Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Locking Labs

By Ashling Blackwood
Written by a woman.

Ashley was a stripper, and so the only fooling around with other women up to now had been with the occasional female customers of the Club where she worked, aptly named Buttgammon.

Buttgammon was a cosy out of the way place which was small enough not to be threaening but not too small, along with drinks and food one could also get table dances and even eat fruit salad of a naked lady of their choice!

Ashley was one of the hottest strippers there, she made the most out of the other girls, and was the most asked for, but oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, this made her feel uncomfortable.

She had built up a healthy contempt for guys in her line of work, especially the ones who violated the look but don't touch rule of the establishment.

Women on the other hand, they never violated the rules, they just calmly watched, calmly regarded her, she had never had cause to complain from the women.
And so it was that when a new female customer came in Ashley found herself surprisingly attracted to her, and moreso juts intrigued.

The women had long blonde hair like Ashley, she was pretty but not in a drop dead gorgeous sort of way, she seemed quite shy in fact, and almost ran out the first time she walked in, or so it had seemed to Ashley.
And then even once she had sit down it took her quite a while to spit out her question, did ladies get the table dances too?

Ashley had grinned at this, and watched the serving lady explain that this only occurred if one of the girls agreed to it, this new women then went on to apoligize, as if she had made a major faux pas, the started ordering her meal.
Ashley came forward and told her seductively that she was willing to give her a table dance, then told her the prices that were entailed, the look on the woman's face was one of pure adoration and almost shamed happyness, she agreed.

Ashley discovered her name was Ashling, how odd, that there names were so similiar, and they looked so similiar, Ashley thought that any sexual encounter with her might lean close to incest in her mind.

Ashling was as good a girl as all the rest of them, she sat with her hands folded in her lap, and looked up at her in awe as Ashley went through the moves, closing her eyes as Ashley's breasts were rubbed all over her face, she almost gasped when she felt the nipples.
Then she practically slavered when Ashley removed her panties, and then almost placed her mound on Ashling's face.
And then just to get her really worked up Ashley made as if she was about to give a good licking down below, stopping her head just short of her crotch, she twirled it around then looked up in to Ashling's eyes with a grin.

And then the song was over, Ashley leaned close and kissed Ashling on the cheek, then was gone, thinking to herself how much she had enjoyed the dance, she had almost wished Ashling had been a little naughty, just a lick, just a probing touch, but no matter, perhaps in time she could be goaded.

Ashling would start showing up from time to time after that, every second visit she'd request a dance, and on her seventh altogether she forked up the cash for the naked fruit salad.
No prizes for guessing who was chosen.
Ashley lay with her mirth filled eyes on Ashling as she scooped uppieces of kiwi fruit and apple from Ashley's body.

Ashley then did something she rarely did, she engaged her customer with a little idle banter - what she did - she was a writer - oh how interesting - what do you write? Oh, horror, sci-fi - cool! I'd like to see how a woman handled something like that - Well you can read some if you want, I mean no pressure or anything.
Ashley smiled, this was as innocent way as any to be private with Ashling, even now she was still being a good girl, Ashley needed to erode her self-control, and she could not do it in this public place.
I'd love to read your work, where do you live? and so it had begun there.

Ashling had been so excited that she swallowed a piece of fruit whole without chewing, she gasped for a moment, then she was in control.

Really, my house, I could just bring it here, nah, I might never read it that way, but if I'm at your place I will be obligated to wont I?
Ashling merely nodded, then gave out her address, with the care that a scientist hadled a beaker of acid, Ashley doubted she'd get lost anyway.

That evening after she'd done her last shift at Buttgammon, she made a direct bee-line to Ashling's house, which was really a unit, she knocked and waited, it seemed to take while for Ashling to answer.

Hello? she said - Coming! came a distant reply.
Oh are you? Ashley thought, already? and before I could join in?

The door opened and Ashling, wearing just a t-shirt and some shorts answered.
Ashley mused on both how ridiculous, and how cute Ashling looked, her blonde locks hanging in her eyes.
I didn't know you'd show up so soon, let me put something on .......

Ashley pushed herself in, then maneuvered Ashling on to the single couch in the apartment.
I've got a private cost free dance for you, and this time its hands and anything else you want, on!
I thought you were going to read, mmph.

To shut her up Ashley had pressed her breasts in to Ashling's face.
She then reached in to Ashling's crotch and squeezed, and felt how moist the young writer was getting.

Oh God she moaned, hen tentatively stroked Ashley's hair, then her face, then her neck, and then suddenly they were kissing.
Oh God, mmm, Oh God.
Ashley's heavenly fingers were twisiting in Ashlin's crotch.
The blonde writer dyke's clit was becoming prominent.
Hump me, hump me Ashley, hump your pussy on to mine.

Ashley stopped for a moment, she was enjoying herself so far, but would she go that far, she knew once she had done that that there would be no turning back for her, no sorry, this was just a dance, now it would be sex, they would be fucking like any lovers, like lesbian lovers.

You're the boss, she sighed, then pulled of her panties, then wrenched of Ashling's shorts - her pussy mound finally visible to Ashley's eyes, and Ashley hungrily coveted the chubby slit, with its pinkish clit poking out, demanding attention.
She stroked it, she licked it, then she fucked it.

Ashling was delirious, she kept on shouting over and over again, fuck me, screw me, lock your labs against my own, screw me with your pie, lets french kiss with our vertical lips.
Oh God, Oh God!
And Ashley bared her teeth like an enraged cat, nothing she had ever experienced was like this, it was so incredible, so invasive, so undeniably powerful.

She bit in to Ashling's neck until she bled, then she she licked the blood clean, lapping at her like a vampire, pleasure and pain collided as there clits did the same.
Oh God, Oh God, Oh God please let this last forever, and then they both clomaxed at once, and it was like an explosion, an atomic explosion.
That was an incredible dance, fuck that Ashling, that was one hell of a fuck, they settled in to a sixty-nine position, licking each other gently, nuzzling away the night, they fell asleep in each others arms contented.

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