Friday, March 24, 2006

Rhythm of the Rain Part I

By Christopher
Written by a man.

Darcy and I had looked forward to our summer vacation at the North Carolina shore for months.

We had both been under a lot of strain with my deadlines at work and her own pressures at school.
The weather cooperated with sunny, warm days and cool nights punctuated by the salty, refreshing breezes coming off the ocean.
We spent long, lazy, romantic hours strolling along the beach barefoot, feeling the suns lulling warmth on our shoulders, watching the long deep swells of the quiet Atlantic.

A few times we went on bicycle trips through the quaint, picturesque harbor town of Chincoteague, admiring the sloops with their crisp white sails and the old fashioned shops and romantic cafes that lined the cobbled streets.
It was the perfect time to reaffirm the deep love we felt for one another and rekindle the sensual and erotic feelings we had let lapse somewhat.

One day, while driving in the car from a deliciously fresh crab leg and chowder lunch on the opposite side of the peninsula, we passed through an idyllic Southern pine forest and Darcy, being the nature girl that she is, insisted that we stop for a look.

It was a gloriously beautiful day and we strolled about the lush glades and burbling brooks, her soft, warm hand in mine, her head resting on my shoulder.

My Darcy is one special lady.
She has the thickest, most sensuous ebony hair, usually drawn up short but on that day she let it tumble down in a cascade of glossy curls, a few precious ringlets curling about her cheeks.
Her immaculate skin is exotically dusky, accentuating the enticing allure of her shapely body.
The tiny sapphires she wears in her ears and at her throat pale in comparison to the glittering luminescence of her almost liquid eyes, so deep yet so vulnerable, the windows to her soul, the reflections of her heart.
My God, I do love that woman!

We came to a secluded little pond and rested there, our bare feet wiggling in the cool water, tossing pebbles, giggling and laughing, talking about her, me, us.

I cant imagine how long we sat there chatting and reminiscing but it came as a shock to feel a chill bite to the suddenly blustering winds.

Looking up, we were pretty much shocked to see our perfect day was now marked by slate-gray skies with dark, threatening clouds building up just off the coast.
It was very obvious that there was a very turbulent storm rumbling up the seashore.

While Darcy and I didnt want to break up our little sojourn, those thunderheads were looking almost vicious, bringing up an almost palpable tension in the air.

We raced for the car, but even as we slammed shut the doors to the little Miata, the rain was falling in sporadic, heavy drops, splashing dully on the convertibles roof in a slow, mounting rhythm of sorts.

Before Darcy and I became lovers, I thought that I knew her really well, but I soon found out that there are things that invoke seething lust in my lovely lady other than a mans broad chest, tight buns or a thick, meaty penis.

Some women get in the mood for sex by simply listening to soft music or by dressing in sexy lingerie, but for her it takes something else to put her hormones in a tizzy and make her pussy crawl with arousal listening to the rain.

I was the first man she ever confided her particular turn-on to and I could tell by the way she kept blushing and the naked look in her eyes that she was entrusting me with something highly cherished, profoundly intimate.

I know that she still thinks its childish but trust me, there is nothing childish about her on a rainy day: she is an insatiably horny woman!

Needless to say, I was intrigued by this unique side of Darcys sexuality and gently drew out more details.

One day we were talking about our earliest experiences with masturbation and she told me that even as a young girl, the rain was special.

She had her bedroom in the loft of an A-frame house and the patter of the falling rain would calm her and put her in a dreamy state.

Only many years later did she realize that what she had thought was a mystical trance was actually sexual arousal.

Even now, she tells me that the rain is like making love; just imagine a drizzle as comparable to gentle, romantic sex, while a full-blown is the equivalent to wild, hot, steamy fucking. "Its the sound they make," she'll whisper if we're in bed and she starts hearing the drops falling.

Over the years, I've learned to welcome the onset of a storm because of how much it heightens Darcys passion and desire.

Whenever an azure sky turns a dirty white, blending with dull clouds, she inevitably finds me, if Im at home, and we begin to fondle one another.

And when the lightning is flashing all around us and the thunder is coming in rolling crashes, something extraordinary happens.

The sun maybe shining on another part of the world, but it certainly doesnt see my frantic wife going absolutely crazy-horny over wild sex with the sound of the rain punctuating her every moan, grunt, whimper, shriek and scream.

You know all those stories that start with, "It was a dark and stormy night"?
Well, as I began driving the Miata back to our hotel, this was the real thing, sans the night, though the sky was becoming so dark it might as well have been.

The rain was really coming down, glittering, translucent sheets that pounded relentlessly onto the car.

I cant say as I was surprised when Darcys hands moved down to cup her high breasts, shuddering at her own touch.

Shes told me many times that to her that unique sound dances out a delicious little rhythm on her clit and her nipples.

A quick glance at her bra-less blouse showed her brownish points poking shamelessly against the flimsy cotton.

My cock surged in response, getting ready for the hot sex wed most definitely be having once we got to the motel room.

Usually by this point, Darcys hands would be all over me, but the intensity of the storm was growing dangerous.

Instead, she simply hiked her skirt and drew her panties to the side, exposing a moist delta of tangled curls and sensitive pink lips for her stroking finger.

I groaned, knowing how awful the driving was but unable to keep the intensely erotic scene of my girl parting her beckoning tender flesh so she could stimulate herself to the very core of hey pussy.

Despite the fact that I was probably tailgating the guy in front of me in hopes that he was more familiar with the landscape, I couldnt tear my eyes away from Darcy as she played with her juicy cunny.

Her teeth were nipping the fullness of her lower lip while she rubbed at the morsel of her clit with blissful abandon.

It was a unique mixture of relief and frustration when we pulled into The Surfside, our hotel, and knew wed have to finish it a little later.

We grabbed the essentials from our car and ran through the steady downpour toward our separate bungalow.

Glancing over at her as I fumbled with the door key, Darcy was absolutely drenched, bedraggled, dripping wet, but gorgeous with her remarkably long, dark eyelashes and her soaked blouse clinging to her perky breasts.

She was panting heavily, not caused by our mad dash for cover as evidenced by her ripe nipples, firm and stiff, sticking out like tiny fists.
There was a saucy wiggle to her cute little tush as she sauntered into our room.

It really was a nice place.
The bed was very generously sized with thick blankets and fluffy pillows.
The pictures hung on the wall in oak frames, all done in a lighthouse motif, and there was a large vanity dresser.

Darcy tossed her purse down on top of it, making her way towards the large and spacious bathroom on the other end of the room.

I heard her turn on the full-size walk-in shower and thought about joining her but I found myself caught up by the expansive, panoramic view of the ocean afforded by the wraparound windows and the balcony beyond.

It was like that from bow of a ship fighting the angry North Atlantic. I had never been at the shore when a true
noreaster roared through like this.

Huge waves rose, crested and attacked like charging beasts, the sound reverberating up there, a good hundred yards distant.

It was an awe-inspiring sight.

I dont know how long I stood there watching the breath-taking spectacle of nature as if it were playing for an audience of one.

I even forgot what sort of effect it would have on Darcy until she approached the sliding glass doors for a better view.

She was completely nude and the sight of her naked form standing there against the harsh backdrop of the storm was something to behold.

The soft light of the room against the gathering gloom outside put her in an intriguing silhouette.

Soft shadows played over the long flowing curve of her back, tapering into an attractive narrow waist.
Her hips swelled smoothly out, the rounded mounds of her rump growing out shapely and firm.

Seemingly oblivious to her own nakedness, as well as myself, she listened intently to the rain, moving her body to the simple rhythm, bouncing her finger in the air to keep time.
She didnt turn but I knew she could feel my admiring gaze.

To me, there is nothing sexier than looking at the woman I love in her natural state, to allow myself to fall to the seductive allure of soft sensuous curves and silky-warm flesh that drives this man wild.

Darcy, acting on her vixenish impulses, pressed her hands to the glass and leaned forward until her nipples touched the cold, clear wall that shielded her from the rain, enjoying this little show just as much as I was.

With slow, easy motion, Darcy sat down in front of me, facing out to the ocean.
Her shoulders were nestled between my thighs as she leaned back against the chair I was sitting in. Her head tilted back slightly as I stroked her hair, ears, and neck. I have charted her body well during long, slow, loving explorations with eyes, fingers, tongue. I know every line and curve, every swell and hollow, every mound and orifice.

I know what makes her shiver, what makes her sweat, what makes her drip and flow.

I know how to make her cry out in need as well as how to make her cry out with satisfaction.
I know Darcys body and I love her body.
And right then I knew that the storm outside was making her tremble with arousal.
With her knees up and splayed, it was almost as if she were allowing the waves to rise up and lick her pussy, as if she were saying to the mighty Poseidon, "Come fuck me! Give me all you got!"

Without a word, Darcy, with her sweet crooked smile, turned around and we stared at each other with unconcealed desire spilling over into lust.
I started to speak but she placed a long slender finger over my lips and breathed, "Hush. Let me entertain you." Grinning like a kid in a candy store, I sat back and enjoyed.

Listening to the patter of the rain outside, Darcy started dancing for me, undulating her taut abdomen and sleek thighs, her lovely breasts bobbling delightfully.
Darcys eyes stayed on mine all the while, her dark lips faintly upturned at the corners of her pretty mouth.
Her cheeks were flushed and her skin shone with a natural dusky gleam.
I was a bit more blatant, my attention continuously brought back to the heavenly sight of her beautifully thick pubic bush.

The intimate triangle was dense and deep, giving me only tantalizing glimpses of plump lips.

I stood up as she danced with her back to me, saucily wiggling her cure little bubble-butt.
Her bottom was soft and round and lovely, veritably craving to be touched, and when I did, fondling the supple, smooth globes, she purred, tilting her head.
I kissed the delicate slope of her neck, smoothing my hands up the long flow of her back before curving around to cup the resilient handfuls of her high breasts.

I moved my fingers lovingly over the firm warm mounds, caressing, squeezing teasing her by letting my fingers only occasionally brush across the plum-colored crests of those ripe melons.
Only when Darcy began to shudder at my gentle strokes, arching her back to push her bosom into my hands, did I catch a tender nipple, rolling the hard nubbin between thumb and forefinger, eliciting a sharp gasp from my beloved.

She began to rock back and forth, whispering, "Oh, honey. You make me want it so badly."

Darcy turned in the cradle of my legs and reached for me, clutching me behind my head and kissing me deeply.
Her writhing tongue danced in my mouth as she crushed her lips to mine I could feel the wet heat of her needy pussy rubbing against my thigh and noticed the hardness of her nipples scraping against my chest.
Darcy often plays the role of aggressor so I wasnt terribly surprised when she tugged off my shirt then yanked down my shorts.

She hissed her delight at the sight of my full erection, her fingers curling about the thickened shaft and stroking excitedly.
My cock was as hard and as hot as I was. We hadnt had a good thunderstorm in a while.

Suddenly Darcy pulled back, trying to catch her breath as the sound of the falling rain echoed around us. Placing my hand on her chest, I could feel her heart pounding.

"Let's try something different this time," she said with a sly smile.
"Lets do it out on the balcony."

"Out in the rain?" I replied incredulously, as if she had temporarily lost her senses.
I took a quick glance outside, noticing the tiny splashes on the chairs and table, and thought it was crazy.
Someone might see us.
But someone might have seen us in the movie theater bathroom that one time.
And how about the time on the beach?
The element of danger as always added some spice.
And, believe it or not, despite Darcys preoccupation with the rain, wed never actually made love out in the middle of a shower.
Knowing how aroused this would make Darcy, plus the fact we could simply go back inside if it wasnt turning out well, I agreed.

I followed Darcy out onto the balcony and was immediately hit by the shock of the cold rain hitting my naked body.
The seashore was eerily overcast, the darkened clouds pouring a drenching deluge.
I grabbed my girl by the waist and held her tight as she opened her mouth to let my twisting tongue.
She was a tigress in my arms, rubbing, undulating, stroking and groaning, her wild kisses alone betraying her voracious hunger.
She was insatiably horny, the beat of the rain stoking the raging fires of her arousal to a fever pitch.

The rain continuously splashed on our heads and shoulders and pecked at the cast iron railing and wooden floor of the balcony.
It brushed the thirsty, swaying leaves of the palm trees nearby.
And the sound of each and every drop was obviously making Darcys pussy tingle with delight.

With a deft motion, Darcy slipped out of my arms, went to the railing and bent over, completely exposing her deliciously rounded bottom.


My lust for her became more inflamed than ever and I couldnt help passing my tongue over my lips as I surveyed and admired the contours of her ripe backside, the rounds of her buttocks, the deep valley between them, and her luscious sex, a sweet split peach, nestled between her protective thighs.
Darcy glanced back over her shoulder, her eyes glittering as she saw my swollen penis jutting out like a fleshy spear from my groin.
"Hey baby," she said in a throaty whisper, her fingers slipping down to open up the soft, naked flesh of her sodden vulva to expose the succulent pink within.

"Come here and give us what we both want."

Heart pounding beneath my chest, desire pulsing through my blood, my loins throbbing with lust for her, I came up behind my horny lady.

I placed one hand on her waist while I smoothed the other along the creamy cool skin of her rear.
The splashing rhythm of the rain echoed and I breathed hot into Darcys hair.
My achingly hard cock was pressed against her soft, supple ass and I moved the hand that had been at her waist up to her bosom, finger and thumb plucking gingerly at one of her dark, thimble-like nipples.
I snaked my other hand in between her legs and cupped her moist cunny, my fingertips swirling insistently through the wet folds, searching for her slippery little clitoris.

Darcys reaction was immediate, squeezing her thighs together, holding my hand close to her steamy puss.
I could almost feel a pulse of ecstasy as I stroked through her sloppy slit, my imprisoned fingers rubbing at the quavering morsel of her clit in quick, circular motions.

This sensuous masturbation was not only thrilling to Darcy but to myself as well.
I was becoming incredibly horny as well, my breath was coming in short bursts, my face felt hot and flushed, and my cock was obscenely swollen, the bluish veins threading down the engorged meaty shaft like corded steel wires.
The bulbous head had turned a fiery reddish-purple and was pulsating with desire, drawing up a glistening pearly drop.

My testicles felt impossibly swollen, as if the twin reservoirs were filled to bursting with seed.
I begged Darcy to release my hand so I could replace it with something even more pleasing.

Without a word, she wriggled up so that her head and upper torso were bent quite low over the railing, allowing her to push her glorious backside upwards.

Raising her hand, she reached for my jutting pole, guiding it to nestle among her silky-wet folds.
"Give it to me, baby," she whispered in a tremulous voice, her desire almost palpable.
"I need you in me so badly."
Holding her close again, I angled her legs a little further apart to give me full access to the lush, ripe petals then gently eased the blunt knob forward.

For a few seconds I encountered slight resistance but then Darcy instinctively shifted forward, allowing the full length of my shaft to slide into her sweetness with a lovely squishing sound.

Each time with Darcy is like the first time for me; I never fail to be amazed at how wet and hot she is, once my cock is pressed up inside her steamy channel!
I wanted to go slowly, to luxuriate in that velvety heat, to build myself up over time, but I just couldnt do it.
It was just too joyous to plunge my beefy penis again and again into her succulent depths.
With the cold, splashing rain pounding our naked, writhing bodies, it felt like we were animals fucking in the middle of a jungle, with me humping my woman the way a male lion mates with a lioness.
I was bent over her, hands grasping her waist, my meaty cock sluicing into her slushy cunny like I was in heat.

The long sighs issuing from her mouth told me that Darcy had completely given herself over to the sensations now flooding through her body and transmitting themselves through the tip of my pistoning rod, down through the shaft to my very soul.
I pumped my swollen organ in and out of her with rhythmic thrusts, completely filling up her juicy well with every deep stroke.

Each time as I withdrew, my cock seemed even wetter, so that even my balls were soon soaked with her flowing fluids; when I rammed it back in, burying myself to the hilt, the pair in their sac slapped against her ass

Not content to merely receive my thrusts, she began to twist her ass in undulating motions, thus taking my pounding cock even deeper, holding it firmly while her glossy inner membranes clutched at it greedily.

Again and again I drove my aching manhood into the nestling heat of her vagina, jerking my hips as she whimpered with the pleasure of making hot, passionate love in the pouring rain.
To add to her pleasure, one of my hands ran over her quivering tummy and up to her pillowy breasts, groping the swaying, pudding-soft tit and the firm ripe nipple.
Laying my weight along the arch of her back allowed me to bring my other hand down to her pussy, scooping a dollop of her syrupy lubrication and massaging the slippery mess where I knew it would do the most good.

Darcy joyfully responded to this added stimulation, squirming and wriggling about to such an extent that I had to work to keep my cock inside of her without the use of my hands.
I began to feel the first sweet stirrings of an impending release.
With each lunge, my balls were growing tighter and tighter, until they no longer hung down but were hard up against the root of my prick, all but bursting with the pressure of the bubbling semen they held inside.

She seemed to sense this, and she moved her hand down so that she could fondle my scrotum as it swung against her.
She was pulling me deep into her and I was pushing on her as hard as I could, pumping with my hips and stomach while my hands were squeezing her tits and stroking her cunny, stimulating her to the very core of her being.

Without warning came a strong gust of wind, bringing with it a rush of rain that slammed into us.

The sound of it was thunder without the thunder and it sent Darcy tumbling over the edge.

Writhing in unbridled joy, her back arched, she came, nearly sobbing with the great racking tremors of pure bliss. Her inner walls began to pulse erratically, gripping me wetly and firmly in a truly seductive embrace.

I managed to resist the urge to come myself, having not quite reached the highest levels of arousal.

I continued to pinch the plums of her nipples while roughly fingering her pulsating clit, compounding the sweet agony of her climax which made her pretty mouth open wide in pleasure, seemingly releasing all her orgasmic energy into the smoky-gray sky.

With Darcy having already achieved her orgasm I was now free to focus on my own.
I brought my hands to her hips and banged my cock into her, holding her firm, pulling her into me with each stroke. I was on fire for her, and I could not fuck her fast enough: my hips were moving like the piston of a steam engine at full throttle.

With my climax pulsing liquidly between my shivering lips, so very close to blossoming, I plunged furiously into her fiery pussy, needing desperately to reach that crest.

She was so hot within my cock felt as if it was being scorched by that deliquescent heat.

The pressure was such that I could hardly stand and I cried out for the want of ecstasy to relieve that exquisite anguish.

In an instant that gave no warning, my ramrodding cock buried itself one last time then expanded infinitely inside her.

Tremors of spasming ecstasy rippled blissfully beneath my trembling stomach, like the spreading wake of a stone dropped into a warm pond.
I could feel myself releasing my fluids deep within her even as the breathlessly sweet sensations reverberated within my veins, coiling in the sensitive flesh of my engulfed penis, quivering in open lips that grunted and whimpered.
I surrendered myself utterly to those dazzling pleasures coursing through my body.

It seemed that my spurting might go on forever, deep inside her, and she said that she could feel it splashing within while the culmination of my lusts and desires rolled on, and on.

Despite the chill rain, we actually stood there, naked in the midst of a growing storm, holding on to one another, warmed by each others body heat and the depth of emotions we both shared.

We knew it was time to get inside when a jagged bolt of lightning struck in the distance, shaking us from our dreamy state.

Giggling at how silly and yet how intimate our lovemaking had been, we hurried back inside to safety, hand in hand.

Even with her hair plastered down to her cheeks and every drop of makeup washed off her face, Darcy was breathtakingly beautiful to me.

Her perfect breast bobbed in time with her step and streams of fresh rainwater trickled down her shapely thighs, seemingly designed to protect her delicate pussy.

She was shivering and I reached out to hold her.
"Youre freezing, Darcy."

"I am very cold," she admitted, her teeth chattering.
"Im going to take a hot shower.
Care to join me? You look as cold and drenched as I feel. "

I thanked her but told her I was going to clean up the mess we made first.

Darcy nodded then told me if I changed my mind I shouldnt hesitate to join her.
We kissed fondly, and her mouth was warm but her breasts were quite cold. I gave her a playful slap on the fanny and told her to go get that shower.

I was toweling up the puddles wed left on the floor when I heard the water being turned on.
The rain was still splashing against the windowpanes and I smiled, remembering Darcys pure joy during the lovemaking, how excited the rain had made her.
I was quite surprised to feel a sudden small twitch in my penis so soon after sex.
Perhaps I would take up her offer to share that shower.

The moment I opened the door to the bathroom, a hot billow of steam came rushing out.
I had learned that Darcy loves her showers nice and hot, and what with us being out in the chilly rain, this one was exceptionally toasty.

Though the glass was rippled, I could easily make out Darcys naked form as she slowly lathered her hair with sudsy shampoo.
She must have heard me enter because right away she opened up the shower door.

The steam-filtered light seemed to bathe her in an ethereal radiance which combined with the rivulets streaming down her sleek wet body, seemed to accentuate her lush curves, immaculately silken flesh, and ebony hair slicked back from an angelic face resplendent with life and love.

She had one slender arm high on the shower door, the other behind her, and her high, perky breasts were crested by ripe, plump nipples, tiny crystalline drops of water dangling from those plum-colored tips.
Her nubile body shimmered with dampness and clinging steam, the tiny streams spilling about the indented bowl of her navel before to flow down long svelte thighs.

It bypassed the thick tangle of sable curls through which peeked her rosy petals, still plump from our earlier lovemaking, moist from not only the showers heat but also from the moisture seeping from within.

Darcys sexual arousal was not something that she, much less I, could simply turn on and off.
She often needed a good of soft , sensual kissing and gentle caressing that would slowly progress to more intimate snuggling and then to provocative fondling.

But right then, as she stood there in the steamy air fragrant with the stirring aroma of her womanhood in heat, she was very ready and willing, offering her self up to me.

Seeing her like that was very exciting to me but I told myself that I was going to hold myself in check, to allow us to enjoy the intimacy of each other without my desire becoming a mindless lust.

Closing the door as I joined my smiling wife in the shower, I shut out the world, giving us time and space to bathe one another which, while not very rare, was always treasured.

I began by starting where she had left off : washing her hair.

Reaching for the shampoo, I poured some of the greenish gel into my hand then worked into her hair.
I began to rub it in slowly, letting it lather fully, keeping her head out of the spray so the soap could work into her scalp, as she likes it.

She pushed the few stray strands back away from her forehead, allowing me to draw it together behind her ears.

With the shampooing done for the meantime, I took the bar of vanilla-scented soap and began to rub it all over her body, delighting in the way my hands slipped around her curves, feeling the wetness of her naked skin, the seductive heat pulsing just below the velvety surface.
She gasped as slipped my fingers along her upper inner thighs, and though I deliberately stayed away from her furry delta, I could already feel a tiny rivulet, thicker and slicker than the water.


brought my finger playfully to her mouth, tracing her full, pouty lips before letting her suck the tips, letting her show me her need for my love, my touch.

Continuing to tease her, knowing that it would only sweeten the moment for both of us, I had her turn around, ostensibly to cleanse her shoulders and back but really to allow her to feel my soft penis against her bottom, a great turn-on for her.

Soon my hands strayed about the front of her slippery torso and soon I was gently massaging the pert globes of her breasts.
How diligently I soaped her silken skin, cupping and releasing those resilient handfuls, squeezing.
Eventually, of course, my fingers would discover the stiffened nubs which crowned her high, dusky mounds, and I tortured them mercilessly.

With her back turned to me and her head dreamily inclined, Darcy shivered at my touch.
The irresistible caress of my knowing fingertips upon her throbbing nipples inflamed her passions unbearably, making her body crave for even more. I tried to prolong her erotic agony, because, I was loath to release her from the sweet bondage of her need.
I hate to admit it, but the knowledge that I controlled her sexy body made it quiver and sweat and long for more was deliciously arousing. Her lovely dark face was flushed with pleasure, but she reddened further as I made her tell me her innermost desires.

"Tell me," I whispered to Darcy as I stood behind her, naked in the steamy warmth of the shower.

I rolled her stiffened nipples between my naughty fingers and thumbs.

Her body writhed under my tantalizing stimulation, wicked twistings and pullings, which whetted her appetite but refused to grant the release they made her fevered body hunger for.

"Tell me what you want me to do," I murmured into her ear, letting my tongue run slightly across the trembling lobe before pushing my face into the fragrant mass of hair to nuzzle the downy nape of her neck.

"You know what you need and I will give it to you but you must tell me your desire."

"Kiss me!" she breathed hotly, turning so that now the water was hitting her back, some of it coming over her shoulders to strike me in the upper chest.

Our bodies, slick and heated, slid together in a passionate embrace.

I took her chin in my hands and parted her quivering lips with my thrusting tongue, searching and exploring her mouth.

Soon my wet, consuming kisses were trailing along her delicate nose, brushing her adorable cheeks and tracing her lovely chin.
I swept my tongue along her throat into the tiny hollow at the base, feeling her blood pulse hot and quick.


With Darcys fingers tangled in my hair to guide me, I made my way down to her bosom.
Taking a ripe swell into my hands, my fingers pressing into that remarkable doughy resilience, I began to suckle on the dark plums of her tightly knotted nipples.
I pulled those dusky buds into my lips with reverent lips, nursing as eagerly as any newborn babe.

I sucked her tingling titties deep between my flushed cheeks, one after the other, lashing fiercely with my tongue.
Darcy tossed her head fitfully, her eyes blissfully closed, tracing my cheeks fondly with her grateful fingers.

It felt so good to both of us to have her in my mouth like that, but we both knew that even greater pleasures were awaiting.

Darcy sighed as I took my mouth away from her plump nipple and reached for the shampoo.

She moved closer, our wet bodies pressing against each other, her right hand mingling with mine.

Our mouths met in a hard kiss, our tongues tangling fiercely.
Clutching my head in her hands, she gave a little moan before crushing her lips into mine, lashing my tongue with her own.
I was somehow able to pour some more of the gel into my hand, but instead of reaching for her hair, my slickened hand slid down her flat tummy to seek out the core of her very femininity.

I began to massage the tiny dark curls of the bush between her legs into a rich foamy lather.

Giggling at my brashness, Darcy returned my caresses, kneading my chest and pinching my own nipples with her small, delicate hands.

I slid my hand between her firm thighs as she whispered my name and bent her knees, opening herself for my touch.

She was very ready for me, her slit awash with shameless lubrication, so I slipped my fingers down her fleshy cleft to gently stroke her labia.

I cant imagine anything feeling as smooth and inviting as my wifes vagina; I could feel every fold and hollow beneath my soapy fingers.
I had learned, from her tutelage and happy experimentation, that the she derived the most pleasure when I stroked her slyly, making her thickening pussylips open up like the dewy petals of an exotic orchid, baring the trembling bud of her clitoris.

When I gently opened those silken pink petals, my forefinger drew naughty teasing circles about that quavering morsel, Darcy tilted her head back and gave a throaty moan.

That tiny nub is hypersensitive and she can only bear prolonged stimulation when shes nearing the crest of an orgasm so I settled on sliding a finger between her dripping lips and inside her sultry channel. Her pussy was a wet furnace, liquid fire pulsing within those velvety inner membranes, awakening her vaginal muscles.

They began their instinctive swallowing motion that I know oh-so-well, making the entire length of the passage tremble with the first stirrings of the build towards an orgasmic release.

Darcy pressed me forward into the stream of hot water.
Now it was hitting me on the back of my head and striking her on the face and the top of her head.
The lather of the shampoo began to slide down her naked body; some of it spilling over her quivering boobs and tummy to flow down her loins where my finger was continuing its slow churning of her steamy depths.

She crushed the full length of her body against mine, rocking her open pussy down onto my pleasuring hand, trying to force my finger even deeper into her needy cunny.
The slipperiness of the bubbly soap helped fantastically as we began grinding the front of our bodies harder and harder against each other.

I was achingly aware of the bulbous tip of my soft penis brushing up against her shapely thighs.

Within a few minutes, I was easily able to introduce a second finger, the added stimulation quickly bringing up a fresh wash of lubricating juices welling up from somewhere inside her.

Meanwhile, Darcys right hand slid down my chest, gathering some of the creamy lather.
When she'd gathered up enough, she moved her hand to the base of my limp manhood.

Slowly she began to coat my penis with the suds, her thumb and pinky encircling the base, her forefinger at the top.

She has told me many times that there is nothing for her quite like watching my cock grow from its flaccid, vulnerable state to its full impressive length. It makes her fell very sexy, very sensuous, very wanted, which of course she is.

All shampooing had been long since forgotten.
Darcys panting was harsh, a'rhythmic as our tongues twisted wildly in one anothers mouth, like some primitive mating ritual, as we fondled one anothers sex.

Two of my sticky fingers were pounding in and out of her drenched pussy, lathering her sensitive bud with juices and I knew now she was ready.
She was wonderfully responsive as I began to fondle her clitoris with my thumb and I thrilled to the sight of her, the slippery feel of her body against mine.
Hot, squishy sounds echoed in the small tiled shower, merging with Darcys sharp gasps and mewling cries along with the unique rhythm of the water to form an intensely erotic chorus building towards its crescendo.

She was almost there, so I just started drilling my fingers into her, plunging so deep into her sultry snatch that I thought I could feel her cervix.

Her entire body began to tremble and I had to grab her firm bottom in my free hand to keep her from tumbling over.

With a sudden, violent jerking of her hips, Darcy came with a long, shrill cry, her cunny pulsing with each blissful eruption within her loins.

On and on her pleasure pulsed, hot and joyous and strong, until she finally sank to her knees, her entire body trembling with the exquisite aftershocks of her orgasm.

When she'd recovered enough to stand on her own, I took Darcy in my arms under the warm water.
As I lovingly fondled a perky breast, squeezing it with my whole hand, letting the nipple come between the thumb and forefinger, I wasnt surprised that it wasnt too many minutes before she began to react to my touch.
Once you get her fires burning, they aren't easily doused.
She's always told me her first orgasm was like being hit by a freight train - it takes her a little time to recover but once she does, she says its easier for her to get aroused than it does to get horny in the first place.
True story:

one night, with the help of a sturdy cock ring and some truly inspired fellatio, I brought her to no less than six orgasms in roughly ninety minutes using penetration alone (no cunnilingus) and I had to be the one to call it off.

When Darcy was ready for some more sexplay, she reached for the soap, whispering saucily that it was my turn. I looked at her shining eyes, big and dark, almost pitch black, gazing up at me through beautifully long lashes as she took my softened penis in her soft, skilled hands and began to lather me up.
She gave me a nice slow massage up and down my organ before kneeling down to slide my slowly swelling shaft between her glistening breasts.

They arent big enough to touch one another so she tucked my cock up against one and forced the weight over so that I was nearly entirely enfolded in a silky blanket of tempting breast-flesh.
She gently urged me with gentle nudges of her hands on my ass so that I soon found myself sliding in a nice, slow rhythm, rocking in that slippery, unique embrace.

Darcy, humming softly to herself, kept sliding her tits up and down until my penis began to swell into a respectable half-erect size.

She then leaned forward and began to kiss my stomach, hips and thighs before leaning down to take both of my testicles in her mouth, exploring the wrinkled flesh with her lips and cheeks, pushing the twin spheres about with her clever tongue.

At the same time she continued to masturbate me with her hands, taking the dollop of pre-come and using it to lubricate the spongy head.
"Oh, that feels sooo good," I crooned, my knees shaky from the sudden gentle wash of lulling bliss that drifted through me.

When Darcy rose from my balls, she was entranced by the sudden sight of my penis bobbing in its full erection, curving slightly, pointing straight up in front of me.

With her eyes glittering naughtily, she began to lick me as if I were a sweet ice cream cone, flicking her nimble tongue up and down the sides of my cock, tickling the pulsing veins.

She traveled up and down the shaft with long, lazy laps.

Her hand grabbed the base of my beefy manhood and she pressed her face against it, rubbing it over her cheeks before running her lips from my heavy balls to the spongy ridge of the mushroomy glans.
She made love to my penis, kissing there, lapping there, never hurried, savoring her treat.
With her hair pulled back, I could watch her worship my cock with her mouth, selecting a droplet of water from the shower and thoroughly lick it off.
Her thrilling oral foreplay left me paralyzed, caught on the razors edge of wanting to go on forever like this but desperately needing more.

Finally Darcy brought my wet and throbbing erection to her mouth and let my bulbous, blunt tip bump against her open lips, slightly parted now to welcome me.
She kissed the fleshy dome before sticking out her kittenish tongue to touch me there, tasting the tiny drop that had once more welled up, letting it ride over her tongue, letting me wait.

I stiffened with sweet shock and exquisite pleasure as the heat of her mouth enveloped my cockhead.

She gripped the plump knob with her lips, whipping the velvety flesh with her fluttering tongue, before drawing it into her sultry mouth.
Sucking just the head first, her lips just slipping over the ridge, she worked the mauve-hued glans with a sensuous dexterity, eliciting a sudden surge of heady euphoria within my trembling heart. My breath felt like fire.
I gasped and thrust my hips, willing her to take me, consume me, devour me.

I was panting, burning up, when she suddenly stopped licking and slurped me deep into her mouth.

Using her tongue quickly and ticklingly, she plunged my rock-hard cock into her throat, moving down my shaft until she was clasping her lips tightly around the base.

She settled in for a long slow suckle, her breasts rubbing against my thighs as she ran her fingers through my drenched pubic hair.
Oh, what a feeling it was having her warm mouth all over my throbbing penis!
But what makes a blowjob from Darcy so incredible is the way she so clearly loves performing fellatio on me.

She had been massaging her cunny, dripping with her sweet juices, with her fingers.

She paused for a gasp of breath, rubbing those creamy fingers along my dick like someone slicking sauce onto a big, meaty steak before popping it back in, relishing her own exotic taste mixed with mine.

I groaned at her naughtiness and placed my hands on lightly on her head, gently encouraging her.

She began a deep, passionate mouth-fucking, sucking my long, hard cock all the way into her hot, wet mouth and throat, swallowing me whole. as her head bobbed up and down, her tongue twirled about the ridge, sending electric shocks searing through me, electrifying my nerves.

A guttural groan ripped out of me.
Darcy was thrilled by my passionate reaction to her wanton blowjob and sucked even harder, stroking my slick shaft as she worked her mouth up and down with a zealous fury.

Her efforts spawned a liquid warmth bubbling up in my loins that set off a raging fire of raw lust in my mind.

Suddenly all I wanted was to explode in her mouth, to see my creamy white come dripping from the corners of her pouty lips.

I was grunting and groaning shamelessly as my impending orgasm began its build, promising to thrill every cell in my body.
Darcy raised her head to look at my eyes, her face flushed with the excitement and anticipation of my rapidly approaching ejaculation.
I felt my juices reaching critical mass so I grasped her head lightly and guided her to the sweet sticky seed she craved.

Just as the first tremors of fiery ecstasy began to course through my veins, she took my spasming cock deep, the blunt tip nudging the soft membrane of her palate one last time.
Then I came, pumping and throbbing as a whirlwind spiraled through me and the floodgates burst, a steady flow of thick, gooey semen spilling into her mouth.
She never let up, never flinched, sucking and swallowing then licking up the stay drops as of they tasted like honey until shed slurped up the last strand, scooping up the stickiness off her lips with her lips and fingers.

Darcys mouth released my completely drained penis with a wet plop and I collapsed to the floor in front of her.
She held me fondly to her bosom, stroking my back, whispering sweet words of love and reassurance.
When I finally got my breath back, I kissed her deeply, thanking her for the gift she had given me.
We both giggled and sighed, then realized Id turned the water to quite cold by accident.

We'd both been so wrapped up in her single-minded fellatio that we hadnt even noticed! I jumped up, turning the water back to a nicely steamy heat while Darcy held to me for warmth.

She was still quite horny and it was only a matter of time before we had resumed a rhythmic grind facing one another, kissing softly, sensuously at first, but with irresistibly growing desire.

The shower had been built with a sizable tray below the showerhead for the purpose of placing shampoo, conditioner, loofah sponge, whatever on it.

With a burst of inspiration, I leaned over slightly, crooked my arm around the backs of her thighs, and swooped a squealing Darcy on to the shelf.

If she held the showerhead above her, she was able to keep her ass on the shelf and maintain her balance.

As I knelt down between her legs, she slowly parted her smooth dark thighs to expose the nest of tight curls at the base of her belly.

Her cheeks flushed as I smiled down at her obvious wetness.

"Baby," I breathed, "pull apart the lips of your cunny for me."

Willingly Darcy pushed her trembling hands down between her parted thighs, until her fingertips slipped across the moist fur.

She hesitated, then dug her fingers into the spongy pink flesh of her cunny and pulled apart the engorged petals, making a sticky squelching sound.

The sight was heavenly.
Inside was pink and glistening, wet with wanton lubrication.

Between her shamelessly parted labia trembled the tender bud of her clitoris, naked and upright.

I took a ragged breath and smelled the musky, liquid promise of her femininity.

My mouth quivered at the scent of her sumptuous treat, and I licked my lips in restless anticipation.

Slowly I reached out and drew my forefinger reverently across the slick rosy flesh of her bared clit.

A tremor ran through her body as I began to deliberately masturbate her.
Using tiny circular strokes, I rubbed slowly all about the bud of the flower of her femininity, purposefully, teasingly.
I started at the top of her vulva, employing the first two fingers of my right hand.
Darcys breath caught in her throat, and though Im sure she could bear it, even craved it, I was careful not to touch her most sensitive spot again.

Though she ached for my fingers on her slippery clitoris, I withheld that.
First I would make her suffer exquisitely.

It was joyous work, slowly stimulating my horny wife, sending her pleasures mounting higher and higher yet coyly refusing to grant that ultimate bliss which I made her body hunger for.
Teasingly I ran my fingers over Darcys puffy outer lips, sometimes drawing a sticky dollop of lubrication across the fingertips which spread them so shamelessly.
Soon I dragged my slippery digits over the sensitive inner labia which could no longer close to protect her clitoris.
Yet even though I slipped my fingertips into the entrance of the juicy tunnel which beckoned from beneath that tremulous nodule, still I refrained from stroking the seat of her pleasures.

After several torturous minutes for Darcy, I breathed in one final time to savor that exotic female musk, a serene smile on my face then lowered my flushed face that final inch and gratefully buried my mouth between the slippery labia that her slim fingertips held so daintily open.
Pressing my nose deep into her slushy honeypot, I started to explore her puffy plush labia, nudging away her hands, which quickly rested on the top of my head to guide me. With her fingers laced in my hair, I licked the surface of her cunny fully, from back to front, with one long sweep of my tongue.
Darcy whimpered with erotic delight, splaying her legs out fully, allowing her pussy to unfurl itself, like the petals of a ripe rose and, like a bee seeking a drop of nectar, I crept inside.

I have never understood men who will not pleasure their woman in this manner.
For me, it is the ultimate reward, a chance to drink her wine, kiss that most wonderful, secret place, and push my tongue in as far as it would go. If I could, I would enter her completely and lose myself in that velvet tunnel, perhaps never to return.
As it was I had to satisfy myself with lapping up and down the sensitive little folds of flesh.
They were bubble-gum pink and saturated with her succulent dew.
Oh, she tasted so good, felt so smooth and right that I hungrily licked up and down, up and down her slippery cleft while Darcy arched her back and mewled.
She loped her legs over my shoulders, pulling my face deeper into the warm wetness of her sex.

"You look and smell so good, baby,"
I whispered from deep between her thighs.
"I just want to eat you up."
My thick, rough tongue was sliding easily along her super-lubricated slit and I began a rhythmic oral stimulation of her most sensitive areas, nudging into those tiny hollows she so loves to have explored, but staying away from her clitoris.
Eventually I came upon her gaping opening and I delved in, my twirling tongue plunging deep inside her sweet hole, tasting the sugary drops that clung to her inner walls.<
Darcy moaned with an animal urgency, her thighs trembling visibly.

I was letting my wife guide my licking with gentle pressure on my head as well as with her own steady rocking motion against my probing tongue.
Her fingers curled about my ears, trying to use them as handles, as she used my willing mouth for her pleasure.
She was squirming under my attentions, eyes closed, throwing her head back.
"Oh, yes," she murmured with a hoarse voice, barely able to lift it above a whisper.
"Oh, yes, your tongue feels sooo good inside my pussy!"
She began to slowly hump her hips in a gentle rolling motion, knowing that would make my licking even more feverish.
I just love it when she fucks my face, crushing my nose into her wet, pink vagina, smearing her syrupy juices all over my cheeks and chin. I just cant get enough of it.

By now, Darcys ass was perched on the edge of the shelf, back arched and head thrown back, steamy water cascading down her breasts and tummy, matting her hair in wet tangles over her shoulders.

Her legs were raised high and the heels of her feet rested well down my back, drumming in pleasure as I teased and titillated her.

I drank the thick honey spilling out of her secret place, swallowing it in great gulps.

I sucked voraciously at her, lapping up every drop of nectar, licking and nibbling at her silky flesh until her entire body began to quiver as if she were about to swoon.

Realizing that she was ready, I brought my mouth up to her hardened clitoris, now almost painfully throbbing from lack of attention.

I brushed the tiny nub with whispery strokes of my lips, tantalizing the precious little bud that was the key to Darcys ultimate pleasure, making her cry out and tug on my hair. "Oh, God! Yes!"
The animalistic moan seemed to be ripped out of the darkest, most

primal parts of Darcy. "Lick my clit, baby! Dont stop!"
She began to buck and heave and the pulsing within her vagina let me know that she was in the opening stages that would inevitably lead to her sweet release.


The closer Darcy got to the edge, the more I concentrated on her tender, throbbing love-button, which was now as hard as a pebble, toying with it, batting it back and forth with swirling sweeps of my tongue.
Her humping became furious so I pursed my lips around her and placed my tongue on her agonized clitoris and polished it with all the love that a man can have for a woman.

Darcy screamed out her joy, her naked cunny spasming beneath my lips and tongue, her supple body shaking with the heady throes of a blissful, slow-building orgasm.
On and on I sucked at the sweet salty flesh of her oversensitized clit as she came, a paroxysm of pure bliss making her tummy heave her eyes roll, her lips tremble in the hold of pure rapture

We were both standing in one anothers arms in the shower, nuzzling and cuddling with Darcy murmuring her love and her thanks.
"I need to be inside you," I whispered, gesturing to my once-more engorged penis bobbing under its own weight and desperation for release.
Performing cunnilingus on Darcy had always been a major turn-on for me, and tonight was no exception.
She nodded so I bent my knees slightly and brought the knob of my hard shaft against the gaping hole of her pussy, rubbing the bulbous head along her hot, slick cleft.
Staring into her expressive eyes, I hoisted her up.
I knew it would be difficult to maintain my balance, but it didnt make any difference.
My mind was in an erotic haze; the only thing of importance was to have my cock in the snug warmth of her pussy.

Darcy gave a little jump and wrapped her legs around my waist.
She spread her legs just slightly and her cunny opened up like a devouring mouth, immediately tightening around my rod like a velvet glove.
As I began to penetrate, she angled herself so that I slid in slowly. Instinctively, my hips jerked in a hard thrust into that liquid heat and Darcy gasped.
She pushed herself to me in her need and I could feel her squish with wetness.
She had to cross her ankles in the small of my back to keep from sliding down my body, but the angle and the stiffness of my beefy cock helped hold her there.

As I buried my full length into her steamy snatch, Darcy wrapped her arms all the way around my neck, her flushed face against my hair, her plummy nipples brushing my chest.
My own legs were spread apart, my feet planted firmly on the non-skid strips on the shower floor.
The water was streaming down over us, around us between us. I drew my thickened manhood back and drove back in to her silken grotto, needing her urgently.
Rolling my hips, I stroked in and out, slowly at first, savoring the sumptuous crush of her inner membranes caressing me, but soon I found myself succumbing to the instinctive urge to go faster.
She was making me so hot and horny my prick felt like an iron pipe ravishing her delicate flesh, much to her obvious delight.

"Youre so wet inside," I hissed to my panting beloved, who was tensing and relaxing her thighs to give herself the melting friction she so desired.
"So steamy, so juicy. Why dont you rub your clit while I fuck you."
She looked at me questioningly, as her arms were helping to balance her but I reached around and grabbed her rump, squeezing the soft globes while supporting her.
She slipped a hand down between us and there was just enough room between our heaving, grinding hips to watch her long slender fingers swirl through the luscious pink folds of her womanhood and twirl over her swollen clitoris just the way she likes best.

Watching the woman I love give herself pleasure sent a rush through me so, slipping my hands to the base of her buttocks, I began lifting her up and down, helping my meaty cock drill into her sweltering, slushy depths.
The bulbous knob of my penis was striking quite deep now and the unique angle caused the rugged shaft to rub roughly against her tender vulva, the friction sparking off a wave of euphoria spilling over both of us. "Uhhh " she groaned deeply as I pistoned her vulnerable ass harder and harder, skewering her delicate cunny on the jutting shaft of my aching cock.
Our wet bodies made wet splashing sounds as I hammered my hips up to meet her every downstroke, the exotic aroma of heated sex wafting up to us on clouds of steam.

Darcys head tilted back into the spray and the shampoo in her hair, long since forgotten, began to foam up again, spilling between our straining bodies, increasing the slipperiness of flesh on wet, heated flesh.
Darcys legs were tightening around me and she was whimpering, making hard, ragged breaths into my ear. Her erotic moans were a turn-on, as were her nimble fingers, stroking her clit and the juncture of my penis and her vagina, the flashpoint of our joy.
All of a sudden she gave out a shuddering sob and her inner muscles clenched wildly at the thrusting rod piercing her heated pussy as she felt the familiar throes of unendurable ecstasy pulse liquidly from the spasming center of her very being.

I knew it was time.
An instant after I released my control, an inferno of scalding bliss raged through my blood, sparking off the release of my seed.
I tensed almost painfully as I came, a series of soul-stirring bursts of incredibly sweet sensations reverberating up and down my twitching limbs, shadowed by a fountaining squirt of creamy semen flooding her vaginal cavity as the water came down between us, over us, around us.

As I slipped down from the very pinnacles of ecstasy, my wobbly legs became too weak to support Darcy, my limp cock unable to help support the weight of her body.
I let my hands draw away from her bottom and she released her arms from around my neck, letting herself slide all the way down the front of me until her knees were on the shower floor.
The water was still streaming through her hair, but nearly all the shampoo had been washed out.
She gazed in rapt interest at my rapidly deflating penis, hanging soft between my legs.
Even now a few stray drops of come were mingling with the water and she watched as the mixture swirled down the drain.
With the tenderness only a woman in love can know, she fondly washed my organ clean, placing a tiny affectionate kiss on the very tip before rising up to take my hand.

We both got out of the shower and dried each other off with soft, fluffy towels before heading for the bedroom, arms wrapped around one anothers waist, very much in love.
What we had just done was beautiful, intimate, yet also draining.
Dusk was settling in and the storm was passing.
The dying sun, a fiery orb on the darken sea, set the clouds ablaze in hues of dazzling purple and irradiant lavender.
We snuggled in the bed, nestled among cozy sheets, and watched in silent wonder at the daily resplendent annihilation of the sun, the night settling in as a velvet shroud, lulling us both into the sweet oblivion of slumber

I woke with a start and Darcy immediately shushed me, her ears perked up.
I could barely hear the faint sound of the sporadic raindrops, but their slight tapping sounds had their typical profound effect on my wife.
Her back was arched, very tense, so I sleepily suggested she lie face down and let me massage her back while she listened to the opening stages of this latest storm.
I rubbed deep into her back, working my fingers into the taut muscles of her shoulders and upper spine, feeling the tension melt away.
While I was pressing my thumbs into the softer, more pliant skin of her lower back, my palms and the rest of my fingers cupping and squeezing the soft swell into her sweet fanny, she was almost purring with delight, focusing intently on the building shower.
She was whispering dreamily, more to herself than me, about the raindrops rolling down the glass window panes, broken by the sill, hearing their demise through the slightly cracked windows.

As the rain poured and the distant thunder rumbled, my beloved rolled over, her eyes sparkling in the flickering light of the electric lights in the form of quaint antique oil lamps set about the room. I live for that dancing fire in Darcy's ebony eyes, the way it illuminates her strikingly beautiful features.
Her immaculate, dusky-hued skin was infinitely responsive to the loving caresses of my hands, tracing the curve of her cheek, the impudent jut of her chin, the fullness of her lips. Her desire for our love radiated with such a stirring intensity that was both frightening and thrilling.

We kissed and I closed my eyes, drowning in the feel of her breasts surging against my chest, the play of her supple thighs on my own.
With my fingertips, I brushed back the wayward tangles that spilled over behind her ears, sealing them with a fond kiss.
She responded to my loving touch, to the pattering rain, to me with a subtle shift that brought the full length of her gloriously naked body to mine, enveloping me in a sweet, seductive embrace.
Knowing how much she desired me gave me a deep glow of fulfillment, that I could possibly make this angelic lady happy.
Neither of us wanted this intimacy to end.

I could have kissed Darcy for hours, my lips pressed against hers, slightly parted, our tongues tangling in a slow, easy dance, exploring, touching, stroking.
Instead I opened my eyes and broke the heavenly kiss so that I could worship the rest of my beloved.
I stroked my hands along the gentle slope of her neck, the elegant curve of her shoulders, the soft, smooth taper of her flanks and the feminine flare of her hips.
My reverential touch smoothed softly over her fluttering tummy and delicate belly button.

I couldnt get enough of her warm, curvaceous naked body, that mystical female charm of sensuous allure and tender vulnerability that drives me wild.

Sliding upwards, my wandering hands cupped her deliciously lovely breasts, lifting the modest mounds topped by deeply-blushed nipples.
I began to gently fondle her girlish breasts, running my fingers in a rippling motion and she arched her back, giving a deep breathy sigh.
Her nipples responded by jutting out brashly audacious in their want for sexual stimulation.
Lowering my head to her bosom, I began swirling my tongue in sweeping circular motions.
I avoided her tempting peaks as long as I could will myself to resist, which was not long indeed when Darcys hands began roaming my body, teasing me, seducing me.
I lavished attention on each fleshy nub, sucking greedily, flickering my tongue over each succulent bud while tweaking and pinching the other, just the way she likes it.

Darcys breathing was heavy, her body hot, her urgent hips telling me what she wanted, what she needed. While the pummeling rain drenched the shore, thunder and lightning filling the gloom, we continued exploring each other, yearning for each other.
While I began to trail kisses lower, my hands roamed ahead, caressing her thighs and then her calves.
My tongue was swirling about in her navel as I tenderly kneaded my way back up, focusing on the satiny-smooth flesh of her inner thighs, my fingers tantalizingly close to her most private of places.
She opened her legs, revealing herself to be dewy, wanting me to rub her, kiss her, lick her.
I wasnt ready just quite yet, my tongue tasting tiny droplets of perspiration on her lower torso, my hands stroking slightly quavering thighs, knowing every moment of this excruciating torture would make the final moment ever the sweeter.

Kneeling before my panting, flushed wife, I cupped the supple cheeks of her tush and began kissing the exposed flesh, moving around her moist cleft, kissing and touching everywhere except the molten core of her lust.

When I blew a burst of breath into her curls, wet with her liquid arousal, she purred louder and her hips undulated rhythmically.
Her body was begging me for relief.
I nuzzled my nose in her aromatic bush, inhaling the deep, rich, primal musk unique to Darcy in heat.
I couldnt stand it any longer: I simply had to taste her.

I moved my lover until her knees were on either side of my head and her sweet pussy just brushed up against my watering lips.
Breathing lightly on her swollen, pouty labia, I extended my tongue and slipped it along her pink fleshy folds, from bottom to top, down the other side.
Darcy's hand caught my cheek as I slid along the inside of her puffy lips, lightly at first then harder, bearing down on her pleasure points. As my tongue skated along her buttery labia, I watched her clitoris peek out of its protective cloak, good and hard.
I sucked her entire pussy into my mouth, squeezing her salty-sweet sex with the insides of my cheeks, my tongue darting and weaving among the succulent swells and hollows.
She hissed her uninhibited delight, her creamy thighs coming together tightly, her fingers threading in my hair, urging, pleading.

I didnt leave her wanting. I began pushing my tongue into her mushy opening, twisting it about as I burrowed into her cunny.
My tongue explored as deeply as it could in her steamy hole. Her pussy was crushed velvet inside, the glossy membranes, very warm, very responsive, and she tasted sweeter than a dream.
But even as my tongue slipped in and out of her over-flowing honeypot, Darcy whimpered greedily for more and I knew exactly what that was.
Her clitoris had protruded out of that juncture where her creases melted together, a delicious piece of candy.

I lapped delicately at her love-bud, using tiny flickering brushes Darcy affectionately calls "butterfly kisses."
The tiny organ throbbed in my mouth and her purring deepened into a growl.

The erotic energy of the scene was matched only by the fury of the storm outside.
Lightning suddenly seared the sky followed by a tremendous crack of thunder, the lights flickering then dousing completely, leaving us in pitch darkness.
We were unscathed and I knew Darcy's body so well I didnt need my eyes to give her oral pleasure.
Matching the rhythm of the rain driving into the window, I teased and thrilled her little bud.
The driving beat of the downpour mimicked my noisy slurps and suckles.
I was rewarded by a flash of lightning that gave me a perfect snapshot of her flushed face, gasping mouth and heaving breasts.
She pushed further into my mouth, her hips grinding demandingly and I fairly lashed her swollen clitoris.

She began to thrash about wildly as the culmination of her innermost desires pulsed through her veins and glowed hotly within her frantically spasming cunny, spreading her syrupy wetness all over my eager face.


As her waves subsided from their furious intensity, I took my tongue away from her saturated pussy and moved up to kiss her puffing mouth.

Her shudders of orgasmic bliss fading, her lips met mine with as much passion as before.

Kissing me, she used her naughty, kittenish tongue to taste herself on me.
Darcy cant get enough of her slick essence, blushingly admitting that every time she masturbates she will lick her fingers clean, finding her exotic taste as exciting as I do.
The fell of her tongue darting along the inside of my mouth, licking along my teeth and lips, seeking the feminine flavor deeply thrilling.
She giggled in the dark at the feel of my heavy erection pulse into her thigh.
She was licking her lips wetly as her fingers slipped around my meaty shaft, her thumb finding the glans very swollen and very slippery from drops of pre-come oozing out from the tiny slit.
"Not tired yet, stud?" she whispered saucily, giving me a single, sensuous stroke.

"Hell no, baby," I replied with false bravado, thanking my lucky stars that wed lit those candles in the main room.
She squealed as I stumbled about, almost falling several times but somehow making it into the area overlooking the crashing sea, the candles flickering wildly.
Darcy slipped from my arms and stared wide-eyed at the surf pounding its elemental fury on the shore, the rain lashing the windows, but we were safe, snug and warm in our little love nest.
My brain was short-circuited through my loins, my breathing ragged from a heart hammering with desperate need and I knew only one cure. I caught hold of Darcy and crushed her to me, grinding my painfully swollen erection against her lithe thighs.
I was on fire as she grabbed my hardness and whispered that she longed to feel me inside her.

Darcy pushed me back onto the spacious rattan couch, straddling my hips with a wanton smile.
Then, still gripping me with her hand, she lifted her hips up and lowered herself on my throbbing rod, her hands guiding my raging cock into her slippery groove, swallowing me whole.

Her satiny cunny tightened about my bulky penis as she settled herself on my hips, stroking my balls.
My dick swelled to its full size, filling her up, and we both groaned in delight. I gripped her firm rear as she began riding me up and down, in and out, her vaginal muscles always clutching at the flaring head before it could escape.
I could feel those pouty lips clenching about me and the pleasure they sent flowing through my engulfed manhood made me gasp aloud.

As she rode me, Darcy leaned over me for more balance to work her surging hips with all the skill of a lusty young cowgirl.
In this position, her smallish breasts jiggled in front of me, occasionally bumping my face.
I grabbed those ripe, bobbling boobs and ran my moist tongue all over them, tasting the slight salt of perspiration beading up, before licking her blatantly swollen nipples.
I licked and sucked each of those plump plums with wet greedy slurps and Darcy began purring with happiness, humping me sensuously.
My own luscious joy was slowly mounting higher, higher and my breath began to become more shallow as she bounced harder and faster, driving my rampantly thick cock deep inside her wetness.
With her body streaked with tiny rivulets of sweat, her hair wildly tossed, her eyes darting about blindly, Darcy seemed consumed by an inner fire. It was a moment to savor but the exquisite ache in my prick said I couldnt wait.

Darcy cried out in surprise and disappointment as I forcibly caught hold of her flailing hips and pick her up off my rigid pole, unbelievably bloated and coated with her flowing nectar.

"Im sorry baby, " I whispered.
"I was about to come." taking a deep breath she told me it was o.k. and gave me a smile resplendent with love and understanding.

Suddenly inspired, I picked her up and lowered her on a nearby lounge chair.

Darcy was still unbearably hot from the incessant rhythm of the torrential downpour outdoors so she draped her legs over each of the thickly upholstered arms.
With her knees wide apart she closed her and spread her plush lovelips with the thumb and third finger of her left hand while her bunched index and middle fingers stroked at the slippery clitoris of naked pink.
I stood back and simply watched this erotic display of self-love, trying to regain my composure.
She then thrust a finger into her squelching, juicy slit, telling me how good it felt, but that my big hard cock would fill her up much better.

I was able to watch Darcy touch herself for awhile longer before succumbing to her salacious invitation.
She lay back in the chair and held her legs wide open for me.
With a lewd look in her eyes she urged me to fuck her so I mounted her, surrounding her body totally with mine.
Darcys right hand found my engorged organ while her left cupped and fondled my balls.
She was so ready for me I didnt need me to guide me into her.
The moment the tapered glans found her slick vulva it simply glided inside.
That initial penetration must have thrilled her because she instantly wrapped her legs around my back and shoved her hips up at me, sucking me in deeper.

I started slowly stroking in and out of her, just a few inches at a time, then another inch, until we could no longer bear the erotic torment and I plunged the full length of my hot cock inside my beloved.
I began pumping her with long, rhythmic thrusts, drawing out most of the bulky shaft, glistening from her oily juices until only the bulbous know was still enfolded by inside her warm labia, then driving forward forcefully, burying myself to the balls in her steamy wetness.
I was also able to stimulate her clitoris by introducing a strong upsweep as I reached the deepest part of each stroke, much to Darcys delight, who writhed her mounting bliss.
I smelled the salty scent of her arousal and thrilled to the soft sounds of pleasure she gasped breathily into my ear.

I could only imagine the view she had of my meaty organ skewering the juicy split peach nestled between her thighs and, behind me, the assault of the waves and wind and rain as they surged toward her widespread legs.
It must have seemed she was being ravished by all the forces of nature.
The sofa creaked and she locked her ankles around my wait and clung to me desperately.
Our bodies moved together with an easy, liquid grace, slippery with the heated moisture of fresh sweat and wanton lubrication.
Higher our passions mounted, and higher until the honeyed pleasures of our lovemaking drew out an orgasm of cascading bliss, her back arching painfully as the deliquescent joys liquefied her convulsing pussy into a steamy, bubbling cauldron.

As much as I wanted to slow down my pace, I could not as within the molten core of my very soul, glittering sparkles of joy began to coalesce.

The thrumming pressure in my loins built relentlessly, beautifully, along my throbbing cock pistoning furiously in and out of her silken cleft, down the rippling tendons of my tensed thighs and curling into the quivering muscles of my taut stomach.
I even felt it in my heaving pectorals, where Darcys breasts bobbled delightfully against my chest, and as they did it seemed that I could feel the sweet little pressure of her rubbery nipples catching upon my firm flesh, flipping free and catching happily again.

I wasnt long before I felt that inexorable tide within my loins begin to rise in great swells like that of the churning sea outside me.
I was growling in the back of my throat in a duet with the rolls of the thunder reverberating within my body and my impending release seemed to be matched only by natures intensity.
A pulsing fullness, blissfully chaotic, fountained up from deep within, a firestorm that broke with raw intensity releasing a whirlwind of spiraling bliss, drawing everything into a voracious vortex before imploding in a burst of such sheer rapture that I sobbed, writhing in excruciating ecstasy as on and on my penis pulsed thick creamy waves flowing into the safety of her welcoming harbor.

I collapsed into Darcys loving embrace, completely spent from an overdose of lovemaking as euphoric as any narcotic.
In the dim glow of the table lantern, she leaned over, her mouth finding mine in a long tender kiss.

Eventually we reluctantly rose and made our way back to the bed where we lay together, lightly touching the planes and curves of each others sated body. I settled down with my head on her warm breast, my fingers curling protectively over her silken muff.
Darcy snuggled closer and I thought I saw the slightest trace of a smile cross her lips as she sleepily whispered "Im glad we had sense enough to come in out of the rain."

She had calmed the storm in me and the one outside seemed overwhelmed by her.
The sound of the blustering wind and crashing waves had diminished from frightening howls of wildness to a soothing lullaby.

But it was the rhythm of the rain that would always stir something deep in my beloved.
Perhaps our next trip should be in the Caribbean. We both have time off in about six months and that should be right about the middle of the rainy season.

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Christopher said...

I'm the author of this piece and am much astonished to find that 7+ years later it still has life. We send these things out into the world and I'm always amazed to see that a few are not completely consumed by the omnivorous pit that is the web. I appreciate you giving it the chance to (hopefully) thrive and flourish.