Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rhythm of the Rain Part III

By Christopher
Written by a man.

With Darcys fingers tangled in my hair to guide me, I made my way down to her bosom.

Taking a ripe swell into my hands, my fingers pressing into that remarkable doughy resilience, I began to suckle on the dark plums of her tightly knotted nipples.

I pulled those dusky buds into my lips with reverent lips, nursing as eagerly as any newborn babe.

I sucked her tingling titties deep between my flushed cheeks, one after the other, lashing fiercely with my tongue.

Darcy tossed her head fitfully, her eyes blissfully closed, tracing my cheeks fondly with her grateful fingers.

It felt so good to both of us to have her in my mouth like that, but we both knew that even greater pleasures were awaiting.

Darcy sighed as I took my mouth away from her plump nipple and reached for the shampoo.

She moved closer, our wet bodies pressing against each other, her right hand mingling with mine.

Our mouths met in a hard kiss, our tongues tangling fiercely.

Clutching my head in her hands, she gave a little moan before crushing her lips into mine, lashing my tongue with her own.

I was somehow able to pour some more of the gel into my hand, but instead of reaching for her hair, my slickened hand slid down her flat tummy to seek out the core of her very femininity.

I began to massage the tiny dark curls of the bush between her legs into a rich foamy lather.

Giggling at my brashness, Darcy returned my caresses, kneading my chest and pinching my own nipples with her small, delicate hands.

I slid my hand between her firm thighs as she whispered my name and bent her knees, opening herself for my touch.

She was very ready for me, her slit awash with shameless lubrication, so I slipped my fingers down her fleshy cleft to gently stroke her labia.

I cant imagine anything feeling as smooth and inviting as my wifes vagina; I could feel every fold and hollow beneath my soapy fingers.

I had learned, from her tutelage and happy experimentation, that the she derived the most pleasure when I stroked her slyly, making her thickening pussylips open up like the dewy petals of an exotic orchid, baring the trembling bud of her clitoris.

When I gently opened those silken pink petals, my forefinger drew naughty teasing circles about that quavering morsel, Darcy tilted her head back and gave a throaty moan.

That tiny nub is hypersensitive and she can only bear prolonged stimulation when shes nearing the crest of an orgasm so I settled on sliding a finger between her dripping lips and inside her sultry channel. Her pussy was a wet furnace, liquid fire pulsing within those velvety inner membranes, awakening her vaginal muscles.

They began their instinctive swallowing motion that I know oh-so-well, making the entire length of the passage tremble with the first stirrings of the build towards an orgasmic release.

Darcy pressed me forward into the stream of hot water.

Now it was hitting me on the back of my head and striking her on the face and the top of her head.

The lather of the shampoo began to slide down her naked body; some of it spilling over her quivering boobs and tummy to flow down her loins where my finger was continuing its slow churning of her steamy depths.

She crushed the full length of her body against mine, rocking her open pussy down onto my pleasuring hand, trying to force my finger even deeper into her needy cunny.

The slipperiness of the bubbly soap helped fantastically as we began grinding the front of our bodies harder and harder against each other.

I was achingly aware of the bulbous tip of my soft penis brushing up against her shapely thighs.

Within a few minutes, I was easily able to introduce a second finger, the added stimulation quickly bringing up a fresh wash of lubricating juices welling up from somewhere inside her.

Meanwhile, Darcys right hand slid down my chest, gathering some of the creamy lather.

When she'd gathered up enough, she moved her hand to the base of my limp manhood.

Slowly she began to coat my penis with the suds, her thumb and pinky encircling the base, her forefinger at the top.

She has told me many times that there is nothing for her quite like watching my cock grow from its flaccid, vulnerable state to its full impressive length. It makes her fell very sexy, very sensuous, very wanted, which of course she is.

All shampooing had been long since forgotten.
Darcys panting was harsh, a'rhythmic as our tongues twisted wildly in one anothers mouth, like some primitive mating ritual, as we fondled one anothers sex.

Two of my sticky fingers were pounding in and out of her drenched pussy, lathering her sensitive bud with juices and I knew now she was ready.

She was wonderfully responsive as I began to fondle her clitoris with my thumb and I thrilled to the sight of her, the slippery feel of her body against mine.
Hot, squishy sounds echoed in the small tiled shower, merging with Darcys sharp gasps and mewling cries along with the unique rhythm of the water to form an intensely erotic chorus building towards its crescendo.

She was almost there, so I just started drilling my fingers into her, plunging so deep into her sultry snatch that I thought I could feel her cervix.

Her entire body began to tremble and I had to grab her firm bottom in my free hand to keep her from tumbling over.

With a sudden, violent jerking of her hips, Darcy came with a long, shrill cry, her cunny pulsing with each blissful eruption within her loins.

On and on her pleasure pulsed, hot and joyous and strong, until she finally sank to her knees, her entire body trembling with the exquisite aftershocks of her orgasm.

When she'd recovered enough to stand on her own, I took Darcy in my arms under the warm water.

As I lovingly fondled a perky breast, squeezing it with my whole hand, letting the nipple come between the thumb and forefinger, I wasnt surprised that it wasnt too many minutes before she began to react to my touch.

Once you get her fires burning, they aren't easily doused.
She's always told me her first orgasm was like being hit by a freight train - it takes her a little time to recover but once she does, she says its easier for her to get aroused than it does to get horny in the first place.
True story:

one night, with the help of a sturdy cock ring and some truly inspired fellatio, I brought her to no less than six orgasms in roughly ninety minutes using penetration alone (no cunnilingus) and I had to be the one to call it off.

When Darcy was ready for some more sexplay, she reached for the soap, whispering saucily that it was my turn. I looked at her shining eyes, big and dark, almost pitch black, gazing up at me through beautifully long lashes as she took my softened penis in her soft, skilled hands and began to lather me up.

She gave me a nice slow massage up and down my organ before kneeling down to slide my slowly swelling shaft between her glistening breasts.

They arent big enough to touch one another so she tucked my cock up against one and forced the weight over so that I was nearly entirely enfolded in a silky blanket of tempting breast-flesh.

She gently urged me with gentle nudges of her hands on my ass so that I soon found myself sliding in a nice, slow rhythm, rocking in that slippery, unique embrace.

Darcy, humming softly to herself, kept sliding her tits up and down until my penis began to swell into a respectable half-erect size.

She then leaned forward and began to kiss my stomach, hips and thighs before leaning down to take both of my testicles in her mouth, exploring the wrinkled flesh with her lips and cheeks, pushing the twin spheres about with her clever tongue.

At the same time she continued to masturbate me with her hands, taking the dollop of pre-come and using it to lubricate the spongy head.
"Oh, that feels sooo good," I crooned, my knees shaky from the sudden gentle wash of lulling bliss that drifted through me.

When Darcy rose from my balls, she was entranced by the sudden sight of my penis bobbing in its full erection, curving slightly, pointing straight up in front of me.

With her eyes glittering naughtily, she began to lick me as if I were a sweet ice cream cone, flicking her nimble tongue up and down the sides of my cock, tickling the pulsing veins.

She traveled up and down the shaft with long, lazy laps.

Her hand grabbed the base of my beefy manhood and she pressed her face against it, rubbing it over her cheeks before running her lips from my heavy balls to the spongy ridge of the mushroomy glans.

She made love to my penis, kissing there, lapping there, never hurried, savoring her treat.

With her hair pulled back, I could watch her worship my cock with her mouth, selecting a droplet of water from the shower and thoroughly lick it off.

Her thrilling oral foreplay left me paralyzed, caught on the razors edge of wanting to go on forever like this but desperately needing more.

Finally Darcy brought my wet and throbbing erection to her mouth and let my bulbous, blunt tip bump against her open lips, slightly parted now to welcome me.

She kissed the fleshy dome before sticking out her kittenish tongue to touch me there, tasting the tiny drop that had once more welled up, letting it ride over her tongue, letting me wait.

I stiffened with sweet shock and exquisite pleasure as the heat of her mouth enveloped my cockhead.

She gripped the plump knob with her lips, whipping the velvety flesh with her fluttering tongue, before drawing it into her sultry mouth.

Sucking just the head first, her lips just slipping over the ridge, she worked the mauve-hued glans with a sensuous dexterity, eliciting a sudden surge of heady euphoria within my trembling heart. My breath felt like fire.
I gasped and thrust my hips, willing her to take me, consume me, devour me.

I was panting, burning up, when she suddenly stopped licking and slurped me deep into her mouth.

Using her tongue quickly and ticklingly, she plunged my rock-hard cock into her throat, moving down my shaft until she was clasping her lips tightly around the base.

She settled in for a long slow suckle, her breasts rubbing against my thighs as she ran her fingers through my drenched pubic hair.
Oh, what a feeling it was having her warm mouth all over my throbbing penis!
But what makes a blowjob from Darcy so incredible is the way she so clearly loves performing fellatio on me.

She had been massaging her cunny, dripping with her sweet juices, with her fingers.

She paused for a gasp of breath, rubbing those creamy fingers along my dick like someone slicking sauce onto a big, meaty steak before popping it back in, relishing her own exotic taste mixed with mine.

I groaned at her naughtiness and placed my hands on lightly on her head, gently encouraging her.

She began a deep, passionate mouth-fucking, sucking my long, hard cock all the way into her hot, wet mouth and throat, swallowing me whole. as her head bobbed up and down, her tongue twirled about the ridge, sending electric shocks searing through me, electrifying my nerves.

A guttural groan ripped out of me.
Darcy was thrilled by my passionate reaction to her wanton blowjob and sucked even harder, stroking my slick shaft as she worked her mouth up and down with a zealous fury.

Her efforts spawned a liquid warmth bubbling up in my loins that set off a raging fire of raw lust in my mind.

Suddenly all I wanted was to explode in her mouth, to see my creamy white come dripping from the corners of her pouty lips.

I was grunting and groaning shamelessly as my impending orgasm began its build, promising to thrill every cell in my body.

Darcy raised her head to look at my eyes, her face flushed with the excitement and anticipation of my rapidly approaching ejaculation.

I felt my juices reaching critical mass so I grasped her head lightly and guided her to the sweet sticky seed she craved.

Just as the first tremors of fiery ecstasy began to course through my veins, she took my spasming cock deep, the blunt tip nudging the soft membrane of her palate one last time.

Then I came, pumping and throbbing as a whirlwind spiraled through me and the floodgates burst, a steady flow of thick, gooey semen spilling into her mouth.

She never let up, never flinched, sucking and swallowing then licking up the stay drops as of they tasted like honey until shed slurped up the last strand, scooping up the stickiness off her lips with her lips and fingers.

Darcys mouth released my completely drained penis with a wet plop and I collapsed to the floor in front of her.

She held me fondly to her bosom, stroking my back, whispering sweet words of love and reassurance.

When I finally got my breath back, I kissed her deeply, thanking her for the gift she had given me.

We both giggled and sighed, then realized Id turned the water to quite cold by accident.

We'd both been so wrapped up in her single-minded fellatio that we hadnt even noticed! I jumped up, turning the water back to a nicely steamy heat while Darcy held to me for warmth.

She was still quite horny and it was only a matter of time before we had resumed a rhythmic grind facing one another, kissing softly, sensuously at first, but with irresistibly growing desire.

The shower had been built with a sizable tray below the showerhead for the purpose of placing shampoo, conditioner, loofah sponge, whatever on it.

With a burst of inspiration, I leaned over slightly, crooked my arm around the backs of her thighs, and swooped a squealing Darcy on to the shelf.

If she held the showerhead above her, she was able to keep her ass on the shelf and maintain her balance.

As I knelt down between her legs, she slowly parted her smooth dark thighs to expose the nest of tight curls at the base of her belly.

Her cheeks flushed as I smiled down at her obvious wetness.

"Baby," I breathed, "pull apart the lips of your cunny for me."

Willingly Darcy pushed her trembling hands down between her parted thighs, until her fingertips slipped across the moist fur.

She hesitated, then dug her fingers into the spongy pink flesh of her cunny and pulled apart the engorged petals, making a sticky squelching sound.

The sight was heavenly.
Inside was pink and glistening, wet with wanton lubrication.

Between her shamelessly parted labia trembled the tender bud of her clitoris, naked and upright.

I took a ragged breath and smelled the musky, liquid promise of her femininity.

My mouth quivered at the scent of her sumptuous treat, and I licked my lips in restless anticipation.

Slowly I reached out and drew my forefinger reverently across the slick rosy flesh of her bared clit.

A tremor ran through her body as I began to deliberately masturbate her.

Using tiny circular strokes, I rubbed slowly all about the bud of the flower of her femininity, purposefully, teasingly.
I started at the top of her vulva, employing the first two fingers of my right hand.

Darcys breath caught in her throat, and though Im sure she could bear it, even craved it, I was careful not to touch her most sensitive spot again.

Though she ached for my fingers on her slippery clitoris, I withheld that.
First I would make her suffer exquisitely.

It was joyous work, slowly stimulating my horny wife, sending her pleasures mounting higher and higher yet coyly refusing to grant that ultimate bliss which I made her body hunger for.

Teasingly I ran my fingers over Darcys puffy outer lips, sometimes drawing a sticky dollop of lubrication across the fingertips which spread them so shamelessly.

Soon I dragged my slippery digits over the sensitive inner labia which could no longer close to protect her clitoris.

Yet even though I slipped my fingertips into the entrance of the juicy tunnel which beckoned from beneath that tremulous nodule, still I refrained from stroking the seat of her pleasures.

After several torturous minutes for Darcy, I breathed in one final time to savor that exotic female musk, a serene smile on my face then lowered my flushed face that final inch and gratefully buried my mouth between the slippery labia that her slim fingertips held so daintily open.

Pressing my nose deep into her slushy honeypot, I started to explore her puffy plush labia, nudging away her hands, which quickly rested on the top of my head to guide me. With her fingers laced in my hair, I licked the surface of her cunny fully, from back to front, with one long sweep of my tongue.

Darcy whimpered with erotic delight, splaying her legs out fully, allowing her pussy to unfurl itself, like the petals of a ripe rose and, like a bee seeking a drop of nectar, I crept inside.

I have never understood men who will not pleasure their woman in this manner.

For me, it is the ultimate reward, a chance to drink her wine, kiss that most wonderful, secret place, and push my tongue in as far as it would go. If I could, I would enter her completely and lose myself in that velvet tunnel, perhaps never to return.

As it was I had to satisfy myself with lapping up and down the sensitive little folds of flesh.

They were bubble-gum pink and saturated with her succulent dew.
Oh, she tasted so good, felt so smooth and right that I hungrily licked up and down, up and down her slippery cleft while Darcy arched her back and mewled.

She loped her legs over my shoulders, pulling my face deeper into the warm wetness of her sex.

"You look and smell so good, baby,"
I whispered from deep between her thighs.
"I just want to eat you up."

My thick, rough tongue was sliding easily along her super-lubricated slit and I began a rhythmic oral stimulation of her most sensitive areas, nudging into those tiny hollows she so loves to have explored, but staying away from her clitoris.

Eventually I came upon her gaping opening and I delved in, my twirling tongue plunging deep inside her sweet hole, tasting the sugary drops that clung to her inner walls.

Darcy moaned with an animal urgency, her thighs trembling visibly.

I was letting my wife guide my licking with gentle pressure on my head as well as with her own steady rocking motion against my probing tongue.

Her fingers curled about my ears, trying to use them as handles, as she used my willing mouth for her pleasure.

She was squirming under my attentions, eyes closed, throwing her head back.

"Oh, yes," she murmured with a hoarse voice, barely able to lift it above a whisper.

"Oh, yes, your tongue feels sooo good inside my pussy!"

She began to slowly hump her hips in a gentle rolling motion, knowing that would make my licking even more feverish.
I just love it when she fucks my face, crushing my nose into her wet, pink vagina, smearing her syrupy juices all over my cheeks and chin. I just cant get enough of it.

By now, Darcys ass was perched on the edge of the shelf, back arched and head thrown back, steamy water cascading down her breasts and tummy, matting her hair in wet tangles over her shoulders.

Her legs were raised high and the heels of her feet rested well down my back, drumming in pleasure as I teased and titillated her.

I drank the thick honey spilling out of her secret place, swallowing it in great gulps.

I sucked voraciously at her, lapping up every drop of nectar, licking and nibbling at her silky flesh until her entire body began to quiver as if she were about to swoon.

Realizing that she was ready, I brought my mouth up to her hardened clitoris, now almost painfully throbbing from lack of attention.

I brushed the tiny nub with whispery strokes of my lips, tantalizing the precious little bud that was the key to Darcys ultimate pleasure, making her cry out and tug on my hair. "Oh, God! Yes!"
The animalistic moan seemed to be ripped out of the darkest, most

primal parts of Darcy. "Lick my clit, baby! Dont stop!"
She began to buck and heave and the pulsing within her vagina let me know that she was in the opening stages that would inevitably lead to her sweet release.


lildirtynini said...

Mmm... would like to see some of your own stories/fantasies...

They must be most exciting..!

Camilla said...

lildirtynina: they can be found here. You have to scroll down to "my short storis."

Party Girl said...

great site and good for you for keeping it going!

I've written some erotic stories as well, anyway to get them published on your site?
I know that might seem a bit cheesy, but it never hurts to ask!


Camilla said...

partygirl: not cheesy at all. Perhaps we can trade e-mails.

GirlGoyle said...

OK...might need to put up a warning sign - do not venture further if you are reading at work. LOL. Good stories. I'm always up to hearing a man's point of view of what they like and what they don't like. Some just don't talk and it doesn't help so I just go with what i like. :) Thanks for visiting my site - can always use down to earth, straight forward insight from experience like yours and partygirls.
Keep reading...keep blogging.

Camilla said...

girlgoyle: This is sort of an alternate site for me. My other site is more work-friendly.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the original story. Pleased to see people still enjoy it.