Friday, March 31, 2006

Rhythm of the Rain Part IV

by Christopher
Written by a man.

The closer Darcy got to the edge, the more I concentrated on her tender, throbbing love-button, which was now as hard as a pebble, toying with it, batting it back and forth with swirling sweeps of my tongue.

Her humping became furious so I pursed my lips around her and placed my tongue on her agonized clitoris and polished it with all the love that a man can have for a woman.

Darcy screamed out her joy, her naked cunny spasming beneath my lips and tongue, her supple body shaking with the heady throes of a blissful, slow-building orgasm.

On and on I sucked at the sweet salty flesh of her oversensitized clit as she came, a paroxysm of pure bliss making her tummy heave her eyes roll, her lips tremble in the hold of pure rapture

We were both standing in one anothers arms in the shower, nuzzling and cuddling with Darcy murmuring her love and her thanks.

"I need to be inside you," I whispered, gesturing to my once-more engorged penis bobbing under its own weight and desperation for release.

Performing cunnilingus on Darcy had always been a major turn-on for me, and tonight was no exception.

She nodded so I bent my knees slightly and brought the knob of my hard shaft against the gaping hole of her pussy, rubbing the bulbous head along her hot, slick cleft.

Staring into her expressive eyes, I hoisted her up.
I knew it would be difficult to maintain my balance, but it didnt make any difference.

My mind was in an erotic haze; the only thing of importance was to have my cock in the snug warmth of her pussy.

Darcy gave a little jump and wrapped her legs around my waist.

She spread her legs just slightly and her cunny opened up like a devouring mouth, immediately tightening around my rod like a velvet glove.

As I began to penetrate, she angled herself so that I slid in slowly. Instinctively, my hips jerked in a hard thrust into that liquid heat and Darcy gasped.

She pushed herself to me in her need and I could feel her squish with wetness.
She had to cross her ankles in the small of my back to keep from sliding down my body, but the angle and the stiffness of my beefy cock helped hold her there.

As I buried my full length into her steamy snatch, Darcy wrapped her arms all the way around my neck, her flushed face against my hair, her plummy nipples brushing my chest.

My own legs were spread apart, my feet planted firmly on the non-skid strips on the shower floor.

The water was streaming down over us, around us between us. I drew my thickened manhood back and drove back in to her silken grotto, needing her urgently.

Rolling my hips, I stroked in and out, slowly at first, savoring the sumptuous crush of her inner membranes caressing me, but soon I found myself succumbing to the instinctive urge to go faster.

She was making me so hot and horny my prick felt like an iron pipe ravishing her delicate flesh, much to her obvious delight.

"Youre so wet inside," I hissed to my panting beloved, who was tensing and relaxing her thighs to give herself the melting friction she so desired.

"So steamy, so juicy. Why dont you rub your clit while I fuck you."

She looked at me questioningly, as her arms were helping to balance her but I reached around and grabbed her rump, squeezing the soft globes while supporting her.

She slipped a hand down between us and there was just enough room between our heaving, grinding hips to watch her long slender fingers swirl through the luscious pink folds of her womanhood and twirl over her swollen clitoris just the way she likes best.

Watching the woman I love give herself pleasure sent a rush through me so, slipping my hands to the base of her buttocks, I began lifting her up and down, helping my meaty cock drill into her sweltering, slushy depths.

The bulbous knob of my penis was striking quite deep now and the unique angle caused the rugged shaft to rub roughly against her tender vulva, the friction sparking off a wave of euphoria spilling over both of us. "Uhhh " she groaned deeply as I pistoned her vulnerable ass harder and harder, skewering her delicate cunny on the jutting shaft of my aching cock.

Our wet bodies made wet splashing sounds as I hammered my hips up to meet her every downstroke, the exotic aroma of heated sex wafting up to us on clouds of steam.

Darcys head tilted back into the spray and the shampoo in her hair, long since forgotten, began to foam up again, spilling between our straining bodies, increasing the slipperiness of flesh on wet, heated flesh.

Darcys legs were tightening around me and she was whimpering, making hard, ragged breaths into my ear. Her erotic moans were a turn-on, as were her nimble fingers, stroking her clit and the juncture of my penis and her vagina, the flashpoint of our joy.

All of a sudden she gave out a shuddering sob and her inner muscles clenched wildly at the thrusting rod piercing her heated pussy as she felt the familiar throes of unendurable ecstasy pulse liquidly from the spasming center of her very being.

I knew it was time.

An instant after I released my control, an inferno of scalding bliss raged through my blood, sparking off the release of my seed.

I tensed almost painfully as I came, a series of soul-stirring bursts of incredibly sweet sensations reverberating up and down my twitching limbs, shadowed by a fountaining squirt of creamy semen flooding her vaginal cavity as the water came down between us, over us, around us.

As I slipped down from the very pinnacles of ecstasy, my wobbly legs became too weak to support Darcy, my limp cock unable to help support the weight of her body.

I let my hands draw away from her bottom and she released her arms from around my neck, letting herself slide all the way down the front of me until her knees were on the shower floor.

The water was still streaming through her hair, but nearly all the shampoo had been washed out.

She gazed in rapt interest at my rapidly deflating penis, hanging soft between my legs.

Even now a few stray drops of come were mingling with the water and she watched as the mixture swirled down the drain.

With the tenderness only a woman in love can know, she fondly washed my organ clean, placing a tiny affectionate kiss on the very tip before rising up to take my hand.

We both got out of the shower and dried each other off with soft, fluffy towels before heading for the bedroom, arms wrapped around one anothers waist, very much in love.

What we had just done was beautiful, intimate, yet also draining.

Dusk was settling in and the storm was passing.

The dying sun, a fiery orb on the darken sea, set the clouds ablaze in hues of dazzling purple and irradiant lavender.

We snuggled in the bed, nestled among cozy sheets, and watched in silent wonder at the daily resplendent annihilation of the sun, the night settling in as a velvet shroud, lulling us both into the sweet oblivion of slumber

I woke with a start and Darcy immediately shushed me, her ears perked up.

I could barely hear the faint sound of the sporadic raindrops, but their slight tapping sounds had their typical profound effect on my wife.

Her back was arched, very tense, so I sleepily suggested she lie face down and let me massage her back while she listened to the opening stages of this latest storm.

I rubbed deep into her back, working my fingers into the taut muscles of her shoulders and upper spine, feeling the tension melt away.

While I was pressing my thumbs into the softer, more pliant skin of her lower back, my palms and the rest of my fingers cupping and squeezing the soft swell into her sweet fanny, she was almost purring with delight, focusing intently on the building shower.

She was whispering dreamily, more to herself than me, about the raindrops rolling down the glass window panes, broken by the sill, hearing their demise through the slightly cracked windows.

As the rain poured and the distant thunder rumbled, my beloved rolled over, her eyes sparkling in the flickering light of the electric lights in the form of quaint antique oil lamps set about the room. I live for that dancing fire in Darcy's ebony eyes, the way it illuminates her strikingly beautiful features.
Her immaculate, dusky-hued skin was infinitely responsive to the loving caresses of my hands, tracing the curve of her cheek, the impudent jut of her chin, the fullness of her lips. Her desire for our love radiated with such a stirring intensity that was both frightening and thrilling.

We kissed and I closed my eyes, drowning in the feel of her breasts surging against my chest, the play of her supple thighs on my own.
With my fingertips, I brushed back the wayward tangles that spilled over behind her ears, sealing them with a fond kiss.

She responded to my loving touch, to the pattering rain, to me with a subtle shift that brought the full length of her gloriously naked body to mine, enveloping me in a sweet, seductive embrace.

Knowing how much she desired me gave me a deep glow of fulfillment, that I could possibly make this angelic lady happy.

Neither of us wanted this intimacy to end.

I could have kissed Darcy for hours, my lips pressed against hers, slightly parted, our tongues tangling in a slow, easy dance, exploring, touching, stroking.

Instead I opened my eyes and broke the heavenly kiss so that I could worship the rest of my beloved.

I stroked my hands along the gentle slope of her neck, the elegant curve of her shoulders, the soft, smooth taper of her flanks and the feminine flare of her hips.

My reverential touch smoothed softly over her fluttering tummy and delicate belly button.

I couldnt get enough of her warm, curvaceous naked body, that mystical female charm of sensuous allure and tender vulnerability that drives me wild.

Sliding upwards, my wandering hands cupped her deliciously lovely breasts, lifting the modest mounds topped by deeply-blushed nipples.

I began to gently fondle her girlish breasts, running my fingers in a rippling motion and she arched her back, giving a deep breathy sigh.

Her nipples responded by jutting out brashly audacious in their want for sexual stimulation.

Lowering my head to her bosom, I began swirling my tongue in sweeping circular motions.

I avoided her tempting peaks as long as I could will myself to resist, which was not long indeed when Darcys hands began roaming my body, teasing me, seducing me.

I lavished attention on each fleshy nub, sucking greedily, flickering my tongue over each succulent bud while tweaking and pinching the other, just the way she likes it.

Darcys breathing was heavy, her body hot, her urgent hips telling me what she wanted, what she needed. While the pummeling rain drenched the shore, thunder and lightning filling the gloom, we continued exploring each other, yearning for each other.

While I began to trail kisses lower, my hands roamed ahead, caressing her thighs and then her calves.

My tongue was swirling about in her navel as I tenderly kneaded my way back up, focusing on the satiny-smooth flesh of her inner thighs, my fingers tantalizingly close to her most private of places.

She opened her legs, revealing herself to be dewy, wanting me to rub her, kiss her, lick her.

I wasnt ready just quite yet, my tongue tasting tiny droplets of perspiration on her lower torso, my hands stroking slightly quavering thighs, knowing every moment of this excruciating torture would make the final moment ever the sweeter.

Kneeling before my panting, flushed wife, I cupped the supple cheeks of her tush and began kissing the exposed flesh, moving around her moist cleft, kissing and touching everywhere except the molten core of her lust.

When I blew a burst of breath into her curls, wet with her liquid arousal, she purred louder and her hips undulated rhythmically.

Her body was begging me for relief.

I nuzzled my nose in her aromatic bush, inhaling the deep, rich, primal musk unique to Darcy in heat.

I couldnt stand it any longer: I simply had to taste her.

I moved my lover until her knees were on either side of my head and her sweet pussy just brushed up against my watering lips.

Breathing lightly on her swollen, pouty labia, I extended my tongue and slipped it along her pink fleshy folds, from bottom to top, down the other side.

Darcy's hand caught my cheek as I slid along the inside of her puffy lips, lightly at first then harder, bearing down on her pleasure points. As my tongue skated along her buttery labia, I watched her clitoris peek out of its protective cloak, good and hard.
I sucked her entire pussy into my mouth, squeezing her salty-sweet sex with the insides of my cheeks, my tongue darting and weaving among the succulent swells and hollows.

She hissed her uninhibited delight, her creamy thighs coming together tightly, her fingers threading in my hair, urging, pleading.

I didnt leave her wanting. I began pushing my tongue into her mushy opening, twisting it about as I burrowed into her cunny.

My tongue explored as deeply as it could in her steamy hole. Her pussy was crushed velvet inside, the glossy membranes, very warm, very responsive, and she tasted sweeter than a dream.

But even as my tongue slipped in and out of her over-flowing honeypot, Darcy whimpered greedily for more and I knew exactly what that was.

Her clitoris had protruded out of that juncture where her creases melted together, a delicious piece of candy.

I lapped delicately at her love-bud, using tiny flickering brushes Darcy affectionately calls "butterfly kisses."
The tiny organ throbbed in my mouth and her purring deepened into a growl.

The erotic energy of the scene was matched only by the fury of the storm outside.

Lightning suddenly seared the sky followed by a tremendous crack of thunder, the lights flickering then dousing completely, leaving us in pitch darkness.

We were unscathed and I knew Darcy's body so well I didnt need my eyes to give her oral pleasure.
Matching the rhythm of the rain driving into the window, I teased and thrilled her little bud.

The driving beat of the downpour mimicked my noisy slurps and suckles.
I was rewarded by a flash of lightning that gave me a perfect snapshot of her flushed face, gasping mouth and heaving breasts.
She pushed further into my mouth, her hips grinding demandingly and I fairly lashed her swollen clitoris.

She began to thrash about wildly as the culmination of her innermost desires pulsed through her veins and glowed hotly within her frantically spasming cunny, spreading her syrupy wetness all over my eager face.


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