Monday, February 06, 2006

Amy's Anal Seduction

Written by a man.
By Rob

We lay in bed after our experience in the bathroom. We lie together like spoons, your back to my front. My right arm wraps around your waist. My hand gently cups your left breast, my fingers absentmindedly caressing its pink nipple.

Your back is pressed against my chest: your warm, bare skin slightly damp from perspiration.

"Mmmm, that feels nice," you say, as you wiggle your buttocks back against my crotch.

"Careful, you," I say. "Mr. Happy is tired and will need a lot of encouragement to show any signs of life."

"Really?" you ask, turning your head to look at me.

"Yeah, really," I reply, "you've worn him right out."

"Oh, sorry. Nothing I can do would bring him back to life, I guess," you say, a funny twinkle in your eyes.

"Nope, not even dynamite."

I roll onto my back. You turn and lie with your head on my chest, looking up at me.

"You're sure?" Again, a twinkle in your eyes, a mischievous little grin starting to form at the corner of your mouth.

"Don't get any funny ideas."

My eyes close halfway as I begin to drift off. You start running your hand over my chest and abdomen. That feels nice, I say to myself as I relax even more. Your hand starts to lightly glide up and down my thigh, brushing close to my now soft manhood and soft testicles.

"Mmmm, careful, you," I murmur. The next thing I feel is the soft warmth of your lips wrapping around the head of my cock. This gets my attention.

"Whoa, girl, what do you think you're doing?" I ask in mock anger.

"Oh, nothing," is your reply. You look up, your eyes gleaming with arousal.

"Thought I'd clean things up a bit down here." "How are things down there?"

"Mmmmmm, tangy...not bad, not bad at all," you reply as you lick the combined taste of your pussy juice and my cum off your lips.

"I think I could really enjoy more of this."

"Hmm, keep that up and you might just be tasting something," I grin. This only causes you to start with more of the soft sucking that you'd started moments earlier. The warmth of your mouth is intoxicating. I can feel your tongue gently lick over the head of my penis. I lay back, enjoying the sensations. Slowly, with one hand, you begin to stroke my cock. Unbelievably, I start to harden under your gentle ministrations. My hand trails lightly over your back and neck, stroking along your spine. You moan, even though your mouth is very busy. This causes you to start to slide your lips up and down my erection faster, hardening me even more. Twisting a little, I can now reach down to your buttocks, my fingers caressing the hot flesh there.

"Whoa, girl," I say, "lie on your stomach and let me rub your back."

"Ok," you reply, releasing my now throbbing erection and stretching out on your tummy. I reach over to the nightstand and get a small bottle of massage oil. Popping the top open, I squirt some of the cherry scented oil onto your back. You wriggle a bit at the cool liquid hitting your back.

"Hey!" you squeal. "That's cold!"

"Sorry, baby. I'll warm you, um, I mean 'it' up."

I straddle your legs, kneeling on the bed. I gaze down at your beautiful back, a line of massage oil down your spine. Slowly, both hands start rubbing up the length of your back, working the oil into your skin. My thumbs make circular motions, pressing and kneading the muscles, working the tension out of your back.

You can feel my softening erection against the crack of your buttocks. My hands start working towards your shoulders, fingers pressing and releasing as I gently squeeze the muscles of your neck and shoulders. To do this, I have to lean forward and with this action, my cock brushes through the length of the valley between your buttocks.

"Hey, don't get any ideas with that cock of yours back there," you warn, teasingly.

"Too late. I have many ideas," I reply. To prove this, I spread your buttocks with my hands and gently run a finger over your tight, virgin anus.

"Hey, careful!" you moan. "No one's ever touched me there before."

This does little but excite me more. My hands keep rubbing and kneading the muscles of your neck, shoulders, and back. I look down to see your perfect back and buttocks, my erection starting to swell as I gaze at the rounded moons of your firm ass. Slowly, I move backwards and start to concentrate more of my attention on the tight cheeks. With both hands, I start rubbing up the back of your left leg, thumbs working into the hamstring muscle. Gently, almost imperceptibly, my fingers graze your swollen pussy lips. I can feel the heat and moisture. I smile to myself, knowing that this is turning you on but you're trying not to show it.

Next, I move to your right leg, working on loosening up the tight muscles. Again, but a bit more boldly, I graze your pussy with the tips of my fingers, the moisture even more apparent. This time you can’t help moaning and raising your hips slightly.

"Something wrong?" I ask, innocently.

"Mmmmm, no, keep doing what you're doing," is your dreamy reply. Looking down, I can see my swollen cock jutting out. I decide that now is a fine time to surprise you. My lips and tongue brush down your back, along your spine, to the top of your butt. I rain light kisses over one cheek, then the other. You giggle a little at the ticklish sensation. With each hand I grasp a round cheek and spread them, the valley of your backside now very visible. The tiny opening of your anus looks too inviting. I bend over and run my tongue lightly around the outside of it. Now you gasp, very loudly.

"Ooooohhh, my....Oh, my, oh God, oh wow...That's...That's....Wow," you trail off, hips writhing as my tongue rims your tiny puckered opening. I stiffen my tongue and gently prod the opening with the tip, ever so gently. The little opening resists slightly at first. The heat of your pussy and smell of your arousal is intoxicating. Then I realize, much to my delight, that you've slipped your right hand underneath you and you’re secretly playing with your swollen, stiff clit. This turns me on more. I continue to lick around and slightly into your anus. Your hips move even more and I try to hold them in place. Growing bolder, I decide to take the plunge. I stiffen my tongue and push it against your tight ass, trying to penetrate. You gasp again, moan, and start to shudder as my probing tongue presses into your anus, stretching it open.

"Cumming, oh my God I'm cumming. Ahhhhh, ooooooo," as you climax against your finger and my probing tongue.

I push even farther into your tight, dark hole. My tongue becomes a small cock and begins thrusting in and out of your tight asshole as I hold your butt open even wider. You climax for the second time in minutes, your hips thrusting back against my tongue as it probes your most intimate opening. I can feel it constrict and relax in waves as your orgasm washes over you. Your hips slow as your orgasm slowly subsides. Sitting back, I watch as your body settles. You turn your head and look at me.

"I've never felt that intense before," you say to me, lust in your eyes.

"Now, I can't believe what I'm going to say, but here goes. I want your cock in there. I want you to fuck my ass." My eyes widen in disbelief.

"You're sure?"

"I think so. I'm nervous, but yes, I think so," you reply. I can hear some hesitation in your voice, but see a gleam in your eye. A gleam that I've never seen before. It is pure lust and a little fear.

"I'll go easy and if you don't like it, we'll stop."

"I know, I'm just nervous."

I look down at your tight, round ass. My cock has grown to its full length at the thought of introducing this new pleasure.

Leaning over you to the night stand, I slide open the drawer and retrieve a small bottle. It is "Astro-Glide", a personal lubricant I had bought for something like this occasion. Gently, I spread your legs and kneel between them, separating the perfect halves of your butt. Just for good measure, I lean over and probe your tight opening with my tongue, eliciting a small gasp from you.

Grabbing a small pillow, I lift your slim hips and slide the pillow under your tummy, propping your ass up slightly. With one finger, I gently start to rub your clit. The nub starts to swell under my touch and your hips move a little in an effort to maximize the stimulation. Your hot slit starts to get wet again under this manipulation and I slowly slide one finger into your swollen, pink tunnel. Your pussy clings to my probing digit and I slide a second finger into the wet channel. Again, your hips move more, craving this erotic intrusion. You feel somewhat exposed, your hips propped up and your pussy and ass spread for me to see. I love it. You look sexy and slightly vulnerable at the same time.

"God, that feels so goooooood," you moan as I slide my two fingers into your soaking womanhood. Your hips thrust back against them, trying to get more of them inside.

"I thought you were going to do my ass?" you ask. Your voice is barely audible, almost whispering.

"Patience, honey, patience. I'm getting there."

You hear a little 'pop' as I open the top of the bottle of lube. You emit a gasp as the cool liquid drips slowly onto your hot anus and over my probing fingers. They don't need the extra lubrication as you are very wet from the continued stimulation. More drips follow and you clench slightly at the cool feeling on your hot asshole. I remove one of the fingers from your hot pussy.

"Awww, no. That feels so good. I love your fingers fucking me," you squeal in protest.

"That's not the idea right now," I say, looking at your little puckered rosebud. The lubrication makes it glisten in the light. I gently start to rub the lube over your tight orifice and continue to probe your hot pussy with my other finger. Y our groans are growing a bit louder now.

You bury your head in the pillow, embarrassed how aroused you are at this unusual act. My finger continues rubbing your tightness, the lube making it very slick under my finger. Ever so slightly, I dip just the very tip of it inside the tight, rubber ring of your anus.

"Oh, man. Oh, man. Wow. Ooooohhh," you trail off again, your face in the pillow. "That feels fucking amazing!" I drip some more lube over my invading finger and your hot asshole. The contrast between my hot finger and the cool lube causes you to clench a little. Gently, I begin to move just the tip in and out of your tiny opening. The tight muscle of your sphincter starts to relax and allows just a little more of my finger to enter. I look at you, trying to see your eyes. They are closed tight as you clench the sheets in your hands.

"Mmmmm, that doesn't hurt at all," you say quietly, somewhat amazed.

"It feels so exciting," you pause, "and very thrilling. Kinda different."

"What do you want me to do next?"

"Mmmmm, more of your finger, I think."

I coat my finger with more lube and gently begin to press it into your anus. My finger slides up to its first knuckle and I stop. The muscles are starting to clench at the intrusion, so I pause to let the muscles of your ass relax a bit. Slowly, I pull it back out so just the tip is inside. I begin a very, very gentle, very slow thrusting of my finger. It slides more easily now into your tight ass. Your hips start to arch a little off the pillow as they try to get more of my probing digit inside. My finger inside your pussy can feel the one in your ass through the thin walls that separate them.

"I'm ready," you pant. "I want your cock inside me. Inside my ass, now, please, please, please. I think I'm going to cum." "Yes, sweetie, if you're sure."

"I'm sure. I've never been this sure," you urge.

I kneel between your thighs, sliding my fingers out of your openings. Grabbing the bottle of lubricant, I open it and drip some more onto your relaxed anus and onto my hard cock. With my right hand, I begin to stroke my cock, hardening it even more and making it very slick. As I gaze at your anus, I doubt for a second that it will fit. Your tiny, round asshole looks too inviting to pass up, though, and I place the purple head of my erection against the tiny opening.

You gasp at the feeling of my hot cockhead touching your virginal asshole. Your hips rise, as if they have a need to help fit my hard cock inside your most intimate opening. I press slightly against the tight, rubbery ring of your anus. It is tight and hot. The lube does its job though and I feel the head of my cock start to penetrate. Your sphincter muscle clamps, trying initially to resist. Pausing, I wait for your response, holding my cock against your tight asshole.

"Ok, I'm ok. Push it in me, please. Gently, though. Go slowly, baby," you moan. Holding my cock in my right hand, I begin to press against the puckered opening. Your sphincter muscle relaxes and the head of my cock begins to slide past the ring. You feel your ass open slowly and accept my erection.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh," you breathe out at the feeling of the invasion of your ass. Your pussy is soaking wet and you slide one finger down to masturbate your hard clit. You can feel the hot liquid of your arousal running over your fingers and onto your hand as you feel more of my cock slide into your hot ass. There is a little discomfort at first. The manipulation of your swollen clit makes up for it.

I pause for a second, looking down at the first inch or two of my cock buried inside your nether region. You shake a little at the feelings overwhelming you. I lean over top of you, my mouth just inches away from your ear.

"How is this so far? Are you ok?"

"Unnngh....Yes, yes...Hold on for a second, let me get used to how this feels...Ohhhh...Ok, push some more into me...Push it all in, but slowly. Let me enjoy the sensation."

I place my hands at either side of your head and start to push more of my swollen, slick erection into your asshole. The tight opening relaxes farther to accept more of me into your previously untouched backside. You arch your hips a little to assist me. This is so arousing to me. My cock, if possible, swells even more. Soon, you feel my pubic hair against your ass cheeks. I am completely inside you. I can feel your finger now. You've slid it inside your pussy and are thrusting it in and out.

"Ok, I'm ready. Fuck my ass," you whisper. I slowly begin my withdrawal, your ass clutching at me. Soon, nothing but the head of my cock is inside. You can feel it through your cunt. Pressing forward, my cock slips into you, easier this time due to your relaxation. Nothing but smooth sliding as I penetrate your asshole. You've begun to move your hips up to meet me.

"Unngggghhhhh....Oh yeah, oh that's it oh that's good so fucking soooooo fucking....Ahh...Ungghhh," is all that you can utter, words trailing off to just a moan.

You feel my chest against your back as I press against you. Slowly, I let my cock start to slide back out. Then I repeat the thrust, my cock sliding even easier into your tight tunnel.

"Close. I'm getting close. Sooooo close," you breathe. My hips are starting to move a little faster now, thrusting in and out of your smooth, tight ass. My hips bump against your firm ass cheeks as I thrust into you. Your asshole fully accepts my length. As your hips pump up and down against my cock, I feel your fingers fluttering over and inside your overheated pussy. Your juices soak your hand and the pillow. "Oh, that's it that's it that's it....Fuck me, Rob, fuck my ass....Oh, God...I'm onnnnnaaaa....I'm....Ohhhhhh.....I'm cummmmmmmminggg....."

I can feel your climax, your asshole clamping down on my cock as your pussy spasms on your thrusting fingers. I can't hold back, your climax triggering my own. My cock starts to erupt, shooting hot cum deep inside your clenching cavern. We both groan in orgasm, you can feel my white hot jets of semen inside your ass. A second, quick orgasm overwhelms you and I continue to thrust, my orgasm reaching into my very soul. Slowly, I pull my softening penis out of you. Shudders shake your body as the aftershocks of yet a third orgasm wrack your body. I look down at my deflating penis. Getting up, I cross the room to the bathroom and return moments later with a warm, wet washcloth and gently wipe the lube from your cute bottom. I curl up behind you, my arm around you.

You murmur something to the effect of "wow, that was so amazing" as your breathing slows into a gentle, rhythmic pattern. It takes me a few minutes to realize that you've drifted off to sleep. I kiss your cheek and lay my head on the pillow behind yours and soon I, too, am asleep.

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TennisTitan said...

Rob, I enjoyed the read. I've been there too and there's nothing quite like it. Well done my man.