Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Celestial Experiences

Written by a woman.
By Celine James (of Wiltshire)

It was one of those glorious English summer days, days when you wake up early and can't wait to open the door, days when you smile at strangers and feel that all is well with the world.

She had been alone now for almost three long months. He had left her silently one day. Arriving back from town to find an empty house, a wardrobe only half full and her life now half empty.

Yes, it had been a hard few months, putting on a brave face to the outside world and finding new places to go, where people wouldn't ask uncomfortable questions. When you build yourself around another you leave your identity behind.

She stepped out into the bright light of the morning and felt good. Perhaps the sun-shine was what she needed to spark up some joie du vivre and decided to walk to the pool. Her figure was trim and taut from the endless laps at the local pool. Swimming had been a way of forgetting herself. She swam every morning, 50 laps up and down and the water seemed to submerge the loneliness and consume all her thoughts. It had become something of an addiction to her.

It was somewhere they had never been together and she liked having it to herself. She was unaware of the admiration that she had created at the local pool. Men who had swum once or twice a week suddenly had the desire to attend more often. A number now religiously left their wives even earlier every morning to swim before work and wonder at the identity of Celeste.

She was indeed something of an enigma. A tall women, in her late 20s, she had presence. Her long black hair tied tight to her head, in what would be a severe hairstyle to many, but only accentuated her glorious bone structure. She always sported the same costume, one riding high along her pelvic bone emphasising the length of her leg and the smoothness of her pussy. Her breasts were full and her nipples sat high upon them. She was a splendid, sexual women and this nature had been suppressed in the recent past. She missed the athleticism of the sex they had had together and had been mourning its demise. However, her sexuality had been laying dormant, it was not dead, and today she had sensed the stirrings of it rising again.

She slipped out of her skimpy clothes and into the swim-suit, admiring herself for the first time in 3 months in front of the mirror. Diving, effortlessly into the quiet pool she began her morning ritual. However, she was not consumed by the swim as usual, instead she was aware of another. He was in the next lane, a fit handsome man in a rugged sort of way, pounding up and down with an almighty strength. She watched his arms, eating up the pool and the muscles in his back responding to the demands set by him. She felt a stirring deep below and made a point of catching his eye.

Of course, he had seen her too. He had been watching her for weeks now, waiting for this moment. He was challenging her athleticism with his and proving to her they were a good match. He bided his time, letting her look and knowing the effect upon her was what he desired. Suddenly, with one swift move, her was under the rope and next to her. She was caught off guard, surprised by his move but even more surprised by her reaction to his close proximity. She wanted this man and he knew it.

"Come with me" he said simply, and disappeared from her side.

He was under the water now and she was following his direction. He surfaced at the end of the pool and jumped out, standing watching her approach. Then, as she neared, he walked away into a far cubicle. She slipped out of the pool also and followed his path, driven by a strong desire to feel him close to her. When she approached the cubicle he pulled her inside and pinned her against the wall.

She was oozing sexuality and she could feel the warmth and wetness inside of her. She saw the reaction she had on him as his sex rose in front of her and she released it from the constriction of his shorts. He ripped her suit from her and took in the beauty of this women in front of him, cupping her breasts in his large hands and kneading them firmly so that it hurt. She tried to cry out in both pain and pleasure but he quickly moved a hand to her mouth to deafen the scream. She was squirming beside him so eager to have him enter her but he prolonged the agony a few minutes more. He twisted her around, keeping a hand over her mouth as her pushed her down onto her knees. He continued to maul her beautiful breasts whilst dragging his penis slowly across her back, teasing her with its erectness. She was touching herself now, desperate to have him take her. She taunted her labia, taking it between her two fingers and feeling the wetness transfer to her hand. She came up onto all fours ready for him and then, when she was almost to a point of orgasm, he entered her from behind. He was fast and hard and it hurt as much as it pleased her. His hand still over her mouth clamped down harder as she gasped in ecstasy.

She came quickly and freely, releasing herself from the torturous few months behind her. He was riding her hard enjoying the orgasm from her but willing her on to more. He pushed harder and deeper into her and she could feel his presence consume her, she knew he was close to coming but also that she too was ready again. He sensed her body well and finally they came together with an almighty, uncontrollable cry from them both. The cry deafened the pool and what had been an illicit event had now been introduced to the public. Lifeguards ran into the cubicle area, searching for the source of the screams.

"What's going on? Are you alright?"

Quickly they had to think and Celeste came up with an excuse.

Meekly, she put her head around the cubicle "I'm sorry for the noise, whilst my husband and I were getting dressed he told me what the lottery numbers were last night and I've won!"

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