Friday, February 10, 2006

Amy's Bathroom Encounter

Written by a man.

I kick off my shoes. After a day of work, all I want to do is rest. Walking down the hall, I turn into our bedroom. There are rumpled jeans on the floor and a T-shirt on the bed. I notice the door to our bathroom partly open. As I walk to the door, I pull my shirt off and toss it on the bed with yours. I can hear some motion in the bathroom. Opening the door slowly, I see you brushing your hair in the mirror. The only clothing you're wearing is a leopard bra and green thong bikini underwear. You look over at me and smile.

"How was your day?" you ask.

"Much better, now," I reply.

I walk over to you and wrap my arms around you from behind, my hands on your smooth stomach. You grin at me in the mirror. I see your smile as I look in the mirror, over your shoulder. There is still some mist on it from the shower that you took just before I got home. My lips nuzzle your neck, my tongue brushing over the short hairs. You press back against me, reaching one hand back to caress my head. My hand gently runs down your stomach, over the smooth material of your panties. With my other hand, I slowly caress your right breast through the material of your bra.

"Miss me?" you sigh.

"Of course," I murmur, without missing a beat. Your nipples begin to stiffen through the bra. The material of your panty crotch begins to get very warm beneath my finger tips. Pressing back harder, you can feel my arousal nestled between the cheeks of your firm buttocks.

"Mmmmm," is all you can say.

Still stroking gently along the crotch of your panties, my fingers begin to feel the moisture of your arousal. Turning to face me, you reach down for the belt on my pants. I push your hands away and shake my head at you. Your face turns into a cute pout. Slipping one of the straps off your shoulder, I begin to kiss down your chest, over one of your breasts. The hard pink nipple comes into view as the cup slides down with the strap. My lips close over it and gently suck it into my mouth. You moan. Your nipple stiffens in my mouth, my teeth gently grazing the pink bud. A sharp intake of breath lets me know you enjoy the attention.

"Mmmmmmmm, that feels so good," you whisper.

I slide the other strap down your shoulder, exposing your other breast and cup it in my hand, feeling its firmness. Slowly, I roll the nipple between my finger and thumb as I continue sucking the other. I release the one from my mouth and start kissing my way around your nipple and across your chest to the other, now stiff, nipple. With my fingers, I begin to caress the saliva moistened nipple as I start to lick and suck its counterpart. My tongue rolls over it, flicking and teasing it to stiffness. Again you sigh and moan. I look up to see your eyes closed, your head tilted back. My tongue begins to trail its way down your stomach, pausing to tease your navel. I kiss and lick around it. The short hairs around your navel are damp with my kisses.

"God! You're making me so hot!" you cry.

My smile widens. I'm not done yet. I trail my lips down over your abdomen to the elastic of your panties. My lips rain soft, gentle kisses over the top of your thong. My lips kiss lower and lower until I reach your panty covered mound. The heat is easily felt through the thin, soft fabric. Your arousal is evident since the cloth is beginning to show signs of dampening. My tongue gently probes you through the crotch of your panties.

"Wow, ohhhh!" is all I hear. I reach up and grasp the elastic of your waistband and slowly peel your underwear down your legs.

You step out of them and kick them across the bathroom. I am now at eye level with your freshly shaven pubes. You look down at me and smile. The very visible lips of your pussy are swollen and damp with arousal. The scent turns me on more and I lean forward, allowing my tongue brush slowly over your wetness. Your hands grasp the edge of the counter as you try to steady your self against the vanity. Parting your legs slightly, I begin licking your stiff clit. Moans give me the feedback I enjoy. Your knees buckle slightly. Reaching up, I spread your lips apart with my thumbs and begin to lick more around the area of your erect clitoris. More juices flow as your arousal grows. My tongue slides down a bit and begins to probe inside you, separating the damp folds just inside your vulva. I stiffen my tongue and begin sliding in and out in a slow, probing action. "God! Ohmigod, does that feel great!" you pant. I look up at you again and see you gently twisting your nipples, head still tilted back, mouth slightly open. Your breath is coming in quicker pants. Standing, I lift you and set you on the countertop. I kiss you, my tongue probing your mouth. You can taste your tangy juices on my tongue and lips. You moan yet again against me.

"I need you inside me," you plead, grasping at the belt again.

This time I don't stop you and you manage to undo my belt and pants and slide them down. My obvious erection is struggling against my underwear. Your hand slips under the elastic and strokes the hot, hard flesh of my cock.

"Ooooh, is that for me!" you squeal.

"You and you alone," I reply. I slip my shorts down and kick them off, accidentally launching them into the tub. We both laugh for a few seconds. You grasp my hardness and stroke it.

"Now where were we?" you ask, your eyes looking into mine.

Slowly, you begin rubbing it up and down your wet slit, teasing your clit with its head. Looking into your eyes, I start kissing you again. My erection slips inside your tight, hot pussy. I am amazed at how hot and wet you are. Gently I push my hips forward, penetrating you.

"Mmmmm. Wow, that's great!" you gasp.

Soon, I have fully entered you, pause, and begin pulling back. Slowly, deliberately, I start penetrating you again. As I do, you try meeting me with a thrust of your own. Your pussy tries to engulf me, to swallow my hard shaft. We begin to build up a gentle rhythm. If possible, I feel you growing hotter and wetter.

"I'm so close," you groan. Sensing your impending orgasm, I begin to thrust harder and faster, hips moving quicker. Your hips rise off the counter to meet me. Suddenly, you arch your back and cry out.

"I'm cumming! Oh God! I'm cumming I'm cumm....ooooooooohhhh!"

I feel your hot pussy contracting on my cock, your spasms gripping and rippling over my throbbing penis. This sets me off. My testicles contract, and I begin to cum as well. My cock spasms as I shoot my hot juices inside your contracting, pulsating pussy. My lips press against yours and my tongue and your tongue meet. Eventually the spasms finish. You lean back against the mirror, the cold surface somewhat shocking to your overheated back. We look into each others eyes and at the exact same moment.

"Wow, that was great!" we exclaim in unison. We pause and laugh.

"Psycho!" we exclaim in unison again.

This sets off another round of laughter as I carry you to bed, ready to introduce even more pleasure.

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The Godfather said...

Who ever the master cocksman is that you sleep with is lucky. A master cocksman like myself would enjoy you.