Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ms. Brown

It was a hot humid afternoon. The sun was shinning and there were no clouds in the sky.
Great what a way to spend a Friday afternoon, stuck in school, in a hot stuffy classroom.

Today was my 16th birthday and the class room was the last place I wanted to be. I kept thinking about the party I was going to have tonight Ð about my friends and the girl who were going to be there.
The realization that it was 4 o'clock and school was finished in an hour made me happy, I couldn't wait.

The bell rang and I headed towards my last class for the day Ð English with Miss Jones. I didn't mind English because Miss Jones Taught it. She was one of my favorite teachers.

Miss Jones was 32 and had a perfect figure. Her long straight brown hair sat perfectly over her shoulders and flowed half way down her back.
All the boys liked to look at Miss Jones, she always wore tight fitting clothes that revealed her figure.

For some unusual reason I always did well in English, maybe it was because I always concentrated harder when Miss Brown was around.
I made my way into the classroom. All the front seats had been taken as normal so I made my way down to the back and sat down. I sat down and took my books out of my bag.

Miss Jones walked into the room and made her way over to her desk. Miss Jones was wearing a light blue cotton dress and a white cotton silk shirt.
Her clothes were tight as usual and highlighted her slim figure and large breasts.

Miss Jones looked up and said 'Class Ð I have the results from your English Essays, please come and collect your papers as I call your name.'
She began reading out the names on the paper, Fred, Lana, James, Susan. Slowly one by one we went up and got our papers.

I didn't mind English, it was one of my better subjects. I always got a B plus or A for my grades. My English grade made me feel that school was worth going to.

Bobby Ð Miss Jones called. I slowly got out of my seat and made my way to the front of the class. Miss Jones handed me my paper. I reached out for the paper, smiled and said thank you as I took my paper.

Miss Jones said nothing, she just stared blankly at me and said nothing. I wondered what was wrong, Miss Jones nearly always smiled when she game me back my papers. I looked down at my paper. A huge D was circled on the front of my paper.

I turned to Miss Jones and said a D Ð I donÕt understand. Miss Jones gave me a cold look and said Ð I'm very disappointed at your work Bobby, can you please see me after class.

I stood there in shock, I had never gotten a D before in my entire life - I hesitated and then mumbled Yes Miss Jones and slowly made my way back to my desk. Great this was all I needed a D for my birthday. I couldn't believe Miss Jones gave me a D. I thought that this essay was the best one I had ever produced.

My mind was at ends at what had gone wrong. I kept going over it in my mind, analyzing it from all angles to figure out why I had gotten a D.

The sound of the bell rang and interrupted my thought. Everyone was packing up and heading for the door. I watched in amazement. I had been so self absorbed with the Grade that I hadnÕt heard a thing that was said in class.

As the last person left, I packed away my books and made my way to Miss Jones desk. Miss Jones was standing there packing away her books and getting ready to leave as well.

Ummmm, excuse me Miss Jones, you wanted to see me Ð I said. Miss Jones looked up at me, glancing at me with her brown beautiful eyes. I tried not to blush as I looked into her eyes.

Bobby I am very disappointed with the work that you handed in on your last essay. I am very concerned, that's not like you. I didnÕt know what to say, my mind was far away thinking about tonight's birthday party. Yes Miss Jones, I really don't know what happened either Ð I mumbled.

Is there anything at home that is effecting your schoolwork, Miss Jones asked. My mind was completely focused on what the girls would be wearing at tonight's party. Well yes there are a couple of things Ð I blurted out, then stopped sharply. Oppps I hadn't meant to say, I thought to myself as my home life was completely ok.

Well then please step into my office and well talk about it ÐMiss Jones said. Ummmm, Miss Jones, it's my birthday and IÕm in sort of a hurry to go Ð can't we do this another time.

Miss Jones looked me straight in the eyes Ð It will only take a few minutes Bobby, then you can go home Ð itÕs very important you know. I looked up at Miss Jones, she was smiling and pleasant. Alright then I said and made her way to her office.

We entered her office and I made my way towards the couch against the wall. Miss Jones walked over to her desk and put her bag down. She made her way over to the door and closed it, then turned around and started walking towards the couch.

I admired her beautiful long brown hair, her long legs and perky breasts as she made her way towards the couch. As she got closer I could sell the scent of her perfume. The scent was strong, but nice and made me a little dizzy.

Miss Jones sat down next to me on the couch, my heart raced. This was the closest I had been to Miss Jones, the closest anyone in the class had been to her. If only the boys could see me now, they would never have believed it.

Miss Jones was sitting only a few inches away from me. So tell me Bobby, what is going on at home, Miss Jones asked as she placed her hand on my arm. My heart raced as her warm hand rested on my arm. I gulped and couldnÕt control my breathing. I started to breath quick shallow breaths, my mind was blank.

It's ok Bobby, you can tell me, thereÕs nothing to be afraid of, these meetings are strictly confidential Miss Jones said, waiting for my reply. My head was spinning, my mind was blank Ð I didn't know what to say, I felt paralyzed.

A minute passed and then Miss Jones said Ð well if you have anything you would like to tell me in the future, just let me know, she said as she turned to get up.

I felt like such a fool wasting Miss Jones time like this. Instinctively my hand shot out and grabbed Miss Jones arm. No wait Ð I said in a urgent but soft voice. Miss Jones turned back round and looked at me, as she turned her breast pressed against the back of my hand and her arm.

I could feel her hard warm breast pressed between my hand and her arm. Instantly me penis went hard and bulged in my jeans. Mmmm-iisss Joooones I stuttered, myyy handddd. Yes, Bobby she replied, you can let go of my arm now. Yes, Miss Jones, I hesitantly replied.

I didn't want to let go of Miss Jones arm, it felt so nice. I closed my eyes and wondered what it would be like to touch Miss Jones breast. I released my grip from Miss Jones arm and slowly moved it so that it over Miss Jones breast. I could feel her smooth silk blouse and the warmth of her breast under my hand.

My hand froze and I waited for Miss Jones to slap me on the check and remove my hand. I waited and waited but nothing happened, Miss Jones had not offered any resistance. Slowly I opened my eyes, I could see my hand on miss Jones breast. Miss Jones eyes were closed, her head tilted slightly back. Miss Jones looked so beautiful and relaxed.

Since Miss Jones had not protested or said anything, I decided to proceed. I took a deep breath and placed my other hand on Miss Jones Breast. I slowly moved my hands in a gentle circular motion, rubbing and caressing her breasts. Miss Jones breasts felt so soft and smooth under her white silk blouse.

I looked up, Miss Jones sat there silently her head tilted back, her eyes closed. Her tongue was flicking in and out, licking her lips.

I moved closer to Miss Jones and started to unbutton her blouse. My hands shook as I slowly unbuttoned her top button. I made my way slowly but methodically down her blouse until all her buttons were undone. My hands moved over Miss Jones stomach, up to her breasts and shoulders as I parted her blouse.

I took a deep sight and gazed at her breasts. The pressure in my pants was unbearable Ð my penis now very hard. I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off and took off my pants. I edged closer to Miss Jones and gently pressed my body against hers. I put my arms around her waist and tightened my grip and pulled Miss Jones close.

I could feel Miss Jones breasts press up against my chest, her stomach rubbing against mine. My legs moved between hers and parted them, my warm penis pressed up against her skirt. I let out a small groan of pleasure as I felt Miss Jones fingers gently massaged the bulge in my underwear. Her fingers skillfully running back and forth over the shaft of my penis.

I tightened my hold around Miss Jones waist and we were locked there for what seemed an eternity. My hands moved up to her shoulders and I slowly pushed Miss Jones back against the couch. Miss Jones slid back and was lying back on the couch.

Miss Jones was looking at me with her beautiful brown eyes, her tongue was licking her lips. I moved forward and lay my body flat on Miss Jones, my face inches away from her face. Miss Jones stared at me then began saying 'Bobby, I think this is a 'Miss Jones didnÕt have a chance to finish what she was about to say as I pressed my lips against hers. My tongue parted her lips and our tongues met. I felt a sensation that I had never felt before in my life. We kissed for what must have seemed like a minute, then I broke off and gasped for breath.

I gasped for breath waiting for Miss Jones to finish what she was about to say. Miss Jones no longer wanted to say anything, but remained silent. I started to kiss Miss Jones check and slowly moved my way down her neck.

Miss Jones moaned as I continued down her breasts and sucked her nipples through her white silky bra. I continued my journey down Miss Jones waist and stomach until I came to the top of her light blue dress.

I moved back so that my head was at the bottom of Miss Jones dress. I slid my hands up the bottom of Miss Jones dress. I watched with delight as my hands disappeared beneath Miss Jones skirt. Her thighs felt soft and silky as I placed my hands between her thighs. I felt Miss Jones thighs clamp and press against my hands as she crossed her legs. My hands were trapped, Miss Jones dress had ridden up now exposing her white silk panties.

I wriggled forward and placed my head only inches from Miss Jones Panties. My tongue darted in and out as I started to lick the junction between Miss Jones thighs and panties. Miss Jones squealed with delight and I felt the pressure against my hands ease.

I continued to lick Miss Jones at her junction, her thighs now relaxed and slightly apart. My hands were now free and used them to spread Miss Jones thighs. I moved my head between Miss Jones thighs and continued to lick her upper thighs.

Slowly I pressed my face up against Miss Jones panties and started to lick and suck above Miss Jones Vagina. I felt Miss Jones fingers move through my hair as she guided my face closer towards her vagina.

I used my fingers to move Miss Jones panties to one side and continued to lick her vagina. My fingers moved over Miss Jones Vagina and started to caress her lips backwards and forwards. I placed my fingers on Miss Jones lips and slowly parted them. My plunged my tongue into Miss Jones Vagina, she let out a moan of pleasure as she arched her hips up towards my face. My tongue probed Miss Jones for what felt like an eternity.

My Penis was so hard now that I could not hold on any longer, I wanted to cum right there and then. I got up off Miss Jones and removed my underwear, my hard penis popped out and stood straight out. Miss Jones rolled over and was now lying forwards on top of the couch, her back towards me.

I hoped on top of Miss Jones and slid my chest up against her back. My head was next to Miss Jones my check against her long brown hair. I wrapped my arms around Miss Jones waist and positioned my penis at the entrance of her vagina. I slid forward and inserted my penis into Miss Jones and let out a grunt of delight as I penetrated her.

I slowly started to thrust my penis backwards and forwards into Miss Jones, my chest rubbing against her back. I could feel the pressure building in my penis and started to thrust even faster. My breath quickened and I could hold on no longer. I cam into Miss Jones as I felt the heat transfer from my penis into Miss Jones Vagina. I groaned loudly and collapsed on top of Miss Jones.

I lied there for about 30 seconds, still inside Miss Jones before I moved. I got up off Miss Jones and put my clothes back on. Miss Jones also got up and put her clothes back on, she didn't say a word while she dressed. After she had finished she made her way over to her desk and sat down. I could see her scribbling something on a piece of paper.

I finished dressing and made my way over to Miss Jones desk. After she had finished she looked up at me and handed me a piece some paper. I looked down, it was my English essay, the D was now crossed and replaced with an A plus.

ThereÕs obviously been some mistake in your mark Bobby Ð Miss Jones said.

Yes Miss Ð I replied.

Well that's all Bobby, you can go now Ð Miss Jones replied.

Yes Miss, I said as I turned and headed towards the door.

Oh by the way Bobby Ð Miss Jones Started. I turned around to look at Miss Jones. If you have any more problems with your family, just let me know.

I looked back at Miss Jones and smiled Ð I will Miss I replied.

Good Miss Jones replied, Oh and by the way Happy Birthday Bobby, Miss Jones said as she turned away and started to pack up. I turned around and walked out of Miss Jones office.

I smiled and thought to myself Ðthis is a fine birthday indeed.

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