Friday, October 12, 2007

My Wife's Fantasy

It begins as a perfectly ordinary romantic wedding anniversary.
After work we both get dressed up nice and smart.
I put on a suit and as the evening is quite mild you wear a short dress and high heels.
We go to a nice bar, then a lovely little restaurant where the food is good and the wine is flowing freely.
You know I have planned a surprise, but you aren't sure what, although I've been teasing you all evening hinting at a night you'll never forget.
After the restaurant closes we walk down a road you aren't familiar with. We sneak into a shaded cul-de-sac for a kiss.
I slide my fingers into your panties and feel that familiar warmth and wetness.
"Take them off," I whisper, and you gently slide them down to your ankles.
As I kneel down to take them I dart a quick lick of my tongue down past your clitoris.
You taste ready for anything!

"Close your eyes," I tell you, and I guide you in through a doorway.
It becomes plain that we are in a hotel, but you can't look yet, in fact as we take a lift I bring out a blindfold to make sure you can't see.
The wine makes us both turned on, and the suspense excites you even more. I remove your clothes slowly, and throw them to one side, leaving you stark naked.
Luckily the room is warm - there is an open fire - and you can smell scent or incense.
I lay you down on the bed and tie you to it, arms and legs splayed far apart, leaving you open to whatever mischief I have in mind.
You feel the touch of a feather tickling round your left nipple and you start to squirm. It moves across your body then up along the side of your neck.

As it starts to travel back down across your breasts you begin to realise it isn't a feather, but hair. Long hair.
"Jim?" you ask, but you already know the answer before I respond from across the other side of the room, "Yes, my love."
Excitement grips you as the stranger licks your thighs and gently nuzzles at your clitoris.
You can tell it is a woman licking you, smooth soft skin sliding across you.
She smells wonderful to you.
She dips a fingertip inside your soaking cunt, and you can hear her lick it clean.
She keeps teasing you, first stroking your clitoris, then slipping a couple of fingers deep inside you, then running her tongue across the tight entrance of your arse and you feel more and more turned on.
As you begin to get close she stops touching you and moves around on the bed.
You feel a leg each side of your head and can start to smell the wonderful scent of another woman's pussy.

She lowers herself down towards you and you start to lift your head, a little unsure, but overcome with lust and excitement at this fantasy come true.
Your tongue brushes flesh and retreats but immediately returns for more.
There isn't a scrap of hair on this freshly shaved pussy, so you can feel every fold of the labia, every detail of her clitoris.
She moves herself up and down so your tongue strokes from the top of her clit to her arse hole and back.
She seems as excited as you - her juices leak slowly from her hot cunt onto your tongue and face, and her breathing is getting deeper and deeper.
She returns her head to the exploration of your cunt and copies every move you make.
You notice when your tongue passes across her bum she pushes pack slightly as if to encourage you.
You feel a bit rude, but enjoying the tongue tip on your own bumhole you decide to dip it into her arse, realising she must enjoy it as much as you.

She takes a ragged breath and pushes her own tongue into you.
You can't believe it, you and a stranger have your tongues in each other's anus' and you're loving it. Before tonight you had only imagined this and now it is happening, and your husband is in the room with you encouraging you.
You and the stranger both speed up, tongues pushing further and faster into each other when all of a sudden she stops and with a kiss on your clitoris climbs off you.
The frustration makes you moan, "Please...don't stop!" but she reaches over and removes your blindfold.
You get your first glimpse of her.

She is wearing a miniskirt and a black basque which pushes her ample breasts up even further.
You check out her figure from the floor upwards and are impressed by her petite, toned figure.
As you reach her face you suddenly recognise her, "Stephanie!!" you breathe.
"Well," I answer," she seemed to be the type of girl you wanted and she admits she's up for anything."

"Especially when I get to taste a pussy like yours, Louise," she smiles, "But what about this cock over here - all excited but nowhere to go!"
She starts to remove my clothes.
I glance over at you to check you're okay with this and you just grin.
Once she has me naked, she kneels down and starts to suck on my cock.
She first holds both hands round my shaft as if figuring out how much she could take, and then slips her lips around my shiny domed head. I can feel her mouth inch down my cock until her nose bumps against my belly button.
She pumps up and down on it quickly a couple of times. Just as quickly she gets up and unties you. "This is a job for two of us," she tells you, "This lovely cock is just asking to be played with."
With both of you kneeling in front of me taking turns sucking my cock it becomes obvious I won't be able to hold back for long, and I tell you this.
Steph says, "Well I want your cum all over me and I'm sure Louise does too!"
You speed up your sucking and gently grab a testicle each and start stroking them.
Steph also runs a finger past my balls to stroke up to my arse. Moments later I start to ejaculate, firing spurt after spurt over your faces and breasts. "That'll make him last longer later," you say with satisfaction.
The excitement of the occasion means I don't lose my hardness but I go into the bathroom to clean up a little, and to get some condoms.

When I come back out Stephanie is naked on her hands and knees and you have a vibrator playing across her clit.
"Put that condom on your penis and come here," you order, so I do.
You grab my cock in one hand and start guiding it towards Steph's pink, swollen cunt.
As the head of my penis slips in she lets out a deep moan, and again you grin.
I start to push slowly in and out and you disappear under her - one hand guiding the vibrator on her clit and the other playing with her nipples, guiding first one then the other into your mouth.
You try sucking on them hard, they way you like your own to be treated and she responds passionately, her nipples swelling on your tongue.
You turn about so she can once again bury her face in your soft curls and lick my balls as I push my shaft deep into her.

You feel intoxicated by the whole situation, and everything just turns you on more: watching my cock enter another woman, licking her hairless cunt and my cock in one movement, feeling her tongue on your clitoris - all these things start to build up into an orgasm.
Steph and I feel this and stop - we don't want you to come just jet.
Reluctantly I pull out of her and she lies on the floor where you were.
You climb onto her, fingers and tongue playing on her clit and I slip into your pussy. I can feel her breath on my balls every time I push into you, and your cunt is now burning hot!
After only a few thrusts I can feel both you and Steph want to come so bad so I get you both to bend over the end of the bed.

I take a vibrator in each hand and I turn them up as fast as they'll go.
Gently I brush them across your bush and her hairless mound and watch you both twitch.
I give them to you as I want my hands free.
You control the vibrator on Stephanie's little clit, and she rubs yours.
This makes you fairly oblivious, but you notice me start to play with your bum.
You feel me push something inside your arse, and at the same time Steph squeaks a little.
Something else small and round enters through your ring, and another, and another.
It adds to the growing orgasm building within you, and you notice Stephanie's breathing speeding up uncontrollably too.
I push three fingers into your cunt and three fingers into her's and pump them in time with your breathing.

Soon I have two cunts spasming on my hands and I take this moment to pull out the two strings of beads up your two gorgeous arses, one bead each time your muscles clench - making you come higher and louder than ever before.

Stephanie's orgasm, too, is loud and beautiful to watch.
You both collapse onto the bed and pull me down between you.
"Best finish him off too," you say, and two hands come up to my red, pulsing shaft.
I start panting immediately, being so turned on by your two orgasms, and you both try to cover the eye of my cock with your mouths.
This develops into a kiss between you two and my cock, and all too soon I erupt again, every drop swallowed up by you and Stephanie.
We curl up on the huge bed together and fall asleep.
What happens when we wake up is another story.

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