Friday, February 24, 2006

Daddy's Joy Part II

by The Godfather
Written by a man.

"Daddy, that was great, but can I lick you, too? I want to lick your cock, and make you feel as good as you just made me feel."
I melted at the thought of my little girl sucking on my cock. the thought was so absurd, yet so delicious.

"Sure you can honey, if you want to.
You don't have to though. Just be careful that your teeth don't hurt Daddy."
Joy moved down, putting her head closer to her Daddys cock, and reaching out, she held it in her hand, and guided it to her open mouth.
I groaned loudly as I felt her tongue lick lightly over the swollen head, and then down my shaft.
I ran my fingers through her hair as she opened her mouth wider, and the head of my cock slid into her hot young mouth.
I opened my eyes long enough to see her mouth enclose my cock, and to see her lips slide down as far as she could take it.
I felt her gag when it touched the back of her throat, and she backed off of my cock until she was more comfortable.
My daughter was taking half of my cock into her mouth, and I was in heaven.

I felt my cock twitch, and Joy was sucking faster, and I knew I would not be able to hold on much longer.
I also knew that I had to warn her about what happens when a man cums.
"Joy, sweetheart, you need to know something." I said between my fast shallow breaths.
She opened her eyes and looked up at me, but continued to suck on me.
"You know that feeling that you just had when Daddy was licking you? Well, when a man gets that feeling, white stuff comes out of his cock. The white stuff is what makes babies when it goes into a girls pussy." I explained further, "Some girls like it to go into their mouths, and some don't. I am about to have that feeling baby."

She smiled as I finshed telling her that, and she never stopped. I was breathing heavier, and my cock was about to explode.
Joy seemed to know it, and she sucked harder.
My cock was sliding farther into her sweet young mouth now, and I felt it coming.

"Ohh, Joy, here it comes." I began to cum, draining my balls into my daughters mouth.
She sucked harder, and I could feel her throat muscles as she swallowed my load, one mouthful at a time.
She wasn't able to catch it all, and some of my cum spilled over, out of her mouth, around my cock, and down her chin.
She finally took her mouth off of me when she felt the last spasm, and tasted the last drop as it escaped from my now shriveling cock.
"Daddy, that tasted so good, thank you for letting me have it. But, Daddy, look at what your cock is doing, it's shrinking." She giggled a bit as she stared at my cock.

"Yes honey, after a cock does that, it goes down like that, until it gets excited again." She just stared at it, soaking in all that I was telling her.
My cum still dripping down her chin.

She was giggling, and playful now.
Joy had just experienced something that should have come years from now, and she knew it.
She felt like such a big girl, and I could tell she liked that feeling.
She cuddled up next to me, and tickled me a little as she held me.
I rolled over and tickled her back, grabbing her waist and rolling her on her back.
I climbed on top of her, and she was laughing as my hands and fingers felt her body, tickling her.
She looked up into my eyes as I stopped tickling her, and she said.
"Daddy, your cock is excited again."
I hadn't really noticed, because I was enjoying this new found closeness between us, but my cock was once again hard, and standing straight out.
She blew me a kiss and asked me if I would like another kiss on it.
"Sweetie, there is another way for us to feel good.
It's usually only for adults though, like everything else we've done, but this part is different.
Girls have a shield inside of their little pussies, and a man puts his cock inside of a girl, but after the first time, the shield is no longer there.
If we try that, your virginity will be gone forever.
Most women save that for the man that they love."

Her face was wrinkled.
I could tell she was trying to understand what I was telling her.
"When a man loves a woman, he puts his cock inside of her, and it feels good honey, and thats when the white stuff, or cum, comes out and sometimes it makes a baby inside of her."

"Daddy, could you make a baby inside of me? " She asked.
That question floored me.
I couldn't believe what she had just asked.
"Oh honey, maybe some day, but for now, we can just try to have more fun like I just described, if you want to try it."

She smiled, and my cock was jumping on her chest. "Yes Daddy, yes. Please put it in me."

I lowered my head, and kissed her tenderly.
Feeling her breath as it escaped into my mouth.
I then brought my head lower, climbing off of her, until my lips were on her little nipples.
I could feel her nipples hardening as I sucked them, one after another into my mouth, cupping her tiny breasts in my hands.
Her eyes were rolling back, and her hips were undulating on the sheets as I played with her little tits.
She liked that, and I would have to remember that.
She reached over and held my cock as I continued to suck on her nipples.
I reached down and slid a finger into her easily.
She was still wet from my tongue, and her juices.
I worked my finger around, and further in until I met resistance from her hymen.

"Honey, it will hurt a little bit when I push my cock inside of you, but it will feel better in a little while. Is that okay?"

She didn't seem to care about the little bit of pain, because she was trying to move my cock down by her open legs.
She wanted to get her first fuck, and nothing was going to stop her now.

"Daddy, please. put it inside of me, I want to feel your cock in me."

I couldn't resist that plea, so I moved down, and had my cock above her pussy, and I reached down, to guide the head to her opening.
She let out a little scream as she felt it against her hole. "Daddy, Yesssss!"

I was as excited as I had ever been, or more.
Hearing my little girl beg me to fuck her was more than I could take. I pushed and the head was buried inside of her.
I stopped for a minute, to let her pussy get used to the feeling of having a cock inside of it.
She was rubbing my ass as I held my position.
Our lips met again, and locked in a kiss.
Our tongues met again as we locked in a kiss, and as my cock pushed in a little more.
She let out a squeal as my hard cock pushed her little vagina open. My hips pushed again, and my cock sunk into her until I felt the wall of her hymen.
I told her that it might hurt a little now, and she begged me to continue.
I pushed once more, and we both felt the pop.
My little girl was no longer a virgin, and I was the one to take that from her.
She cried out a little, whimpers coming from her tightly closed lips.
Her eyes wincing in pain, but the rest of her face telling me to continue. I held still for a minute, and looked down to see a small trickle of blood dripping from her pussy.

She started to thrust her little hips up towards me, plunging my cock in deeper.
My girl was a sex crazed little maniac, and I loved it.
I pushed deeper, until my entire cock was buried in her.
I started fucking her harder, withdrawing my cock, and shoving it back in, feeling her juices coat my cock, and hearing the sucking noises of her tiny pussy engulfing my cock.
I pumped her harder. I was balancing on my hands, and I was sweating as I fucked her.
She was helpless, and laid there beneath me, thrusting up to meet my cock, wanting it all inside her.
"Fuck my pussy Daddy, Make me tingle again Daddy. Give me a baby inside of me."

That's all it took, and I was splashing my cum inside of her.
I grunted as my cum poured out into her.
She felt the heat of my cum, and with one final gasp, she was writhing in her orgasm.
We humped for a minute longer, not wanting to stop the feeling of extreme pleasure we were getting from each other. Then, with another pop, my flaccid cock dropped out of her.

We laid together for a half hour just holding each other, still naked. We kissed a few more times, and we talked about what had just happened.
We were like new lovers, starting our relationship again, but still knowing I am her Daddy...but a Daddy that has found even more pleasure in loving his little girl.

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