Monday, February 27, 2006

The Information Superhighway

By Lende
Written by a woman.

She sits at the computer in the back office, her stomach clenching just
a bit from the excitement.
Staring at the computer screen, her right
hand is on the mouse, and her left hand is on her crotch.
Her eyes fly
over the words scrolling past, 'suck,' 'cock,' 'hot,' 'wet pussy,'

She especially likes that word. Throb.
Hearts throb with
Hard cocks throb.
She throbbed. Is throbbing. Her clit
feels huge, her panties are already damp.

She is low-slung in the chair, her ass barely hanging on to the edge of
the seat.
She hasn't unbuttoned her jeans yet - she is at the office
after all.
Hard enough to compose yourself and mask that flush in your
cheeks without fumbling for a button-fly.
Besides, the swollen lips of
her vagina fill out the tight crotch of the pants, allowing her to run
her fingernails across the weave, sending shivers up her spine.

She has found a new site on the web, one that promises 'Hot, FREE,
Erotic Stories!' The best kind.
She clicks on the link and is rewarded
with a full-screen view of a huge, hairy cock shoved way up into a
perfectly round ass.
She grins a wicked little grin.
This site looks
She scrolls down past links to catalogs and live sex shows
to the story archive.
Picking one at random, she settles a bit more
comfortably in the chair and allows herself to unbutton the top button
on her jeans.
After all, one button is easy to refasten should someone
show up a bit unexpectedly.
And it makes it a heck of a lot easier on
the wrist.

The story, 'Neighbors', starts predictably with a description of the
lovely tanned nympho that moved in next door and likes to sunbathe in
the nude.
A bit bored, she clicks on the down arrow in the lower right
hand corner of the screen, zooming past the cliched innuendoes and
double entendres passed back and forth over the back yard fence until
she sees the words 'releasing his straining cock from its cotton
There we go.

Her left hand slides into the waistband of her jeans, slips down between
her legs and presses against the hot flesh, causing her eyes to close
Her hand is still on the outside of her white cotton
panties, tickling her pussy through the damp, hot material.
a bit, she runs one finger under the panty waistband, and then, moving
slowly, she tangles her fingers in her pubic hair.
It's been awhile
since her last 'haircut' and the fuzz is long and beginning to curl.

She grips the hair in her bent fingers and pulls up and towards her
This causes the lips of her cunt to open a bit, and her clit
surfaces, rubbing slightly against the cotton panties.
She gasps from
the sensation.

Releasing her pubic hair, she arches her wrist against the fabric and
slips a finger between her pussy lips, sliding on the more than abundant
moisture that has collected.
Letting go of the mouse, her right hand
moves to her nipple, pinching and rolling it through the fabric of her
thin sweater.

The couple on the computer screen are fucking on the lawn furniture.
The nympho is lying on her back, her long, tanned legs spread wide open
in the air, and the stud has his face buried in her twat.
She has her
manicured fingers in his hair, holding his face close, as his tongue
darts in and out of her pussy.
The nympho is breathing hard, telling
him, 'Eat my cunt. Lick me. Suck on my clit and make me come. Harder.
Suck me harder.'
He inserts two fingers into her dripping snatch, and
sucks her clit into his mouth.
The nympho just about arches herself off
the lounge chair.


She smiles, because you see, she can identify.
Her right hand leaves
her nipple and uses the mouse to scroll down a bit further, so she can
read the entire screen without having to stop touching herself.
then unbuttons the second button on her fly.

By now, the index finger on her left hand is fully covered in her wet
She withdraws her finger to taste herself.
She slides the
finger over her lips, natural lip gloss.
She licks her lips, and then
sucks her finger dry.


The nympho is now kneeling in front of the stud, sucking his cock deep
down her throat.
He watches as her ruby-red lips engulf him, her
painted nails dig into his ass as she devours him.
He is passive for
awhile, letting her control the depth and speed of his thrusts.
soon he has to take charge.
He grabs the hair on either side of her
head, bends his knees a bit, and begins fucking her face in earnest.

She opens her mouth wide and tilts her head so that he slips down the
back of her throat.
He wants more.
The nympho gets up off her knees,
never letting his cock out of her mouth, and stands up, bent over at the
Her mouth and throat are now aligned in more of a straight line,
and he can slam himself into her more fully.
The nympho reaches out and
cups his balls in her hand.


She scrolls down further and unbuttons her whole fly.
She drives her
hand down the front of her pants and shoves her middle finger into her
steaming pussy.
It isn't big enough.
But with her pants on she can't
really fit a second finger in.
Stopping to consider the consequences
for just a millisecond, she decides, 'what the hell,' and goes for it.

She stands up, and slides her pants and underwear down over her ass,
just below her hips.
The feeling of being naked at the office, in her
boss's office, is highly erotic.
She can feel the upholstery on her
bare ass.
Knowing that someone could walk in on her at any second
heightens the sensation.
She spreads her legs as far as the jeans will
allow, reveling in the feeling of being constricted, tied up.
She now
has much clearer access to her cunt.
She crams two fingers into her
twat and moves them in a small, tight, circle.
The palm of her hand is
pressing against her clit, which now pokes through the hair of her


The couple have now moved over to the deck railing, the lawn furniture
having proved too flimsy.
The stud has the nympho bent over the
railing, his hand buried in the hair at the back of her neck, fucking
her so hard the railing creaks.
She is screaming and panting, thrusting
her hips back to meet every stroke.
'His big hairy balls slap against
her cunt lips as he grips her ass and slams his cock deep into her
gaping hole.'


Her ass cheeks clench and her thigh muscles tremble as she finger-fucks


'I'm going to fuck you so hard you bleed' the stud says through clenched
'I'm going to split you in two.'
He drives into her, slamming
her into the railing, her head yanked back as far as it will go. 'Fuck
me! Fuck me! Harder!' she screams.


The feeling is building, the palm of her hand grinds into her clit.


'Yes! Yes!' she screams. 'Oh fuck, fuck, yeah, I'm coming,' he grunts.

He pulls his cock out of her cunt and jerks himself off onto her ass.

His cum streams out onto her ass cheeks and runs down her legs.


Her cunt is dripping wet, and her fingers are moving as fast as they
can, but it still isn't enough sensation.
She drops to the floor, her
bare ass in the air, and humps her hand.
She fucks her hand, her pelvic
bone slamming onto the pad of her palm.
She curls her fingers toward
her palm as hard as she can.
Shaking, her leg muscles taut and her face
pressed to the floor, she comes with a groan.
The sensations crash over
her as she lies panting in front of the radiator.

She is still breathing hard when she hears the footsteps.
Rising up on
shaking legs, she yanks her pants up and buttons that pesky fly.

has just enough time to exit Netscape before the work study student
walks in.

Alternate ending:

She has just enough time to exit Netscape before the work study student
walks in.

But it's not a work study student.
It's him.
And he takes one look at
her and knows exactly what she has been doing.

Shutting the office door behind him, he walks across the short space
slowly, with that look in his eye.
You know that look.
It makes her
wet all over again.

He doesn't say a word.
She still can't speak.
He backs her against the
desk, stands in front of her, reaches out with both hands and pinches
her nipples.
Her head falls back and a little moan escapes her throat.

Chuckling at her exaggerated response, he slides his hands down her
breasts to the waistband of her jeans.
He pulls the two sides apart
with a yank, opening the fly all the way in one swift, staccato rip.

Following through, he pulls down her jeans and underwear in one motion,
and with one glance up at her unbelieving eyes, buries his tongue
between her lips.

Her eyes flutter closed, she places a hand on the back of his head, and
tilts her hips up to give him more access to her ravaged clitoris.

sensations are almost overpowering.
Still tingling and sensitive from
her self-induced orgasm, her clit is now being laved by his tongue and
Finally, her legs can no longer support her, and he pulls her
from the edge of the desk and lays her out on the floor.

Making sure that he shut the door all the way, he removes one shoe and
draws her leg out from the pantleg of the jeans.
She is now spread wide
open, her lips pouting and glistening in the light coming in the
She is too overcome with feeling to protest the increasing
level of nakedness and sexual activity.
The pope could walk in and she
wouldn't notice.

He enjoys the view for a bit, running a finger up her thigh and dipping
into her wetness.
He samples her juice and makes that sexy sound he
makes when he tastes her cunt.
After licking his finger dry, he slips
it back into her vagina, this time sliding it all the way in and turning
it just a bit, so that he has access to her g-spot.
Her breath catches
in her throat.

Leaning over, he takes her clit between his lips as he slides another
finger into her hot box.
She immediately begins gyrating her hips,
pressing her cunt to his face.
She takes her fingers and spreads her
labia for him with one hand, while holding his head in place with the
Her orgasm comes in waves, she bucks her hips and arches her
back, her thighs clamp around his head.
Eventually the sensations are
too powerful, and he removes his mouth from her.

Spasms are still shaking her body as his unzips his own pants and
releases his straining cock from its cotton prison.
He places one hand
on each side of her shoulders as he positions his hips against hers.
sinks his cock into her in one clean stroke.
She gasps and wraps her
arms around him, thrusting her hips up to meet him.

'Do you like it when I fuck you'' he whispers in her ear.
'You like
feeling my rock hard cock drive into your cunt'
What do you want me to
do to you, my sweet little slut''

'Take me from behind, fuck me like an animal,' is her somewhat
predictable response.

He shifts position and she swings her leg over and gets on all fours.

He places his hands on her hips and shoves his cock into her.
over, he grabs her breasts and plays with her nipples, hunching his back
to drive his rod up and into her core.

She is gasping and groaning incoherently as he drives her forward with
his hips.
Raising back up so that his torso is perpendicular to hers,
he grabs a fistful of hair and pulls her head back, causing her to
thrust her breasts out.
Her arms are straight and she is raised up onto
the tips of her fingers.

He is moving faster now, breathing harder.
She can feel that he is
getting close, but she wants one more thing from him.
'I want you to
come in my mouth,' she manages to say.
She slips off of his cock and
pushes him down onto his back.
His cock is dripping with her juice and
she sucks it off eagerly.
She positions herself next to him and takes
him deep down her throat, her lips grazing the pubic hair at the base of
his cock.
With her left hand she strokes his thigh, and then moves it
between his legs to reach that spot that he loves to have rubbed.
especially likes that spot, because it feels like a further extension of
his cock, like his cock is over a foot long.

Still holding the head of his cock in her mouth, she takes her right
hand and grasps him, sliding it up and down the shaft.
She alternates
between sucking on him and jacking him off.
Back and forth, all the
while her left hand is moving in circles on the space between his balls
and his asshole.

He is really breathing hard now, and is starting to make those cute
little grunting noises.
She decides to slow down a bit, and moves her
mouth down the side of his penis to his scrotum, taking one of his balls
in her mouth.
She swirls her tongue around the ovoid shape, enjoying
the salty taste of his sweat and the hairy texture of his skin.

Just as he starts to relax a bit, she raises her head and deep throats
him in one gulp.
He gasps audibly this time, and puts his hand on the
back of her head, guiding her up and down his cock. She places her hand
around the base of his cock for stability, and lets him fuck his hips up
into her mouth.

His breathing is coming in harsh gasps now, and she moves her mouth off
of him to allow her hand better access.
She jerks his cock, faster and
faster, moving her left hand under his balls, begging him to come on her

He bucks his hips and moans, 'Now, oh now, now,' as thick hot jets of
jism erupt from his cock.
The first one hits her on the cheek and drips
down off her chin onto his belly.
The second spurts onto her lips as
she lowers her mouth onto the head of his cock, sucking the come out.

She clamps her lips around his shaft as his body quakes. His eyes
quiver and he raises his legs up off the floor and curls his body around
her still bobbing head.

She slows the movements of her tongue, and lets his cock slip out of her
He curls himself up in a fetal position and puts his head in her

And then she hears the footsteps.

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