Monday, February 13, 2006

The Domination of Dana Part I

By The Godfather
Post Written by a Man

Wendy was feeling good about herself today, having recaptured control of her self, and finally getting on with her life.
Today was her first job interview since reclaiming her freedom from her mistress.
Wendy had dedicated her life to being a sexual slave, and her mistress took advantage of that decision for 3 years.
The entire time of her confinement, Wendy was subject to torture, sexual perversions, submission, and a life of service.
She liked the role she voluntarily assumed, but soon it got to be too serious, and when she was forced to give up her identity, and live only to serve her mistress, then it was more of a captive situation.

She had hoped that some day she would break free of her mistresses hold, but there were several days when that seemed unlikely, if not impossible.
The day came however when her mistress was offered a position with a company out of the country, and had to move immediately, and she couldn't wait for Wendys' passport to be processed, so Wendy was set free.
Now that Wendy had regained her freedom, and collected her thoughts, she was ready to get back into a daily routine, which included finding work.

As Wendy sat in the waiting room awaiting her interview, she felt her stomach turn.
She was nervous.
Not only hadn't she had contact with other people, except her mistress, for the past 3 years, but she hadn't had a paying job since then either.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she was called into a small office, where she was introduced to Dana Howard, her interviewer.
Dana was an attractive woman, in her late thirties.
She was a thin redhead, about 5'6" tall, and she had green eyes, that stood out amongst the locks of red hair that hung to her shoulders.

"Miss Myers, may I call you Wendy?" asked Dana

"Certainly" Wendy replied,
"and thank you for the chance to interview for this position."

" Well, I see that you were an executive secretary at your last place of employment, and we are in need of someone to enhance our secretarial staff. I see that you had all the necessary training, and skills for such a position, but Wendy, I do have one question."

Wendy felt a lump form in her throat.
" Please, feel free to ask. "

Dana looked deep into Wendys' eyes.
" I see that you haven't been employed for over three years now, and I wonder if you would be able to handle the changes in technology that have changed the way in which we perform our jobs.
In the past three years we have upgraded our systems, to the latest in fax, dictation, and word processing equipment, in order to keep up with the directives from our vast management staff.
In short Miss Myers, we are kept very busy, and we have to keep up.
I'm not convinced that you could jump into this routine after having been away from it for three years.
Could you tell me why you have not worked for that length of time? "

Wendy was afraid that she would be asked that question.
"Miss Howard, that is a very long story, one which I would be happy to share with you, but I must warn you, it's not a pleasant one. "
Wendy took a deep breath, and watched Dana adjust herself on her chair. "
I was held as a captive of sorts for the last three years. "
Wendy watched as Dana showed a look of surprise.
" I was held by a woman, and taken away from my life, and given no choices about my own life. "

Dana stammered, and asked Wendy if she needed a glass of water, as she had noticed that Wendys' voice was beginning to become raspy through the tears she had begun to shed.
Dana asked " Wendy, I'm so sorry, but I must ask, did you notify the police?
Is there a case pending against this woman? And even more curious Wendy...WHY?
Why did this woman do this to you? "

Wendy knew she was in danger of losing her chance at the position, but she knew that by refusing to answer the question was going to be perceived as a refusal to answer, and that would be suicide to her chances.
" She held me as a slave. " Wendy whispered.

" Miss Myers, did I hear you correctly? Did you say you were a slave? "

"Yes maam, I was a slave, I was used to satisfy my captor, but I assure you, that episode is over, and I am anxious to get my life back.
I have not filed a police report, because of the public embarrassment I would be forced to endure, and Miss Howard, I've suffered enough humiliation. "

It was all Dana could do to keep her jaw from dropping.
"Wendy, I don't feel that we have a place for you with us. Your absence from the business world, your choice or not, would only take away from our proficiency.
You have already missed over three years of work, why don't you miss a little more and straighten things out in your mind, and in your life. You still seem to be suffering from "

"But Miss Howard, I am ready. I am capable, and I will be an asset, not a hindrance to your team. " pleaded Wendy.

" I'm sorry Wendy, but I don't see an amiable agreement being reached here. Thank you for your time. " and she stood up to show Wendy the door.

The pain in Wendys' eyes was evident, she realised that though physically free from her mistress, she was still under the control of her.
Her life was NOT hers again, and that grim realisation hit her hard.
Wendy rose to her feet, and walked to the door, stopping long enough to look into Danas' eyes once more, as if she was begging for Danas' understanding.
Dana stood cold at the door, and followed Wendy to the lobby.
Wendy was sobbing by the time they reached the lobby, and she wearily made her way out of the lobby, looking back one last time to see Dana smiling and gesturing to the secretary at the desk to cross her off the list.
Danas' smirk unsettled Wendy. Dana seemed to be enjoying the story.

How perverted it must sound to her, how deviant.
Dana obviously did not understand what had happened.
Wendy felt humiliated, hurt, and worse yet, she felt like she was the daily joke at that office.
The more Wendy thought about it, the madder she got.
She spent years planning her life, and dreaming of how it would resume someday.
Wendy walked out of the building, and headed for her car, where she sat and wept for a while.
As she wept, the rage built inside of her, a deep burning rage that had actually been building for more than three years.
As the rage swept forward, the humiliation passed. Wendy was feeling like there was only one way to take control of her life now, and that was to be in control of those around her.
To be in control of her settings, and to remain in control of all situations that arise.
She felt an inner strength coming out, one that she had never felt. T
he rage was making her strong, and changing her forever.

Hours had passed since she left the office, and Wendy found herself still in a trance-like state in her car.
She came around to reality again when she saw Dana walking to her car.
This is when Wendy acted on her rage, without thinking, and without even planning on what she was about to do. Wendy got out of her car, and walked towards Dana.
Dana stopped when she saw Wendy approaching her.

"Bitch!" Wendy yelled. " You wouldn't believe that my life was mine again, so now I must prove to you that I am in control."
Dana started backing away from her.
Fear washed over her face. Wendy had a fire in her eyes.
Wendys' blue eyes sparkled amidst her blonde hair, her breasts bouncing as she stepped towards Dana.
Dana turned and started to run to her car, but was stopped short by Wendys grasp.
Wendy turned her around easily, using her slight height and weight advantage to gain control of Dana.

" What do you want with me? Why are you grabbing me? LET GO OF ME! "

" No! You had fun at my expense, laughing at my misfortunes. I lived through hell, and now I can see that it is making me stronger.
You showed me that, and now I must show you how strong I am, and how I am in control of my life again.
You will be sorry you tossed me away, and didn't even give me a chance. "
Wendy was grabbing Dana by her hair, pulling her towards her car.
Dana was fighting back, but she was off balance, and was being pulled awkwardly by her hair.
Fighting was futile. Dana knew she was helpless against Wendy.

They approached Wendys' car, and Wendy shoved Dana across the front seat, and buckled her in tight, threatening her that if she made a move, or any sound, there would be repercussions.
Dana knew she was no match for Wendy, and was terrified, too terrified to think, too terrified to even fight for her life.
Wendy started the car, and left.
Dana was sobbing all the way home.
Wendy was shouting at her to shut up and be quiet, but Dana had lost all control of herself, and was unable to stop her crying.
Wendy had heard enough, and without warning, backhanded Dana across the face.
Dana was shocked, and the sting from the slap seemed to run its course through her entire body.
Dana sat with a blank expression on her face, grasping her face, feeling the heat from the welt forming on her cheek, and felt a sudden warmth between her legs.
Dana was in shock, and was peeing right there, with no control, anywhere in her body. The sobbing started again, and Dana squeaked out a barely audible question..." What are you going to do with me? "

" I am going to do whatever the hell I want to do with you, and you will love it, or there will be more punishment that will make that slap seem like a kiss. "
Just then, Wendy noticed the puddle of urine flowing from the car seat to the floor.
" You bitch, you fucking worthless soiled my car! You are going to clean up this mess, or I'm going to clean it up with your face and hair."
Dana was sobbing, trembling, totally absorbed in shock.
" Take down your panties, pig, and pull them off. Wipe up the seat with them before it stains any worse than it already has. NOW...DO IT NOW CUNT! "

Dana did as she was told, and shifted herself on the seat, and removed her panties, and used them to mop up the mess she had made.
Her sobbing was getting louder again, and as they approached Wendys' house, Dana received another slap across her face.
" I see you refuse to shut up, so I have no choice but to shut you up. I will not have you sobbing in my driveway and maybe being seen by another car that might be passing by. I have no close neighbours, as you can see my pet, so your screams would be useless, but your sobbing must stop. You must learn that you will do what I say, and stop when I say to stop. Now, how do you think I should get you to stop your crying? "

Dana was afraid to answer that question, and her breath was too short from crying to even be able to answer.

" Put those nasty, disgusting panties in your mouth, cunt! roll them up and stuff them in your mouth to stop that crying. When babies cry they get a pacifier.
You will use your panties as your pacifier, baby! "
Wendy slapped her again, reinforcing the fact that she meant every word that she said.
With that, Dana pleaded with Wendy to stop this torture.
She begged Wendy to take her back to her car, and to let her just pay to have her car cleaned.
" You fuckin rich, snobby cunt! You think you can buy your way out of this? You are mine now, and you will see that my three years away from my life was not my choice. You will live the hell I lived. NOW PUT THE PANTIES IN YOUR MOUTH! "

Dana rolled up the panties, and gagged as she pressed them against her lips, opening her mouth slowly to accept them in.
She pushed with her fingers, pee dripping from the panties, down her arm, as she stuffed them completely into her mouth.
She was repulsed by the taste or her own urine, and even worse, was gagging as it began dripping down her throat.

They arrived at Wendys' house, and pulled into her garage.
Wendy led Dana out of the car by her hair, and threw her against the door.
Wendy grabbed Danas' breast through her clothing, and squeezed tightly, looking into her eyes.
" Welcome to your hell on earth, bitch. "
Wendy unlocked the door, and threw Dana inside.
Dana was gasping for air, her mouth plugged, and her nose full from her crying. Wendy advised her to comply and things would go easier on her.
" I will remove your pacifier so you can breath easier if you learn the rules of my home.
The first rule is, slaves do not wear any clothing." Wendy sat back and waited to see how obedient Dana was going to be.
Dana started removing her dress, dropping it to the floor, then the rest followed.
Dana stood naked, tears flowing from her eyes. Her hands trying to cover up her pubic mound, and her arms covering her breasts.
" Very good Dana dear, my second rule is that you will address me only as Mistress, or Maam. You have done well so far, so I will allow you to take your pacifier out now. "

Dana reached for her mouth, sticking two fingers inside, and withdrew her panties.
She held on to them, standing as straight as she could, staring at Wendy. Wendy went over to her, and slapped her again, on the face.
Dana reeled as she was enduring more pain and humiliation now than she had ever dreamed imaginable.

The next rule is that you will not look at me unless directed to. You will aim your stare at the floor, where all slaves spend most of their time. Do you understand me? "

" Yes, I understand. " Dana mustered.

Wendy reached out and grabbed Danas breasts, twisting it.
Dana tried to pull back, which increased the pressure on her breast.
"You have already forgotten the second rule, bitch. You will address me as Mistress when you speak to me. "
Dana stood silent, looking down.
" Yes mistress. " was all she could think to say.

" You will be my slave, and live only to please me. You will have no contact with any other people, and I will make sure of that by confining you to the very same room that held me for three years. You will be allowed out only when I am here, and you will serve me in every way when I am here. You like that, don't you slut? "

" No, I don't like that at all. I am not a lesbian, and I don't plan on having any kind of sexual contact with you. "
Dana was attempting to make one last stand for her freedom, trying to stand her ground to see if Wendy might wake up from her trance like state, but she soon learned that this was the beginning of the end for her identity.

Wendy grabbed Danas hair, pushing her face into the wall, and with her other hand, reached back and with a closed fist, hit Dana in her abdomen.
Dana felt a pain unlike any she had felt before, and passed out.


Dana woke up and found herself tied to a bed, in a room with no windows. there was little in the room, just a bed and a cabinet that appeared to be locked.

She felt the immense pain in her side from the punch, and she felt the ties restricting her motion.
Her legs were secured to the bedposts, with a metal rod cuffed between them to keep them open.
She also felt an odd burning in her crotch.

" I hope you have learned that you are no longer Dana, and no longer are entitled to an opinion, or a choice in what you do or what is done to you. I could continue to punish you, but I think you might have an easier time if you try to follow my orders. While you took a nap, I took the liberty of having you conform to another of my rules.
You are not allowed to have pubic hair, so I shaved that nasty pussy of yours. I didn't use water or cream to do it, so you might feel a little itching and burning, but you will get used to that. I'm glad you're awake now though, so you can share in this moment.

Wendy leaned over Dana and put her hands around her neck.
Dana winced, expecting some sort or abuse, but instead felt a collar being put around her neck, with a metal tag hanging from it.
The collar was securely fastened, and Wendy stood back to admire her pet.
Dana looked down, and over her breasts she saw her bare pubic mound, red and irritated, she saw the ties around her feet, and she felt the pain still in her side. Surely someone would be searching for her by now.

" Now, I think it's time to get you ready for your first night as a slave slut.
All slave sluts prefer to be teased for long periods of time, with no relief, so I have a cabinet full of toys that I will introduce you to in time.
For now though, you will spend your first night keeping this butt plug warm for me, and wearing this mask to cover your slut face.
Wendy slid the rubber mask over her head, and when it was on, she attached a ball gag to it, put it into her mouth, and tightened it.
Wendy inserted the butt plug into Danas' ass, without lube of any kind.
She jammed it into her tight ass, and Dana winced with pain, unable to scream.
Wendy attached the plug to a strap, and tied it around her waist, so the plug would stay in place over night. " Good night slut, you may rest for the night, and I suggest you do. Your day will be a learning experience tomorrow, and you'll need your energy. "

Wendy turned out the light, and left the room.
Dana laid there trying to fall asleep, hoping that she would wake and find it was all a dream.
Dana also knew that she was not tired, though she had been through hell, because she had passed out for an unknown period of time, and because it was still early in the evening.
So, instead of sleeping, Dana laid awake, feeling the pressure of the plug in her ass, the sting on her face and in her crotch, the gag in her mouth, and the intense pain in her side.
Dana also realised that she was very thirsty, and that the last fluid she had tasted was her own urine, which did little to quench her thirst.
At some point during the night, after hours of trying, Dana drifted off to sleep, leaving her torture behind for a short, but sweet slumber.

Dana was awoken sometime during the middle of the night by feeling her gag being released from her mouth. " Are you hungry or thirsty, slave? "

" Yes mistress, I am. "
Dana remembered to add the title of mistress that time, hoping it would get her something to drink.

Wendy produced a jug of water, and took a long drink from it.
" I might have the heart to give you something to drink, slut, would you like that?"

"Yes mistress, please. I'm so thirsty."

"Well, I think that maybe you might deserve a drink now."
Wendy walked over to the bed, placing the jug just out of Danas' reach, and it was then that Dana noticed Wendy was not dressed from the waist down.
Wendy swung her legs around, sitting on the edge of the bed, and then climbed up more, placing her legs over Dana, eventually straddling her.

Wendy crawled up, placing her pussy inches from Danas' mouth.
" Can you see how wet my pussy is, slut? Can you feel the need for that wetness on your lips? "
Dana was repulsed by the thought of tasting another woman's pussy.
She had never thought about it as an option for her sex life, but she knew she was not going to have a say in this.
Wendy slid her pussy over Danas' lips, and covering the rubber mask with her juices.
Dana smelled the heady aroma of her pussy for the first time, and knew it was going to be the first of many times.

She felt her lips being coated with moisture, and it felt good.
Dana was desperate for any moisture in her mouth, and slowly, reluctantly, extended her tongue and felt it rub against her mistresses pussy.
Wendy felt the tongue, and smiled.
She let out an evil chuckle, and looked down at Dana. "Well, Look at who is a cunt sucker. Do you like my pussy, slut? You love eating it, don't you?"
Wendy ground her hips faster and harder against Danas' face, forcing her tongue to go deeper into her pink folds.
Dana was gasping for air, being smothered by her mistresses pussy.

She was tasting her juices, as they were flowing freely down her throat.
Danas' mouth was once again wet, and she felt like if her mouth wasn't covered with pussy, she could speak, and she actually felt like she would be asking for more.
Wendy rotated her hips faster, grinding her pussy into Danas' mouth, Dana answering by sticking her tongue out farther, then stopping to lick faster around her mistresses clit.
Wendy moaned out loud as her clit was being sucked on by her new slut.
Dana was trying desperately to try to gain some sort of pleasure herself, but she couldn't break the ties to touch herself.
She was hot, and she knew that her own pussy was as wet as the one she was sucking.

Wendy rocked with a fevered pitch, and convulsed as she sent a flood of cum splashing down onto the mask, and into her sluts mouth.
Dana slurped greedily at her cum, drinking all that she could suck out.
And as fast as she got on Danas' mouth, Wendy got off of her, looking down at her, smiling.
" You are quite a good cunt licker, I think you've had practice, you slut. I think you were good enough in fact to get your drink. "
Wendy got off the bed and grabbed the jug of water.
Wendy took a long drink from it, swishing it around in her mouth, and then spitting it out on her slaves tits.
She took another drink, this time swallowing it.
She then lifted the jug, and tilted it, pouring the precious water onto Dana's hot, exhausted body. the cool liquid made her nipples stand erect.
Danas' hopes of a drink went as the last drops trickled from the empty jug onto the bed, and all over her.

Wendy again got on the bed and straddled danas' face.
" I said you deserved a drink, so slut, here it is. "
Wendy straddled her captives mouth, placing her pussy right over her parted lips.
Fear shot throughout Danas' weak body.
Would she actually do this?
Could she withstand the humiliation of drinking Wendys' piss?
None of these questions were answered in Danas' mind however before Wendys golden stream splashed out, filling Danas mouth.
" Bitch, if you know what's good for you, you won't spill a drop of this. "

Dana felt herself passing out with disgust, but hung on long enough to feel and taste the last drop of her mistresses piss to trickle down her throat.
She felt Wendy wipe her pussy over her eyes, to clean the piss away, and she felt the sting as the urine got into her eyes, before she passed out.

Dana awoke, still tied, laying on an extremely wet bed, and she remembered how she had been shamed the night before.
All because she wasn't willing to take a chance on Wendy.
She fought against her restraints again, but still was powerless to escape. the plug in her ass was getting very uncomfortable. Wendy opened the door and walked in, and smiled at her sweet redhead slave
. " I have a surprise for you, slut. There is a visitor here that I want you to meet, but first, I want you to wash the stink from your body. "
Wendy released the metal prong between Danas legs, and freed the ties holding her feet.
Wendy removed the rubber mask, pulling it off with one swipe, allowing it to snap against her jaw as it slipped free.
Her arms were freed now, and Wendy grabbed her by the hair once again.
Wendy led her to the bathroom, where she ordered her to sit on the toilet.
Wendy produced a pair of clippers, and grabbing Danas' hair again, started to cut it away. locks of red hair fell to the floor.
Dana wept as she saw the hair she had taken such good care of, and was so proud of, fall. Wendy kept clipping until there was no hair left. Dana was now completely bald.

Wendy led her to the shower, and turned it on, cold at first. Dana felt her nipples harden again under the jets of cold water.
Wendy picked up the soap and lathered Danas' body, telling her that she wasn't worth the expense of the shampoo, which is why she shaved her head.
Wendy finished lathering up her slave, and instructed her to rinse off. Dana did so, and stepped out of the shower.

Wendy threw her an old towel, one that smelled like an animal. It was still damp.
Dana dried herself and awaited her mistresses commands. Wendy took two silver clamps from the shelf, and tightened them, one after the other, to Danas' nipples. She then attached a chain between them.
Wendy grabbed Dana by the arm and led her into the basement.
As they approached the bottom of the stairs, Dana froze with horror.
There was a German shepherd tied to a post in the middle of the floor.
Dana didn't want to think about what was next, but she knew that she was about to be degraded in the worst way imaginable.
" This is your master, you will show him every bit as much respect as you would show me, do you understand? "

" Mistress, I..."
That hesitation caused a sharp slap to land on Danas' ass.
"Yes mistress, I understand."
Wendy led Dana closer to the dog, and instructed her to stand before him. There she stood, not a hair on her body, nipples clamped tight, and still holding the plug in her ass, standing in front of a beast that was obviously there as part of her humiliation.

" Kneel bitch, face your master at his level."
Dana got down on her hands and knees, facing the dog, and Wendy pushed his face to hers. The dog stuck his tongue out and licked Danas' face, " Suck on his tongue, bitch, taste his doggie spit. "
Dana stuck out her tongue and felt hers meet his, and she sucked it into her mouth, feeling how hot and wet it was.
" Now, turn around and let him smell that raunchy pussy of yours. "
Wendy was making up the routine as she went, and was loving the sight of this woman who caused her such pain just a day before, suffering more pain than she had inflicted.

Dana turned, presenting her ass for the dogs inquisitive nose.
The dog stuck his nose right between her legs, sniffing, and stuck his tongue out again, and lightly licked her pussy. she started to cry at the first sign of sexual contact.
Wendy broke their contact then, and brought the dog to her face. "

I think he likes you, slut. Why don't you get to know him a little better? Reach out and touch his cock. Play with it and make it hard. "
Dana hesitated.
She knew that if she gave in to this, she would forever be a dog fucking whore in her mind.
She felt the chain attached to the nipple clamps pulling hard on her almost dragging her to the dog.
Damn, that hurt.
She reached out and touched the dogs red cock that was just starting to protrude from the sheath.
It was slimy and warm, and it seemed to double in size when she first touched it.
The dog was prancing around, wanting the feeling in his cock to continue, but also wanting to feel something different.
" Taste your masters cock, slut. Let him feel that tongue that was so good to me. "

" Yes mistress, I'll suck on his cock for you mistress."

Dana felt like she was split in half, half being terrified and disgusted, and the other half enjoying her new role.
The dog leaned forward a bit, giving her room to stick her bald head beneath his stomach, and taking his cock in her hands, she guided it to her lips.
Her tongue came out and swirled over the tip of his cock.
She was dizzy, lost in the depravity of what she was doing.
She closed her mouth around his cock, and pushed more of it into her mouth.
The dog jumped up, placing his front paws on her shoulders, and lunged into her, pushing his cock deeper, until it hit the back of her throat.
She tasted his precum start to drain into her mouth.
It was salty, and bitter, yet she was enjoying it.

The dog was ramming his cock into her mouth harder now, fucking her like she was his bitch, which was made clear now, she was his bitch.
Wendy reached down and pushed against the butt plug, causing her to squirm.
She then gave a fast tug, and the plug was finally released from her ass. Wendy then pulled the dog off of her slut, and led him behind her.
She pointed to Danas' pussy, and the dog sniffed her one last time, and mounted her.
Dana had not felt a single touch to her pussy yet during this entire ordeal, and she was ready to feel some relief.
She actually wanted to feel this dogs cock inside of her.
She wanted to cum, and she didn't care how.
Dana was on her knees, with her head resting on the floor.
The dog pushed, and in one thrust, split her cunt wide open, and was inside of her well lubricated pussy.
Dana was lost in her lust, as out of control as the moment she was abducted.
" Master, please fuck me harder. Mistress, I want to cum, please mistress, may I cum?

The dog was fucking her pussy harder with each thrust, pushing her across the floor.

" I may let you, but only after your master has been served, bitch. You are here for HIS pleasure. I really don't care about yours. "
Wendy laid down in front of Dana, and reached for the chain, pulling it hard, stretching her tits.
She pulled Dana so that her mouth was over her mistresses pussy.
" Eat my perfect pussy! Suck my cum out of me, Pleasure me! "

Dana gladly lowered her head to Wendys' pussy, lapping at it like a kitten on a saucer of milk.
Tasting every drop of her mistresses juices.
The dog was pounding her harder still, and Wendy knew that Dana was going to be getting close to an orgasm soon.
" You had better not even think of cumming before we do or you will not be allowed to cum again.
"Dana nodded as she continued to lick Wendys' pussy.
Soon, Wendy was convulsing in orgasm, soaking her sluts face. Wendy got up and moved to Danas' ass.
She reached down and grabbed the dogs cock as it thrust into her.
She yanked at it once, ripping it from Danas' pussy, and aimed it at her ass.
The dog continued thrusting forward, not wanting to miss a beat, and poked his cock into her well stretched ass.
Dana let out a scream as the dog pounded his cock into her ass.
After a few minutes of this assault, she felt him start to fall off, and she felt a hot rush inside of her, as he released his cum deep into her ass.
" Mistress, he has cum, may I cum, please mistress? "

" I will allow you to cum, if you can live by the following rule. This is your master, and you are allowed only to cum for him. You are not allowed to cum with me, by yourself, or with anybody. Your orgasms belong to him, and him only, and then, only after he has cum. "
Dana was so desperate to cum that this agreement actually sounded fair to her.
"Yes mistress, I cum only for my master."

With that, Dana had a tremendous orgasm, feeling the dogs cock slip out of her ass at the same time.
She also realised that she wasn't even touching herself, and there was no contact to her pussy when she came.
Was she that turned on?
She was still lost.

Wendy stood up, pulling the chain and pulling Dana to her feet.
" Thank your master for his cum, bitch. Go to him and lick his cock clean for him.
She knelt in front of him, lowered her head and sucked on his cock that had just shot his cum into her ass.
She could feel the cum leaking out of her, and running down her legs.

She could taste her ass on his cock, but she enjoyed his cock too much to care.
" Slut, you must be hungry by now, why don't you scrape the dog cum running out of your ass off your legs and eat it?"

"Yes mistress, I'll lick up his cum for you. I'll clean my masters cum off of myself for you mistress."

After she had eaten every bit of cum she could find, she was led back to her room, where she was once again secured to the bed.
This was her second day as a captive slut, and she felt that she was doing well at pleasing her mistress, and her master.
She hoped she wouldn't need to be punished any further.

Two and a half years later, Wendy had lost her job that she had found, and was forced to move back to her hometown, needing her families assistance with finances, and she knew she could not explain Dana, so Wendy set her free.
Dana was saddened by the loss of her mistress, and her master, whom she served so well.

Dana was now free, and back into the world, and forced to take care of things she hadn't had to worry about for quite some time. All of this meant that she would need work to support herself.

God, she hoped she could explain her absence from the business world for the last two and a half years.

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