Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Office Encounter Part II

Author Unknown
Written by a woman.

That got me thinking.
Was she serious?
I knew that I was semi-serious.
I'm pretty sure that I would do it but I would be afraid of doing it wrong and her not liking it.
And what if it became a habit?
Would that be something that would happen?
Well I think that I would have to take my chances because I am so incredibly attracted to her and if I am going to do it with another woman I want her to be my first because I am so comfortable with her.

It was now 4:45 and my boss's appointment arrived 15 minutes early. I told her to come in and have a seat.
Jane was leaving at 5:00 so I told her that I would see her tomorrow.
I was glad the appointment was with a woman because I felt safer being in the office alone with her rather than a man.
She was an attractive woman in her late 40's early 50's.
She needed additional life insurance because she just started her own business.
This made my day because I knew it wouldn't take long.

We started talking about her choices and at about 5:15 I saw Amanda come into the waiting room.
She stepped in front of my door to let me know she was there and she held 2 fingers up to her mouth in a V shape and stuck out her tongue. I giggled to myself and used my eyes to tell her to sit and wait.

The lady was looking over the choices so I excused myself to go see Amanda for a minute.
I told Amanda that I was to be about 20 more minutes.
She said that it was ok and that she would just sit out there and play with herself. I turned to walk back to my office and she grabbed my arm with her left hand and turned me around to face her.
She leaned in to whisper to me that she is so horny.
She then took her right hand and slid it up under her skirt and then brought 2 of her fingers to my lips and slipped them into my mouth.
I was shocked but instead of pushing her away I sucked her pussy juice off her fingers.
I could not believe how sexy that was.
My pussy was now on fire with the need to make love to her right here and now.
She softly pushed me back and told me to hurry with the appointment.
I couldn't believe it.
I totally forgot about the lady in my office.
I staggered back to my office feeling like my legs could give out at any moment.
The final 20 minutes of paper work seemed like hours, but we made it through and I professionally pushed her out.
After I locked the door I turned around, Amanda was already in my office sitting in my chair facing the back wall.
I stepped into my office and shut the door, she immediately spun the chair around to face me and put her feet up on the desk with her legs crossed.
I could not get over how sexy she was.
I sat down in one of the client chairs facing her.

Amanda told me that when I told her about my fantasy this morning that it excited her and that she was waiting for the right opportunity.
She said that when Jack was always trying to get us to do a threesome, she wanted to but was afraid that I didn't and she didn't want to say anything as to offend me.
I told her that nothing she says or does offends me.

At that moment she pulled her feet down off the desk and stood up out of the chair.
She walked around the desk to my side and held out her hand as for me to take it.
I did and she pulled me up.
She took my other hand in her other hand.
"Brooke, since I met you a few months ago, I have gotten so close to you and I don't want anything to come between our friendship", Amanda said to me, "promise me this won't break up our friendship'.

I just nodded. I couldn't seem to get any words to come out.
Amanda put her left hand on the back of my neck and pulled me into her.
When our lips finally came together I felt a bolt of lightening go through my body.
She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I just melted.
I wanted her so badly at this very moment.
The kiss lasted for a few minutes and during that time I felt her left hand slide from my neck down my back and onto my ass.
I began instinctively gyrating my hips as she did the same.
Her hand went down further to the hem of my shirt.
When she touched my naked thigh I felt my legs tremble and she must have too because she broke the kiss and turned me so I could put my ass on the desk.
I loved it so much that she was in control and I loved the way she touched me.
She told me to sit up on the desk and I did.
She started unbuttoning my shirt and I just stared into her eyes with nothing but lust.
Amanda took my shirt off and my bra as well and gazed upon my naked breasts.
She then removed her shirt and bra.
Her breasts were so beautiful. I just wanted to kiss them and suck on her nipples.
She came in closer to me and put one hand on each of my thighs and slowly spread them apart.
She began kissing my neck and shoulders and down my chest.
I quietly moaned loving the pleasure that was being given to me.
I leaned back a little to give her better access to my breasts and she took the hint.
She gently nibbled on my nipples and sucked them making them erect.
My pussy began to flow and I knew that one touch would make me cum.
She kissed down my belly and licked around my navel as she pushed my skirt up over my butt to around my waist exposing my dripping wet pussy.
She looked at my naked pussy and then up into my eyes.
I put my right hand on the back of her head and pulled her into my area.
"Eat my pussy, Amanda", I lustfully cried.
Her tongue on my pussy felt so good.
I was in pure ecstasy.
She licked inside and outside of my lips tasting everything I had to offer and then she tickled and teased my clit.

"Oh yes", I cried as I reached with my left hand to join the right one on the back of her head, "oh yes...I'm gonna...I'm cumming. Your tongue feels so good."

I came so hard I didn't want to stop.
Just when I started to come back to reality I looked up to see Jack standing there holding what appeared to be bags of Mexican food.
My mouth fell open and I pulled Amanda up and turned her around.
Her mouth fell open as well.

"You don't have to stop on my account."
Jack told us as he set the bags down.
"I've been trying to get you two to do this forever. Do you mind if I join in?"

"Not at all", Amanda replied.
She instantly dropped to her knees and undid Jack's pants and pulled out his beautiful penis.
It was already hard from the show.
Amanda put his cock in her mouth while I watched in amazement.
He closed his eyes and softly moaned.
It turned me on watching her suck him off.
I started to touch my pussy and decided that I wanted in on the action.
I slid off the desk and told Jack to take off his clothes and lay on the floor.
Since Amanda was already kneeling I decided to lay on my back and have a taste of her dripping pussy while Jack finished his strip dance.
I started by placing kisses on each of her inner thighs and working my way up to her kitten.
I could feel the heat coming off of her pussy as I parted her lips with my tongue and tasted her.
I then slid the tip of my tongue up to her clit and placed my lips around it. I could feel it swell inside my lips.

Jack got on his knees behind me and with his cock in his hand slid it into me while I ate Amanda's delicious twat.
My mind was out of control.
This was the most erotic thing I had ever done and I loved it.
While Jack was behind fucking me, I was bringing Amanda closer to orgasm.

Her body was shaking and she was moaning.
When she came I put my tongue at the entrance of her pussy and licked up all the juices she made for me.
I stopped licking her and I pulled Jack out of me.
"Amanda, it has always been a fantasy of mine to watch Jack fuck another girl and I would like you to do it", I pleaded.
Amanda didn't need an invitation.
She pushed Jack down onto his back and straddled him.
She took his cock into her hand and guided it towards her just eaten pussy.
She easily took all of his cock into her.
She glanced up at me and began to fuck him slow at first and then gradually faster.
I could not believe my eyes.
I was so turned on by watching my man fuck another woman.

"I'm gonna cum!", yelled Jack.
Amanda jumped off of him and began to stroke him as he came all over himself.

"Well, my fantasy came true", Jack snickered.

"Mine too", I said as I looked at Amanda and Jack and smiled.


Aragorn said...

WOW ! Beautifully hot post, leaving me all hot and bothered ... phew ... Nice. Thanks for leaving a comment about SD's interview ... After reading this, you are on my list dear ! Hugs - A

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