now get to bed and don't talk about this to anyone", Julie went to bed, Miss Ward went to her room.

As she entered her room her heart was still beating hard, she had watched Julie sink two fingers deep into her own cunt to retrieve Rob's cum, and she had it in this cup.

Claire dipped her finger into the cup, she pulled a glob of spunk out and ran it through her fingers, oh my god it feels so smooth, her stomach fluttered as she pictured Rob's prick standing well away from his body and so big.

Lifting her fingers to her nose she breathed in the musky scent of sperm mixed with Julie's juices.

She felt her pussy getting wet, undoing her robe she lowered the night dress her pointed nipples stuck out, getting another finger full of the sperm she applied it to her nipple, it was so silky smooth as her fingers glided over her breasts.

Claire's breathing came in gasps now, she felt the moisture running down her thighs," Oh my god it feels so good," her hand slipped down to her pussy, she felt the heat radiating from her pussy as her fingers found her hole.

Putting Robs sperm on her pussy lips she rubbed it all around, her fingers dipped into her pussy, she felt her legs getting weak and laid on her back on the bed.

Drawing her leg's up so her heels touched her ass ,she felt so bad, this was the first time she had touched her pussy in a sexual way.

Rob had paced up and down his room, wondering if Claire had called the police or Julie's mother, he had to find out.

Putting his robe on he made his way to Claire's room, he knocked quietly on her door, no answer, turning the handle he entered the room, he gasped at the sight before hi.

Claire was masturbating herself, her fingers going deep into her pussy, she whispered something, he could not hear what, suddenly she came, her hips rose from the bed.

"FUCK ME ROB FILL ME WITH YOUR SPUNK, JUST LIKE JULIE" she tipped the contents of the cup over her pussy, Rob could see it was spunk.

Rob heard her calling his name, slowly he took his robe off and approached the bed, his prick hard,

"Try the real thing Claire" he said, she froze, her fingers deep into her pussy was covered with his spunk and her juices

Rob was holding his prick, slowly stroking it, pre come leaked from the tip as he looked at Claire's body., her thighs spread open her breast stood firm and her nipples were about half an inch long.

Slowly he bent down and kissed her on her mouth, she tried to protest and push him off but he held her down as he kissed her open mouth.

Claire stopped struggling as his tongue invaded her mouth, he cupped her breast and she gasped as he tweaked her elongated nipple, bending his head he sucked the nipple deep into his mouth, her hand pulled his mouth tighter to her aching breast.

Rob put Claire's hand on his rampant prick, she moaned as she felt the hard pole, he showed her how to rub it back and forth, Claire was confused, her body screamed for more but she knew it was wrong.

Rob's hand moved to Claire's pussy, he felt the sperm mingle with her own juices, his fingers found her slit and slowly pushed his finger in, her vaginal muscles clamped his finger so hard he had trouble going in deeper.

Claire's hand was wanking him at a fast pace as her sexual urges beat her morals, she sat up and guided his prick to her mouth.

She was on remote control now, licking the shaft she tasted Julie's pussy mingled with his sperm, she swallowed his prick deeper, and her pussy was in spasm as she felt his prick swelling.

"I'm cumming Claire" he gasped, she moved faster sucking deeply ,suddenly she felt a shot of hot liquid hit the back of her throat, she swallowed shot after shot of his hot cum,

Even after he had finished cumming she sucked deep and hard, his prick was still solid, his fingers delved deep into her sloppy pussy covered with her love juices

Taking his prick out of her mouth he positioned her hips on the side of the bed, He lay on top of her and lined his prick up with her pussy.

Pushing slowly he entered her tight but slippery pussy, she gasped as she felt her first prick go deep into her.

Rob moved faster and faster, Claire felt her body responding with feeling she had never felt before, her belly felt full as he pushed in deep, her breasts was covered in a blush showing her sexual fervour.

"Fuck me liked you fucked Julie Rob ,fill me with your spunk and then fuck me again ", she was talking in gasps as her orgasm crept up on her.

Her whole body shook and went rigid as she came, her legs thrashed on the bed as Rob went faster and deeper, and he was very close to cumming.

He shot his wad deep into her ,she hit another orgasm as she felt the burning liquid shoot against her cervix, it was all to much for her and as she shook with another cum she past out, Rob still shooting his spunk held her tightly as his climax finished.

Part three

Julie crept back to her room, her friend Mandy was awake, "where the hell have you been".?

Julie slowly undressed, still sobbing she sat on her bed in her bra and pants.

Mandy sat by her side, "What the hell is up"?, "Miss ward found me in Mr Taylor room, we were making love".


Julie to Mandy all about it, Mandy was still a virgin but had played around with her boyfriend, she made Julie tell her in detail.

"I loved it when he sucked my nipples, he made them so hard and twisted them gently, I could feel the pain hit the centre of my pussy"

"Oh Julie did it really hurt"?

Julie took off her bra and showed Mandy her nipples still solid, "they look so sore" said Mandy.

Julie caressed her nipples feeling the pain shoot to her pussy, her knickers started to feel damp again.

Mandy went to her bedside cabinet and got some moisturiser cream , she laid Julie on the bed and started to rub the cream into the sore nipples, Julie gasped as the cold cream was applied.

Mandy felt funny, her fingers gently caressed the rigid tips, they felt so hard, and moving her fingers around she covered the firm breast with the cream.

Julie started to moan softly, "You do it just like he did, it feels so nice"

Mandy noticed Julie spread her thighs apart, she could see the damp patch forming, Julie's lips were showing through the damp material.

"OH MANDY I'M CUMMING AGAIN", Julie grasped Mandy's hand to her breast as her climax coursed through her body, her hips jerked, she pulled Mandy's head to hers, she kissed Mandy on the lips, Mandy was caught up with Julie's climax, she returned the kiss.

Mandy had never thought about girls before but she loved the way that Julie was kissing her, she pulled Julie close and returned the kiss, using her tongue she invaded Julie's mouth.

Julie still cumming pulled Mandy under her, laying breast to breast and crutch to crutch she gyrated her pussy against Mandy,

Mandy's hands moved to Julie's ass , pulling her closer so that there pussy's meshed together, their kissing became more passionate.

Mandy felt her body responding to the sexual advances, she had never felt this sexed up, her pussy was soaking wet, she felt Julie's finger move to her pussy, spreading her legs she allowed Julie's probing fingers find her slit, she shook as her first orgasm took over.

Julie's fingers pulled the panties down to Mandy's feet, pulling them off she moved back to the bushy slit that lay between Mandy's thigh's.

Julie was on remote control now her body was electric, her fingers found Mandy's slit and probed the inner sanctum, Mandy squirmed as the fingers delved deep .

The only noise that could be heard was the squishing of Julie's fingers in Mandy's cunt and the heavy breathing as Mandy soared to another climax.

Suddenly Julie moved down the bed, her mouth found the sweet smelling pussy of her best friend, her tongue snaked out and licked the soaked puffy lips, liking the taste she delved deep with her tongue, flicking the tip of her tongue over the honey spot of Mandy's clit.

Mandy was floating, her body jerked as Julie's tongue probed deep into her love box.

Julie looked up ,seeing her best friend spread out like a slut, loving every bit of it.

Mandy jerked when Julie stopped, she sat up, her body shaking from the last orgasm, their eyes met, Mandy laid Julie down and pulled her panties off, she gasped as she saw the shaved pussy, "WHO DID THAT TO YOU"?

Julie smiled, "guess", Mandy looked closely at the nude pussy, she could see the thick moisture trail dripping to Julie's ass.

Pulling her finger through the puffy lips she gathered the moisture on her finger tip and put her finger in her mouth, it tasted so sweet.

Lowering her head she licked her tongue across the length of Julie's pussy, Julie was on the edge of another orgasm, one more lick was all it took, the orgasm was so intense that Julie passed out.

Julie came round as the sun shone into her bedroom, Mandy was asleep in bed with her, and her hand covered Julie's pussy as if guarding it.

Mandy stirred, slowly she realised what had happened, seeing Julie awake she started to blush and tried to explain . Julie leaned forwards and kissed Mandy gently on the lip, "Shush, I know, I enjoyed it too.

They lay in each others arms, admitting to each other their feelings.

At breakfast Julie was called into the office, Mr Taylor and Miss Ward were sat close to each other on the sofa.

"Please sit down Julie", Mr Taylor started to speak but was cut short by Miss Ward.

"Julie I must thank you for last night, I must admit what I saw astounded me, a teacher and a student having sex, unthinkable, but you did make a lovely couple".

Julie could not believe her ears, she was being praised for fucking with a teacher.

Mr Taylor stood up and moved towards Miss Ward, wrapping his arms around her waist he kissed her neck, then he moved towards Julie and took her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

"after you went to bed I went to talk to Miss Ward, to cut a long story short we ended up making love, and we have you to thank for it".

Miss Ward came to Julie and took her in her arms and kissed her lips, Julie felt a spark in the kiss and relaxed.

"Mr Taylor can I speak to Julie alone please"?

Rob kissed them both again and left.

"Please Julie call me Claire when we are alone, I want to let you know how it happened, I led a very sheltered life as a girl, no contact with boys at all".

"When I saw you both last night I was so confused, you were so young and pretty, your body was so alive".

Claire took Julie's hand and pulled her onto the sofa, still holding her hand she continued.

"When I saw you the shower fully naked I felt so turned on, your breasts seemed so firm and your pussy shaved was the biggest turn on for me, you see.

I have often thought I was gay, when you pulled Robs spunk out of your pussy I came in my panties".

Claire started to cry, Julie pulled her into her arms and let her, she caressed her hair and rubbed her back, Claire moved back and looked into Julie's eyes, slowly they moved towards each other, their lips met and they parted lips, tongues lashed tongues as they melted together.

Julie slowly undid Claire's blouse, her breasts were about 38b and were held in a black lacy bra, Claire's eyes were closed as Julie undid the clasp, the breast's free of their restraint feel forwards.

Claire gasped as she felt Julie's hands cup her breasts, her fingers teased the nipples that went rock hard. Julie pulled Claire to her feet, undoing the skirt Julie let it fall to the ground, Claire moaned as her resistance ebbed, her eyes still closed. Julie got undressed and led Claire to the bed.

As Claire laid down she opened her eyes, Julie was bent over her hands reaching to Claire's panties

Slowly she pulled them down, the hairy bush was soaked with love juice.

Julie ran her fingers through the bush, feeling the elongated clit she pulled it with her fingers, gasping as her dreams were being fulfilled she felt Julie twist her clit and pinch it, she jerked as a bolt of pain jolted her pussy into secreting more juice.

The door opened and Rob looked in, he wondered what was taking so long, he smiled as he saw the two lovers on the bed.

He got undressed and locked the door, moving to the bed his prick jerked as he saw Julie fingering Claire's pussy, neither were aware he was present.

Julie was kneeling on the bed, her ass poked towards Rob as he moved closer, wetting his prick with his spit he covered the tip.

He moved into position prick in hand as he saw Julie bend down and lick Claire's pussy, slowly he placed his prick at the entrance to Julie's pussy, feeling the prick Julie jumped and looked behind, she smiled when she saw Rob and went back to the leaking pussy.

Rob entered Julie's pussy, it sank right in, she was so wet, as he sawed deep into Julie her tongue lashed deep into Claire's love channel .

Rob felt his spunk rising as he pushed deep into her gripping cunt, suddenly he spurted hard, Julie felt the shot hit her womb and moaned deep into Claire's pussy, the vibrations of her moan sent Claire into a deep orgasm and they all came together.

Claire gasped when she opened her eyes to see Rob prick still hard standing next to her, taking his prick she sucked it deep into her mouth, loving the taste of Julie's pussy mixed with sperm.

Julie collapsed as she felt her own orgasm subside

They lay together on the bed, sated for the moment, Claire blushing as she recalled the feeling of another woman bringing her to orgasm.

Julie surprised them both by saying she knew someone else who was new to sex that would love to know them both.

They lay planing the rest of the weeks sexual agenda.

The end.

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