Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mile High Club

Written by a man.

We were traveling to an airshow in my experimental aircraft. I built it myself and although it is small, it is also very fast. The sky was deep blue and the air was smooth and we were cruising at 7,500 feet. This aircraft is very compact and you sit in a reclining position, rather like a Chevrolet Corvette. The 'Vette phrase "Wrap your ass in fiberglass" certainly applies here. My little bird is sparsely furnished and has rather thin padding. The passengers sit side-by-side with the pilot in the left seat. The control stick is at the end of the armrest and the pilot controls the plane with his right hand, throttle with the left. The cockpit was always quite noisy and we often wear earplugs which makes verbal communication difficult.

Since she was a teacher, she would often write notes rather than having to shout. The two reclining seats are separated by a center console and also has the control stick (the airplane's, that is).

Linda is 10 years younger than I, and the greatest thing about her is that she is always ready to try something different. After all, how many women would be willing to fly away with me in a plastic airplane that weighed less than a Harley-Davidson?

My darling was reading a novel and taking a few notes on her reporters pad. We were about half way to our destination when she wrote on the small pad "Do you belong to the Mile High Club"? I shook my head and she flipped to the next page. It already said, "Do you want to join?" Although I couldn't hear it, I could see her giggle.

Hell yes I want to join, I was long overdue, but in this? There's not enough room! But I figured if I could build and fly the damn thing I ought to be able to put it to other uses too.

I responded by giving her a short kiss and then briefly placed my hand on her left thigh as she smiled at me. Now there are some major logistical problems involved in this type of endeavor, but since there wasn't any air traffic in this neck of the woods I decided it would be safe enough to go for it, without too much risk of running into another plane.

We were both wearing light summer clothing. You know, those nylon running shorts that make you feel like you're hardly wearing anything. Linda got things started (or better put, my thing started) nicely in a non-verbal kind of way. We both unbuckled our 4 point seat belt harness systems and cast the straps aside. (This could be especially dangerous if the plane went upside down. We would both be plastered against the canopy with no way to get right side up)! I laughed as she pulled her shorts off, then playfully pulled them over my head. The heady scent of her pussy caused my nostrils to flare and I knew we had to do this!.

Linda reached over and pulled my shorts aside giving freedom to my rapidly hardening cock. She very slowly started running just the the tips of her fingers up and down my cock, from the tip, down to my balls, and to that, oh so sensitive spot between my sac and anus. She did this over and over to the point that I was straining so much I thought my skin would split!

This woman was was amazing! She was almost forty years old with a grown daughter, still had great tits, and loved to fuck! She couldn't lean forward enough to pull her shirt off so she just pulled her T-shirt above her full breasts and lifted up her bra. I reached over with my left hand and started rubbing her nipples in the bright sunlight. They taughtened quickly.

While we were entertaining ourselves, I had to take care of the airplane too. There is no autopilot installed so I had to maintain enough concentration to keep the thing right side up, but you could forget about looking around for other planes!

The seating arrangements in my plane are like having two people in reclining adjoining chaise lounge chairs. We were close enough for real heat to develop, but we had that damn armrest divider between us!

We couldn't kiss very much here either, but she was able to nuzzle my neck and kiss that sweet spot just behind my earlobe. She made me quiver down to my toes. She lifted herself up, leaned over the center console, and put her face into my lap. I had to reach over her back with my right hand so I could keep my hand on the stick. Linda immediately started sucking on my pulsing cock like like it was critical for our survival. Up and down she went, head, shaft, balls, head, shaft, balls, head, shaft balls. As she was sliding her mouth up and down she started fingering her cunt, moving her middle finger through the ridge formed by her lovely petals. She started that familier circular motion just at the top of her slit and she started forgetting just where we were.

I was in the confounding condition of wanting to totally lose control myself too, but also knowing that maintaining control was critical to our survival. What wild conflicting pleasure!

By now she had sort of half turned around, facing me, and awkwardly moved one leg over the console and slid down my leg toward the rudder pedals. She was half-way over when her anxious cunt accidentally brushed along the control stick. Linda looked at me like she suddenly had a vision!

She kissed me deeply and while she did, squirmed back and forth allowing the finished wood stick grip to spread her pussy open. When she was positioned directly over it she eased herself down to allow the top of the wood stick to slide into her. I still was holding the lower part of the grip as she slowly moved downward, a half inch at a time.

As she became more comfortable she started moving slowly from side to side, then forward and back. Well naturally, every time she moved the stick my little plane would either bank, pull up or dive. To an outside observer it must have looked like the aerial version of "If this plane's rockin, don't come knockin".

She rocked and twitched and squirmed, and with every move of her cunt the plane had to follow. If my little aircraft had a sky writer's smoke system it would have looked like hieroglyphics being traced through the blue sky. Linda started to shudder and clamped down hard on the stick and her wetness oozed out of her and onto my hand. As her first orgasm began, she started to raise herself upright. I was afraid she would burst the canopy open, so I pulled her back down as her whole body tensed as she came and came and came! Looking back on it, it all seemed so incredible. Linda had actually fucked my airplane while in flight!

She opened her eyes and looked at me with a greedy smile. "You're next" she shouted. Carefully lifting herself off the stick, Linda moved over to me. She managed to pull her headrest off the seat and was able to get it under my ass to lift me up. In this position, it was impossible for me to lift myself up. She would have to do most of the work.

Now remember, this would be much like screwing in a Corvette while driving down the interstate. My girl kind of twisted around, grabbed my cock and rubbed it along her wet vagina. I could feel the hair, and lips, and wetness as she slid it up and down her slit. With a quick motion she arched her back and thrust her pelvis down onto me and I slid inside. She kept herself pushed down while I made small motions into her, there wasn't really much room for movement.

She squeezed down on me with her cunt and wiggled a little. God, what a woman! Linda now had hold of me just as tightly as she had earlier clamped onto the control stick. Her pussy contracted over and over again. It was one of those intense of sexual moments where there is little movement but you are both on the edge of a chasm, and it only takes the slightest nudge to send you both over the edge. And did we go over the edge!

I strained upwards and backwards, my head butting against the Plexiglas canopy. Linda bore down on me like like she was trying to push me through the floor. I exploded and she went into trembling spasms. Her movements became tiny, almost imperceptible and my cock I felt like it was being sucked into a black hole. As this was going on, I was unconsciously pulling back on the stick and the plane was going up and up Realizing we might be in trouble and it was too late to turn back, I pulled further back on the stick to complete an entire loop! The extra G-forces pushed her flatter onto me and I could feel the tip of my cock against her cervix.

I was able to recover from both the dive and from her fucking. Linda started to slide back to her seat, and I tried to resume my normal scan of the instrument panel. A great shock! The oil pressure had dropped to almost nothing!! This meant the engine had only a few minutes to live. I recalled an airport a few miles back, did a 180 degree turn and throttled to idle.

We were able to safely glide most of the way and make it to the field. Upon examination, I discovered that the oil cooler had ruptured and only 1 quart of oil remained in the sump on landing!

I can only speculate what would have happened happen if we were weren't any faster. The plane would have run out of oil, seized, and we would have crash landed. As it was, I was able to make necessary repairs and we continued on.

As usual, at the air show my plane attracted throngs of people and had a great many admirers going over it. As I was answering the usual questions from the onlookers, Linda whispered in my ear "You've got lipstick on your thigh". I looked down and there it was, just below my shorts. I just smiled. One person looked at the planes little control stick and said "That's all it takes? It looks so small"!

Don't you love secrets?

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